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Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 02

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NOTE — This is a work of fiction, intended only for the entertainment of adult readers.


Despite the discomfort of her ‘boob-job,’ and the other surgeries, jenny had enjoyed their Caribbean ‘vacation.’ During the drive from the airport, she was impatient to show her friends the ‘new jenny,’ but felt the weariness of the return trip. She was happy when Master Charles pulled into their own driveway. It was good to be home.

Unbuckling the seatbelt, jenny watched the shoulder belt drag across her wonderful new D-cup breast as it retracted. Each contact with her new boobs gave a quiver of delight. It would take a while before she was really used to them.

As a TG pain-slut, jenny had always dreamed of getting implants, but figured it was impossible. Then, just a short month ago, Master had announced He was taking her to the Caribbean for implants and some other ‘Improvements.’ Their close friend, Doctor Deb, a sadistic lesbian who had enjoyed the pleasure jenny’s body could afford, had ‘done the deed’ at the small, well-equipped hospital in the islands where she owned a vacation villa.

Always the perfect gentleman in public, Master opened her door and extended a hand to assist jenny from the car. Walking to the front door, jenny still marveled at the feeling of the large breasts slightly bouncing and jiggling in the new bra. Every time she moved, she was conscious of the added weight to her chest, and her back muscles were still adjusting to the forward additions.

Turning to smile at Master Charles as she went through the doorway, she scraped a boob against the door frame, wincing in anticipated pain. But there really wasn’t much residual pain from the operation. The incisions were healing nicely. There was some dull ache as her own tissues stretched to accommodate the implants, but truly that was all. After the short hospital stay required by the other surgeries Master had ordered, jenny only took the pain pills for a couple of days recuperating at Doctor Deb’s villa. She was already thinking how marvelous it would be to return to that sand-and-sun paradise next year, to wear a well filled bikini in public, to sun bathe in the nude, to – .

“Are you going to stand there rubbing your tits in the doorway like the neighborhood tramp or are we going in?” Master Charles laughed as he swatted her ass hard enough to break her reverie.

“Oh sorry, Master, I was day-dreaming about going back to the islands with my new boobies, and…,” jenny’s laugh matched His. She thought how lucky she was to have such a strong, caring man who could accept and love a TG pain-pig like her. A broad smile lit her face as she realized that between the implants and the other surgeries ‘down there,’ she wasn’t a TG she-male any longer, but a card-carrying woman, the bitch she was always destined to be. This fantastic man had made all her dreams possible.

“I think I’d like to lie down for a short rest before I unpack, Master, it that’s alright with You,” jenny said.

His arms engulfed her in a tit mashing hug and deep kiss that made her knees weak. “Of course, baby,” Charles softly said. “I’ll order some pizza or Chinese for supper so you don’t have to cook tonight.”

“Uh-uh, Chinese would be nice, Master. The island food was fantastic, but I’ve missed having Chinese,” jenny answered.

Another kiss as His fingers tweaked her aroused nipples through dress and bra, and He sent her to the bedroom.

After bringing their luggage and souvenirs in from the car, He turned on the computer. Waiting for it to download all the E-mails from the law office, Charles mused about how His relationship with jenny had evolved over the years.An on-line meeting, many E-mails, pics, and IM’s, then after that first motel room rendezvous, they began meeting regularly for sex. From their first E-mails both had been totally honest and crystal clear on what they sought. Seeking a true pain-slut, Charles hadn’t really considered a T-girl, but jenny’s pics and listed experience, preferences, and eagerness fit His needs so well that He began the E-mails that lead to that first meeting. The rest ‘was history.’ Laughing at the cliché, He recalled some of their more memorable sessions, then with a head-shake realized that they all were memorable. That was part of why He loved jenny. Her submission was genuine and total, the perfect submissive woman for Him. And now she was physically and legally a woman. From that first motel room session, their love had grown. After two frantic months of afternoon assignations, He had asked her to move into the house and become His exclusive bitch.. She instantly agreed. Over the past five years, living as husband and wife, they were closer than most married couples, and the relationship flourished. Jenny dressed female 24/7. Even though His friends knew or guessed her genetic sex, she was accepted as His live-in mistress due to His standing in the local legal community. With focused effort, jenny dressed, acted, and thought of herself as female. Now with the boob-job, istanbul travesti castration, and modifications to her labia and clit, jenny was legally a woman.

