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The party was at Jackie’s house.

It was a nice little single-story three-bedroom located at the termination point of a cul-de-sac, nestled amid the city’s suburbs. To either side and extending forever were more houses, identical in all but color, their stepford lawns and neatly pruned trees providing fair warning to the sedate, conforming atmosphere of the neighborhood. If it were a flavor of ice cream, it would be vanilla. If it were an animal, it would be stuffed. But tonight, at least at Jackie’s house, things were going to be anything but ordinary.

A dozen vehicles were parked against the curb. Most of them belonged to friends and were easily recognized, but a handful were unfamiliar to me. That was often the case with Jackie’s parties; she’d invite the common core of our friends, then toss out feelers to those new folks she had won over with her smile, her charm, and that little giggle. God, how I love that giggle.

Turns out that that many cars fills up a cul-de-sac terribly, and I had to park down the street under the cover of an enormous oak. I didn’t mind the walk. My job has me on my feet all day. And I knew better than to leave any valuables in my car, even in a quaint neighborhood like this. If I had come with somebody else I might have tried parking nearer out of consideration, but tonight I was alone. For Jackie’s parties that was best.

I had decided earlier to wear a dark button-up, a little more dressy than I usually wear, and a pair of jeans. Simple, but I’ve been told it works for my body. Better still, the heavy fabric was a comfort against the stiff September breeze.

As I got nearer, I could hear the faint sounds of music and laughter, the good natured yaps of Jackie’s terrier, and saw the gentle glow from the windows spill onto the darkened lawn. From the bustle it seemed like everybody was already here.

“John!” a voice called over from the doorway. It was Jackie, grinning, trying to keep her tiny, excitable dog from charging out the open front door to greet me.

I think most people know a Jackie. The sort of woman who is full-figured and curvy, but who carries it wonderfully in all of the correct places. A woman who is bubbly, with an enthusiasm that makes her the easiest person in the world to talk to. The kind of person capable of caring about anything and providing her undivided attention. The girl everybody wants as a friend.

But there was another side to that coin too, probably caused by (and the cause of) so many of those qualities. Jackie was self-conscious of her fuller body and felt that most men looked down upon her because of it. It created a vacuum to be filled, a compulsion to make friends with not just anybody, but everybody. She had a need to be liked. To be validated. Then, being such an open person, as men came and went from her life and as that validation failed, she took those wounds personally.

In short, Jackie was a woman who wanted love, who craved love more than anything, but had found it missing so often in the hurtful judgments of others that she had almost given up. As I’ve gotten to know her over time, as I discovered this to be more and more true, I find I love her more because of these hurts, not despite them.

Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know her better even than that. Jackie and I weren’t romantically involved, but we had been physically intimate on a great number of occasions. Why not? We were both single. Opportunities had presented themselves, but truthfully there had been more to it than that. I wanted to be a person in her life that she could depend upon. I wanted to be a foundation she could return to. But I also wanted to be her lover.

There had been a healthy way to go about it. It started when we were good friends, so she knew I cared for her and wouldn’t toss her aside afterwards. I made gestures and provided flirtatious hints as to my interest, but I made sure she pushed fully for it first. That made it her idea, her achievement, her burst of confidence upon hearing another person say ‘yes’ to an intimate request. And then, once we began our enhanced friendship, I treated her as I would any lover, with a mix of tenderness and lust, the sort which can help repair a troubled self-image. At least, all of that was my hope. You never really know the exact effect you have upon another person.

“I was worried you weren’t going to make it.”

“I know,” I replied. “Work kept me late or I would’ve been here sooner. But I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“Ha! I bet,” said Jackie. This was followed by her giggle, that giggle, which meant she had much more sinful thoughts tickling the edge of her mind. “After how my birthday party went, I expected you to be the first one here. Hell, I expected you to show before the party.”

“Would have if I could, believe me.”

Which was true. Her birthday party two weeks earlier had been something special. It was largely the same crowd at the same house. Jackie had worn a red dress. Early that evening I had asked her what she wanted Pendik Fetiş Escort for her birthday, and she just gave me a look and a smile. By midnight she was a little tipsy and kept stealing glances my way, past the assorted friends and stragglers, so I decided to walk behind her chair on the backyard patio, lean over to where my lips were just grazing her ears, and whisper, “I want to tell you happy birthday. Privately.”

