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The Love Box Ch. 09

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Note: Happy Mother’s Day.

Wow! Humans truly have the most interesting ideas. Miri was showing me a movie about dreams within dreams, I was stunned to hear a lot of the theories and inventions that came from it! We watched the movie together in her bed.

This was just a day after our time with Ashley, which I was still buzzing with happiness about. I was ecstatic that they were connecting on a deeper level, both physically and emotionally! But, for some reason, as an action scene occurred on-screen where a hallway rotated, Miri wasn’t really paying attention.

“Miri? Are you okay?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine.”

Well, good to know! I shortly went back to watching the movie. A few minutes later, I noticed she was still sort of looking down at her lap. She still wasn’t paying attention to the film. Well, I guess she must be used to these. For me, these things were incredible works of art I couldn’t have dreamed of before.

“Miri? Are you enjoying the movie?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it before though.”

Oh! No wonder. I guess there’s nothing to be concerned about. I kept watching, but then, the door opened.

“Miri.” Her mother asked, keeping the door half-closed. “Um, can I talk with you for a moment?”

Miri sighed next to me.

“Uh, yeah. Coming.”

I watched Miri sluggishly walk away. Hm. She said she was okay, but it definitely didn’t feel like it. Maybe she needed help? I floated up, moving towards the door that was still open. I could hear them from the living room.

“… How, uh, how long have you and Sixcia… And Ashley,” her mother sighed, “been doing this?”

“… N-Not that long.” Miri replied. She sounded nervous to my ears. I didn’t like it.

“And when were you going to tell me?”

There was a pause.

“Why should you know?” Miri asked quietly.


“I said, why should you know?” Miri’s voice grew in volume and intensity.

“Because I’m your mother!”

“So?” Miri asked. “It’s not like you’ve taken an interest in anything else I’ve done.”

“W-What do you mean?”

“You never ask me about anything else.” Although I was pretty far away from the situation, my heart felt constricted. “All you care about is whether I’m studying or doing good in school. You never ask me about me though. All of a sudden you want to know what’s going on in my life? Well, fuck that!”


“I’ve, I’ve been struggling for years, mom! And now, just because you found me naked with the only two girls that make me happy, now you care?”

“Of course, I care.” Her mother replied. “But between work and… Overtime, it’s…”

“It’s hard to take an interest in your own daughter?” Miri asked. Her voice had turned quiet again.

Suddenly, I heard stomping footsteps headed in my direction. The door opened harshly, nearly smacking me in the face. I looked up and I saw Miri’s eyes. Dark and watery behind her black locks.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She sighed.

“Yeah… Did you hear that?”

“… Mhm.”

“Shit. Sorry, I, um, shit. This must be so awkward for you right now.”

“W-What happened out there?”

“Nothing. Nothing. Mom just… Fuck.” She sighed again. “I’m gonna lie down for a sec. Feel free to look another movie up or something.”

With that, Miri walked over to her bed and wrapped herself in her sheets. I felt like that soft cloth around her had become an impenetrable barrier.

It was clear to see that she was sad. I wanted to help. I wanted to do something to provide some comfort for her. But, I needed to know both sides of the argument. So, I walked out, donning my brown-haired and brown-eyed disguise. Cautiously, I paced up to her mother, who had her head on her arms, sitting at the living room table.

“Um, excuse me.” I started.

“O-Oh, Sixcia, hello darling, are you alright?” She wiped her eyes. I resisted the urge to float up to her.

“Um, is, so, what happened with Miri?”

She sighed.

“I… I haven’t been doing a good job with her lately.” She admitted, looking away. “Ever since her father left, I had been working really hard to be a good provider. I, well, I wanted her to focus on her schoolwork and leave the rest to me. I guess, at that time, I became distant.”

“Oh.” I knew nothing about human parenting, so that was all I could say. At least, as far as us vesie’s are concerned, our parents spend most of their time working. It’s normal for us to go months, sometimes years before seeing them again.

“Is it too late?” Miri’s mother asked. More to herself than to me. “Is this just how things will be?”

“I don’t think so,” I added. She glanced at me and I was struck with the similarities between her and Miri. At this angle, most of her mother’s body was hidden by the wooden table between us, so all I could see was pale skin, a slender face, and long, silky black hair. She and Miri looked identical. “I… At least, I can sense how much you love her. I’m sure Miri can feel the same.”

“What if that isn’t acıbadem escort enough?” She asked. “I mean… She didn’t even remember my…”

“Your what? O-Oh, sorry ma’am for interrupting you.”