During her surgery, He had sat in the waiting room musing on their relationship, past and future. Charles had decided the time was right for His marriage proposal when they returned to the States. He also began outlining the series of body piercings He wanted for her, and made a mental note to discuss the mechanics of branding with Doctor Deb later on.

Setting her purse on the dresser, jenny headed for the bathroom. Hiking up her skirt, she had to unhook all six garters before she could roll up the girdle’s hem to pull the panties down to her knees. Sitting to pee had become instinctive over the past five years, but her “clit and lip tuck,” as Doctor Deb called it, had added a new wrinkle to her feminization process. ‘Wrinkle,’ she laughed out loud at the thought. After the castration, the empty scrotum was split and sewn up and around the suture-shortened penile shaft. Master had been right, as always, it did look like true labia with the fat clit tip peeking out. So now, the pee angle was totally unpredictable. To avoid soaking the floor, her shoes and stockings and anything nearby, jenny had to use the palm of one hand as a ‘piss shield’ to deflect the spray. With her free hand, she used toilet paper to mostly dry the dripping hand, then dried her slit in the ageless manner, front-to-back. With the panties hobbling her knees, she waddled to the vanity and washed her hands.

“Well, girl,” she told the busty reflection in the mirror as she dried her hands,” you wanted to be a woman. This will be a daily reminder that you got your wish, humiliation and all.”

She cupped her luscious new breasts with a tired smile.

Back in the bedroom, hanging up her dress and kicking off her heels, jenny lay down with a low sigh. Her thoughts mirrored Charles’. She could recall in vivid detail the various tortures she had experienced under His expert hand, and the pleasure she had been able to give Him. With Master, jenny had been able to live, serve, and suffer as a woman, but now, thanks to this amazing man, she really and truly was a woman for all time. As her eyes closed, she hoped Master would use her soon. She had missed the joys of the ‘play-room’ downstairs.

“Dinner’s on the table, sleepyhead.”

“Uh, oh Master, I must have dozed off. I’m sorry.”

Getting up quickly, jenny slipped on her high heels and reached for her dress.

“Don’t bother with the dress tonight,” Charles told her. “I’d like to see you across the table just as you are, so I can admire your new tits.”

“As my Master wishes,” jenny curtsied sans skirt.

She was famished, the food excellent as always, Chopsticks flying, she deftly devoured the meal. All their table-talk was about the trip.

While jenny cleared the dinner debris, Charles mixed them drinks, bringing the bourbon bottle back to the table.

Raising His glass, He said, “A toast! To the finest woman in the world, the perfect pain-slut!”

Daintily clinking glasses, jenny replied, “I do want to be the perfect woman for You, Master. You have made me the happiest slut ever!”

“Now that you now are legally a woman, jenny, will you marry me?” Charles asked in a low, serious tone.

Coming around the table to fall to her knees beside Him, jenny whispered, “Oh Master! Really? You really want to marry me? To be Your — wife?”

“Yes, I do,” Charles answered, standing up and lifting the shaking woman to Him.

Sobbing happily, jenny ravenously returned His deep kisses, holding Him as tightly as she could. Breaking apart to breathe, they both laughed.

“Y-Y-You know You don’t have to marry me, Master. I will serve You totally as long as You want me anyway,” jenny hesitantly whispered, afraid He might change His mind.

“I know that jenny. That’s only part of why I want you legally as my wife,” He told her. “Over the years, our relationship has evolved and deepened. You silly bitch, I love you.”

Dropping to her knees again, jenny looked up through fresh tears of joy, “Yes, Sir! Oh yes, a thousand times, yes, Master! You have made me the happiest and luckiest woman alive! There aren’t words for the honor You have given me, Master! Of course I accept!”

Chuckling, He again drew her to her feet. “Well then, in addition to showing off your new tits to your girlfriends, you’ve got a wedding to plan.”

With a devilish smile, jenny asked, “To celebrate our engagement, c-c-could we go ‘downstairs’? I know I’m not 100 percent yet, but I just have to show my gratitude and love, if You want to, Sir.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” He replied, taking a long swallow of His drink and offering her glass with His free hand.

“Let’s make this a night to remember!” jenny exclaimed, draining her drink and refilling it half full of straight bourbon. “I want to fuck and suck until Your magnificent balls kadıköy travesti are drained dry!”

Basking in her exuberance, Charles had to slow her down, but jenny was tipsy by the time He helped her down the stairs to their dungeon.

