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The Submissive Mistress Ch. 02

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(This is a re-write, I fixed two spelling errors (clothes instead of cloths) and a numeric error (80 total swats not 100).


Chapter 2.

Kelly continued, “Oh my God! Jack wasn’t kidding. He me that you liked to be tied up and spanked. I thought he was kidding.”

Trish spoke, “Ah – Jack is going to be right back so you better leave.” She could feel the blush heat her face – her face was almost as hot as her ass. She was so humiliated by being discovered by the maid – but she was also so damm horny from the spanking.

“Actually”, Kelley said, “that’s not what was on his calendar. I checked when I clean the mess you left for me on Thursday, it said that he was going to be golfing with Rod this morning. There was another note just below that said, T bound in the garage. I had to find out if that meant you so I watched him leave and now here you are. “

Kelley walked around Trish’s naked bound form as she talked, inspecting her nude, bound boss.

She was going to like spanking her and whipping her tight sexy ass.

Jack had actually planned all this – he told Kelley he was going to tie Trish up for her to see how Trish reacted to a woman. He told Kelley to spank Trish, either in the garage or in the house or maybe in backyard. He wanted it to be a surprise to Trish so he could see if Trish would confess later what happened or if she would leave it a secret. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust her, he was curious to see what she would do.

“Kelley – I think you better let me go so Jack doesn’t wonder what happened here.” Trish vainly said – hoping perhaps that Kelley would untie her and leave so Trish could finger her hot pussy.

“Well, if I let you go, Jack will certainly wonder what happened here. How would you get away? You are locked up like a convict. Well, not a real convict, more like a slave, or a little slut. I think we’ll have some fun before he gets back. I guess I should close the door though so the neighbors don’t wonder too much about their nude bound slut next door, Maltepe Yabancı Escort don’t you? But first I have to get some toys out of my car.”

With that Trish heard Kelley open a car door and get something out and then close the car door and then close the garage.

Trish had no choice but to bend back over exposing her pussy and ass to Trish as the garage door closed.

“What are you going to do?” Trish nervously asked.

“Well I’m first going to spank your lazy ass. I think it’s time I whip you into shape. You have been making my life miserable – so I think it’s time to give you an incentive to be a lot neater around the house.”

Trish couldn’t believe her ears – or her pussy. Instead of being outraged or angry by the turn of events she was even wetter than before. Being submissive to her maid turned her on. She only hoped the maid didn’t notice.

“I like you in this position – it puts that lazy ass of yours in a perfect position for a whipping. Plus with your legs spread so wide I can see how wet you are. I bet I could get my biggest dildo in your pussy right now. Look at your pussy, you are so wet! Too bad I didn’t bring it.” Kelley ran her hand between Trish’s cheeks and rubbed her soaking wet pussy, working one then two, then three fingers in her cunt.

“You are a wet cunt, you know that Trish.” Kelley said as she continued to finger her Mistress.

“Your pussy is so wet it’s clear you like this. Don’t you slut.”

“No I don’t”, Trish said softly – though her body betrayed her.

“You are such a slut!” Kelley whispered, her voice deep with lust, “your pussy is soaking my hand and you have the nerve to say you don’t like this. That will get you twenty swats with the paddle bitch.” Kelley said harshly. She then lined up behind Trish and spanked her hard with the paddle 10 times on each cheek. Trish didn’t cry out or ask her to stop, she just pushed her ass out for more. Trish couldn’t believe how turned on she was by submitting to Kelley. What kind of slut was Maltepe Yeni Escort she!

“Not enough for you slut?” Kelley asked. Without waiting for an answer Kelley started spanking Trish again, this time not stopping at ten or twenty per cheek, she gave Trish 80, 40 per cheek.

Trish finally started to ask Kelley to stop at about the 50 mark, begged her to stop at 60, and was crying at 80.

Trish’s ass was bright red, two hot red globes in front of Kelley’s eyes. She ran her hands over her Mistresses cheeks and then between them. Trish pushed her ass into her hand – begging to be allowed to cum.

“Please make me cum, please.” Trish said between sobs. Her pussy was on fire, and it was dripping wet.

Kelley was amazed – both at how much Trish could take and how horny she was. She didn’t know she would be so turned on by this. “Not yet slut – I’m going to cum first!” With that Kelley stripped off her cloths.

Trish could hear but not see her young maid strip off her clothing. She knew basically what Kelley looked like but she didn’t know what she was going to do.

Kelley’s body was nicely proportioned – 34C, 24, 36 – with short brown hair and firm dancers legs and cute pixie face. Kelley stripped off her and reached into her goody bag, pulling out a nice 8″ dildo and harness. She liked being fucked and fucking.

This looked like a good time to fuck her boss.

She slide on the harness and walked in front of Trish – shoving the fake cock in her mouth.

“Suck on it slut – I bet you like to suck dick.” Kelley held Trish’s face in her hands as she fucked the dildo in and out of her mouth. The base of the dildo rubbed against her clit as she slid the cock in and out.

“Ah yes – ah yes – now suck my clit” She pulled the dildo aside and mashed her pussy to Trish’s lips and tongue.

“Ahh – yes, ah yes, suck me you cunt sucking slut – lick me you little bitch.” Trish loved being called names and Kelley loved dominating her boss this way. She loved having her bosses Maltepe Masaj Salonu tongue in her cunt. Rubbing her clit on Trish’s lips and nose she came in a shudder.

She came down slowly from her orgasm, letting her former boss continue to lick up and down her pussy. After a few more minutes of licking Kelley pulled her soaking pussy from Trish’s face.

“Now it’s time to fuck that pretty cunt of yours – time for you to cum like the hot little slut you are. Isn’t that what you are Trish? A hot little slut?”

“Yes -“, Trish said – eager to feel something in her pussy. “Please fuck me.”

“Tell me what you are and I’ll fuck you.” Kelley teased as she pulled the dildo back into place and move behind Trish.

“I’m a slut.” Trish said quietly.

“Louder slut – or I won’t fuck you with this.” Kelley said as she slapped the wet dildo against Trish’s red hot ass – slap – slap – slap.

“I’m a slut – please fuck me.” Trish said louder this time.

“Louder – bitch – or I’ll just leave you here till Jack gets back.” Kelley teased.

Her face burning with humiliation Trish said in a loud voice, “I’m a slut – a cunt sucking slut – please fuck me.”

“Say it while I’m fucking you slut – I want to hear how you like to be fucked.” Kelley said as she easily slid the long hard dildo deep in her Mistresses slit.

“I’m – a – slut – a – pussy- licking – slut – fuck – me – hard.”

Each word was accented by a long hard thrust from Kelley.

“Mistress, call me your Mistress slut.” Kelley said as she drove the dildo home again and again.

“I- am – a – slut – Mistress – a – pussy – eating – slut.”

Kelley fucked her boss faster and faster as she felt Trish’s climax rise and her own orgasm building.

“Ahhh – yes – Mistress – fuck – me.” Trish cried out in a scream as she came again and again.

Kelley kept fucking Trish even after she came – taking herself over the brink again and again.

“You slut – you are so fucking wet and so hot.” Kelley said as she slowed the tempo of her slapping thrusts.

“I’m going to like whipping your ass and fucking it from now on.” She said and she pulled the wet dildo from Trish.

“This will be a lot of fun. Now lick it clean.” Trish couldn’t say anything as her mouth was stuffed with the dildo that was just in her pussy.

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