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Phones Ch. 05

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Evening texts with dad


I was walking back to my quarters from my last class when I got the text.

“Molly got my phone by accident.”

Well, if my loving wife hasn’t been careful hiding her texts, Molly may have found out a lot more than I would like. It’s fun to fantasize but if your daughter isn’t interested it can get very ugly.

“That’s a big problem.”

“Don’t think so. She said she turned it off. I checked, nothing was opened or copied.”

Well, it’s nice to have one child that’s not a sneaky little shit.

“Good. Will you password that stuff, please. LOL Just remember, your play time with our son depends on his sister not finding out.”

“But you said they are playing too.”

“LMAO optimist! No, I said MAYBE. You’re such a perv.”

“Lol, married to the guy who wants to have sex with his daughter.”

“Sigh, guilty as charged, but it’s not gonna happen.”

“Well, I’ll video tonight, and whatever happens, you’ll see it. Try not to pull your cock completely off, okay?”

“Fuck you. LOL”

“Not for another week! LOL Hey, when you get home, maybe we’ll make it a 3 way.”

“You’re insane. Gotta go.”

“Later lover.”

Texting and TV

So, the three of us had a nice normal evening. Well, minus the weird looks Molly kept giving me. Something is on that sister-mind. I was sure she knew something, she’d been a little weird ever since we left school. Mom was, well, mom, except that she was just a little more touchy-feely with me. Nothing off-limits, just more than normal.

After we cleaned up dinner we all hit the den for a two-movie marathon. “Perfect Pitch’ one and two. Yeah, I know, dumb girlie movies, but I think they’re funny. I love Rebel Wilson’s ad-libs, not that I heard many this time. Molly was texting me. We each had a big recliner, another dad, “find”. He said they fell off the truck, sigh.

It was comical. Three people two feet away from each other, all texting somebody. Halfway through the first movie, Molly started it.

“I opened mom’s phone while I was waiting for you. I was whacked by what I read. Took me a while to get around it.”

Ah, that explains the quiet ride home. Oh shit. She knew about my vid of her, but not the one of mom and Laura, or that text message string between them. But what about that comment about being as good as mom? I went with clueless.

“Oh yeah?”

“OMG! You will not believe what is on there!”

Time to ease in a little knowledge.

“Well, she took that one vid off my phone, I guess.”

“LOL oh, you mean the ‘sis is fucking herself’?”

“Yeah, I need to apologize for that. It was rude and mean to do.”

“It’s okay brother. I’ve been thinking about you for a long time.”

Whoa! What?


“LOL yeah, sick huh?”

“LOL, nope.”

“LOL perv.”

“Yup. So what was on her phone?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Well, you didn’t mention that whole thing with mom and Aunt Laura, booger.”

“What you mean?”

“Oh don’t lie to me! I know you took that video of them licking each other’s pussy. Why didn’t you tell me?”

She’s too smart for me.

“Well, I know I invaded their privacy, but I didn’t think I should be telling mom’s secrets, even to you and I wasn’t sure that you’d be interested.”

“Awww, that’s nice. Well, don’t be so sure. Sarah and I have experimented.”

Boner time! WTF? My sister and her hot pal have had sex?

“Oh? Doing what?”

“LMAO. None of your business! I can keep secrets too. She’s my friend and I respect that.”

While Molly and I are pretending to watch the movie while texting, and I’m trying to hide the raging boner this is giving me, mom was casually texting also. A few came my way.

“So John, you liked our talk last night?”

“Yeah, it was nice, no, it was amaziing.”

“What we, I did, didn’t bother you?’

“No, I liked it.”

“But I’m your mom.”

“Who I love and respect, and trust. Dad?”

“There’s no problem there. You wanted to talk tonight?”

“Very much.”

I had to laugh. I don’t know where we got to using ‘talk’ as a code word for mother-son incest. But it made it easier to talk about.

“So would I. See you later.”

“Love you, mom.”

“Lol, you will…;-)”

Whoa! This is going to be an interesting night. Molly was also keeping her string going and it was a bomb.

“Have you seen mom’s phone?”

Now I’m curious. There must be something new.

“Not since the day I ended up with it by accident.”

“LMAO, oh man, you gotta see this.”

There was a pause, during which mom looked up at me. She looked at Molly, who was working on a text to me, and gave me a huge wink as she slowly pulled her robe open to show me her pussy. I almost dropped my phone. Mom stifled a giggle and closed her robe. My phone went off.

“You like?”

“Yes, a lot.”

“More later baby.”

Molly’s message came in. It was huge. It was from mom’s phone. As I read the messages, I kept glancing at my sister who had pulled a blanket over herself. She’d look at the movie and escort kartal then look at me. Smiling. I saw her hand moving under the blanket.

Holy shit. I read the whole thing three times and watched mom masturbate four. I was so fucking horny.

“You copied all this off mom’s phone?”


“You’re done. She’s gonna know. She knew when I took stuff.”

