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Money in the Bank

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The semester was over, and it was early May. I was bored and somewhat lonely. One day, I decided to make a trip to this bank where someone I knew worked. Her name was Nancy, she was probably in her late forties to early fifties. My mother used to work with her years ago at the bank, but both went off to different branches and haven’t kept in touch as often as before. I’ve always thought she was sexy, so I figured I’d go over there and say hello. She was the manager of this bank that was in the next town, since she was no longer working at my local bank. I knew her son was around my age and knew she had a grown daughter who was married with a family.

When I got there, I had a deposit slip, as I needed an excuse why I was there in case she asked. I looked around and saw her in her office from a distance. She shortly got up and walked out of her office. And after seeing her in her business suit and high heels, it just blew me away, she had the same short blonde hair like she’s always had, pouty lips, I have to say she looked even better than the last time I saw her. Her body seemed to be in better shape, she appeared to have lost some weight. She saw me and immediately recognized me, and smiled. She walked over to me with her heels clicking. She looked sexy but professional at the same time, which is always a turn on, especially if they’re older women.

“How’s the family, Mark?” she asked with a smile.

“They’re great. How’s yours?” I replied (I couldn’t keep my eyes off her).

Our conversation was brief, since she was usually very busy. I told her what I was doing in school and said that I happened to be in the area. She was always outgoing and talkative, unlike her husband who never said a word. he seemed like the most boring person, I didn’t see fireworks in that marriage, so I was willing to bet she wasn’t getting any from hubby.

I went straight home after that, and as soon as I got home from the bank, I ended up masturbating to her; and imagined what it would be like fucking the shit out of her.

A couple of weeks went by as I was busy with finding a summer job with no luck. I tried not thinking of Nancy, but the temptation of hooking up with her was hard Uzun porno to resist thinking about. Yes she was friends with my mother, but I thought it was worth a try.

I eventually drove over to the bank again, but this time she wasn’t there. I went again another time, and she wasn’t there at that time either. I came across her email on the website of the bank she worked. I was reluctant to email her out of the blue, but I decided to email her anyways and see what kind of a response I get. it was worth the try. She replied to me not too long after I sent it, and was pretty casual about it. I felt like, that’s a good sign, now all I had to do was to get her into seeing me outside of her work.

We exchanged a few emails back and forth, mostly casual conversation, and I eventually asked her to lunch and she agreed to it. We agreed to meet at some cafe downtown during the day that same week. She was wearing her business suit, as she was taking a break from work. After we made small talk, I told her that the real reason I wanted to have lunch with her, is because I was always attracted to her. She looked a little shocked, but flattered at the same time. She was taking an interest in what I had to say. She had a big smile on her face, and took it pretty well. She looked a little taken back by what I said, but seemed to be flattered. She didn’t set me straight, which she would have if she did not like what I said. So at that point I was so excited and content with her reaction, but I did my best to play it cool. When we finished lunch, we exchanged cell phone numbers and I told her that I would like to see her again. She said she would like to see me again soon also. She told me she would let me know what day would work for another get together. I was pretty happy with how things went, now I had to wait for her call.

A couple of weeks went by without hearing a word from her. I figured she was too busy or had forgotten about everything. I went about my business and was hopeful she’d remember that the offer was still there.

A few days later, I get a phone call from her, and she asked me if I was available this week. she wanted me to help her move some Öğrenci porno stuff out of her attic, since her husband was on a business trip and didn’t have anyone else to help. Of course said I was available, and not knowing what to expect I agreed to swing by and help her move things.

Later that week, I drove over to her house and we joked and had some conversation and she showed me what I had to move. I wore my tank top and shorts, and she was wearing a low cut top that really showed her ample breasts which was the most revealing I’ve seen her in clothes. She wore some jeans, and some heels. I got a better look of how fit her body was, I asked her if she worked out and told her how great she looked. She smiled and thanked me for noticing, She liked the way my biceps looked and said that I looked good. She told me to move all the furniture from the attic to the living room. She had some work to do on the computer.

After an hour of moving some stuff, she called me over to take a look at her computer and see if I could see why it wasn’t working. I sat down as she stood over me. She then put her hand on my shoulder and was asking me questions about the computer. She then had both hands on my shoulders, and told me how broad and strong they were. I complemented her as well, and told her how great she looked and how her workouts have paid off. She definitely ate that up, as most women do. She thanked me for coming over and mentioned how her husband would not be coming home anytime soon. I then turned in my seat to face her as and grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me. I lifted her shirt and started kissing her stomach. She leaned over and kissed me, and my cock started to get hard very quickly. Our mouths open with her tongue touching mine and she placed her hand on my bulge and started rubbing my hard dick through my shorts. I stood up and we embraced for a more passionate kiss, and I started cupping her breasts and feeling how soft they were and her nipples got erect. She led me into the bedroom as I laid her down and continued kissing and I had my hand under shirt squeezing her tits. She removed my pants and grabbed my hard cock with the ring still on her finger. For some reason, her ring being on her finger was a turn on. She took me in her mouth and moaned as she enjoyed slurping my hard cock and began to lick my balls and the head with her tongue. She was definitely experienced in this area. I told her how good she was, and how I loved her mouth on my cock. She stood up and I removed her top and went for her big tits, and started sucking on her nipples. She then got on the bed and I removed her jeans and her thong as I began kissing her inner thighs and began licking her wet pussy. She moaned as her clit got more visible to the point where I was sucking on it and had two fingers in her twat.I was surprised how tight she was. I continued licking her clit for the next few minutes. She had her legs spread wide open for me as I was making her cum. I could have eaten that pussy all day, just listening to her cum was so hot.

“I want you inside me, Mark” she said.

I got on top of her with her legs spread open, and inserted my hard cock inside her vagina and began thrusting slowly. She eventually told me to go harder and I did. Her moans got louder as I was going deep inside her pussy.

“Fuck me harder Mark. Fuck me” She said.

After her second orgasm, I then pulled out and got her turn over and on her knees. With her nice big ass now facing me, I took my hard cock, wet with her juices and inserted it into her wet vagina. I started to go deep into her pussy and her moans began again. As I pumping her from behind, I had my hands on her hips as I turned my head to my right and looked at myself in the bedroom mirror watching me go in and out of her.

“Where do you want it, Nancy?” I asked.

“I want you to cum on my tits, Mark”, she said to me while I was still inside of her.

I pulled out of her vagina and she turned and got on her knees and I began stroking my cock and began shooting nice streams of semen onto her breasts and took some and put it on her tongue and tasted my cum.

“Mark, I never thought I’d be doing this with you”, Nancy said.

“Me neither”, I said.

“You felt sooo good inside of me. I’ve never been fucked like that before” she said.

We both agreed to continue seeing each other when possible, as long as I was discreet (No problem there) I still get to hook up with her now and then. She needed me to fill the void in her marriage, and I was happy to oblige.

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