“Since its your engagement, sweet, why don’t you decide what you’d like tonight.” He offered.

“Really, Master? ” As a true sub-slut, jenny had difficulty accepting such a radical idea.

Assured He was serious, jenny gathered up various whips, clamps, and even the dreaded fiberglass cane.

“I’ve got a buzz from the whiskey, Master, so You’ll have to whip me hard,” she laughed, shedding her bra and draping herself on the exam table. “Please put me up in the stirrups with my arms back over my head, Master, there’s something new I read about I’d sort of like to try, and no gag tonight, Master, please, so I can scream for Your pleasure.”

“As you wish, my lady. Your Master will obey.”

They both laughed. That was part of what made their relationship work so perfectly: Their S and M activities were core principles in their life together. Still, they could laugh and appreciate the incongruities when reality met ‘lifestyle.’

Buckling the restraints tight, He swung the stirrups up and back until she was splayed properly

His quizzical look spurred her on. “Let me tell You everything before You begin, Master. That way I won’t forget when I start screaming,” she said, gyrating her hips as seductively as the straps allowed. “Give me the clamps with teeth and the ‘titty-twister’ with a rope I can pull on. Then please use the thin leather whip on my breasts and then on my armpits — I read about that in a porn novel once. Use the inflatable dildo in my ‘pussy,’ then the cane on my thighs the way You like best, then cane my mound. I could deep throat You while You do that, if You’d like. And if You could welt my ass and the back of my legs with the cane, and then I’d love You to finish me doggy style, on my knees, hard and deep.” She was breathless after her recitation.

“Is that all? What about the clowns on unicycles and the camel on roller-skates?” He teased.

Smiling away His joke, she added, “I think You could try a tit-fuck too after You whip them, if You want, then You would get all the possibilities Your bride-to-be can offer her Master’s glorious cock.”

Stripping off His shirt, Charles picked up the thin cat-o-nine and began on her breasts. It had been a long time since He’d flogged tits that jiggled with each lash. Swinging harder and harder, He was soon rewarded by jenny’s wildly thrashing head and vocals.

“Oh-oh, oh, oh yes Master, yes, oh mark Your bitch, oh, oh, harder, pleeease, oh yes, Master, make this slut scream her love for You…”

Charles surveyed the network of beautiful red lines crisscrossed jenny’s new boobs. Her tears already streaked her makeup, and the evening was just beginning. The sincerity of her submission and the depth of their love drove Him on. She would have her engagement evening to remember.

Her hungry mouth wet the inflatable dildo when He offered it. While jenny much preferred His cock in her mouth, she did like the humiliation of lubing a dildo with saliva before it was inserted. Less slick than commercial lubes, she loved the greater friction and difficult insertion her saliva guaranteed.

When she had the toy as sloppy wet as possible, Charles shouldered His way between her spread knees and centering the tip, shoved the unforgiving hard core of the inflatable in with one thrust. Hips retreating helplessly against the restraints, jenny tried to minimize the brutal insertion. Even as she squealed, the bruising pain filled her need as perfectly as the thick rod filled her ass.. As Master Charles slowly inflated the rubber cock, jenny’s moans and squeals rose in intensity and volume, matching the intruder’s growth. When He judged she was indeed ‘filled,’ Charles gave the inflator bulb two more quick squeezes. Screaming, jenny was sure her hole was going to explode.

Straddling her head, He leaned in to ream her throat full depth. Plying the whip on her armpits, His cock benefited from her screams and cries, synchronizing whip and thrusts.

Even though she had begged for it, jenny was surprised by both the intimacy and intensity of the armpit whipping. As she writhed in agony, Charles began alternating between her armpits and breasts, swinging ever harder as He neared release. At last, a deluge of cum flooded jenny’s ravished throat and she swallowed rapidly to avoid choking. Draining the last drops, her throat and mouth were liberally coated with the sticky fluid, one of her favorite feelings.

Climbing off her well-fucked face, Charles twisted the valve, rapidly deflating the ass stretcher. Before the ’empty’ feeling could register, jenny began moaning and crying as He welted her spread thighs with the cane. Every four or five strokes, Charles gave the inflator bulb a squeeze. Once her hole anadolu yakası travesti was filled again to bursting, He deflated the cock and resumed the caning. After several ‘pump and cane’ cycles, jenny’s thighs had absorbed nearly fifty cane strokes. Pumping the toy up to its max again, He heard her full-throated scream when He added two more rapid squeezes. Her head came up off the table. She saw the cane impact her firm, shaved mound with more a thud than the splat made by her fleshier thighs.. But lordy, it hurt!

