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My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 03

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This story continues my exploration of my lesbianism and my desires. I would read chapters 1 and 2 first to fully understand what I was going through. Thanks so much for all your e-mails, but I will not send pictures of myself as I am not ready for the whole world to know. Lucy is my real name though. Thanks again.


I was enjoying college. I felt like I was starting over again. No one knew me or had any preconceptions of me, and I could completely be myself, or at least I thought. I wanted to open up and tell the world that I was a lesbian, but suddenly as I was down at school away from everything I knew I didn’t feel safe to do this. I really wanted to so I didn’t have live a lie, but I decided it might be easier for me, at least at first, to just try to fit in. So for I decided I would keep it a secret.

My roommate’s name is Alley. She is this cute little Asian girl, or half Asian anyway. She is so pretty and so much fun to pal around with. We were friends like right away and I was so lucky to get someone like her for a roommate. Now we’re not completely alike. She’s a little bit of a partier and I am not at all, but I don’t let that interfere with our friendship and she doesn’t either.

Now as cute as she is (and by the way she has these firm little 34C breasts, and yes that is little to me) I never really looked at her in a sexual way. Now I’m not saying I don’t enjoy seeing her naked occasionally, but since about the first week of school, I started having feelings for a different girl on our floor. That is mostly what this story is about, but of course it got more complicated than that.

I was in the shower one morning just about a week after school had started. I was tired of getting up late and rushing to get ready and not eating breakfast, so I decided to change my schedule a bit.

I set my alarm forty-five minutes earlier. That way I’d basically have the showers to myself and would have plenty of time for breakfast as well. The plan worked great in more ways than one. The showers were practically empty except there was another girl there who had the same idea as I did. Plus I never would have met such an amazing girl as Denise if I hadn’t have decided that breakfast was so important.

I had seen Denise around the dorm, but hadn’t ever talked to her. She was kind of this frumpy looking girl that always wore baggy sweatshirts and had glasses and her hair was never done. I guess I thought her face was cute, but I never really looked at her very closely. She was so quiet and always kept to her self. I didn’t even know she was on my floor. But that first morning I saw her in the bathroom I got my eyes opened.

She came walking in with a robe on and at first I didn’t even recognize her. She wasn’t wearing her glasses and I thought, “Who is this cute girl.” It was perfect timing too. I had just arrived and was getting my stuff in the shower. I introduced my self and she seemed shocked to see me, so I explained my new strategy. She told me she liked the privacy and that’s why she was in there so early. I could tell she was very shy.

Well I just started taking my clothes off and she turned away and wouldn’t even look at me. I jumped in the shower quickly so I wouldn’t make her feel anymore uncomfortable than she already did. I did however leave my shower curtain open just enough so I could peek out. I’m glad I did, because as her robe came off I was surprised to see the most amazing body in the world.

Now I always thought my mom had the best body. My mom has a tiny little waist and stands five foot nine, and has the most perfect set of 37F’s, but there was something about Denise that made me get instantly wet. I had no Escort bayan way of knowing through all those baggy clothes that Denise could have such a body. Her breasts were beautiful, though at that time I only saw them from the side, they are an unbelievable 32F cup size. She is so tiny her waist is smaller than my mom’s. I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She was like something from a magazine that had been airbrushed. Her butt was just like mine and as soon as she was out of view I suddenly found my hands grabbing my own rear. It was weird.

At first I started rubbing my ass, and next my breasts. I had never masturbated at school yet, but seeing her body made me so horny. I just love huge breasts. Suddenly I was touching my pussy with one hand as I squeezed my breasts with the other as water ran down my body. I was just really getting into it, when Denise started talking to me. It scared the crap out of me, and I’m sure she could here it in my voice when I talked back to her. I was so embarrassed. But I loved hearing her voice and as we talked I kept touching myself. When she asked if I wanted to eat breakfast with her I climaxed. I answered right away, but I could hear the difference in my voice. I felt so stupid, but I’m not sure she even noticed.

