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A Flash too Far

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Barry was red hot! He was nearly every girl’s wet dream. His smoky blue eyes, which crinkled up in the corners when he smiled, were enough to turn any girl on. He was sitting across from me, the candlelight dancing on his rugged features, sipping his Johnny Walker. I watched his tongue through the bottom of his tumbler as he drank, teasing an ice cube into his mouth. Oh I wanted that tongue to be doing something else, besides savoring Black Label. I was on heat!

He had wined and dined me. We had danced a little, albeit it, a bit clumsily. Now I just wanted him to take me home and hump my brains out.

I fidgeted in my seat, as the wetness from between my legs, made its presence known. I hoped it wouldn’t show when I stood up. I looked at my watch again… it was nearly eleven fifteen. We had been sitting there for over three hours now, eating, drinking and casually chattering about the world and all it’s problems. Now I had the problem…I was horny…and I wanted a good seeing to.

“Check please,” he politely requested, from the passing waiter.

‘At last’ I thought. I was beginning to think that we were never going to leave. I suppose I could have said something earlier. Perhaps told him that I was dying to get his pants down… To take him in my mouth, and suck the life out of him! The only problem with that scenario is I might frighten him off. For all his charm and rugged looks, he still came across as being a bit shy and perhaps over sensitive. No! I would let him be in control, and then there would be no danger of me threatening his masculinity. Besides, the way I was dressed tonight, it was only a matter of time.

Imagine my disappointment, when after escorting me to my door, all he did was peck me on the cheek and say goodnight. I suppose, normally I’d feel flattered. He really was a gentleman. So different from the men I usually have to fight off. It’s just a shame that…he was the one I wanted. He was the one that had worked my chemistry, pressed all the right buttons. Oh well…I would have to be content with being flattered.

“See you at the party Wednesday,” he smiled, “I’ll pick you up at about eight.”

And that was it! I think even mother Teresa would have been proud of the way things had gone, on my first date with Barry.

Wednesday took ages to come round. At one point I thought the world had stopped spinning altogether. ‘Surely time doesn’t pass this slow normally’ I thought. But come around it did. In one more hour I would be staring into them big blue come to bed eyes of his. This time things were going to be different…a lot different.

I had taken particular care in my preparations. I had bathed, trimmed my bush, taking particular care to remove all the hair from between my legs. Now only a thin stripe along my pubis remained. My make-up had been applied, my nails manicured, and my long auburn hair brushed until it shone like the colour of burnt copper. I had even had the forethought to apply a small touch of pink rouge around my areola and nipples. Yes things were going to be a lot different tonight.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled up my barely black stockings. I had decided on hold ups, as they would enable me to wear much shorter skirts, than if I wore suspenders. I pulled each one up as high as my legs would allow, stopping just short of my labia. Next, I slipped into my brown leather mini skirt. The leather was soft, almost like chamois, it felt so sensual against my bare skin. I surveyed myself in the mirror it was perfect. The hem stopped just short of my stocking tops, whilst the waist, nestled well down onto my hips. A little black lace, off the shoulders tank top, completed the outfit. I was pleased that I had had the forethought to highlight my nipples; each one was clearly visible through the lacy material.

Slipping on a pair of black high heels, I paraded up and down, observing my reflection in the glass. The sensuous feeling of the tiny chamois skirt, together with the tightness of the elastic hold-ups, not to mention the feeling of not mardin escort wearing panties, was delicious. I was feeling really wicked. ‘If he doesn’t want me tonight, then to hell with him’ I thought. ‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea.’

Right on cue, I heard him tooting his car horn below my window. At least he was punctual, despite him being slow…if you get my drift. As I climbed into the front seat, he smiled warmly and complemented me on my sexy outfit. I thought to myself, ‘If you only knew, just how sexy it really was!’

We arrived at the party about fifteen minutes later. From the amount of noise coming from inside the house, as we rang the doorbell, it sounded as though it was already in full swing.

I felt really nervous, but strangely excited at the same time, mixing with all these different people, whilst all the time I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Lots of people complimented my skirt, and how it showed off my long legs. One guy even suggested that he could see my panties; well we all know that was a lie for a start.

After a few drinks, my nervousness felt a lot better. I was really getting into the swing of the party. I did have one close call though whilst dancing with a guy in the corner of the room. It was a slow romantic number, and he pulled me towards him, and started dancing. That was ok…I didn’t mind, after all it was only dancing. The trouble was, his octopus hands were everywhere. I had a hell of a job, preventing him from lifting up the back of my hem. I think I would have died, if he had. Although later when I reflected upon it, it would have been quite exciting.

