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A Slave’s Love

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I’m bent at the waist, my torso resting comfortably on a padded pedestal, my breasts dangling. My hands bound behind my back with thick leather cuffs, a length of rope connecting my wrists to the leather collar adorning my neck, forcing me to arch my back.

You reach down and grasp my right ankle bringing it up to hook to my wrist restraints, leaving me perched precariously on my left leg.

I struggle to keep my composure as you gag me. I feel your fingers in my hair as I realize you are braiding the long strands together and after a moment, I feel it starting to pull and I know you have tied it to a suspension ring to keep my head elevated. I know you like to watch my face. You tell me my expressions are dear to you, a window into my soul and you find me so beautiful there.

You start running your hands up and down my back and my legs, spreading oil and gently massaging my already aching muscles. You always start this way, rubbing me down, forcing me to relax into my submission.

By the time your fingers find my clit, I’m panting through the gag, begging you with my body to ease my suffering. I feel you spread the cheeks of my ass, sighing before several hard smacks land on my ass and thigh.

I know you love my ass.

I watch as you move about the room, nervous when you leave my line of sight and I can hear you gathering your implements.

Suddenly red hot pain radiates from my ass, as you swat at me with what I assume to be the crop. I count twenty strokes in my mind, before my cheeks are parted again and a lubed finger is shoved roughly inside my anus.

It slowly reams my hole, pushing deep and hard. I concentrate on the sensation. The feeling of that finger inside my most private hole, the way your knuckles grind against my pussy. The subtle sway of my breasts as you push forward, ensuring my hole is well lubed.

My hole is tingling from your assault when I feel you spread my cheeks again, this time pushing the head of a butt plug inside my anus. I wince as it’s a little tight in the position I’m in, but otherwise it slides in easily.

There is a gentle tugging in the plug before it suddenly expands to nearly three times what it was, invading my rear. My eyes tear up and I gasp as I struggle to relax my muscles and accept the massive plug stretching my hole.

I can hear you walking around me, your fingertips trailing over me every so often. You tell me how lovely I am to you in my submission.

The plug inflates again as you pump it fuller, stretching me further. I start moaning, the burning sensation is too much to bear quietly.

I hear you right next to my ear, telling me I’m a good girl as you start pinching my nipples. Quickly you place clamps on first one then the other, tightening them until I’m blinded by the pain.

I feel you weighing my breasts in your hands, running your thumbs over my tortured nipples, causing white hot pain to streak through my body.

As I slowly adjust to the pain, I become aware of another sensation in my body, as my stomach begins to cramp. I imagine it to be the pressure of the plug, as sometimes the body has a buildup of gasses.

But as the cramping worsens and I begin to cramp in earnest, I can hear you laugh. Suddenly I know it’s not just an inflatable plug, it’s an enema nozzle.

The occasional wine or champagne enema aside, you have never expressed an interest in my daily cleansing ritual. I usually have an enema every day after my morning exercise and before my shower.

Then I do my anal training which consists of an eight inch long, two inch thick dildo suction cupped to a wall. Every morning yetişkin porno I do three hundred “strokes” with my ass. You occasionally like to watch, grading me on performance and enthusiasm.

This is different.

While my bowels slowly fill with water, I feel you running your hands up and down my leg, stroking my clit with each pass. As humiliated as I am, I can’t help but be aroused as well.

The pain in my nipples fades away as a much more pressing need rises. Being in the position that I am in, with my stomach supported by the stool, there is no room for my stomach to distend.

I feel the plug being prodded, pushed further within my already gaping hole, as you fiddle with something. You tell me that I’m a good girl and have taken over three quarts, surpassing your expectations, patting me lovingly as I shudder.

Suddenly I feel something cold on my pussy before it begins to vibrate. The combination of sensation makes me cry out with need. Need to expel the large volume of liquid in my ass, need to ease the aching muscles of my leg, need for release because you haven’t let me orgasm in days.

I can hear the longing in your voice as you tell me I can’t cum until you tell me I can and you won’t take the plug out and let me expel until I cum. The perfect torture.

