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Beyond the Limits

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My wife Cindy is a hopeless exhibitionist and cock tease. She seems to be driven by some deep inner need to be the centre of attention wherever she goes. In the early days of our relationship it use to be a great source of tension but over the years I have gotten use to it and have learned how to use it to heat up our sex life.

Cindy has an attractive face and is what one might call petite. She is four feet nine inches tall with a relatively small pair of breasts. Cindy however has the largest pair of nipples I have ever seen on a woman. When she gets excited they simply poke out at you like small dicks beneath whatever she is wearing over them. Needless to say Cindy never wears any bras.

To the best of my knowledge Cindy has not been fucking around on me during our marriage. I know that there is a steady stream of men who approach her sexually but she seems to be able to keep the men interested in her without having to fuck them. I have seen her cross the line a few times when we were out but that usually occurs when we are in the game mode.

Our games have become more daring over the years. Her favourite game is one in which we go to a nightclub and she singles out a man to tease for the night. When things begin to get really hot between them I would intervene and rescue her. Cindy has become more daring over the years. I have sat and watched men playing with her nipples while she rubbed her ass against their cocks on the dance floor.

Tonight we were planning to see just how far Cindy could go with her favourite game. In the past I would usually intervene when things began to get really hot but we were prepare to see just how far she could take the game tonight. It was my intention to give her a free reign to go as far as she wanted to or as far as I could take.

“So what do you think about this dress Steve. Does my ass look good in this one?” Cindy was wearing a black satin dress that clung to her hips and ass like an excited lover. She had been force to stop wearing it out because of the sheer number of men who would hit on her in the clubs when we went out.

“Turn around let me see how your ass looks.” As Cindy turned around I could feel my cock beginning to twitch in my pants. “Shit baby your ass looks good enough to eat then fuck in that dress.” I pulled her close to me and ran my hands over the smooth fabric covering her shapely ass. “Your ass not only looks good but it also feel good baby.”

I could see the look of satisfaction on Cindy’s face. She simply thrived on compliments and the knowledge that her sex appeal was being appreciated. “Suppose the man reaches down and run’s his hand under my dress Steve will you be ok with that?”

I inched the dress up over Cindy’s ass. She was wearing a black g-string that snaked between her the crack of her ass and her pussy lips. “Babes tonight you get to choose how far you want to go. If he is going too far for me I will give you the signal. If he is going too far for you, give me the signal.”

“Sometimes I want to go further but I am always thinking about how you might be feeling.” Cindy took my hand and placed it between her legs. “See how wet you have my cunt already. I am warning you Steve if you don’t recue me tonight I might go all the way. I am feeling super horny.”

It was our policy not to fuck before we went out. We both preferred to be in a state of extreme sexual excitement when we got to our destination. I got on my knees while Cindy placed her right leg over my shoulder. Sucking her cunt almost to the point of orgasm would create more tension in her body preparing her to seek some kind of relief when we got to the club later on.

Cindy had a dreamy look on her face as my tongue made contact with her already dripping pussy. “Oh fuck Steve I would just love to feel another man’s tongue sliding into my pussy tonight. Oh god baby I want to fuck another man tonight.”

“Ok honey if that is what you want to do.” The words were out of my mouth before I had a chance to think it through. I guess I had known she wanted to fuck another man for a long time. Sometime in our fantasy game I would pretend to be a total stranger who picked her up and fucked her. Cindy really got worked up during those sessions.

“Are you sure you will be ok with that baby. I would really love to be fucked by another man but only if you would be there to watch me do it.” Cindy grabbed my head forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt. “Oh god baby I am so fucking excited I could cum right now.”

It was almost time for us to go. Cindy back away from my tongue and fixed her dress. “I am so fucking excited Steve. I can’t wait to get to the club.” Cindy grabbed her bag and headed out the door with me hot in pursuit. We were finally going to live out one of my wife’s hottest fantasies. As perverse as it sounds I was also excited. Her antics over the years had been exciting and I would always find myself with a hard on after watching her teasing some poor man’s cock in çanakkale escort the past.