After the dance, I found Barry standing in the kitchen, talking to some friends of his. They were all deeply engrossed in an argument about Football! I poured myself a drink, and then opened up the fridge to get myself some ice. Then wouldn’t you know it…the ice cube tray slipped out of my fingers, spilling ice cubes all over the floor. Without even thinking, I suddenly squatted down on my haunches and tried to retrieve as many as I could.

“Here let me give you a hand,” said one of Barry’s friends, squatting down to help me.

“Thanks…I think I must be a bit drunk,” I giggled. I wasn’t…but I had to say something. It was then that I saw him staring between my legs. From his vantage point, he had a clear un-obstructive view…straight up my skirt. My knees were way too far apart to be considered lady-like, and my skirt had ridden well up onto my thighs. It really wasn’t intentional. I had been in such a hurry to try and clean up the ice that I had just squatted down instinctively. Now… my instincts were telling me that, this guy could see all of me.

“Thanks,” I said, feeling slightly embarrassed at giving him a free show.

“My pleasure,” he smiled.

My heart was beating ten to the dozen. This guy must have thought I was a right dirty bitch. Agreed I was feeling horny, but it was Barry’s eyes I wanted caressing my pussy. I hadn’t intended anyone else having a peek as well. Mind you it felt quite thrilling to know that I had displayed myself, albeit by accident.

Taking my drink, and trying to avoid the strangers eyes, I made my way across the kitchen and sat down on a bar stool by the breakfast counter. I felt my hands trembling as I tried to hold my drink steady. The unexpected ‘flash’ I had given the man had sent my adrenalin levels soaring. I was on a natural high! I tried to focus my attention on Barry, who was still deep in conversation with his friends.

I positioned myself so that I was sitting directly opposite him. He looked across at me, and then smiled with these eyes of his. I felt myself go all ‘goose bumpy’ and the wetness between my legs increased. Judging the moment right, I waited until he looked across at me again, and then uncrossed my legs. I kept them uncrossed, and parted my knees a little. Not too much to begin with, just enough to get his interest and hold his attention.

It worked. His eyes were riveted to the small gap between my knees. nevşehir escort The hem of my skirt was sitting high on my thighs, revealing just a glimpse of stocking top. I slowly slid of the barstool, ensuring that I was careless enough to give him a thorough look at what was on offer. His face was a picture. I hadn’t seen anyone’s jaw drop so quickly. Smiling I made my way into the lounge, and flopped down onto the sofa, and waited. I felt certain that he would be following in a second or two.

I sat there for hours, sandwiched between two guys that kept insisting that I have another drink. I couldn’t imagine what was keeping Barry so long. Still the two guys were quite good looking, and they seemed pleasant enough company. Whether it was the drink, or the fact that I’d had way too many, I don’t know, but the room seemed to be emptying slowly. Looking around there only seemed to be about five or six people left. Then a thought suddenly dawned on me…I was the only girl left at the party.

I had a strange buzzing noise in my ears. This was always a sure sign that I had had too much to drink. My inhibitions just seemed to fly out of the window, because I started smooching with the two guys sitting next to me. As I turned my head and kissed one guy, the other would put his hand up under my tank top and caress my now swollen nipples, each taking turns. I was beginning to get really turned on; all thoughts of Barry now completely out of my mind.

Reaching down, I placed a hand on each of the guy’s groins, and started massaging their cocks, rubbing each in turn until I felt them grow hard beneath my hands. The two guys in turn, placed a hand on each of my knees and slowly started to stroke my legs. As their hands crept higher, almost to the top of my stockings, I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I started to panic a little, particularly when I saw Barry and one of his friends watching me.

Before I could do anything, Barry was on his knees in front of me holding my legs and slowly pulling my knees apart. As he did so, my tiny skirt rode higher and higher up my legs, until my exposed pussy was fully on display. I felt really brazen just sitting there, not making any attempt whatsoever to cover myself up. The two guys sitting next to me took their cue, and each placed a hand between my opened legs. I was so nervous that I visibly trembled. My body began shaking uncontrollably, as the adrenalin coursed through my veins.

Unzipping their fly’s, my two sofa buddies removed their cocks from confinement, and placed each of my hands upon them. This was definitely a first for me, I had never held a mans cock in public before, and yet here I was with one in each hand. My fingers curled around the twin shafts, feeling them throb and jump slightly, as I gently squeezed each of them in turn. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, at the thought of having sex with two guys at the same time.