She giggled at that.

“None of that. You can just call me Mira. You’re basically a daughter of mine anyway at this point.” Mira smiled. My heart warmed at that. “But, yes. She didn’t remember my birthday.”

“Oh? When was it?”

“Today,” Mira stated. I reeled back with surprise. “Well, our, um, argument probably distracted her. But still, it’s the first time that she forgets to at least say “happy birthday”, it feels so bad.”

She put her hands on her head in a way that was strangely adorable. It was at that precise second that I committed to helping. I couldn’t stand to see these two women at odds. So, I hugged Mira and walked back up to Miri’s room.

I grabbed my phone and walked out in the hall again.

I called the person I generally asked for tips from. Kosn.

“Hello? Hey! Listen. I need your help with something. I… I want to reconcile some friends of mine, but I don’t know how to go about it.”

“Hello to you too.” He replied, bored. “What does it matter? It’s not like human issues concern you.”

“Uh, excuse you?” I scoffed. “I’ll have you know any problems my owner has are my problems too!”

“Ugh. Fine.” I could basically hear him rolling his eyes. “Well, uh… Maybe you can give them something. I don’t know, I mean, what do humans do when they’re happy? Make them do something like that.”

“Hm…” My thoughts came back to one of the movies I had seen. Then, I had an idea. “I have something!”

“Good for you.” He sounded completely indifferent.

“I knew calling you was the right answer!”

“Whatever.” He hung up. Disregarding that rudeness, I hovered into Miri’s room once more. Once there, I grabbed the Love Box. Miri was still under her covers, so she couldn’t see me.

The Love Box shook.

If this works, they’ll be closer than ever! I know it!


**Miri’s Perspective**

Something nudged my cotton-clad shoulder. I grumbled, expecting it to be Six.

I was right.

“I’m not in the mood.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll love this! It’s just the thing you humans do when you’re sad.”

Whatever. I may as well just get this out of the way. I rolled over and sat up. What stared back at me were two black bottles that looked like hard liquor.

“Uh, Six, I appreciate giving me the option to drink my sorrows down and all, but I’m not much of a drinker. I can’t handle alcohol all that well.”

“Hm? These don’t have any alcohol.” Six shook her head. She looked at me kindly with those big colorful eyes of hers. But, in this mood I was in, they were just annoying now. “What these have is a lot of love.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever. Leave them at the desk, I’ll drink later.”

“Don’t drink them alone though!” Sixcia suddenly stated. I arched an eyebrow at her. “You have to share.”

“With who?”

“Your mother.” She said and I nearly gagged.

“Uh, yeah no. After all that, the last thing I want to do is spend any time with her.”

“B-But, you have to.” Sixcia drew closer to me.


“Because… It’s her birthday.”

Fuck. I had actually forgotten. I couldn’t remember when the last time, if ever, was that I had forgotten that.

“Shit,” I muttered.

“See? You have to share with her.”

“But, right now…”

“Nope!” Six shook her head. “No buts! You are sharing this with her and that’s final.”

… When the hell did I get two moms? One was enough trouble.

So, yeah. The hours passed with me still in bed. I could hear Six watching something on my PC. Every now and then, she’d shift a little, going back and forth between walking closer to me and walking out the door.

Eventually, the sun stopped shining through my curtains as hard as it had. Nighttime was coming. With it, there was cold in the air. Or maybe I was just nervous. Fuck if I knew. It could be both.

Then, I fell asleep.

When my eyes popped open, I found Sixcia watching me.

“You know,” I started, “some people think it’s romantic to watch people sleep. I just think it’s weird.” She giggled and hovered away.

“It’s 9:00 pm.” She indicated.

“Oh?” That was all I said. That was all I felt like saying.

“Your mother is alone, downstairs.” Six’s voice was taking a tone I rarely heard from her. She sounded sad.

“So?” I knew I was being childish. Fuck it. I was allowed.

“Miri…” Six hovered up to me, placing a hand over my stomach. “It’s her special day. You know she wants to spend it with you, right?”

“Oh, great. I get one day a year.” I replied. “Screw that.”

“I heard about your father,” Sixcia replied. I cringed. “She’s trying very hard, but she needs your help.”

“…” I didn’t care. I didn’t want to care. I turned away.

“If you truly are that angry with her, then sure, stay. But if you aren’t… You know atalar escort you’ll hurt her deeply if you don’t go down to be with her.”

