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Auction Ch. 03

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Sunlight clawed its way into her consciousness, forcing her out of a deep slumber. She’d been dreaming, entranced with a misty set of scenarios that saw her bound and on her knees, servicing a large cock for what seemed like hours before it finally erupted, drenching her in cum. Jen smiled into her pillow…it had been a very good dream.

She sighed and rolled over, reveling in the feel of the cool air on her skin, stirred up by the ceiling fan.

Wait a minute…she didn’t own a ceiling fan!

Her eyes snapped open and the realities of her new life came rushing back. The enormity of the previous night roared into her mind …

… the bright lights of the sales stage

… her old lover was her new owner

… and he was very skilled with the flogger and the crop

… the body-draining orgasms until she’d begged him to stop.

Jen looked up at the ceiling and wondered again what she’d landed herself in. Her whole body ached; her front still bore a faint pink hue from the flogger and her backside had several welts from the riding crop he’d used. Faint burning pain began to cover her body. Her backside stung and her breasts were warm and tingling. The sensation was so strong she wondered how she’d even managed to sleep. But the ache in her pussy reminded her of an orgasm so intense he’d had to carry her to bed.

She sat up, gathering a sheet about her to cover herself; ashamed of the way she’d been marked. It had been a very full day yesterday; a mere twenty-four hours earlier she’d been a free woman, free from bondage and free from these strange cravings for the whip. Her body was her own twenty-four hours ago; and her mind was clearer it seemed, free from the seemingly insane thoughts that raced through her now-fully awake mind.

Now, a day later, she was a bound slave, owned by a man she thought she’d known, bound by his collar and marked by his whip.

Where was she, anyway? she wondered, looking around. She could see from the large window that she was on the second floor of some large, wooded estate. The far edge of the grounds ended in a high stone wall, before yielding to a thick forest. In the distance, she could see mountains. Which told her nothing, since she already knew she was somewhere on the East Coast.

The bedroom itself was well appointed in a very Elizabethan style, with large wooden furniture to complement the white walls and heavy curtains.

Finally, she stood up, slightly unsteady and suddenly aware that she was famished. Unconsciously her hand strayed to the platinum collar around her neck, toying with it as she wrapped herself in the sheet and walked out into the hall, searching for some sign that she wasn’t the only one in the house.

She came at last to a large study, its walls crammed with books – two floors of books in fact! – complete with a ladder and an upper entrance. In the center of the room was a heavy desk, laden with a series of computer monitors and hardware. Stacks of folders lay to one side of a leather blotter. Despite its lavish style, this was clearly a working office.

And yet there was no phone…

Ever the bookworm, she tiptoed into the office, perusing the shelves. She had to admit, she was surprised. Whoever had put this library together had done so with a practiced eye for some of the best tracts of a startling variety of subjects – choices that spoke to a keen mind with many facets. It was a library she could get lost in.

Working her way at last to the desk itself, she leaned over to examine on of the folders and was shocked to see a stout steel ring set into the edge of the desk. What was that there for?

“I see you’ve found my study.” His voice, though soft, made her jump with fright. He’d startled her quite badly, and the added quandary of whether she was supposed to be in her at all had her a little panicked.

Jen wrapped the sheet tightly around her lush frame and waited as he strode over. He was dressed only in a pair of dark pajamas bottoms, which afforded her a lovely view of his well-defined chest and abdomen. Despite herself, despite the little stirrings of fear and regret at her current servitude, she felt her body stir to his presence.

“Yes… Sir… I did. I hope it’s not wrong that I … I mean, I woke up and there was no one there…” She cursed herself for stammering like this in front of him. Dammit, she might be his slave but she wanted to show her strength.

Ethan smiled. “It’s perfectly fine. After all you’ll be spending a lot of time here.” He ignored her quizzical look and moved in close to her. Pushing her hands down to her sides, he drew the sheet away from her and tossed it to one side. She felt her body burn with desire as that intense gaze swept the length of her, taking it all in. His brown eyes roamed over her marked form as surely as his hands would have; she could practically feel his touch.

“Yes,” he mused, one hand on his chin “you did quite well last night. Quite well for an initiate.”

