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Tim’s Aunty Joan

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Tim had known Joan for most of his life, she had been his Mum’s best friend for as long as he could recall and he had grown very fond of ‘Aunty Joan’ as she became known over the years. He had never been sure of her exact age but he guessed she was now in her late-50’s. She was a lovely woman, full-figured and attractive, with gorgeous legs, which she liked to accentuate with heels. She always dressed nicely and with a hint of something gorgeously feminine underneath. He had often found himself looking at her full bottom and speculating about her lingerie, she had a varying visible panty line and sometimes none at all evident. He found that as she got older she became more and more alluring.

Following the death of his Mum several years previously Joan had grown in his affection and he started to regard her in a different way. As a 19-year old Tim had lost his virginity to his landlady, a motherly 50-something, and he had grown a weakness for mature women ever since. Since turning 50 himself he found he was even more attracted to older ladies and had enjoyed wonderful sex with women in their 60s & 70s.

He loved meeting women who still craved sex in their senior years and found nothing more horny than a respectable older lady who enjoyed being a cum-slut in the bedroom. He loved the way they had no inhibitions and he especially enjoyed sex with married women who needed cock supplements in their lives. Sometimes their partners joined in, either to watch or partake to various degrees. Being bisexual he was happy to entertain any option.

He found himself fantasising about Aunty Joan more often and increasingly thought about her when masturbating. He still recalled the occasion when he had happened upon her in his Mum’s house several years previously, adjusting the suspender clips on her fully fashioned nylons and had asked him to check her seams were straight. That had confirmed in his mind that he was a leg man! Since then they had often flirted together but Tim had always been concerned not to step over the line and spoil their relationship. However that all changed the day he showed off his new camper van to Aunty Joan.

Tim had bought the van as a way of getting out and pursuing his passion for the great outdoors, but since owning it he had found it a wonderful way of enjoying his other passion, namely older women who needed somewhere discrete to meet away from their husbands. So he was thrilled when Joan asked him to show it to her one sunny day, especially as she had been teasing him about it being his ‘shag-wagon’ as she called it. God, if only she knew, he thought. They arranged görükle escort to meet at a nearby country park as Joan lived on a hill, and it would be easier to demonstrate the van on the flat. He couldn’t help noticing that she had asked him to show how it was possible to unfold a double bed – she claimed she didn’t believe it was possible other than in the biggest vehicles, but Tim couldn’t help wondering if she had a hidden motive.

It was a lovely warm sunny day when they met up. Tim parked up in a quiet corner and Joan arrived soon after, dressed in a lovely thin summer dress, her make-up minimal and enhancing her natural looks. She looked just like she was off to a summer garden party. As usual his gaze was drawn to her legs, today they were bare and she was wearing strappy heels that showed off her lovely painted toes. He also spotted she was wearing a pretty toe-ring on her right foot. They embraced warmly, and Tim loved the feel of her lovely motherly bosom pressed against him – was it his imagination or was Aunty Joan showing more cleavage than usual?

Tim gave her a quick tour of the van and then they curled up close together on the sofa and caught up with each other’s news. All the while Tim couldn’t help feeling something between them and a growing sexual tension. Joan’s lovely eyes seemed to sparkle even more than usual and she was definitely flirting and teasing more than ever today, placing her hand on his knee to emphasise a point. Tim knew he had to have her and plucked up the courage to hold her hand and admit his growing feelings for her. He held his breath waiting for her response and was so relieved when she took his face in her cool, beautifully manicured hands, looked into his eyes and kissed him wetly, slowly worming her tongue into his mouth.

Tim had hoped she would be a passionate and responsive woman and he wasn’t disappointed. It was obvious she wanted him just as much. She broke away from their close embrace and breathlessly asked him to close the blinds and fold out the bed so they could enjoy each other in privacy. While Tim made the bed Joan freshened up in the small onboard loo. When she reappeared the dress had gone and she was wearing a lovely black lacy bustier and matching g-sting. Tim gasped at her loveliness and she returned to his arms, murmuring in his ear that she wanted him to tell her in explicit detail what he wanted to do with her. Joan loved her man to communicate with her during sex and to take charge.