The drive to the club was uneventful. We chatted about the logistics of the night. We agreed that it would be safer to bring the man back to our apartment. I did not like the idea of my wife fucking a stranger in his car in the car park of the club.

We agreed that I would leave ahead of them so I would be in the apartment before they arrived. We use dim blue light in our bedroom so it would be easy for me to conceal myself in our clothes closet. We set a time limit of forty five minutes in the bedroom. Her signal to end the session would be a call from me in the closet.

The Alligator Longue was an upscale night club with bouncers at the door and lots of security on the inside and in the car park. We frequented this club because of the more mature clientele. Cindy preferred older men to flirt with since they were more likely to behave themselves once she put on the breaks.

“Good luck baby. I will be watching your every move so give me a really good show tonight.” I leaned over and kissed Cindy on her lips. I could see that she was excited at the prospects the night held out to her. She got out the car and headed for the entrance of the club alone. I waited until she was inside then I followed her.

Old year’s night affairs are big events in Barbados. Every one dresses, up mainly in black outfits, and heads to the night spots hoping to get lucky. Ringing out the old and ringing in the new was a tradition dating back as long as anyone could remember. My cock jerked in my pants as I thought about what my wife would be ringing into her pussy later that night.

The Lounge was very crowded with men and women all looking to have one last fling for the old year. I chose a seat near the bar which gave me a clear view of the dance floor. Cindy did most of her flirting on the dance floor but occasionally she would take a seat or go on the outside of the club.

It was not hard to pick Cindy out on the dance floor. She was sandwiched between two men who clearly looked as though they would have been willing to fuck her right there and then. She had both her hands in the air while she rubbed her ass and crotch against the two men’s genital region.

I could see she was going in for the kill. I watched almost as though in a trance as one of the men got adventurous and ran his hand up her leg raising her tight dress to the point where her panty was exposed. The man behind her sensing that she was game for something more exciting than dancing pulled up the back of her dress exposing most of her ass.

Cindy leaned back against the man behind her while she allowed the one in front to lift her on to his hips. She wrapped her legs around his waist while the man stated dry fucking her on the dance floor. From where I stood it looked as though both men were planning to cum while rubbing their cocks against my wife’s ass and cunt respectively.

The man behind her had worked his hands around her chest and was squeezing Cindy’s large nipples. From experience I knew that when Cindy’s nipples were squeezed during foreplay it was just a matter of time before she would be craving some hard cock up her cunt.

I watched as one of the man’s hand continued to work Cindy’s nipples while the other worked its way down to her cunt. I could not help but notice how dark the room was tonight. It was almost as thought management had made a decision to make it an anything goes night in the Lounge.

It was hard for me to see what exactly was transpiring but it looked as though the man in front my wife had managed to get his cock free of his pants and was now driving it up my wife wet cunt hole while the man behind her fondled her breast and clit. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. I reached down and rubbed my cock as I continued to watch them.

The DJ must have noticed how wild things were getting on the dance floor. As the tempo in the music changed, people on the dance floor started hooking up for more traditional dancing patterns. Cindy and her two partners clearly did not like the change in the tempo of the music. They drifted off the dance floor and took a seat not too far from where I was sitting.

Cindy looked in my direction and flashed me a smile. I was intrigued but what I had just seen and wanted to see what would happen next. Both men took seats on the opposite sides of my wife. It was clear they both wanted to continue what they had started on the dance floor.

This was the point where I would usually intervene and rescue her but that was not on the agenda tonight. She was free to proceed however she wanted. My wife placed her back against the seat while raising both knees slightly above the table level. One of the men took a tentative look around the club then disappeared under the table.

From the expression on my wife’s face I could see that the man tongue çanakkale escort bayan was busy at work on her hot cunt beneath the table. The other man had freed his cock which was now cradled in my wife’s hand as she vigorously began stroking him. I quickly surveyed the rest of the club to see who else might have been watching my wife’s little private show.

I could not help but notice that they were other couples scattered around the club being equally adventurous. My eye rested on two women locked in passionate embrace within touching distance of my wife and the two men. The man beneath the table came up for air giving the other man the opportunity to do some under table exploration.