From that day on we started eating breakfast every morning together, and of course I made it a morning treat to touch myself in the shower as I talked to her, though I didn’t orgasm every time.

After the first couple weeks we started spending a lot more time together. We studied at night a lot. She is so smart and I was lucky to have her around for help with Calculus and Chemistry. We became friends fast and I was as happy as I had ever been. She started borrowing my clothes and got her to try make-up for the first time. Almost everything was perfect.

The problem is that I was falling in love with her and I didn’t have a clue how she felt about me. The other problem was I didn’t have anyone to talk to about her. That bothered me a lot so I called my mom. It was great to talk to her about Denise and I just spilled my guts. My mom wanted to meet her, but I wasn’t sure that was a good idea, yet. Still my mom said she really missed me and wanted to see me soon if I could. So I made plans to go home that weekend.

I took a picture of Denise so I could show mom my “new friend”. I made sure she was wearing her PJ’s so my mom could see how nice her body was. On the way home that Friday I was actually a little sad that I was leaving Denise, and she seemed like she would really miss me too.

My mom greeted me with a hug at the door. I put my head on her shoulder and we just held each other for the longest time. It was so nice to be home. She helped me take my stuff to my room and then she plopped down on my bed. I had all these memories rush back into my head as I pictured her wearing that nightie the night we made love. I was looking at her cleavage and talking about school when she ran her fingers down between her breasts.

I looked immediately to her eyes and she smiled at me like she could read my thoughts. It was very sexy, but she jumped up from the bed and we left the room. We talked all about school for just ever, until she brought up Denise. By then we were sitting at the kitchen table and I ran back up to grab my camera to show her the picture I took. She carried on about her for a long time about how pretty she was and about how big her breasts were. It actually made me a little jealous and I’m not sure if I can explain how. Still I was glad she was happy for me. Then I talked to her for a long time about how difficult it was for me to come out at school, so much more than I Bayan escort thought it would be.

She gave me some advice. She said I just needed to find one person that could keep a secret and that would make all the difference in the world. I wanted that person to be Denise, but if she didn’t feel the same way, or if she wasn’t a lesbian, then everything would be ruined. Still I felt better just talking to my mom.

As the night went on I realized how much I had missed my mom. We had always been very close and now that I was off on my own I felt like I was missing something in my life. Denise was helping to fill that void, but of course it wasn’t the same. As I was talking to my mom about Denise again, I mentioned how hard it was to have feelings for someone but not be able to act on them. When she told me she knew exactly how I felt we both looked at each other with understanding. My mom of course was talking about me.

As I got ready for bed my mom came in as usual. She was wearing a nightie. She didn’t jump on my bed like last time, but I did have the feeling she wasn’t wearing any underwear. We talked just for a little while and I changed in front of her. I liked how she looked at me and I waited a while before I put my shorts and t-shirt on. Then she kissed my forehead and left.

I was so confused. You can’t begin to imagine how horny I had gotten expecting her to try something and then she just left. I sat on my bed for a while thinking about what I should do and I finally just went to her room. I stood outside the door for a while and then I knocked. She told me to come in and I swear she sounded like she was scared. She was in bed, but the lights were on and she was reading a magazine. I sat next to her on the bed and told her how happy I was to be home. She put her hand on my arm and told me she was happy too. I loved feeling her hand on me.

I got brave and leaned down to kiss her. It was stressful. At first our kisses were timid, but soon she opened her mouth to me. I felt myself get so warm between my legs and tingly. I loved feeling my tongue in her mouth and hers in mine. My hands began to rub her breasts through the silky nightie. They are so big and I wondered if Denise’s breasts would feel this good. Finally I felt her hand on my chest and that made me go crazy. We started kissing so passionately, but then my mom just stopped.