I feel your fingers on my pussy, pushing inside as you vibrate my clit. It’s too much, I can’t help it. I explode; cumming all over your hand.

You smack my ass and thighs, I shouldn’t have cum. I’m such a bad slave. I beg as much as I can, I moan and writhe. You tell me I’m so bad and I don’t deserve to be let out of my torment.

The tears start flowing as your start whipping me with the belt. With each stroke, the fluid inside of me moves with a sloshing sound.

After a time, you release my hair so I can put my head down.

As I lay there panting, full and stretched, shuddering in pain and pleasure, you release me from my bonds. As I take a moment to stretch, you remove my blindfold and gag. You help me to awkwardly walk to the bathroom, the inflatable plug still in my ass, and have me climb into the bathtub. You hand me the release valve and leave the room.


Several hours later, I have expelled all the fluid, showered, and cleaned up. I walk into the room in a towel and kneel in front of you. You lean forward and stroke my cheek and I blush. You reward me with a smile and my insides melt. As you take me by the hand and stand me up, you strip me of my towel with a casual flick of your hand.

As you walk around me, you put your hand on my shoulder and push, indicating that you want me to kneel down. You stop me half way down so that I am in a skiers pose, and you place my hands behind my head and tell me to lean forward more.

You tell me to spread my legs out a little more as you bring the belt forward. You place it on my lips and I kiss the smooth leather, its familiar smell oddly comforting. I feel you run the leather around on my back and ass, as if allowing me to familiarize myself with the feel. I prepare myself for the first strike and wait.

Then I feel something cold and wet slip between my cheeks and up inside my anus. You often plug my ass when you whip me, so this doesn’t bother me over much. Until I feel a familiar itch, I thought I smelled ginger. The first crack of the belt came and I clenched my cheeks around the ginger root, my breath leaving me as the itch intensifies into a raging burn.

You have figged me before, telling me to submit totally to my punishments, to yield to you in all ways. Forcing me to choose, either feel youjizz porno the strap to its fullest or squeeze and burn for it.

I yield my body with each stroke of the belt, though I can’t help but clench my ass cheeks as you land blows up and down my back, butt and legs. I feel as though I am disappointing you and I struggle to keep my composure. My body writhing in the awkward stance, but I never move from the position you have placed me in.

Dropping the belt you reach down, grasp the ginger root and start to fuck me with it as I start to cry out because it burns so bad. My hole feels as though it has been set on fire with a blowtorch and slowly being reamed by a fire imp.

You pull it out quickly, leaving my hole to burn. I stand there, unable to move, unable to grasp my tormented bum. I try to concentrate on something else, anything else, when you walk back in front of me with a freeze pop in your hands.

You take a bite and smile at me. You ask if my hole is burning. I whimper in answer, knowing better than to ask for relief.

I watch as you slowly eat half of the freeze pop, before you smile at me and tell me to bend over further and spread my cheeks for you.

When I do, I feel you start to push the rest of the freeze pop inside my anus; the cold, a welcome feeling to combat the burning that plagues my hole. Telling me to keep it in until it melts, you walk around to stand in front of me. You grab my hair as I open my mouth and swallow your cock as the feeling in my ass slowly fades away.

I force my throat to relax and open so I can please you with my mouth. The gasping noises you make are a symphony to my senses.

You tighten your hold on my hair and I choke on your cock as you begin to fuck my face with long hard strokes. I have to time my breaths with your strokes as you ruthlessly pump away at my mouth.

You slam into my mouth hard and hold it; I can feel your cock swelling with cum before it bursts through the head of your cock and spurts down my throat into my stomach. You push even farther down my throat as you reach down and try to push your balls into my mouth as well.

After you have finished draining your dick into my stomach you walk away and tell me to clean myself.


Dinner is served. The candles cast a strange glow across the room. I am on my knees in front of you. A tray braced on my torso beneath my breasts with a strap that ran around my back. At each corner of the tray there was a chain that ran up to hook onto my collar.