Honestly, why couldn’t she just leave me alone? I would have sulked for the rest of the night just fine if she hadn’t said anything.

Instead, now I was walking out of my room in a tank top and pajama shorts. Yeah. Six was right. Mom was curled up at the couch, her body turned to the living room tv.

“Hey!” Six whisper-yelled. “Don’t forget these.” She placed the black bottles in my hands.

“Gee, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” She floated back to my room quietly.

I breathed in. Fuck. It was time.

“Um, mom?” I asked.

She reacted slowly. Like she was afraid she’d imagined my voice. The night was in full swing, the only source of light was the tv, flickering with different colors behind her.

“Oh? Honey, what are you do…”

“Here.” I held out one bottle to her. For Six’s sake, I hoped these tasted good. If not, she was getting a stern talking-to. “Happy birthday.”

My mom’s eyes gleamed in the night.

“Oh! Honey! She got up. Like me, she was dressed in sleepwear, rocking the classic “mom” nightgown that showed way too much of her body. Not that she looked bad or anything, she looked better than me. Her soft arms wrapped around my back and took me into a hug. “You remembered!”

“Y-Yeah.” I decided not to tell her that Six was the one who reminded me. “Of course.”

And here was the awkward part.

“I’m, I’m sorry.” I squeezed out. I didn’t fully believe that I was at fault, but that was no reason to ruin her night.

“No, no. You’re right. You were right. About everything.” She replied. With me still in her arms, she looked fondly at me. “I haven’t done a good job of keeping in touch with you. I, I’ll do better from now on. Promise.”

My eyes started tearing up.

“I just… I just want to talk to you sometimes. You know? Normally.”

“Of course!” She hugged me tightly again, her own eyes watering. Goddamn it, this family is too emotional. “So, why don’t we start right now?”


She grabbed the bottles and went to the kitchen. Taking two cups out, she poured their contents into them. The liquid was a thin violet. It looked fine but strange. Mom held a cup out to me.

“Come on. Let’s just start with this.” She gulped some of it down. I did the same.

“Alright, alright.” I nodded. “We can start with this.”

“Now… So, Ashley and Sixcia, huh?” Mom smirked. “How’d you pull that off?”


A few drinks of that stuff later and mom and I were curled up next to each other on the couch. She had an arm around my back and I had my head on her shoulder. Despite the cold, I felt strangely warm.

Something was happening. I couldn’t tell what, but inside of me, I felt like that liquid had gone from my stomach and had spread throughout my limbs. The movie was just some dumb rom-com, but I couldn’t focus on it entirely.

It was like my body was strangely aware of how close I was to my mom right now. Her vanilla smell, the softness of her skin, I dunno. I was aware of it in ways I hadn’t been before.

And… I wanted more. It was probably because I was a little tipsy. Right? That was it. Hm. That drink tasted good. I figured I needed more. So, I picked up the bottle and poured a ton into a cup. I drank it like it was soda. Six was right, it wasn’t alcohol, it tasted like grape juice. So, I drank it like juice.

My body warmed up even further. Those sensations, which now I knew were entirely pleasurable, became enhanced. It brought a smile to my face. I loved it. I looked over at my mom and saw her drinking more of that juice too.

She set the cup down on a small table in front of us and turned towards me. We grinned at each other. I nuzzled her neck with my nose. I don’t know why I just felt like it.

“Thank you for this, Miri.” Mom told me as I curled into her further. Our bodies were pressed tightly against each other now. “I’m glad we got to spend time together. I’ll make sure we do plenty more of this in the future.”

“I… That sounds great.” I mumbled happily as my mind started turning blank. Suddenly, it was like I was forgetting where I was. The tv’s volume seemed lower.

I felt compelled to throw my leg over mom’s lap. Fuck it. If I can’t be close with my mom, who can I be close to? Right? I did so, and mom’s left hand naturally started dragging softly over my thigh, her eyes still on the tv. I loved this.

I loved the closeness we were having.

Maybe that was why I felt compelled to wrap my arms around her.

“Miri?” Mom tilted her head in my direction. My own head was under hers, so I head to look up to make eye contact.

“Um…” What the hell was wrong with me? There was something I felt like saying, but it was kind of coming out of nowhere. Oh well, whatever, right? “I love you, mom.”

“Aw, I love you too, honey.” With that, she started peppering kisses onto my forehead. I squirmed a little, but I was smiling aydınlı escort through it. I liked this. So much so, that I leaned up and caught one of her kisses with my lips.