Deftly he reached sakarya escort up and snapped a short leather leash onto the ring set into her collar. He turned and strode out, forcing her to follow, speaking as he walked.

“Now that you’ve had some rest, we’ll get you settled in. Kami will handle all of that of course. Simply draw up a list of the things you need and she will get them for you.” He moved quickly, and it was all she could do to keep up so that the collar didn’t pull.

“You won’t be leaving the estate for quite some time, so don’t be afraid to make the list long. I’ve arranged for all of your personal effects to be put in storage here on the grounds.”

He stopped and pulled her to him with the leash until her face was inches from his. She could smell him, smell how clean and … male … he was.

Ethan looked at her for one long moment and then smirked. “Except your clothes, of course. Those have all been given away.”

“All of them?” she gasped.

He frowned at this outburst and she knew she’d made a mistake. But he simply nodded. “Yes, all of them.”

“After all,” he said as he strode off once more, “You won’t be needing them for the next three years.”

She tottered after him as they left the study. He led her down a long hallway into a bedroom. It was sparsely decorated, with only a dressing chair, armoire, and oversized king-sized four-poster bed. A stone fireplace was set to one side; otherwise the room was bare.

He strode over to the bed. As she approached, she saw the recumbent form of Kami, sleeping on her stomach, blissfully unaware. Her back was lean and well-defined, giving way to a pair of very pert buttocks. As much as she tried, however, Jen could not see any marks on that beautiful back. Apparently Kami had never felt the lash the way she had.

She did, however, notice a rather prominent tattoo of a lily, situated just above the tailbone in the small of her back. Something tugged at the corner of her mind, she was sure she’d seen that lily elsewhere.

Her scrutiny was interrupted by a loud ‘click’ as Ethan snapped her leash to a steel ring set into one of the posts at the foot of the bed. He cinched it tight, forcing Jen to straddle the heavy wooden column. When this was finished, he produced a short length of rope and lashed her forearms to the pole, leaving her hands free, palms together pointing upward.

Thusly bound, she couldn’t really move below her waist.

He walked around the bed to the sleeping woman and bent over and began to kiss the length of her back.

After some minutes she awoke with a dreamy smile of her face. She rolled onto her back, the sheet slipping away to reveal her full breasts, resplendent with their freckles. Ethan continued his kisses, working his way down to her stomach, lingering for just a moment at the border of the sheet where it covered the woman’s vulva. There he stopped, eliciting a small groan from his lover. Placing one hand on her right breast, he began to idly fondle her breast.

She had eyes only for him, Jen saw. Her green eyes were watching every move he made; it was clear this woman worshipped Ethan, wanted only to please him. Jen hadn’t thought that kind of devotion was possible, even if she’d secretly longed to experience it someday for herself.

“Did you sleep well, my pet?” His tone of voice made it clear that he didn’t even think Jen was in the room; truly, she was just property!

“Mmm…yes, I was dreaming, dreaming of that time we went to the beachhouse.”

“Oh, yes, I remember that weekend!” he chuckled softly.

“Can we go again sometime?”

“Certainly, check my calendar and find out when I am not on travel next. Schedule it for that weekend, and then upload it into my Palm.” She squealed in delight and sat up to cover his face in kisses.

Jen groaned silently. She’d hoped to be HIS slave – not the slave to a man who obviously already had a woman of his own. How could she be utterly his if she had to share him? She twisted against the post in frustration. Think of your debts, she murmured to herself, think of your debts. This will be over soon and then I am free.

The movement must have caught his attention. “Kami, I need you to do a favor for me. I need to go into the city on business, and won’t be back until late. I’d planned to spend the day breaking the new slave in, but other, more pressing business must be attended to. Can you take charge of my newest acquisition and prepare her? I’ve got quite a lot planned for her, and I wanted her to be ready.”

“Of course,” her eyes twinkled mischievously, “anything else?”

“See that she’s been bathed, perfumed and fed. You know what to do. And then please bring her to my study this afternoon.” And with that he got up and left the room.

An hour and a half later, bathed, fed, and perfumed, she stood behind Ethan in his study, watching as he explained the task at hand. It was very complicated, and yet sakarya escort bayan it wasn’t anything like what she’d been expecting. After the very deliberate emphasis Kami had placed on her physical appearance while she’d bathed and gotten ready, Ethan’s whims suddenly seemed comical.

