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His New Toy

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They’d met a few days ago and the attraction was as strong as they’d both hoped it would be. Paul couldn’t keep his eyes off her luscious body and Susie had totally fallen under his spell. Tonight was the magic third date and this is where our story really starts, in a restaurant near her home.

The flirting over dinner was stronger than ever; innuendo was flying and soon was gone altogether, replaced by raw talk of sex. Their feet were seductively touching under the table and Paul was tracing his fingers slowly along her inner forearms, driving her crazy and making her squirm. He chose this moment to up the ante and pulled a small gift wrapped box from his suit pocket before sliding it across the table to her.

“I want you to take this to the ladies’ room, open it, read the note inside and then do what the note says. And… come here and kiss me before you go” he said with a cheeky grin. How could Susie refuse a request like that? Her mind was racing, she had no idea what was in the box but had to find out. She stood up, walked to Paul and gave him a long, lingering kiss before sauntering off to the bathroom, exaggerating the sway of her hips as she felt his eyes on her behind.

As soon as Susie slammed the cubicle door behind her she started tearing at the wrapping on the small box before flipping it open to find the promised note. “Hello Beautiful, You know what to do with the contents of the box. Use them now and become my slave. XXX”

Staring into the box she saw a stainless steel butt plug and a small sachet of lube. There was no question in Susie’s mind at all, she had to do this. She needed to be controlled by her new lover. She’d anticipated sex tonight so had worn no panties and quickly flipped her skirt up, tore the lube open and started lubricating herself. She shivered at the cold lube’s contact with her puckered hole but realised the plug would be colder. Suppressing moans, Susie was sliding 2 fingers in and out of her arse, wanting to scream like a bitch in heat, before she remembered where she was. Quickly smearing the remaining lube on the plug she slowly worked its girth into her tight hole before cleaning up and returning to the table to face her new master.

Unsure how she was going to sit with the steel monster in her butt, Susie stood by Paul and told him that she’d complied with his demands. “You’d better sit down then, I’m sure you have some questions” he said. She was too embarrassed to explain her reluctance but he caught on quickly. “Not sure how to? Don’t worry… it’s not big enough to hurt you no matter what you do, and the base will keep it in a retrievable position.” As she gingerly sat, Susie asked her new master what the rules were.

“The rules are simple,” he began, “You’re only my slave when we’re alone at your home or mine, this is our little game and ours alone. You may elude to it when we have company if you think our friends will find it amusing. This has to be enjoyable for both of us, if at any time you want to stop, discuss it with me.”

“As for what we do, that’s also simple. You’re to do what I want, when I want and you’re never to deny me. I know what you don’t like sexually and won’t abuse your trust there. My first demand of you is a demand that’s ongoing. I want to be woken every day with your lips on my cock. Knowing that your first meal of the day was my cum will keep me smiling, that I can assure you.” Paul grinned. “Any questions?”

“Only one so far… how do I address you? Paul… Master… Sir?”

“You’ll think of something appropriate I’m sure, Susie. Now, shall we go home and get started?”

The ten minute walk to Susie’s place was torture for her. She walked arm in arm with her new man. She felt like she was floating on air but every step brought reality back as the plug bounced inside her, edging her closer and closer to a potentially embarrassing public orgasm. Holding Paul tighter than she thought possible, they rushed up her stairs and into the flat. Paul shed his jacket and tore Susie’s clothes off her in no time at all. As they kissed, her naked body pressed against his fully clothed one, he gently lowered her to the hallway floor, laying her back before kneeling between her feet. This beautiful young girl was about to have one of the most amazing sexual experiences of her life and she didn’t even know what was coming.

Laying forward, his breath obviously being felt on her glistening pussy, he hooked her legs over his shoulders and reached up to maul her breasts, tug on her nipples and stroke her body. His chin was pushing against the steel monster that was invading her arse, sending shocks of pleasure through her as he feverishly attacked her clit and soaking wet lips, thrusting his tongue into her repeatedly until with a tremendous scream she came all over his face. Paul crawled up her body, trailing kisses and nibbles the whole way until they were kissing passionately, lying on their sides with his hands caressing her body and hers undoing his shirt, seeking out his hairy chest that her nipples craved kuşadası escort the touch of.