As they sank onto the big comfy bed Tim held her close and told her exactly what he had in mind, he wanted bursa escort bayan to examine her vagina, perform intense oral on her and fuck her senseless. He added that he’d imagined doing this for a long time and had enjoyed his dirty secret, never assuming it would come to reality one day. Joan responded passionately, snogging him deeply and said she had a dirty secret too. She described how she had been a mature escort for the past 2 years, having discovered the most interesting forms of sex later in life. She told him that through online dating she had met a man who had gained her trust and gently introduced her to swinging. They had been to several swinging clubs in the south of England and she had enjoyed the social side first, and then as she gained confidence had experimented sexually. At parties she had met with several women who were escorts and she was encouraged to try it.

She said she had started doing phone sex only, and then several clients had persuaded her to meet up for sex. She had established some ground rules, that she wouldn’t meet men from her home town in Wiltshire and would only see men older than 50. As a 60-yr old she explained that sex with a man young enough to be her son was a big turn-off. She added that she was very choosy about who she met. Joan told Tim about some of the nice men she had enjoyed amazing sex with and how she had discovered her love of being submissive. She was quick to point out she wasn’t into BDSM but enjoyed being “used nicely” as she put it. Tim’s penis hardened even more as she shared some of her experiences. She recounted her introduction to dogging, of being taken by two men and spitroasted, and how one of her nice men had introduced her to black cock in a MMF 3-some with a friend of his.

She took Tim’s stiff penis in her hand and started wanking him as she shared her experiences. Tim was blown away at hearing her relate things that he never dreamed his respectable, middle-aged Aunty Joan would practice. He was reminded yet again never to judge a book by its cover. Without further thought he decided to seize the initiative and start using her for his pleasure, and hers too he hoped. He stripped off her lingerie and took in her lovely naked body, it was hard to believe she really was 60. He then spread her legs, raised her bottom and went down on her.

Joan loved receiving oral sex, it was one of her favourite bedroom activities and she liked to feel thoroughly examined and pulled apart by her lover. Tim soon brought her to an intense climax and she cried out loudly as she came. He expected her to need a bursa escort few moments of recovery but her orgasm seemed instead to energise her and Joan quickly rolled over onto her hands and knees and begged Tim to fuck her brains out.

Her vagina felt wonderfully wide and wet, just how he liked his pussy, and able to accommodate his thick girth with ease. This wasn’t lovemaking, it was animal-like fucking, hard and noisy and deep. Jean’s cunt was leaking all over the sheet and Tim loved the sound of the van’s springs squeaking as their hard pounding rocked the vehicle on it’s suspension. Jean made it clear this was how she liked to fuck, being taken firmly and used hard. Her language was filthy during their rutting and it encouraged Tim to be rougher than he had ever been with a woman. He held her hips tightly and slammed into her cunt, feeling the head of his cock rubbing against the neck of her womb. God he was so deep in her and he loved how liquid she had become, it was such a huge turn-on to see her big labia sliding along his glistening shaft and to watch a tide-ring of creamy cunt cream accumulate around the base of his cock.

As he slipped a cheeky finger gently into the little starfish of Jean’s bottom and felt the ridges of his cock through the thin membrane, she climaxed without warning and squirted all over Tim’s crotch and onto the sheet. Tim tried to worry about the effect on the upholstery as a way of avoiding his own impending climax but Joan had other ideas. She quickly dismounted from his penis, turned around and begged him to cum over her face. The decision about whether to cum was taken from him in an instant and he exploded all over her lovely face and neck. He marvelled at the sight of this sexy 60yr old splattered with his ejaculate. He was accustomed to seeing her dressed respectably with a string of pearls around her neck, and here she was looking up at him submissively, wearing a homemade pearl necklace. He smeared the mess across her face with his cock, wiped his helmet across her mouth to clean himself and told her in no uncertain terms to clean his dick with her mouth. She used her tongue to swab his penis and lovingly cleaned off all the cum from he whole length of his still-hard cock.

As they cleaned up and got dressed, Joan promised to invite Tim to the occasional meet where an extra male would be appreciated. She was intrigued by Tim’s desire to see her taking black cock and agreed to arrange an interracial MMF fuck session. Tim couldn’t wait to see his Joan impaled on a thick black cock and to maybe have his first experience of DP, which she had earlier admitted a weakness for.

He was so glad he had invited her to view his camper van but was struggling to come to terms with just how filthy his Aunty Joan had become since reaching her middle-aged years. He knew their relationship had changed forever, and for the better.

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