She told me we had to stop. I told her I didn’t want to. She insisted we stop but when I asked she wouldn’t tell me why. As I lay in my bed more confused than ever I thought about Denise. Was I falling for her simply because she reminded me of my mother or was that real? Either way I felt myself having strange thoughts about my mom. She meant more to me than sex. I really enjoyed what we had together, but I wanted to be with her more than just the way it had always been. I wanted to be her lover. I could feel how she kissed me that she wanted me to, but with her was it just sexual?

The next day I called up some friends from high school and we went shopping. It was a fun day, though most of my best friends were off at school and these girls weren’t as close. Still I had fun. When I got back home my mom was having dinner with Anna. I enjoyed seeing her, but a small part of me was jealous.

I flirted a lot with Anna just to see how my mom would react. She didn’t seem to notice, so that just made me want to do it more. I started to touch Anna more when we talked and I changed into some tiny shorts and a too tight tank top before the three of us watched a movie together. I liked how Anna looked at me. When my mom left the room to get a drink I asked Anna if she was spending the night. She looked Escort flustered when I did and said she didn’t know yet. I got up and went to the kitchen and when I did my mom asked me why I was flirting so obvious with Anna.

I told her it was to make her jealous and she gave me a dirty look, but before she left the room, I cornered my mom and kissed her and put my hands on her breasts. She kissed me. I couldn’t believe it. It was the best kiss I had had with her yet. There was something exciting about the fact that her girlfriend was in the room next to us. She must have felt the same way because she was so passionate and her hands were all over me, but soon she got control of herself and told me Anna couldn’t find out about us.

Anna did spend the night that night and my mom and I spent the evening touching each other whenever Anna wasn’t looking and we made out when my mom came to my room before bed. I even began to suck her nipples before she cut me off and said she should go. I masturbated when she left.

The next morning I showered before anyone else was up and then I walked around in my panties and bra until I ran into my mom in the hall. At breakfast I sat their in my underwear on the couch eating a pop tart. Anna was wearing one of my mom’s nighties. Her breasts looked so beautiful. I watched them kiss and it got me hot. Then when my mom was in the shower I went to her.

I didn’t say anything. I got undressed and got inside and my mom stood there wide eyed. I kissed her and she held me. I loved feeling our hard nipples brush against each other’s breasts and soon my mouth was all over them. Then I bent down in front of her and my mom rubbed my clit and fingered me until I orgasmed. When she was done I did the same for her, but I got down on my knees and licked her pussy and ass like I had the summer before. When she orgasmed I asked her if I was better than Anna. She waited until we were standing face to face before she answered me, and she told me I was better in every way. We kissed for the longest time after that. I wasn’t done with her, but she reminded me that Anna was still there. I asked my mom if she would ever tell Anna about us, but she told me she didn’t want to take the chance of losing her. I understood exactly what she meant and I thought about how I would ever have the courage to tell Denise how I felt about her.

After Anna left, my mom and I made love on her bed again. I asked her if she would use the dildo on me again. She did and it felt just like the first time. She was even harder on me this time, but she still held my breasts in her hands as she did me from behind just like she had that first time. Then she put me on my back and sucked my breasts as she slowly worked the dildo back and forth, but I wanted it harder, so she put my legs on her shoulders and really put it in deep. It was almost painful and I was actually scared she’d hurt me, but after a while I just let her drive it in deep while I gripped her huge tits so they would pound me in the face. I climaxed like that as she was rubbing against my clit and even after I did she kept just pounding me. I think I might have cum more than once, but I was so messed up I don’t even know what I was feeling.

Afterwards I ate her pussy until she orgasmed and then I drove my tongue in as she came all over my mouth. I was so soaked and I went up to kiss her and she licked my face. She was licking her cum off my face and putting her tongue in my mouth and I was rubbing my pussy on her leg and we just kissed forever. I loved feeling her sweaty naked body beneath me. We lay in bed for hours until we showered again and then I had to go back to school.

It was sad to leave her again, but I was excited to go back to see Denise. This time when we left she didn’t say she didn’t want to do this again. Instead she asked me when I might come home again. I told her hopefully soon. I tell you more later, all for now.

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