She looked at the stack of research files and laughed. “This is what you bought me for? To sit around naked and do research?”

The flare in his eyes told her immediately that she’d erred. He strode to her in three quick steps and grabbed her roughly, one hand taking a mass of her curls to pulled her head back so he could look down into her eyes. The other slid down to cup her pussy, his strong fingers sliding in between her labia. She was suddenly terrified and horny all at the same time.

“Slave, what is your task here? Your duty?”

“To serve you Master in all things.”

“Precisely. In all things. So why would I limit your service to me? Why would I simply resign your fate to being some fucktoy when you are capable of so much more?” His finger twitched slightly against her clitoris, making her shiver.

“Tell me, do you think a bound slut like yourself should question my whims? Do you think you’re qualified to do that?”

“No, Master. Of course not.”

He tightened his grip on her curls, making tears well in her eyes from the pain of it – even as he lightly tapped her clitoris.

“Then why would you question me, Whore?”

Her mind raced. Whatever vestiges of her old lover she thought she might find seemed to have vanished entirely, replaced by this newer, darker version of Ethan. “I just thought that after that first night…I mean…the auction…those women…”

“What? You think a slave cannot be more than just a plaything? No. I bought you, I own you. Whether it is to suck my cock or scrub my floors or this task, you will serve me in all things, or I will have you flogged from my house into the street like a common whore.”

He leaned in even closer so she could feel his breath on her ear. “I want to love you,” he whispered, “don’t disappoint me.”

Love her!

“Yes, Master. In all things I will serve you.”

He smiled, the hard look fading from his face so rapidly it was if it had never been there. “Good, now let’s go have some lunch before we discuss your project, shall we?”

And without another word, he spun on his heel and strode out of the study; she followed, tottering after him as fast as her heels and the leash would allow.

For a solid week thereafter she conducted research for him. From eight in the morning until well after dark she slaved away, preparing detailed investment summaries for him. Occasionally, he would wander in to review her work; he was surprisingly insightful, catching errors in her logic or pressing her research into new arenas she hadn’t seen. In the end, the fruits of her labor were tight and crisp, and laid out a series of solid, cogent investment arguments for him.

He finished reading the last of them around midday. She knelt next to him, her collar chained to the desk beside him. One of his hands idly stroked her hair, toying with her curls as he reviewed some random appendix. Frankly, she was very impressed with the level of detail he demanded of her; it was some of her best work to date.

Placing the report back in its binder, he leaned forward and pressed the intercom, “Kami, please come to my office.”

“Yes, Ethan, I’ll be right up.” The response was prompt, but the redhead’s voice was languid; she certainly hadn’t been toiling away for the last week!

Oh, how she hated that woman’s ability to call him ‘Ethan’. Why couldn’t she call him by his name?

Jen frowned slightly.

“Don’t pout, it doesn’t become you.” He reached down and ran his fingers across her left nipple and smirked as she shivered in delight. “This is excellent work. You deserve to be rewarded.”

She beamed at this, surprising herself with how happy she was that she had pleased him.

Kami strode into the room, instantly capturing Jen’s attention. The redhead wore a dark blue dressing gown, tied at the waist with a white sash.

Ethan looked up at her as she entered. “Strip,” he said perfunctorily. She complied instantly, doffing the robe to expose her lean body, finely toned and only slightly tanned from the sun. Her breasts were full, yet pert, with jutting pink nipples. Jen could see that wild strip of fiery red hair that marked her neatly trimmed pussy; unlike Jen, Kami had not been shaved bare like a slave. Nor did she wear any sort of collar or choker. No, she was a free woman.

Jen watched her with a mix of envy and desire, her eyes drinking in the sight of the woman’s form, so unlike her own and yet so desirable.

Kami strode over to Ethan and bent at the waist to plant a kiss on his lips. “Yes, my love, what is it you wish of me?”

“Jennifer has done some excellent analysis for me. And I promised her a reward.”

He escort sakarya paused to unclip Jen’s leash and passed it to Kami.

“Please flog her.”