He was about to disappear under the table when my wife stopped him. She clearly had something else in mind. Cindy slipped under the table allowing both men to sit closer together. She had always told me that she wanted to suck two cocks at the same time. The opportunity was presenting itself to her and nothing was holding her back.

My feelings at this point were very conflicting. I felt a tinge of jealousy but that feeling was being crowded out but a much stronger feeling of desire and passion. Watching Cindy letting go in this fashion was taking me to a place I had never been before emotionally or sexually.

When my wife’s head reappeared above the table both men looked like they had just won the lottery. They sat and chatted for a few minutes before Cindy got up and walked over to me. She was all smiles as she took a seat on my lap. “So how was it Steve? Was my little show hot enough for you baby?”

“You are sitting on my cock baby so you should know just how hot you were. I almost came on myself when you disappeared under the table. Did you take both their cocks in your mouth together?” Cindy looked in the direction of the two men and waved them over.

“Steve, I would like you to meet Mike and Dave.” We shook hand as Cindy informed me that both men were willing to join us for some drinks at our apartment. We had already gone too far to turn back so I readily agreed and suggested that we leave immediately. No one seemed to have any objections to my plan so we took our leave of the club.

Neither Mike nor Dave had driven so we all piled into my Corolla station wagon and headed for our apartment. Cindy sat in the back with Mike and Dave. She clearly did not intend to wait until we reached our apartment to pick up from where she had left off in the club.

I glanced in the rear view mirror in time to see Cindy reach under her dress and pulled her g-string off. She reached forward and placed it on my head. “Try to keep your eyes on the road Steve while I get some more of these two hard cocks.”

It was a tall order expecting me to be totally focused on the road while she either fucked or sucked two strangers in the back seat of my car. For her sake and indeed for the safety of us all, I tried to keep my eyes on the road while occasionally stealing a glance behind me to see what was going on. Cindy positioned herself between mike and Dave so she could take one cock in her cunt while she sucked the other.

“Oh fuck Steve. I never thought fucking two men together would be so damn good. Harder Mike. Ram your big black cock up my cunt baby.” Cindy was in a zone all by herself. Her moans told me that she was nearing her peak of sexual ecstasy. “Oh god I am cumming. Fuck me harder with your big cock Mike.” Aghhhhhhhhh. I am fucking cumming.”

After cumming my wife continued sucking Dave and Mike alternatively until we reached our apartment. Cindy took the lead and headed straight for the bedroom. She placed a chair in front our bed and told me to sit on it. Cindy went to the chest of drawers where she keeps her sex toys and took out four strands of rope.

“I am going to tie you to this chair so you will be forced to watch Dave and Mike fuck me till I am ready to pass out baby.” The night had taken a different twist and I was prepared to go with the flow. Dave and Mike undressed and got on the bed while Cindy secured my hands and feet to the chair.

“I don’t want you to miss a second of the action baby so pay close attention.” Cindy jumped on the bed between Dave and Mike. The feeling of jealousy started to surge again in me. I could see why my wife was so excited. She had a thing for thick long cocks. Both Dave and Mike were well endowed with cocks much bigger than mine.

Tied to the chair I felt so helpless. I could understand how a man would feel after being force to watch his wife fuck another man. My case was very different. I had chosen this experience. I was a willing participant so I knew I would have to master my emotion and enjoy the experience for what it was worth.

“Baby do you want to see Dave and Mike suck my cunt together.” I meekly shook my head as both men positioned themselves so they could eat my wife cunt together. Mike got between her escort çanakkale legs and promptly sank his tongue into Cindy wet cunt. Dave stayed on the bed so he could lick Cindy’s clit as Mike tongue fucked her.

“Oh baby this feel so fucking great. I wish you were feeling what I am feeling now honey.” Dave’s long hard cock was within reach of my wife’s hand. She reached for it and started stroking Dave’s cock vigorously. I knew just how good Dave felt because Cindy has a firm grip and her stroking increase in intensity as she became more excited.

