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Nikki’s Mom

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Nikki didn’t wish to stay in classes this day. Normally, she looked forward to spending her days in class. She was a B+ student, in this her second year of college. And as much as she loved math, today she just didn’t want to think about it. So after the class was over, she decided to leave school and take the rest of the day off. Besides, it would be good to spend a day with her mom.

Angela, Nikki’s mom was a good looking woman. Even at the mature age of 46, Angela could pass for a woman in her late 20’s or very early 30’s. In fact, when the two of them would walk down the street, many men would look at the two of them and think them sisters.

Nikki’s car rolled onto her driveway. Nikki smiled as she saw her mom’s car sitting in her usual spot. Good! She was home not out doing things moms do. When she opened the door, Nikki noticed that neither the television nor the stereo was on. Normally mom listened to them even when she was busy doing other things. Thinking that her mom might be asleep, Nikki didn’t call out to her.

Walking down the hall, Nikki saw that her mom’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. Still thinking that her mom was taking a nap, Nikki slowly pushed the door open. What she saw made her stop still. Lying on her bed, her usual housecoat lying fully open was her mom. That by itself would not have been too surprising. Angela often fell asleep wearing her housecoat. And sometimes if it was hot she would open it to cool off.

What was so surprising to Nikki, was that her mom was lying there totally naked beneath her housecoat. No panties! No bra! Nikki was further surprised to see that between her mom’s legs was a zucchini. Looking closer, Nikki could see that the zucchini had been used.

As much as she should have been shocked, Nikki couldn’t help but look. Angela’s well muscled thighs were parted. Her tanned skin seemed to glisten. Nikki noticed that the room smelled slightly of scotch. That made her notice that there was a spilled glass on her mom’s night table.

Nikki also noticed that lying next to her mom was her laptop. The screen was open. Turning it, so that she could see what her mom had been looking at, Nikki had to stifle a gasp. There on the screen, open and exposed for her mom to see, was Nikki. But it was a picture that Nikki had never wished her mom to ever see.

Nikki was laid out on her bed. Her long white legs open wide. There was a big smile on her face. Between her open thighs, was a zucchini. In fact, it was similar to the zucchini that now lay between her mom’s thighs. Nikki used her finger and switched the view from picture to picture.

Not only had Nikki taken pictures of herself as she used the zucchini to please her pussy, she had also taken pictures of herself sucking the pussy juice-covered veggie-cock. And a few pictures showed Nikki kneeling with the zucchini stuck in her tight asshole.

Had her mom found her pictures, gotten hot and fucked herself tuzla escort while looking at her daughter? Was that why her mom had gotten drunk? Nikki closed the laptop softly. She should have just covered her mom up and left, closing the door behind her. After all, Nikki knew that her mom masturbated. She had heard her often enough. Just as Angela had often heard her daughter in her own room softly moaning as she worked her pussy.

The two women had grown close over the last 8 years. That was how long it had been since Angela and her husband, Nikki’s dad, had divorced. They would sometimes joke with each other about the noises that emanated from their bedrooms.

Both women had seen each other in different states of dress and undress. Living in the house, just them, they didn’t feel shy about walking around naked at times. And both women would often compliment each other about how sexy they would look.

Looking down at her sleeping mom, Nikki’s eyes were drawn to the wet slit between Angela’s thighs. Nikki had shaved her pussy, liking the feel of baldness as her pants rubbed her cunt. Angela on the other hand, felt that having a neatly trimmed cunt was more ladylike.

Angela’s cunt was gapped open. There was a film of thick cum juice surrounding the wide open cunt. Nikki could see that her mother’s pussy lips were swollen and the inner flesh was red.

Nikki could feel her own pussy growing wet. It was not so much that it was her mom lying there, Nikki would have gotten wet had it been any woman. For as much as she loved feeling a nice hard cock spreading and filling her pussy, Nikki also loved to have a woman as a partner. And she had often thought of her mom as she would play with her pussy. It wasn’t all Nikki’s fault. Angela would sometimes grow loud as her orgasm would take control of her body.

Angela must have worked herself to exhaustion. For the zucchini had not fallen far from her cunt. In fact, the tip of the long fat green vegetable was only inches from Angela’s open wet pussy lips. Picking up the zucchini, Nikki brought it to her nose. She could smell the fragrance of her mom’s cunt still clinging to it. And it was still coated with her mom’s juice.

Knowing that she may never get another chance like this one, Nikki stuck out her tongue and touched it to the veggie. The taste was really not much different from the taste of her own cunt juice. With a sigh, Nikki started to lick her mom’s juice from it.

Nikki looked down at her mom. The slow rise and fall of her twin mounds seemed to call to the young girl. The nipples of both tits were deep red and swollen. Nikki smiled, thinking how she loved to pull and pinch her own nipples as she played with her pussy. Maybe mom did the same thing.

Nikki called out softly. “Mom?” She touched her mom’s shoulder gently. “Mom!” The woman didn’t move. Smiling, Nikki took the zucchini and touched it gently to her mom’s pendik escort pussy. Still no response! As slow and gently as she could, Nikki began to rub the tip of the veggie up and down her mom’s slit.

After a few slow rubs up and down the slit of her mom’s cunt, a soft moan and movement of her leg announced that Angela was feeling what the young woman was doing. But that was the only response that she gave. But that movement of her leg opened her thighs even wider. Nikki felt her pussy begin to moisten and throb.

Growing bolder, Nikki rubbed the tip up into the gap created by her mom’s swollen pussy lips. Nikki stopped, her hand poised. If her mom woke, she would say that she was removing the veggie. That she had walked in and found her mom in this position. But instead of opening her eyes, Angela opened her legs even wider.

Moving as slowly and gently as she could, Nikki continued to slowly stroke the zucchini up and down her moms wet slit. And her mom rewarded her by shifting her hips. Growing bolder still, Nikki eased the tip inside her mother’s cunt. Her own pussy was throbbing so she pushed her hand beneath her short skirt and began to rub her wet panty crotch.

In her drunken stupor, Angela was experiencing an erotic dream. In her dream, it was her daughter that was making her pussy feel so good. The same daughter that had been displaying her charms to the writer that she corresponded with. The same writer, whose stories seemed to drive the young girl into a lust-filled frenzy.

Angela had read some of the stories. But instead of shocking her, they seemed to make the poor woman even hornier. And it didn’t escape her notice that a lot of them had to do with incest. Was her daughter thinking about her in that way? The idea seemed to both shock and excite the older woman.

When she first found the pictures of her daughter, she was shocked. When did the girl take them? Did someone else take them for her? Did she show herself to others this way? But then she remembered that in her first year of college, Nikki had taken a photography course. She had a fancy digital camera with a tripod and remote control. The girl must have set it up and took the pictures herself.

Seeing her daughter’s wanton display had caused her to become excited. Telling herself that she shouldn’t be doing this, Angela rubbed her hand across her hard nipples. That only caused her to want to feel more. Her hand was soon rubbing her wet panty crotch.

Nikki had not started out just fucking her pussy for the camera. She had taken pictures of herself undressing then playing with it before she got to the point of fucking herself. And Angela had watched, switching from picture to picture, as she grew hotter and hornier.

It was seeing the scene with the zucchini that had pushed the woman over the edge. She had to know what her daughter was feeling. The zucchini seemed so different from the fake aydınlı escort cock that Angela hid in her night table drawer. She got up and went into the kitchen frig and took it back to her bedroom.

Cold to the touch at first, Angela shivered when the tip touched her pussy lips. She rubbed it slowly back and forth until she grew accustomed to the chill of it. As soon as she slowly slid the ridged pimpled veggie into her dripping cunt, she was lost. She had not taken off her panty, instead just pushing it aside.

She told herself that she would only experiment to see how it felt. This felt so much better than the dildo that she had used for years. It was cold and seemed alive, as her pussy felt the roughness of it. Soon enough, it became a drug that she had to have. And she needed more and more of it!

The first orgasm, when it hit her, was so strong, she almost passed out. That was when she got up and poured herself a drink. That drink led to another. By her third drink, the horny woman had pulled her panties and bra off, and was lying in bed with only her housecoat on. This way, if Nikki came home she would at least be able to cover up in a hurry. Four humongous orgasms and a few more drinks later, Angela was passed out on her bed. This was how Nikki had found her.

Nikki had grown bolder. Her mom’s soft moans and the slow humping of her hips was giving the girl more courage. She was now openly fucking her mom with about four inches of the zucchini. Angela was moaning each time Nikki would slowly push the veggie into her cunt.

Then things changed. Nikki was slowly fingering her dripping cunt, rubbing her hard throbbing clit with her thumb, when she heard her mom softly call her name. “Yes Nikki! Fuck mommy’s cunt! Oh baby! Yes! Just like in your pictures.”

Nikki looked at her mom and realized that the woman was still out of it. She was feeling the pleasure, but her mind was still deep in her drunken dreams. Nikki pushed another two inches into her mom’s cunt. The woman groaned and lifted her hips off the bed.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck mommy! Fuck me hard!” Nikki couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her own mother was moaning and asking her to fuck her pussy. Nikki couldn’t resist. She pulled the zucchini from her moms now dripping pussy and licked it. Angela groaned in frustration as she felt her pussy grow empty. But it wasn’t long before it was filled again. This time, Nikki fucked her just a bit harder.

Nikki was pumping that zucchini in and out of her mom’s pussy just like it was a real cock fucking the woman. Suddenly, Angela opened her eyes. “Nikki! Baby! Oh fuck, I’m Cumming! Fuck! Fuck!”

Her hips bucked up hard, forcing the veggie shaft deep in her cunt. Then with a scream, she fell back on the bed. Nikki pulled the zucchini from her mom’s pussy and looked at the woman. She had passed out again.

Nikki licked and sucked the zucchini until she had cleaned it of all her mom’s thick cum. Covering her mom with the blanket she took the veggie to her room. It didn’t take long for her to cry out over and over again as she tried to force the entire zucchini up her tight cunt. And all the time she fucked herself, she thought of her mom.

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