Not the best line, I admit, but within thirty seconds she had followed me to her bedroom where we groped and strained and tugged at each other’s clothes until they were spread all over the floor. We couldn’t wait. Her hands explored my body, searching, finding my dick hard and ready for her after only the slightest attention.

For my part I started with the nape of her neck, touching and kissing with gentle pressure, before working my way down to caress her ample, perfect breasts. Jackie’s tits were extremely sensitive, more-so since the piercing, and I could sense just how wet it made her as she pressed my face against them. All the while her hand stroked my cock, slowly at first, her grip tense, but as I made my way down her divine body her hands grew slippery, her jerks faster and more crazed.

The encounter was meant for something else though. It was her birthday. The first offering I wanted to give her had to happen soon. I was too hard and we were both too fucking horny to delay satisfaction. No, I had to touch her and taste her. I remember distinctly the way she trembled with pleasure, the faint breathless moan, and the way she bit her lip as my hands finally coursed down her body to the cleft where her legs met and formed that perfect pink spot. As my hands descended her body, so did my mouth, teasing her with drawn breaths and the flickering tip of my tongue, grazing the short, soft hairs of her pussy before devouring her wholly and completely. I was ravenous, and my mouth was to be her first proper birthday present.

While we weren’t a couple, the others at the birthday party would’ve been hard-pressed to tell that from the sounds we were made from her bedroom during our all-night fuck marathon. The rhythmic creaking of her bed springs. The headboard banging against the wall. The sound of her moaning with her mouth full. The exhausted, almost muted screams of her coming as my tongue and lips explored her glistening, flawless vagina. The erotic impact of me entering her again and again as our bodies collided, as she fingered herself and then put those same fingers in her mouth as if they were a second cock for her to swallow. It’s a wonder we remembered to use condoms that night. We had been so incredibly horny, so intensely single-minded, one hot noisy fuck after the next until we were both so exhausted that we didn’t even remember going to sleep.

Standing outside her party now, two weeks later, Jackie just smiled her devilish smile and I followed her inside.

Again she was wearing a dress, but this time it was sheer black, perhaps to accompany her new hairstyle. Shoulder-length, darkened to a shade between auburn and deep crimson. She walked me through the house, greeted guests as a good hostess, and led me to the kitchen. Jackie wanted to show off all of the appetizers and finger-foods she had made for the party. The girl could cook; it was one of her nervous compulsions, but such practice meant her results were always wonderful. There was an entire table full of homemade snacks, cookies, and other desserts, right alongside the booze. It would’ve taken me a week to make that, but no doubt she had done it in just a few hours.

For a while, the party went on like normal: games, music, talking, drinking. I caught up with a few old friends. More than once Jackie and I found ourselves alone together or talking to the same person, exchanging little banter or funny anecdotes. We had been friends well before we had ever been ferocious fuck buddies, so it was a simple matter to go from one to the other. At least that’s what I had thought at first.

As the hours went on I found myself distracted. It was her mention of the birthday party, and knowing it was still on her mind. It was her giggle. It was the way she still kept pursuing glances at me from across the party, even tonight. It wasn’t just that though, it was the house itself. Her house. A constant reminder of all of the things we had done over the months in the name of lust accompanying friendship.

Her second bathroom, for instance, where I had first seen her beautiful figure laid bare. We had been getting ready to go to a movie, and she shouted not to peek because she was changing. Yet she hadn’t closed the door, and when she caught me glancing over at her large breasts and erect nipples, she smiled and giggled before reaching down between her legs. Only then did she close the door.

Or over by the bookshelf in the corner. A few weeks after the erotic bathroom viewing, before we had decided to be fuck buddies, we were planning to go mini-golfing. I joked about it as if Pendik Gecelik Escort it were a date. Jackie laughed and asked if she was going to get laid afterward. Later, while we were playing a round and teasing each other, we joked again about making things more interesting. Winner pleasures loser. It was fun and hot to think about but I hadn’t considered it anything more than that until we got back to her place and she pushed me towards the bookshelf.

