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Gavin Screws Up Ch. 03

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Claudia had continued her willful misunderstanding of the situation between Ellie and Gavin. Ellie, frankly, was FED UP with it.

Claudia, her friend and boss, had always been able to see Ellie’s point of view in the past. That Claudia had started constantly questioning her judgment and nagging her about calling Gavin contributed considerably to Ellie’s loneliness.

The two of them had agreed though that it would be good for Ellie to have a couple of weeks off work during her university holidays. A break from work, time off classes and a little less contact with Claudia was exactly what Ellie needed at that moment. Their friendship was extremely important to both of them and they hugged as they parted on Saturday afternoon.

Ellie had another close friend in the city — Jake. He’d grown up in the commune with Ellie and like her, he had not really fit in… It’s hard growing up gay in the country. It was so wonderful to see him thriving in his new environment and her old friend had really hit his stride in the past couple of years. Being away from the confines of the gossiping, small-minded community had really helped him become his own man.

Jake was always great at cheering her up and giving her an alternative (and usually humorous) point of view – especially when it came to man trouble.

“So, girlfriend, you had sex with this guy and that was the start of the problem?”

That was the first thing Jake had said as he handed her a shot of Sambuca with a melodramatic look that gave her a further clue about the nature of the punch-line that was on its way.

“Well, in a way, I guess.” She giggled both at the over-simplification and the expression on his face. Everything always boiled down to sex for Jake and she knew he was about to make her laugh more.

He changed his expression to overly serious and shook his finger at her in a mock chastisement as he gave his oh-so-well-thought-out advice.

“Dr. Jake prescribes sex. What you need Ellie is to get all hot and bothered with a stranger. No. Wait… a whole bunch of strangers.”

Yep. Funny. She giggled again. What she’d needed was a good laugh and Jake’s company was absolutely perfect.

“I go to a sauna in the city all the time. It’s great. Good sex… especially group sex with strangers – is extremely diverting and good for what ails you.”

Goodness. He was starting to sound serious.

“Oh come on Jake, you know I’m not that kind of girl.”

“How do you know what kind of girl you are? You’ve hardly tried anything! Forget about this guy. Get across the street to that sex club and discover your inner sex goddess Ellie. You’re young and should be getting your groove on at every opportunity!”

Ellie had been sipping champagne while they were talking and despite the alcohol and the laughs, the barely dampened misery threatened to bite at her consciousness. She had to ask.

“Across the street? I’ve never seen a sex club across the street. You mean for straight people? How do you know that?”

“Go and look Ellie. Here my child. May the force be with you.” He handed her another shot of Sambuca.

She slammed it back, choked a little as it burned down her throat, and resolved to go and have some fun.

“Do you mind? I mean, we were supposed to go out?”

“Of course not! Do it. Do it now. Do it hard.”

She giggled again. “OK. Bye. I’ll call you.”

As Ellie stepped out the door of Jake’s apartment Escort Bayan Gaziantep she’d felt a massive surge of excitement in her chest. Then she felt it lower down too. Ooooh. She wondered what it would be like. Not too long to wonder though…. It was just across the street.

The club looked just like a pub at first glance. The downstairs area was mostly taken up by a bar which seemed to serve as a kind of reception counter, but with a spa on the right hand side of the room.

A few people were there and they mostly looked quite like anyone you might see walking around the city, which was encouraging for Ellie. She could hardly believe what she was about to do. She swallowed her anxiety and approached the bar. The bartender was a lovely older woman who explained everything and made it all seem so normal and comfortable.

There were some men dressed just in towels, but the women seemed to be in their underwear, so Ellie took her cue from them and emerged from the locker room in just her knickers with a towel wrapped around her to cover her breasts.

An attractive older couple approached. They appeared to be in their forties and looked very friendly and extremely at ease.

“Hi. I’m Liz and this is my husband Bob.”