Barry was still holding my legs apart, whilst staring at my quim, which was now pouring out juice like a leaky tap! The two hands now wet and sticky from my emissions pulled my pussy lips open and held them widely apart, threatening to tear them off my body. Barry smiled, and then lowered his head between my legs grinding his face, and licking at my engorged clit like a pig at a trough. I gave out a little moan of pleasure, as I felt his probing tongue enter the rim of my entrance. Small tingles of electricity ran up my body as he nibbled at my clitoris.

At the same time, I felt a soft pair of lips fasten themselves around my nipple, and begin sucking softly. The pleasurable sensation was like nothing that I had ever experienced before. My hands busily wanked the two guys sitting next to me, as Barry’s head bobbed up and down between my outstretched legs. I was hot; I was ready to be fucked…and by this time…I didn’t care by whom!

I was almost at climax, when Barry lifted his head and stood up in front of me and dropped his trousers around his ankles. His rigid cock…the niğde escort one that I longed to see was now only inches away from my face. Taking hold of my hair, he gently pulled my waiting mouth towards his member. As my eager lips encircled the shaft, I flinched slightly, surprised by how hot it seemed. I sucked at it greedily, closing my eyes in ecstasy, licking the pre-come from it’s throbbing end.

Barry’s two friends were both frigging away between my legs. My clit, now over-sensitised, began to send out signals, which emanated from deep within my being. I braced myself for the climax that was about to come. Then it hit me. My body convulsed as every nerve ending came alive, sending out its message. I tried to close my legs, but Barry’s body was in the way. There was just no escape from the pair of hands that frigged away at my poor sensitive love button. One orgasm ran into another as the onslaught to my privates continued.

Barry, now sensing the time was right, withdrew his dick from my hungry lips, and lay down on the rug in front of me. His mighty cock, pointing proudly towards the ceiling; like a sentry on point duty. My two sofa buddies, arose from their seats, and cradling me between them, carried me over towards Barry and sat me down onto his dick. I was so wet that the impalement was both easy and rapid. I moaned as I felt him fill me. My clit, now nearly rubbed raw, ground into his pubic hair sending ripples of pleasure along my spine.

I sat motionless for several minutes, before I started to ride him. The thrill as I felt myself sliding along his shaft, was pure heaven on earth. He reached up and fondled my breasts, tweaking the hard nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers. I was in the throes of pure pleasure, riding my cock- horse, when I felt a pair of hands lifting my chin. Raising my head, I felt something hard force its way between my lips as I took someone’s dick into my mouth.

This was something that I had only fantasized about…now it was really happening. I was so far gone by this time that I just didn’t care anymore. I was getting what I asked for, in more ways than one! Getting fucked at both ends. My skirt was up around my waist somewhere, my top…well I don’t know what happened to my top. I can’t even remember taking it off, but never the less…it was gone. Not as though it really mattered, I was so busy enjoying myself.

So there I was, on all fours, straddling the cock of my dreams, and sucking off this stranger at the same time. Just when I thought things couldn’t have gotten any better, I felt another pair of hands between my raised buttocks. I had completely forgotten about the third guy. Obviously he hadn’t forgotten about me! As I rode, and sucked myself into yet another orgasm, I felt him trying to push his cock into my ass. Oh God! I hadn’t expected that.

I was too far into my orgasm to give it much thought. Before I really knew what had happened, he was screwing me up to the hilt. The feeling was incredible! No pain, well not as much as one would imagine. Rather a feeling of every nerve in my body being stimulated at once. The rush was fantastic. To say that I felt like a whore, like some sort of porn star, would be an understatement. It was this feeling of the forbidden that only made the situation that much more exciting.

My orgasm’s just rolled on and on…one into the other with no way to tell when one started and the other ended. I never wanted this feeling to end, but end it did, as each guy in turn ejaculated onto my semi naked body. The only exception was the guy that I was sucking off. He held my head tightly by the hair, giving me no room for manoeuvre, as he came in my mouth. This was another first for me. The hot salty come was a bit difficult to swallow at first, there just seemed to be so much of it to swallow in one go. This resulted in lots of it seeping out of the corners of my mouth, and dribbling down my chin.

I never learnt the names of the two guys, or saw Barry again after that night. Perhaps he never really was all that interested in me to begin with, that is something I will never know. I sometimes feel a little ashamed of what happened that night…but between you and me…only a little. I have never had a chance to repeat the experience, but there’s always hope…maybe someday!

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