She said, “Is this spot okay?”

I was taken aback. “For what?”

“You won,” she said smiling. “Now I’m going to suck your cock.”

Ignoring the fact that I hadn’t won, and that actually we had stopped keeping score, what happened after that had been amazing. Jackie dropped to her knees in front of me, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue as if to invite me in, and giggled. She pawed at the front of my pants. The zipper caught but she wasn’t to be deterred. I was already stiff when her hand found my cock and she released it from my underwear.

“God I want to taste you,” she said, right before I felt her breath on the tip of my penis. “Shove that fucking thing into my mouth!”

There’s nothing quite like seeing your manhood slide between a pair of perfect glistening lips, disappearing down a throat, of seeing your lover’s eyes gaze upwards at your own as you feel a gentle suck and then intense suction on your swollen dick, as you feel a hot tongue circle around your head. You want it to last forever.

I barely lasted a few minutes as she bobbed up and down on my dick, humming to herself or trying to talk while I filled up her mouth. I hadn’t realized before then just how much I wanted her, how much I needed her, right there, taking me wholly inside her. I started to help things along at her insistence, to work my dick around inside her gasping mouth, to buck and thrust, to fuck her hot slippery hole like the pleasure-giving gift that it was, when I knew I was almost there. She knew it too and helped me to withdraw. She then took started rubbing my cock on her face, smearing the mix of saliva and transparent pre-come on her cheeks and lips, smiling and laughing and loving it.

It was so hot, so sexy, that when she said, “Come all over my face like the fucking slut I am. Do it, John! I want to feel you on my face. I want to taste you in my mouth. C’mon, do it!” I couldn’t contain myself. Pleasure streaked through my whole body as my glistening cock exploded. Stream after stream of hot jizz covered her beautiful, enthusiastic face, her nose, her lips. She grinned as the white dripped down into her mouth. I’ve never experienced anything so sexy since. I wish I had had a camera.

Of course I wasn’t the sort to let that go unanswered. She had barely wiped off her face when I threw her on the couch and ate her out, her hips bucking, forcefully pressing her ravenous cunt into my mouth and face. I traced lines with my tongue and then lightly sucked on her clit as she pressed even harder. My hands swept along the inside of her thighs, swept around to her ass, and I pulled her to me tightly. She was screaming so loudly now I was sure the neighbors heard, but fuck ’em. This was about me and her, my mouth and her pussy, and at that moment I’m sure neither of us could’ve even formed a coherent sentence if we had wanted to.

As I continued to zealously worship her, I brought my hands around, massaging that sensitive bridge of flesh between her thighs and her labia in rhythmic motions, and still she pressed harder against the attention of my hungry mouth. She needed something, anything inside of her at that point. She grabbed my hand and thrust my fingers into her opening. I curled them upwards, gently rubbing her magic spot as my mouth formed a vacuum on her hood and clitoris. Everything about her body was perfect to me. That first night together, her vagina was perfection and I explored it relentlessly with my mouth. Jackie isn’t a squirter, but that evening it almost seemed like she was!

By the time she was panting with orgasm-induced ecstasy I was erect again, and we went into the bedroom to pleasure each other simultaneously. I don’t remember how long we sixty-nined on her bed, but I do remember we had both come so many times by the end that we didn’t have any energy left to fuck. Our first time having sex would wait for the week after.

So here I was, at the party, thinking of all those things. Thinking of that bookshelf in the corner, where I had learned how much Jackie enjoys to suck, enjoys giving the dirtiest, most amazing blowjobs, as if her mouth had been made for cock. I was no longer thinking with my brain. Instead I couldn’t stop myself from picturing Jackie on her knees. Jackie bent over. Jackie with her thighs around my neck. Of the times we’ve fucked in the car. Of the time she had blown me under the table at a restaurant. Of the handjob in the theater. Of the numerous times I’ve eaten her out under her desk or in the parking lot at work during her lunch break.