“Ellie. Hi. I haven’t been here before and I’m feeling a bit shy and unsure how to behave. Why isn’t anyone in the spa yet?” She had blurted out nervously, without taking a breath.

“It can be a bit like a school disco, with everyone waiting for someone else to be first on the dance floor. Why don’t we break the ice and be the first in?” Liz smiled and winked broadly at Bob as she took Ellie’s hand and led her to the spa.

“Let’s show this beautiful young thing how to behave.” A thrill shot through Ellie’s body in response to the sex charged environment and the suggestive look that passed over Liz’s face as she’d spoken to her husband.

Liz dropped her knickers on the floor and she and Bob eased into the spa, ensuring that Ellie got a good look at their well-toned bodies on the way in. They were really very sexy people and Ellie could see Bob worshipped his wife. It was such a turn on.

Then Ellie could feel Bob’s eyes burning into her own breasts when she dropped the towel. Being admired so openly warmed her through and through. The warmth in her chest became fire between her legs.

Feeling very wet, and ready for anything, Ellie stepped into the spa with her knickers on. As Bob and Liz started kissing in the corner of the spa, each of them with an eye on Ellie, a few other people also entered the water.

Ellie checked out the others and made eye contact with a beautiful brunette woman sitting in the spa, not too far to her left. The woman was obviously checking Ellie out and Ellie reciprocated. The kind of open staring that’s uncomfortable in public was such an erotic experience here, where it was undoubtedly welcome and unhindered by social norms.

She seemed to be attached to the guy sitting between them and he watched their interaction with great interest.

God, what an erotic place, Ellie thought to herself. What fun we could have if Gavin was here. Well he’s not, is he? Just have some fun for goodness sake! As she remembered Jake’s advice, she immediately stepped across to the brunette, gestured behind her and said, “May I?”

Ellie didn’t wait for an answer, just slipped in behind the woman — it was easy to move her around in the water – and pulled her back against her incredibly aroused body. Ellie ran her right hand from the woman’s neck and slowly down her front, over her right breast and briefly rubbed her nipple with the flat of her palm on the way down, which elicited a small moan. She held her firmly with her left arm around the waist. The woman’s soft bottom pressed against Ellie’s clit and she couldn’t help but rub herself a little against it. The woman responded by pushing her butt back into Ellie and the physical sensation coupled with the woman’s eagerness charged through Ellie’s lower belly like lightning.

Proceeding further down, she noted the smooth, soft, perfect belly which she grabbed at lightly on the way. Then there was the thin strip of hair that led straight to her target.

She started with one finger lightly gliding over the hood of the woman’s clitoris. When Ellie got no complaint about that, she started to swirl that one finger around and around ever so lightly. As she felt the woman’s body respond she started using two fingers and increased the pressure.

Ellie had kissed and caressed a woman before and wasn’t at all surprised at how horny she was feeling. But she was proud of the reaction she elicited from this stranger and it urged her on, determined to bring her to orgasm.

With that single aim in mind, Ellie had focused all of her attention on the woman’s clitoris. Rubbing her fingers around and around and then alternately pushing her fingers further down, partly into her opening. Every time Ellie did that the woman moaned and pushed against her hand, so Ellie responded by holding her more tightly with her left arm while increasing the pressure with her right hand.

The woman started to lean the top half of her body forward as she lurched towards climax and Ellie was clutching her very tightly and rubbing herself against the woman’s ass at that point. A man came rushing across out of nowhere and started fucking the woman the moment that Ellie felt her body start its orgasmic shudder.

Ellie gently held her while she continued to come around his cock.

It was very confronting to have seen the speed at which that guy had jumped on the gorgeous stranger and Ellie wondered as she let go of her if she’d done the wrong thing by holding her.

Then the woman turned and thanked her.

“Wow. That was amazing. Wow.”

“Trust me, it was my pleasure, you’re so gorgeous and feeling you come against me like that was beautiful.”

The brunette surprised Ellie with the sweetest, lightest, kiss. Oh my. Her mouth was so soft. Hmmm.