Your “table” is set elegantly, with a flower and vase, your silverware laid out on a fine linen napkin and fine dinnerware. I spent hours preparing you a fine meal, fit for royalty.

I watched as you ate, admiring your manners as we conversed and you gently fed me from your plate. Dabbing at the corners of my mouth with your own napkin, I felt cherished, and a warm feeling ran through my body. Every so often you would tease my nipples with your fork, stabbing them gently but with purpose.

Afterwards you wipe your mouth and lean back; we are not yet finished with our conversation. As you sip your wine we talk of our lives and such, debating our favorite books and authors, composers and their music.

After a while I begin to falter no matter how hard I tried. You, being the kind and devoted master you are, take pity on your poor slave. You stand me up, helping me to put things away as you unstrapped me from the tray.

Once we have finished with the mundane chores of the evening, you take my arm and lead me from the kitchen. We idly chat as we walk through the youporn porno house checking the locks and such on our way to our room.

When we enter you lead me over to a low bench. You tell me to lie down on my stomach and let my arms and legs dangle. After you place a small roll of foam under my hips, you attach cuffs to my wrists and ankles and strap them together underneath the stool. Then you take a belt and strap my chest down, ensuring that I am unable to move.

You pick up your favorite flogger. Its brown leather handle has your hand print worn into it. You gently start flogging me. It doesn’t hurt, you just want to warm my body up. Make me sensitive.

You squirt silicone lube onto your hands and rub them together. You start at my shoulders, rubbing deep into my muscles. You slowly work your way down my back until I am completely relaxed and malleable.

You concentrate on my hips and buttocks exclusively for a while. Rubbing deep and hard, digging your fingers into my flesh, forcing me to relax utterly.

I feel your fingers begin to separate my cheeks. I feel one lubed finger starting to tease my anus, gently rubbing in circles, pushing its way in slowly. You know how I like it. You slowly finger my asshole, preparing me for your inevitable invasion. You like to remind me in as many ways possible that I am your anal slave and all of my holes are yours to do with as you please. My pussy is your play ground and my ass is your gym. My mouth will lick you clean afterwards.

As you continue to fuck my hole, you add another finger. Slowly pushing it inside, you spread them as wide as you can. I moan because it feels so good. I love when you play with my asshole. It makes my pussy quiver and I always end up cumming hard for you. You start pushing your fingers in deeper, massaging in inside of my anus. Putting one finger from each hand in and pulling out, stretching my hole.

I feel you add more lube before you start pushing a third finger inside my hole. My pussy starts dripping juice. You laugh in delight as you see this, running your thumb over my clit. Watching as my pussy pulses and juice spills out. You take your time, thoroughly fucking my hole with your fingers, slowly adding a fourth until you are reaming my hole with your hand.

You stop suddenly and I feel my hole start to stretch again as you add your thumb and wriggle your knuckles past the ring of muscles that is my stretched and aching hole. I push out trying to help you, when suddenly you push through and pop inside with a sloppy sound.

You allow me a moment to rest and accustom myself to the feel of being so full. You continue to kiss and run your hand along my back and buttocks, praising me for my accomplishment. When you start to move, you do so by degrees, a slight push and pull, followed by a more pronounced push and pull.

You tell me how open my hole is, snapping a picture on your phone to show me. You suddenly pull your fist out, drawing a surprised gasp out of me, and you shove your cock inside, telling me you want to feel my ass close tight around it.

After a moment you start to move, slow and deep, grinding against me as hard as you can, all the while telling me how much you love me and how beautiful I am.

As I start to cum you reach down and pinch my clit, making me squirt all over your balls. You smack my ass with one hand while pulling my hair with the other, fucking my open hole til you pull out and walk around quickly to allow me to finish sucking you off. I love your taste.

After I lick you clean, you reach down and quickly lube an anal dilator before cramming it into my ass. You tell me to leave it in and you kiss me good night.

As the lights go out and I hear you getting into the bed, I feel my burning anus and try to ignore it. As I try to relax for the night, I wonder what you’re thinking about, if I’ve pleased you. Wondering what’s in store tomorrow….


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