I was so horny that Pendik Genç Escort I had to find her. Had to taste her. Had to feel her. But try as I might, I couldn’t find her among the guests of the party. I texted her, asking where she had gotten off to. A moment later she replied: “Bedroom ;)”

That was it then! Birthday Party 2.0. If people thought we were loud last time, they had no idea what they were in for. She was going to be my main meal of the day, her scent covering my face. I was going to fuck her senseless until we were both so wildly out of our minds, I was going to–

Inside the bedroom Jackie was already on her knees, at the foot of the bed, with a stranger’s cock down her throat. The top of her dress was peeled down to reveal her breasts, one of her hands worked vigorously between her legs, and the other stroked the shaft into her mouth. She looked over at me and smiled, barely taking her lips off the stranger’s dick. Her phone was on the floor beside her, its screen still glowing in the dim bedroom light. She had no doubt been sucking while she texted me, trying to work the screen while her face pumped up and down.

I was stunned by the sight. I knew she had fantasized about having multiple men. She had told me about how once in college, after a breakup, she had gotten drunk at a party and invited a few boys back to her room for a mini-blowbang. She dropped to her knees in the center of them, stroking, fondling their balls, teasing their heads with her tongue, before sucking each cock dry. She had loved it.

I must admit the scene of her on her knees now, her mouth stuffed, saliva and come dripping from around her lips, was incredibly hot. Seeing her at her dirtiest was a complete turn-on. And she was staring at me lustfully as she did it. I was hard as a rock. I guess she didn’t know how to take my silence though, because she stopped for a moment, her mouth releasing with a pop, and gestured me over with a giggle. The stranger didn’t seem to mind, he probably couldn’t remember his own name after how she had been devouring him.

“I have more holes than just my mouth,” she said slyly.

She spoke of her body as if it were an amusement park, and my own body was eager to experience all of its ride and attractions yet again. Only at the edge of my attention was the other man, but some part of me couldn’t help noticing that he shared a number of my qualities: same height, same mildly athletic build, same dark hair, even our dicks were about the same size; not mammoth but just above average, perfect for any entry.

I approached Jackie from behind as she returned her attention to blowing the stranger lying at the edge of her bed. I knelt down and pressed my body against hers, so she could feel the arousal in my pants press against her butt, and then I reached around and cupped her breasts. She squealed with pleasure but it came out as a gurgle as the stranger continued pumping his cock into her tight mouth. Jackie pressed her body back into me and shook her ass against my pants. I removed one hand from teasing her nipple, slid it down to her crotch, and joined her own fingers as she rubbed herself. She was already so wet as to be practically dripping on the carpet.

“You want both of us tonight?” the stranger finally asked, as if it weren’t obvious.

“Fuck yes!” she said, releasing him from her suction. “I’d be blowing John too if he would hurry up and get his cock out.”

How could I resist that invitation? I kicked off my shoes, sat down on the bed beside him and slid my pants down. She grabbed my penis with the hand she had been using to finger herself and licked her lips as she glanced between the two stiff members she was gripping.

She alternated, descending her mouth upon one cock and then the other, sometimes for just a moment, sometimes for what felt like blissful eternity, but she always stroked the other so as to keep us both rigid and throbbing. Whenever I thought the warmth and pleasure was too much, the swirling of her tongue too perfect, whenever I thought I was too close, she’d release me from her oral fixation and switch to the stranger.

The scene was perfect. Jackie on her knees at the foot of the bed, topless, her ample breasts swaying as with open mouth she went from his cock to mine, then back again, her hands jerking our shafts furiously. She was reveling in the taste and the lustful debauchery of the night.

Then she rocked back on her knees, providing us a more prominent view. Her grin was already messy and slick, even though we hadn’t yet come. Her tits were pressed together between her arms, presented to us with pouty, pierced nipples eager for attention. The hem of her black dress was hiked up, revealing her aroused, wet pussy and the carefully maintained patch of short dark hair above. Her whole body craved our mouths and cocks.

The stranger made an animal sound, as if his conscious brain couldn’t comprehend the sexual beauty in front of us on her hands and knees.

Jackie giggled. “Tonight,” she said slowly and seductively, “here is what I want to happen. I’m going to fuck the shit out of both of you studs. I’m going to fuck you so hard I won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow. In return you’re going to make me the center of attention all night. All fucking night. And I want it all.”

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