Mike had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself to keep his cock hard and ready for whatever Cindy had in mind. Cindy had her other hand on Mike’s head forcing his mouth hard against her crotch. My wife loves to have her cunt eaten but as her passion mounts she must have a hard cock in her cunt.

I knew it was only a matter of time before she would throw one of the two men down on his back and mount his cock. “Oh Shit Dave. I want your big cock in my cunt.” Dave waited to see what position she wanted to be fucked in. I could have told him to get on his back.

“On your back Dave, so I can sit on this long hard cock and ride it till I am in heaven.” Cindy straddled Dave’s body bringing her cunt down on the head of his swollen cock. I watched as my wife gingerly lowered herself on Dave’s cock. She took about half the shaft up her cunt before raising herself up again. She repeated the process over and over giving her cunt time to adjust to Dave’s huge cock inside her tight pussy.

Mike joined them on the bed. Cindy had already taken two cocks in her mouth that night. I figure she would want to try two cocks in her cunt as well. I was dead wrong this time. “Put it in my ass Mike. I want to feel your cock up my ass hole.”

The night was proving to be full of surprises. Over the years I have fucked my wife in her ass only once. She did not seem to enjoy the experience so I never brought it back up again. Now here she was literally begging a total stranger to fuck her in her ass.

Mike took the tube on KY jelly Cindy had placed on the bed and lubricated his cock and Cindy’s ass hole. “Be gentle at first Mike. I will tell you when to fuck my ass harder.” Mike nodded as he placed the head of his cock between the crack of Cindy’s ass.

“Aghhhhhh. Not so hard Mike. Treat my ass like if you were fucking a virgin. We all laughed as Mike pulled his cock out Cindy’s ass to smear some more KY jelly on his cock. “Don’t worry Cindy I will be very gentle this time.” Mike was true to his word. The extra lubrication also seemed to have helped because I did not hear another word of complaint from my wife as Mike’s cock disappeared up her ass hole.

I had mastered my feeling of jealousy again and was now totally enjoying watching Dave and Mike fuck my wife really well on our bed. “Oh fuck baby I think I am going to cum on myself.” It was years since I had been able to have an orgasm simply my contracting the muscles in my crotch region. With my hands tied to the chair that was all I could do and it worked.

Cindy paused for a moment to look at me. “You poor baby. It must be hard on your cock watching me get fucked like this baby. When I have had enough of these two cocks I will come and work on yours my love.” Cindy started backing her ass onto Mike’s cock. “Fuck my ass Mike. I want it really hard now baby.”

Both Dave and Mike sensed that my wife was about to explode and decided to explode with her. “Oh shit I am cumming.” Dave groaned beneath Cindy as he shot his load into her hot pussy. “Give it to me Dave. Full my aching pussy with your hot sperm.”

Mike pulled out his cock in time to so he could cum all over my wife’s shapely ass. I was surprised that Cindy had not yet cum but I soon discovered why she held back. She had another surprise in store for me. Cindy jumped off the bed and went over to the chest of drawers. She returned with a silk scarf folded to make a blind fold for my eyes.

“I won’t be the only one doing new things tonight baby.” From time to time in our sex games we reversed roles where she would assume the male role and I would become her bitch. Cindy loves to use her strap on dildo on me during those periods of role reversal.

We had talked about the possibility of having another man join us in one of those sessions but to date it had never materialized. Cindy clearly wanted to seize the moment and explore this fantasy for what it was worth. I could hear them whispering on the bed as my wife gave instruction to Mike and Dave.

“I think you are going to like this little game we will play now baby.” I felt Cindy’s hands hand working on the zip of my pants as she freed my cock. “Ummmmmm baby. I have had their cocks in my pussy and mouth now I want to taste your sperm going down my throat.” I felt my wife mouth cover my cock as she started sucking my revived cock for all she was worth.

I felt the pressure of her hand remove from my cock then new pressure was applied. “Oh baby I am going to suck your cock and make you come.” In my blind folded state it was hard for me to tell what was happening to me. In my mind things felt different to what I was accustomed. I could feel familiar hand playing with my cock and balls but there were moments when everything felt so different.

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