“What do you want me to do now, Sir?”

“I’m going to walk behind you as you crawl to your bedroom. I want to undress as we go, always watching the plug point at me. Then when we get to your bedroom I’m going to sit on the bed, you’ll kneel before me and suck my cock while I pull your hair, making you deep throat me as far as you can.”

Susie felt the thrill of submission as she obeyed her master’s instructions without question. She never looked back and never paused, even when he spanked her upturned and stretched open arse. Upon arrival at her bedroom she kneeled besides her bed and looked up lovingly at her dominant playmate. Paul sat in front of her and roughly grabbed the hair on the back of her head. “Suck my cock bitch and do it well. You’re going to feel my cock in all your holes tonight and then I’ll truly own you.”

She resisted the pressure from his hand and slowly lowered her mouth to his erect penis, her long tongue flicking at his head, tasting his precum and teasing him to the best of her ability as she strained against his grip on her hair. Then, without warning, she stopped fighting and swiftly took his throbbing member all the way to the back of her throat. Paul groaned at the pleasure and let up on his grip for a moment as Susie adjusted to his presence. As soon as she relaxed and slightly nodded her head to signal that she was ready he held the back of her head with both hands and pushed downwards. Unable to control herself, she reached between her legs with one hand and started fucking her arse with the plug. Susie’s gorgeous blonde hair cascaded in his lap as his cock forced its way past her gag reflex and into her throat. He fucked her mouth like this for as long as he felt she could hold her breath and then, moments before he came, pulled her off his aching cock.

Leaning down, he kissed her passionately and pinched her nipples to show his appreciation. He pulled her to her feet and then to straddle his lap as they continued to snog like teenagers. She clawed at his back as Paul pawed her breasts and stroked her body oh so softly. Susie was now grinding herself against his cock, aching to feel him inside her. “Be my guest…” he told her and she wasted no time in doing what he’d implied. Lifting her hips a little she then lowered herself on his monster for the first time, his girth filling her completely and pushing against the plug in her arse.

The feeling for both of them was nothing short of divine. She had never felt so full of cock in her life and he’d never been inside somebody so tight and satiny. Paul was now sucking, nibbling and biting at her nipples and she was going to know all about it when they were sore tomorrow, but that’s another day. Susie pumped away at the cock inside her, grinding her clit against his pubes until the sensations from her nipples, clit and the invaders inside her caused her to shriek out a top-volume orgasm. This was quickly followed by two more before she could take no more and went limp in her lover’s arms.

Paul gently lifted her off his cock and laid her on the bed. Looking down at her beautiful face, exquisite breasts and freshly fucked pussy he felt very lucky to be with this amazing girl. Tracing soft lines over her body with the gentlest touch he could manage he familiarised himself with her body and all her markings, making particular note of a mole just above her lower bikini line, which he thought to be rather cute. She was staring at him with a dazed expression now and seemed to be very chilled. Paul was having none of that, so he rolled her to her front and stroked her upper thighs with the same gentle touch.

This sent Susie wile, but what he did next took her over the edge. With his other hand, Paul took a firm hold of the plug and started to fuck her arse with it. Squeals of pleasure escaped her lips as the toy that had been relatively stationary inside her for the last 2 hours was now almost totally removed before being forced back inside her. Stroking his hardon with one hand and fucking her arse with the plug with the other seemed to be a bit redundant, so Paul withdrew the toy completely from Susie’s body. She moaned at the feeling of emptiness but when she felt his weight shift on the bed it became obvious that she’s not be empty for long.

Lubing up his cock, he aimed at her well prepared arse and sunk his cock into the final orifice that he’d not yet visited. The feeling of his cock stretching her arse further than it had been was a huge turn on for Susie’s new master, as was the fact that she’d buried her face in her pillows to muffle her screams of joy. As soon as he was all the way in and started thrusting, she came. Hard. Paul was determined to make this last, so rolled to his side, taking his fuck toy slave with him and held her back to his chest. He nibbled at her neck and played with her tits until she’d come again and then couldn’t hold it any more. Thrusting harder and squeezing kuşadası escort bayan her tits, he yelled into her neck that he was cumming. This triggered her third anal orgasm of the night as she felt him pump his hot, sticky cum up her arse.