Wait, what?

We stopped. We made eye-contact, basically just registering that, yeah, that happened. I shrugged though. I swear something was wrong with my mind because as I looked up at mom, I doubled-down on what I did.

I leaned up and kissed her lips quickly. In and out. In that warmth, my mom’s little smile back scorched me.

She put her hands on my face, squishing my cheeks, and pressed a kiss onto my lips.

“Is this what we’ve been missing?” She asked, hugging me tightly.

I could barely focus on her words. My eyes drifted downwards. God, had her boobs always looked this grabbable? I mean, I always knew they were big and… Well, yeah, but right now I just wanted to…

I cupped her right breast with my hands.

“Honey, I’m sensitive there.” I looked up, mom was smiling meekly. It was cute.

Yeah, at this point, although I couldn’t identify why I knew I wasn’t thinking straight Screw it. I put my lips over her chest’s skin. Hugging mom tightly, I put one, two, three kisses there. When I looked up and saw mom watching me with half-lidded eyes and a smile, I went back to the globe in my hand.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, dragging it over her right tit.

“O-Oh! That’s cold.” Mom muttered. I didn’t care. Now, I was licking at her skin like a puppy. With my right leg draped over mom’s lap, I adjusted so I could get a better angle.

Somehow, I ended up straddling her.

I was content with licking her skin, but I wanted to cover more of an area. So, as mom ran her hands up and down my back, I pulled her nightgown down.

Thus, her breasts were free. They looked… Delicious. Particularly two small red buds staring back at me.

I couldn’t resist. I put my mouth over her right nipple and sucked on it.

“Oh, goodness…” My mom started breathing heavily. She wasn’t stopping me, so I kept going. Licking with little circles, I pulled and nibbled on her tits. The way she rubbed my back made me feel electric. “Good girl… So good.”

Her praising words drove me further. I let my abs rest on hers as I brought my arms around my mom’s back. Suddenly, our faces were inches away from each other.

To be honest, I don’t know who leaned in first. All I know is, one second, we were smiling at each other, the next, we were making out.

It took no time at all for our tongues to find each other. I wanted to taste as much of her as I could. This woman who tried so hard to make sure I could live alright… I wanted to feel all of her and a part of that was to feel the way her saliva traveled from her mouth to mine, down my throat as I gulped it down.

To feel the tips of our tongues pressing each other a little shyly.

It went on until I started to notice mom’s hands roaming down to my legs. Specifically, my butt. She squeezed my cheeks and I moaned a little into her mouth.

What were we doing? Well, I wasn’t sure I cared. At the moment, anyway.

She kept her hands at my ass, squeezing them for a while until one of her hands went in front.

I separated for a little bit.

“I want to make you feel good.” My mom said.

“M-Me too.” I looked back at her. “It’s your birthday after all.”

“Best one yet.” She admitted and I grinned.

That was how our hands ended up on each other’s pussys. With me straddling her, she plunged her right hand into my pajama shorts, as I sneaked mine down her gown.

When my finger touched a soft, humid opening, I leaned in and kissed her again. It was incredible. I was rubbing my mom’s pussy, and it felt great. Soft, tender. Just as she was now doing to me.

When her finger went in, I gasped. When mine went inside of her, she squeezed my butt harder.

The entire time, we just watched each other. Every now and then, I’d feel compelled to close the distance, pull on her lips a little with my own, but mostly we just stared. For me, it was just my way of acknowledging how much love I truly had for her.

Yes, these past years had been rough. But, as much as I wanted to be angry, I couldn’t be. I knew she was trying. I just… My problem was that I wanted more of her.

And this was a step in that direction.

With her hands now rapidly going in and out of me, and my own doing the same to her, and our breaths mingling together as our faces were just inches from connecting at all times, I just felt like saying it again.

“I love you, mom!”

“I love you too, honey! So, so much!”

Our hands sped up even further. I never looked away. I wanted to look into her eyes as I drove her over the top!

I paced as hard as I could, as quickly as I could, making such a strong effort to get my mom off.

When it happened, it was magical.

“Oh, GOD!” Seeing my mom’s body shake under me…

It broke my own resistance down. Soon, with her hand still in me, I clamped down on it and came hard as well.

Covering her mouth with mine, my body clenched as a small flood released on my mom’s hand.

My body was spasming so hard, it was difficult to keep my mouth over mom’s, but I wanted to kiss her so badly, that I wasn’t willing to give up.

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