“LMAO no, I know how to do it and cover my tracks. You’re just a dumb boy who thinks with his cock.”

I looked up and Molly smiled and stuck out her tongue. Love that girl.

“So, what did you think when you found this stuff?”

“I was blown away, big time. It’s like I don’t know my parents. You know mom wants to fuck you, right? You didn’t tell me what was going on.”

“Sorry, sis. Everything has been going pretty fast. I guess this explains the shower today. LOL”

“LMAO, oh yeah. It was pretty obvious that I could let go and enjoy my fantasy for real.”


“That was your fantasy?”

“No, not yet. We need to be alone and have some time. Let mom teach you tonight. I don’t mind she’ll be your first, I want you to be mine, but I want it to be romantic. I love you bro”

“What about that stuff with dad?”

“LOL oh, that dad wants to have sex with me?”


“You like? Not like?”

“LOL tough to say no under the current circumstances.”

“LMAO yeah. I think I want to, but I’ll work on it when he gets home. Don’t say anything.”

“Hey, you know I can keep a secret.”

“True, bro, I can trust you.”

“Thanks. Hey sis, I’ve got a boner.”

“LOL, I’m soaked. Hey, I want video.”

“Of course.”

John and mom

We all acted nice and normal, watching our movies and texting sex, with mom unaware that her kids knew everything.

As we hugged in the den, getting ready top go our separate ways, mom hugged me and stuck her tongue in my ear, I fucking near came right there. She whispered.

“We’ll wait till we know Molly’s asleep.”

I went up to my room and made sure my phone was charged and the card had room. I heard Molly brushing her teeth so I went into the bathroom. Molly was at the sink, brushing her teeth, naked.

“Um, mom’s still awake you know.”

She kept brushing, talking around the foam.

“She never comes up her and I like being naked. I’m glad I can finally be comfortable.”

She stopped brushing and turned to face me, putting her hands on the waistband of my shorts.

“Join me.” She shoved my shorts down, over my boner and I kicked them off. Molly caressed my cock.

“Don’t do that too much or it will go off.”

Molly let go, turned, rinsed out her mouth and then turned back. We embraced and kissed, long hard and wet. My cock left trails of pre-cum on her belly and I could smell her wetness.

“Mom wants you as a toy, but I want a lover. Can you do that?”

I cupped my sister’s hard ass, letting my finger toy with her rosebud.

“That’s what I want more than anything.”

Molly broke away, smacking my ass in the process.

“Then go make mom happy.”

As she passed through her door, she paused, catching me gazing at her trim naked form.

“You realize, this could turn into a whole family thing, right?”

No, I, as usual, had not thought of that.

I set up my laptop on my desk, facing the bed and set the night camera. I was naked and my cock felt like it might just explode.

I lay in bed, waiting, thinking. I sent a text to mom.

“Hey, something with dinner didn’t set right. Sorry, can we make it another night?”

“You okay baby? Sure.”

“I’ll be fine, just gonna poop a lot.”

“Overshare, goodnight son.”

It was on Sunday. Mom had a tennis tournament and Molly was over at Sarah’s.

John and Molly lose it

At one O’clock I texted my sister.

“Please come home.”


“Trust me, sis.”

A few minutes later, I heard the door open and close, but no footsteps or yelling. She’d seen my sheets of paper on the floor with arrows.

I heard her on the stairs and then into her room. She saw my note and soon the shower went on. Shower off. A few minutes, of her drying and then back to her room.

The door to my room opened slowly. I had the shades down tight, candles lit and soft jazz playing. My bed had clean sheets and was pulled open. I was wearing silk boxers that had cost a fortune, well, for a teenager.

Molly stood in the doorway, the light from the hall silhouetting her curvy form in my gift of Victoria’s Secret snake lace baby doll, the toule fabric now transparent, and her perky breasts held in the open lace bra, her furry pussy bursting out around the edges of the lace mesh pantie. My sister’s mouth hung open in a silent ‘O’.

“Hey, sis. I told mom I didn’t feel well last night.”

That took a second to sink in. Molly’s face went from surprise to, well, mush. She rushed at me and we collided. Our mouths met and we kissed hard and wet, grinding against each other. After a minute, Molly pulled back.

“So, you didn’t…with mom?”

I was rubbing my silk-covered cock uğur mumcu escort against her mesh covered pussy.

“No, we didn’t”

Molly pecked my lips, “So, you’re still…?

“A virgin, yes.”

My sister put her head on my shoulder, we began to slowly move to the music.

“And all this? The candles, the room, this outfit…”

“You said you wanted your first time to be special. I want mine to be also, and I want it to be with you.”

Molly hugged so hard I almost stopped breathing. She was crying. Her warm tears cascaded off my shoulder. I whispered, “What’s wrong? I’m so sorry Molly.”

My sister pulled her head back and looked into my eyes with hers, red, tear-filled.

“You booger. I wanted my first time to be special, but I never expected this. