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Our Son, The Porn Star Ch. 04

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When Ken, Ian, Christopher and I got back from our run in the woods, during which time we’d stopped off for some red hot incestuous gay sex, it was gone noon, proof indeed that time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself. We’d left Linda, Marion and Sally sleeping off the excesses of the previous night’s gangbang but as we trotted up the side of the house, it soon became obvious that the ladies were now wide awake and, furthermore, had been treating themselves to a nice little lesbian threesome in our absence.

Sure enough, as we stepped into the garden, there was my wife and Ken’s wife and daughter naked on the lawn, Linda on her hands and knees with Marion’s tongue deep in her asshole while Sally was treating her mother’s pussy to a nice long lick with her offspring tongue. I started to fondle my cock through my shorts and glanced at my son Christopher, whom many of you will know better as the current number one male porn actor Wayne Benton, and Ken and his son Ian and was pleased to see that they were doing the same. Notwithstanding that it was only an hour or so ago since we had all shot our loads over each other, with Christopher going a stage further and flooding out Ian’s asshole with his pornographic sperm, us men were raring to go again, our stamina and enthusiasm undaunted.

“Well,” I said, “looks like we can’t leave you fucking whores alone for long,” I said, smiling.

“Yeah,” said Ken, “who gave you sluts permission to start without us?”

“Don’t give me all that, Ken,” Linda replied. “I bet you lot haven’t only been out running, the amount of time you’ve been away.”

“What else would we be doing?” Ken said, smiling mischievously.

Marion removed her tongue from Linda’s asshole and smiled over her shoulder at us. “Shut the fuck up, wise guy,” she said, “we ain’t stupid. All of you,” she continued, her smile widening as her eyes took in all four of us groping ourselves through our shorts, “get those cocks and asses over here. Now!”

“Yeah,” breathed Linda, huskily, “then we’ll show you just how great us whores and sluts can be.”

Ian, Ken, Christopher and I quickly removed our bulge and bum hugging shorts, shugged off our boots and socks and moved naked over to the ladies, our hard-ons leading the way. Ken and Ian knelt down in front of Sally who spread her legs wider to take both her father and brother’s tongues simultaneously while Christopher and I moved round to get our cocks once again sucked by Linda.

“Wow, dad,” Ian said, his voice full of lust as his eyes took in the beauty of his sister’s fully exposed pussy, “hasn’t Sally got the most delicious-looking cunt?”

“Sure has,” Ken replied, as his eyes likewise admired his daughter’s womanhood, her clit fully on show through all the folds of her pussy skin, “my little sex kitten’s cunt is just begging for a nice long lick.”

Linda was sucking hard on our adult movie actor son’s cock as Ken and Ian’s heads dived in and they vied for position in Sally’s cunt with their hot wet masculine tongues. Both men were on their hands and knees, sticking their recently fucked asses in the air as they prodded the young vixen’s femininity. Marion went back to licking Linda’s asshole as Linda let Christopher’s cock fall out of her mouth and then his mother went to work on his massive balls. He’d emptied their contents inside Ian’s asshole earlier that day but I could see that they were already starting to bubble up with a fresh supply of his rich porn star cream.

“Here dad,” Christopher said, ever considerate to my needs as well as his own, “don’t stand there on the sidelines wanking. Come and have your cock sucked by mom.”

I smiled gratefully at my son as my wife went on slurping her talented tongue over Christopher’s sweaty nuts before taking the whole of his pink wrinkled scrotum into her mouth. As soon as she released the round ballsac into the atmosphere, I moved in and slid my fat rod deep into my wife’s mouth for some legitimate cocksucking. Meanwhile, Ian was still licking his sister’s pussy as Ken moved round behind his son and began to tongue the young man’s asshole. From being a dull morning earlier on, the sun was now high in the sky, beaming down on the naked flesh of the fully consenting blood-related adults, the sky blue and dotted here and there with little candyfloss clouds.

“What a load of fucking sex mad whores,” Christopher said, a smile of true happiness on his handsome face as his family and the Murchison clan sucked and licked as if they were discovering sex for the very first time. “I shouldn’t be the only porn star around here, you all ought to be doing it,” he continued. “You’re all fucking fantastic.”

Ken gave Christopher a thumbs up sign without breaking his rimming of his son’s asshole. Ian removed his tongue from Sally’s pussy and smiled over his shoulder at his father.

“Yeah, dad,” he said, lustily, “I love your daddy tongue up my tight fuck hole. Feels so fucking good.”

Sally needed to come up for air and relinquished kaynarca escort her tongue from her mother’s pussy and Marion likewise removed her tongue from Linda’s asshole and quickly maneouvred her sexed-up body from the sun lounge to get on her hands and knees next to Ken to watch her husband licking their son’s asshole. Linda started slurping on my nuts as she had done Christopher who moved round and slid his big infamous prick into Sally’s mouth. After the gangbang the night before, us men going gay with each other in the woods that morning and now a Saturday afternoon al fresco orgy, the weekend was shaping up into just about the horniest sleaziest get-together we have ever had …


Ken removed his tongue from Ian’s asshole and he and Marion watched fascinated as their son, smiling at them over his shoulder, clasped his buns and spread them wide, showcasing his asshole to his parents. It was still red and sore-looking from the heavy pounding it had taken from my son’s prick when we were in the woods that morning and Ken and Marion whistled with excitement as their eyes took in the close-up pornographgic style view of Ian’s exposed fuck pit.

“Take a look at this, mom and dad,” Ian said and immediately began working his ass muscles in and out, stretching the long thin lines on the walls of his ass, his hole twitching immediately in front of his parents’ eyes. Christopher took his cock out of Sally’s mouth and led her by the hand to get a good look at the delightful asshole he had given all his attention to earlier while my wife went back to sucking my cock, the only action at that moment which would not be considered taboo by the more ignorant members of society.

Christopher peeled back his amazing porn star foreskin and Sally dropped to her knees and started to kiss and lick the head, lapping up the pre-cum that was seeping delightfully out of the porn star Wayne Benton’s piss slit. Marion and Ken were taking it in turn to rim Ian’s asshole while my hard membrane felt so good with Linda’s mouth wrapped tightly around it.

“That’s it, Sally,” I said, “suck my son’s cock as hard as you can. You know you fucking want to.”

Sally increased the pace of the suction, almost choking as she swallowed whole the head of the porn actor’s horse-like cock. Linda could see our son getting sucked out of the corners of her eyes as she continued to demonstrate her cocksucking prowess on me and both of us were once again filled with parental pride as Christopher soaked up the euphoria of Ken and Marion’s daughter’s expert blowjob.

“Sweetheart,” we all heard Marion say as she gave Ian’s ass cheeks a little pat, “that hole of yours looks really sore. Would you like mommy to kiss it better for you?”

“Oh yes, please, mom,” Ian readily agreed, “please make it better with your nice hot tongue.”

“That naughty porn star must have really given your ass a good seeing to,” Marion went on, adopting a mumsy voice, “I wish I had been there to see it.”

“He fucking well did, mom,” Ian replied, “and I enjoyed every mind-blowing second.”

“Don’t worry, Marion,” Christopher said, inbetween grunts, his cock still embedded deep in Sally’s mouth, “I’ll fuck that sex-mad son of yours again later and then you can sit back and watch him take my every inch of my big cock up his ass.”

“Like Sally’s doing with her hot little mouth,” Ken murmured.

“Come on, mom,” Ian begged, “make my ass better, like you said.”

Christopher pulled out of Sally’s mouth and Linda removed her mouth from my rock hard membrane and we moved round to watch Marion deliver the incestuous rimming. Ken, Christopher and I moved into position alongside each other and began wanking our cocks while Linda and Sally folded themselves into each other’s arms and began touching up each others tits as they watched.

Ian gasped as his mother’s tongue worked its way along the crack between his buns before sending its tip deep into his fuck box. Ken’s pride was and is as great as mine and Linda’s is for Christopher as he watched his wife rimming his son. He clapped and cheered as Ian grunted and groaned for more.

“One of you’s go and muffle his screams,” Ken said to Christopher and I, “I’m gonna go and get my cock sucked by that wife of yours, Alan.”

“Be my guest,” I said, “you know from all our past gangbangs just what a great cocksucker she is.”

“I sure do fucking know it,” Ken replied, “in fact, your wife has got to be one of the world’s greatest cock-sucking sluts of all time.”

“What a compliment, mate,” I said, really thrilled to hear Ken’s remarks and giving his ass a little pat. “She’s all yours.”

Christopher and I moved round in front of Ian and held our hard cocks aloft in our hands in front of hie face. As he opened his mouth and, somewhat surprisingly, took me inside first, I was expecting him to go for Christopher before me, Ken moved over to Linda and Sally who immediately got on their knees as Ken invited them to attend to his needs …


Linda orhanlı escort was determined to prove once again that I was not wrong in mine and Ken’s compliments on her cocksucking skills and without a moment’s hesitation, she enveloped my best mate’s rigid pole in her superb mouth while Ken’s daughter Sally stuck out her tongue and went down on her father’s juicy balls. It was really great to see my wife sucking another man’s cock while his son was still hungrily sucking on mine.

“Aaaagh!” cried Ken, placing his left hand on Linda’s head and his right on Sally’s and drawing them in closer, both women making little gagging sounds as Ken pressed his body up against them, “feels so fucking good.”

Ken had his back to Christopher and I and was fully aware that my son and I were both ogling his tight naked ass. Mindful of Christopher’s consideration earlier when Linda was giving us her attention, I signalled with my eyes for him to replace me in Ian’s mouth. Ian had his eyes shut tight as his mother continued to display all her powers of concentration rimming his asshole and I doubt the young man even noticed the change of cock, even though Christopher’s porno prick is a tad longer and thicker than mine.

Marion removed her tongue from her son’s ass and gave his cheeks several little pats with the flat of her hand. “Does my sweetheart’s ass feel better now?” she asked, once again speaking in her clumsy mumsy voice.

“Much better, thanks mom,” Ian breathed, “but I could sure do with something nice and hard inside it again,” he added.

“I’ve got just the thing,” I said and, without saying anymore, I turned and went into the house.

“Where you going, dad?” Christopher asked.

At the door, I turned and tapped the side of my nose to tell my son to wait and see and then vanished upstairs. It took me only a few minutes to find the Wayne Benton strap-on Christopher had presented to his mother when he arrived home on Thursday and I hurried back outside with it clasped in my hand.

“What you got there?” Marion asked, now having a breather after a thorough rimming of Ian’s asshole, a rather stupied question, I thought but not voicing that opinion, since Ian’s mother would need to be blind not to notice what I was holding aloft in my hand.

“Christopher gave this to his mom,” I said, “it’s modelled on himself. Put it on, Marion, and let’s see you fuck your son’s ass with it.”

“Yeah, honey,” Ken said, his head swinging round over his shoulder while Linda and Sally continued their joint assault on his manhood, “he’s already been fucked by the real thing today.”

Marion took the strap-on from me and gave it a quick suck. “Mmm,” she said, “just as good as the real thing.”

“I doubt that,” I said. Honestly, Marion did come out with the most astonishing statements sometimes.

Ken was still enjoying being sucked and licked by Linda and Sally but he didn’t want to miss the almost hypnotic-like vision of his wife fucking his son. He hauled my wife and his daughter to their feet and led them over where they immediately dropped to their knees again and resumed their oral skills on my best male friend but with Ken in such a position that he could now watch the action without having to keep twisting his head over his shoulder. Ian was still sucking Christopher as Marion fixed the strap-on around her middle and moved forward and deftly began to insert it in her son’s asshole.

Again, I didn’t want to cum yet but the sight of Ian with my son’s cock in his mouth and the model of my son’s cock in his ass almost tipped me over the edge. Ken was grunting and groaning as Linda and Sally gave all their attention to his cock and balls but watching the spit-roasting of Ian out of the corners of their eyes. Christopher looked at me and smiled, a radiant smile that, if the sun wasn’t already shining, would have made it feel as if it had just decided to.

“Fucking fabulous, eh dad?” he said, “your mate’s son with my cock in his mouth and my cock in his ass at the same time.”

I had slowed down the pace of my wanking considerably as I agreed with Christopher about the awesome action taking place right in front of us. My son might be Wayne Benton, the world’s number one porn star, but I have to say that, great as he is on film, even porn movies pale into insignifance when you are heavily engaged in the real thing …


With Christopher’s cock muffling Ian’s grunts of pleasure, Marion had now successfully worked the strap-on across her son’s pain barrier and was giving him everything she had. Her big tits swayed about as her face became drenched in sweat while Ian pushed his ass backwards and forwards to greet each and every powerful thrust. Ian was wanking his cock through his legs as every inch of the Wayne Benton strap-on was swallowed up by his all-conquering asshole while, at the other end of him, Wayne Benton’s real cock had similarly disappeared from view, gobbled up my Ian’s hungry mouth.

“You fucking whore, Marion,” Ken said, tepeören escort “fucking your own son’s asshole. I shall have to give you a good seeing to later.”

Marion’s grunting grew louder as Christopher pulled out of Ian’s mouth and Marion leaned forward across her son’s back to give my son’s cock a good suck too, without breaking her incredible pounding of Ian’s fuck hole. Ken, Linda and Sally had a perfect view of Marion’s bare feminine ass in all its naked beauty clenching and wobbling like mad as she plundered on inside Ian’s ass. Ken was so overcome with pride that he couldn’t control himself any longer and, seconds later, groaned as he squirted his cream over Linda and Sally’s faces and tits.

Marion transferred her mouth from Christopher’s cock to mine and gave me a great blowjob just as my wife had given her husband. Linda and Sally were smothered in liberal helpings of Ken’s spunk and I could see just what Christopher meant, each and everyone of us would be certain to make excellent porn movie actors.

Linda’s eyes, nose and mouth were an absolute mess as were Sally’s tits. Alongside me, Christopher was wanking furiously and I could sense that he was not far off cumming himself, as neither was I. Sure enough, seconds later, Christopher let out a loud groan, screwed up his eyes and rocked on his slim athletic legs as he blasted Ian in the face with a fresh supply of cream. I pulled out of Marion’s mouth and sent a similar load over her face and tits as she pulled the strap-on out of Ian’s ass and rolled over onto the grass, where she proceeded to play with her pussy.

Linda and Sally, still covered in Ken’s gooey sperm, moved across and Linda began sucking Marion’s tits while Sally dived her tongue into her mother’s pussy. Christopher, Ken and I were slowly starting to get our breaths back as Ian, his face still covered in Christopher’s cum, moved round in front of Marion, Linda and Sally and started again to wank his stiff pole in front of the ladies. Surprisingly, he had no difficulty walking, amazing when you think he’d taken my son’s cock up his ass in the morning and my son’s model of his cock up his ass from his mother in the afternoon. His asshole had been well and truly stretched and it looked like one or other of us would have to give him another rimming to relieve the soreness, the one his mother gave him earlier having been wasted when she fucked him with the strap-on.

The ladies were enjoying a string of orgasms as Ian stood in front of his mother, his legs almost giving way as he felt another sensational orgasm approaching. Ken’s eyes were riveted to his cum-smeared son about to discharge his own precious sex juice as he tugged hard on his long uncut cock. The wait was worth it for, a few moments later, Ian threw his head back, gave out a loud cry of sheer pleasure, and came in several thick hot reams all over his mother’s face and tits. Everyone applauded the expected yet sudden appearance of Ian’s spunk.

“Oh yes, sweetheart,” Marion said as she took each blast with maternal pride, the thick cream getting in her eyes and running down her nose to her chin. She opened her mouth and Ian aimed the last few spurts successfully into his mother’s mouth and Marion didn’t stop swallowing until she had taken every droplet.

The joy on Ian’s face and his pride in showing his mother his love for her and rewarding her for the tremedous fuck she had given him with the Wayne Benton strap-on with a rich lavish helping of his sex cream were obvious and a joy to behold by all of us. Even with his face still covered in Christopher’s spunk, his radiant smile somehow managed to shine through from underneath the porn star’s glossy wads.

Linda and Sally moved in and began to clean Marion’s face with their tongues, lapping up the salty masculine discharges from her temporarily disfigured face that Ian’s mother hadn’t manage to take into her stomach. When Marion was recognisable again, Ian stooped and took her head in his hands and kissed her lovingly on the lips.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Marion said, licking Christopher’s sperm from Ian’s face when they finished snogging, “you’ve done your old mom really proud.”

“You ain’t old mom,” Ian said, “but you are a right fucking slut, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” said Ken, proud beyond belief of his horny son and sex-mad wife, “what are you?”

“A right fucking slut,” Marion murmured, as she rolled over onto the grass alongside Linda and Sally and the three women started to get their breaths back.

“We’re all fucking sluts,” Christopher said, “and none of us would want to be anything else, would we?”

There was a general nodding of heads and murmuring of agreement at this consensus of opinion. Saturday morning and afternoon had been just the most wonderful experience in our shared sex lives so far – and there was still the evening to go …


The afternoon wore on into evening when we called time on the proceedings for a moment or two and went into the house to freshen up and enjoy some refreshments. Being last in line as we trooped indoors, my mouth drooled as I ogled six pairs of naked male and female buttocks swaying along in front of me, the cheeks rising and falling as they climbed the three steps up onto the verandah.

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