When her mound sported welts, Master stopped long enough to attach the nipple clamps. As He resumed punishing her bruised thighs, her whole body shuddered with the pain of each strike. Watching her breasts quiver and shake the biting clamps, His cock soon regained strength.

Coating His erection with a squirt of lube from the dispenser, He climbed up to straddle her chest. Grabbing two healthy handfuls of boob, He squeezed them against His thrusting cock. Mauling her clamped melons, Master Charles gave jenny an agonizing tit-fuck. Egged on by her gutter-whore vocabulary, it wasn’t long before pearls of thick cum dotted her face and hung off her chin. As He shifted, she opened her mouth wide to clean the lube and salty goo from Him.

“Thank You, Master, thank You for using Your slut so well,” jenny blubbered. Most of the words came out as gibberish around the cock and balls filling her mouth, but from experience, He knew what she was saying and smiled down on her.

Leaving the nipple clamps in place, He unbuckled her restraints and helped her off the exam table. Turning her around by her narrowed waist, He saw her anus grotesquely stretched by the inflatable. With a smile, He realized what avenue her training would follow at least up to the wedding: full-time cunt work including daily use of plugs, dildos and speculums so she would be instantly open for Him to fuck, on demand, without any preliminaries. A glimmer of an idea for yet another novel piercing lit His face. Yes, His new bride had a rough training schedule ahead.

Facing her, He watched her try to hide the grimace as the skirt clip gripped and twisted a nipple. She bit her lip and moaned as the other one was also twisted and attached. Wrist bands were hooked together and snapped to the thick D ring on the back of her collar.

Standing upright allowed the huge cock to put constant pressure on her G-spot/prostate. Pumped up this large, the pressure was mostly pain, with little pleasure. Pain-pig that she was, jenny was grateful when Master Charles put a rope loop on the skirt hanger and dropped the rope to the floor, ordering jenny to straddle it. The rope was threaded under the arch of one of her high heels. As Charles pulled up on the rope, jenny bent forward at the waist to accommodate the strain on her tits. The deflating dildo drew a drawn out moan from her, followed by a yelp when He yanked the ass-stretcher out. Before her gaping hole could even begin closing, His gloved and lubed hand slithered in fairly easily. Shuddering from the unexpected insertion, jenny screamed but held position. Anchored by the forearm filling her rectum and the roped clamps on her nipples, jenny stood as motionless as possible for the agonizing fisting. With little preparation and no warning, she struggled to control the pain assaulting her ‘cunt.’ True, the inflatable had stretched her internally, but its swift removal had done little to dilate her poor orifice. Feeling as though she were being ripped apart, jenny tried vainly to bend farther forward to ease some of the frightful pull on her tits, but Master was a step ahead, as always. He tightened the rope to her clamps, bending her over ever farther. When she bent more to ease the strain, He took up the slack and then some. She could feel the rope against the arch of her pump, but since it went under only one shoe, the stress was lopsided and pulled her over at a side slant, keeping the pain unbalanced, another of Master’s refined cruelties.

Once He was satisfied with pummeling her G-spot into quivering jelly, Charles slowly withdrew His forearm, leaving a gaping hole and gasping bitch. Pulling the tit rope tighter yet, He used the cane directly on her pulsing ‘cunt.’ From jenny’s shrieks and hobbling steps inching forward to escape the awful pain, it must really hurt, He thought, I’ve got to remember this one. Master Charles let her continue her journey of agony, but subtly guided her back to the exam table until her head and shoulders could rest on the edge. Then, dropping the cane, He pulled even harder on the clamp rope. Jenny’s shsriek filled the room and caused her anus to push open toward His engorged cock poised to impale it. Her abused ‘cunt’ was so grateful the caning was over that she accommodated His cock with nary a sound. As she adjusted to the pain from her nipples, jenny began rocking her hips back to meet His powerful lunges. Barnyard squeals telegraphed her rising excitement.\

Reaching His final peak, Charles leaned in full depth, gripped her hips, and exploded with a groan. Although she willed her reamed and beaten sphincter to tighten and milk Master’s cock, the used muscles were beyond responding. Tears of frustration mixed with those of pain as jenny realized she had been a ‘limp dish-rag’ fuck, not promising for an aspiring bride, not promising at all.

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