Jen jerked her head up sharply. What? All that work and she was to be whipped for it? That was no reward!

Kami continued as if neither had noticed Jen’s gaff. “Of course, Love. What shall I use to flog her?”

“Hmm…and excellent question. It’s up to you. Just be sure to blindfold her, but no gags of any kind. And do remember to record this all; I might want to watch it later.”

“Very good. Maybe I’ll use a switch…haven’t had one of those in this house in quite some time. Do you want her to cum?”

Ethan lapsed into silence as he thought about that. Kami waited dutifully for an answer, occasionally shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“But I was good,” Jen sputtered, looking up at him. “I did what you asked and I did it well! Why am I to be whipped?”

He frowned, and she withered under that look. “You’re new to this so I will forgive you this indiscretion. But if speak without being spoken to again I will have you in irons for a week.”

She looked at him in horror; this would be a real punishment, she realized. The tone in his voice made it very clear that she would NOT enjoy such a fate.

His hand reached out to grasp the leader from her collar and then pulled it down, forcing her to look down. “To answer your question, however, you will be flogged because it is the reward you deserve. I knew you could do this, there was no real test in it, just an application of your considerable academic skills. When you’ve really proven yourself to me, you will receive other rewards. Until then, there is nothing for you but the whip.”

Jen stared hard at the floor, utterly humiliated.

And yet, there it was again. The realization that she was kneeling on the floor of a house she didn’t know, the bonded property of a man she barely knew anymore … and with that realization, a new heat flooding into her pussy.

As much as she wanted to deny it, she knew why such talk aroused her.

To hear them talk about her like this – like some plaything…like a mere painslut bound to their whims – was to realize that she’d given up everything, that she’d achieved a state of total freedom because she no longer was responsible for anything.

No more concerns about incompetent lovers or insecurities.

If Master wanted her to cum, she would.

Because she couldn’t do otherwise.

It was just that simple.

Total freedom.

Just what she’d always wanted.

“I think,” Ethan said at last, breaking the silence, “yes, I think she should cum just once, but I’d like you to really drag it out. I would have said twice but her impertinence must come with a price. Normally, I would say that she shouldn’t cum at all, but these are some damned fine reports. Really good stuff.”

He pulled Kami to her and kissed her with a tenderness that made Jen burn with envy.

“Take her and flog her, but make her earn it. It’s up to you, however, how many times she almost cums. Have fun with that one.”

Kami leaned in again and kissed him lightly on the mouth. “As you wish.” She took the leash in her fine hands and released Jen from her bindings.

“Come with me, Slut, time for your reward.”

Her smile made Jen flinch.

Kami watched him go, looked at her for a long moment, and then led her from the study into a nearby bedroom. It was the same room she’d been whipped in the day before. Her body instantly thrilled to this environment, phantom memories of pleasure-pain surging through her.

As before, Kami bound her wrists to the hook from the ceiling and raised her arms until she was standing on tiptoe.

Next, she padded over to an armoire and opened it. After a minute she bent over to retrieve something from a lower drawer. Jen found herself watching that perfect form, drinking in the way her hips curved down to long lean legs. She noted with more than a little interest that from behind Kami’s pussy appeared to be bald, smoothly shaven (or waxed? she wondered) as her own was.

Her own experience before the auction had been an order to shave herself right before she went onstage. She’d never really done it before, but had managed with the help of a mirror. Jen wasn’t sure what the redhead’s status was in this place; it was clear that she was Ethan’s woman, but did that mean she was his concubine or his girlfriend or something else?

Finally, Kami returned, and Jen could see the thin strip of red hair framed the top of her pussy. That was interesting, she thought, as she watched her new captor walk towards her, Kami at least had the freedom to choose her own style of grooming.

Would she ever earn such a right in her time here?

Somehow she doubted it.

“Do you like my pussy, slut?” There was a hint of amusement in the girlish tones.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do. You’re just not comfortable saying it.”

Had she been that obvious?

“You’re still living in your old life where you think you can keep secrets.” She frowned at this, but then brightened. “That’s ok; we’ll sort that out later. You’ll learn quickly enough that you no longer have any secrets from him, or from me. For now, I’ve got something for you, a test of sorts.”

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