The couple lay entwined until she’d fallen asleep. Paul then untangled himself, retrieved the plug and carefully reinserted it into his slave without waking her. Satisfied she was still asleep he snuck to the bathroom for a shower, making sure he was squeaky clean before returning to her bed, cuddling up to her and falling asleep besides his princess. His last conscious thought was of the early morning blowjob he’d ordered and the punishments he could use if she’d forgotten.

Susie woke the next morning with very pleasant memories of the night before. She’d often harboured fantasies of being somebody’s sex slave but would never have guessed it could happen with somebody like Paul. Somebody who she thought she could fall in love with and who would love her back. Somebody who would treat her as an equal by day and his own dirty little whore by night. As she was fantasising about how far this could go she became aware of the plug still filling her arse and Paul’s cum oozing out around it. A shower was definitely in order but first she had her daily duty to perform. Moving down to his cock she was relieved to smell soap and took the opportunity to fulfil her oral obligation with great enthusiasm.

Kissing the head of his semi-erect penis as Paul slept was not cutting it for her so she licked her way down its length and started wanking his as she licked and sucked on his balls. This had the desired effect and he woke, looked down at her and stroked her hair tenderly as she continued. He was now as hard as a rock so Susie took him all the way into her mouth and bobbed up and down, stroking his balls with one hand and jerking his shaft with the other. Paul bucked his hips, moaned quite loudly and filled her mouth with his sperm.

As he recovered, Susie climbed up his body and the couple kissed and cuddled. She got up to shower so Paul slept a little more. In the bathroom the plug was removed and cleaned while the shower warmed up. Then Susie got in and luxuriated under the warm water cascading over her body. She soaped every inch of her body, shampooed and conditioned her hair and then got out, dried off and moisturised. When she opened the bathroom door she knew instantly that he’d got up and made breakfast. Entering the kitchen, Susie was handed a cup of tea and sat down to the toast he’d prepared.

“I like that you put the plug back in me last night,” Susie began, “I can’t believe how much of a turn on that was. It was cold, then warm, and heavy… always feeling like it could fall out if I relaxed too much. And having it inside me while we did all of that… oh my god it was great! But…. What’s the rule, Sir, do I have to wear it all the time?”

“First things first, it’s day time, we have to go to work, you don’t have to keep playing the game. As well as being my slave you’re my girlfriend and in that role you’re my equal. I’m sure we’ll pretty quickly work out what role applies when and not have to worry about one of us being in the wrong role and if that does happen in the short term I don’t think it’s worth making an issue of. So, gorgeous, you can wear the plug whenever you like, we might even go shopping for more, but when I want it in I’ll either tell you to wear it or bend you over my lap and put it in for you. Now, I have to get home and grab a fresh suit… got to see clients today.” Paul got up, got dressed and headed for the door. Kissing her goodbye he whispered into her ear that she was the sexiest creature he knew and that he was going to do very naughty things to her the following night when they met again. Then he left, walking out to the street with a huge smile on his face.

Three minutes later his phone beeped. It was a text from Susie. “I’ve worn my new matching underwear today. I put the plug in too so that I can’t forget the feeling of your cock in my tight little arse. Go have a great day. S xx” Almost impossibly, his grin became bigger as he got on the bus and headed home.

Susie sat at her desk late that afternoon and couldn’t believe the monster she’d unleashed in herself. She’d totally handed ownership of her body to her new master last night and been rewarded with more sexual pleasure than she’d ever known. And that was their first night together! What was it going to be like after they knew all about each others’ little likes and dislikes and could make each other cum at the drop of a hat? The thought thrilled her. The plug in her arse wasn’t helping matters either. The train trip to work had been a big problem, the motion and rocking of the train causing the plug to drive her insane. She’d had to go to the bathroom before even reaching her destination to rub her clit and bring the relief of an orgasm. That was the first of… well so far five for the day. She feared another trip to the bathroom escort kuşadası was imminent because every time she moved the plug would make her even hornier. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea, she chuckled to herself. AND she still had to get home!