The next thing that Ellie knew, Liz was taking her by the hand and leading her upstairs.

“I see you worked out how to behave.”

“Ummm, yeah, thanks for the demonstration.” Ellie answered bashfully.

“We have another demo for you. Will you take those knickers off? They’re wet, and not in a good way.”

“I’m a bit worried that someone will jump on me, like that guy in the spa.”

“No one will jump on you love. It’s against the rules. That girl you were having so much fun with, came in with that guy, remember? And besides, we’ll have a close eye on you.” The twinkle in Bob’s eye while he said it somehow didn’t diminish Ellie’s trust in him at all. She removed her knickers, they were uncomfortable.

“I’d like to just watch you for now if you don’t mind?”

“Oh honey, you can do whatever pleases you. Any special requests?”

Ellie had never been offered a customized live sex show before and wasn’t really sure how to respond. “I think I’d really just like to see you doing stuff that… gets Liz off.”

“Oh honey, he always gets me off. And trust me after that show you just gave us it’ll take no time at all.” And with that, Liz threw her arms around Bob’s neck and pulled him onto the mattress on top of her.

“God babe, you’re so wet already, I’m going to pound you into next week.”

With that Bob got to work on Liz. He slid into her and held himself firmly inside while he turned to speak to Ellie.

“Touch yourself for us love. I want to see you getting yourself off over there, as you won’t let us do it for you.”

Ellie did as she was told and as she mirrored Bob’s thrusts on her own body, she was thrilled to see Liz was watching her do it. When Liz shrieked with her first orgasm, Ellie lurched forward, putting all her weight on her left hand, and at that moment Gavin approached her from behind and asked if he could fuck her.

“Please. Yes please.” She gasped.

Bob had stopped moving momentarily but when he heard Ellie consent he went back to giving Liz what she wanted. “Good girl,” he’d said.

Then Bob moved Liz onto her hands and knees so that they were both directly facing Ellie. Fuck, thought Ellie. Being fucked like this while watching them watching us is such a turn on. She moaned loudly and realized that Gavin was close to orgasm too.

Hang on. What’s Gavin doing here? Oh shit. Ellie turned her head.

“You’re not Gavin.”

“No, no, I’m not. Never said I was. Please don’t make me stop baby you feel so good.”

She hesitated so he started thrusting again and circling his fingers around her clit. Her ability to speak actual words was immediately taken from her as her body shuddered and waves of pleasure gripped around where the stranger’s cock was stroking her inside.

He moaned quietly as he came and quickly withdrew. She was pleased to see he was wearing a condom. Thank god.

“I’m John. Pleased to meet you. Are you OK? Sorry if you thought I was someone else.” He smiled at her kindly and with a little embarrassment as he said it.

“I’m OK.” Yes. She was pleased to meet him. He was quite good looking. He had brown curly hair, a toned body and a lovely warm smile.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Ellie.” She resisted the urge to reach out to shake his hand. Again, she was unsure of how to behave.

“Look Ellie, you’re such a sexy woman, I’d love to see you again. Can I have your number?”

“Ummm. Yes OK.” She wasn’t yet sure if she wanted to see him again or not, but after the sexual frustration of the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t immediately dismiss out of hand a man that brought her to orgasm so readily.

On her way out of the club Ellie felt extremely proud of herself. She’d pushed her limits and now had a potential fuck buddy that could help her forget about Gavin.

Liz approached and pushed a business card into her hand.

“See you later love,” said Bob.

“Bye guys, it was lovely to meet you both.”

As they walked off in the other direction Ellie took a quick look at the business card. Oh god. It just had their first names, phone number and the title where the business name would usually go just said “We like to play.” Ha! On the back a short message was scribbled. “You were the highlight of our week, Ellie. Please call us.”

Boy, oh, boy, she could hardly wait to tell Jake about all of this! She knew that she’d really done him proud tonight.

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