Paul’s day wasn’t much more productive. His mind was permanently on his new girlfriend but his meetings went okay. Well he’d hoped they had… he’d drifted through them, daydreaming. After work he went shopping in Soho to prepare for the following evening, called Susie for a quick chat as he walked home, ordered some Chinese food and settled in for a quiet night in front of the TV before drifting off to sleep.

Friday came and their next big date was merely hours away. Paul dressed in his best suit and finest shirt, elegant cufflinks and even collarbones before heading out the door with the gift wrapped package from his trip home last night. Susie was in a similar frame of mind and wore an elegant dress, matching black underwear and her favourite earrings. All day the anticipation for both of them was overpowering but soon they were on their way to the restaurant Paul had booked for one of the finest meals in London.

Greeted at the door by the Maitre D, they enjoyed a glass of wine before sitting at their table. Paul chose this moment to pull the present out of his pocket and lay it on the table. “You know the rules, Susie… Go, now.” Taking the present, she stood and made her way to the ladies’ room. Her heart racing, she opened the paper and saw a simple black thong. Although she was a little confused she did as demanded and replaced her lacy black panties with the simple black thong before returning to the table and placing her original underwear, now gift wrapped, in her handbag. “I don’t get it…” she started before a wave of vibrations against her clit caused her to writhe on her chair and suppress a squeal.

Paul held up a small remote control and grinned at her. To demonstrate the power he now held over her he pressed the button on it and the vibrations returned. This time she was expecting it so there was no squeal, but the writing returned, and her breathing deepened as her arousal grew. The remote was returned to Paul’s pocket as the possibilities of what could happen sunk in to his slave. “This,” she whispered, “is NOT fair. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but you can humiliate the hell out of me like this.”

His reply was simple and straightforward – “Yep.”

Throughout dinner the button was pressed many times – usually when a waiter was nearby – but never when Susie was actually in direct contact with anybody but her master. After desert, when the coast was clear, Paul gave her a nice long burst of pleasure and she came in her panties. She felt like a wanton harlet, Paul could do anything to her right now and she’d not only go along with it but totally give herself to the experience.

The couple left the restaurant and walked down the lane through the cool evening air to the last building on the right where Paul stopped their progress and produced a swipe card. “I believe this line is usually said by a spider to a fly.” Susie prompted, winking at him. Moments later they were in his boardroom and kissing passionately as Hooverphonic filled the room from the surround sound system.

He gently pushed her, face down, across the width of the table before leaving the room momentarily and returning with four neck ties. Her wrists were secured to the table legs on one side and her knees on the other before Paul have the vibrating panties one last solid burst, hiked her dress up to her waist and pulled them down as far as he could. Paul sat behind his toy and proceeded to tonguefuck her cunt, sucking all of her sweet cum juices from her and then ever so slowly and lightly tracing his tongue from her clit to her heavenly arse hole. As he rimmed her and pushed his tongue into her arse she was squirming and squealing so he quickly re-focussed on her clit until she came again. Once more he cleaned her up, seeking out her juices in her heavenly folds until there was no more.

Walking to the other side of the table he sat in front of her and pulled out his long, hard cock. “You know what Princess? I’m about to fuck your arse so it might be a good idea for you to make me as hard as possible and give me a good coating of spit to make it easy for you.” Susie didn’t want his monster going in there dry so she strained and reached forward with her neck enough to get her mouth all the way over her member. A hands-free blowjob is never easy but being tied to a boardroom table and having the threat of a dry arse fucking ensures motivation. Watching his lover in this helpless state gave Paul all the arousal he needed and within minutes his cock was dripping with her saliva.

Returning to the other side of the table, he rimmed her a little more, loving the feeling of his new girlfriend pushing her arse back onto his tongue and knowing he’d made the right decision. He stood up, aimed his rock hard member at her tight puckered hole and then forced himself all the way in with one powerful, slow thrust. If she hadn’t been using her plug so much recently, Susie would have been screaming to the heavens and crying buckets after the brutal invasion but she merely felt incredibly full, incredibly quickly.

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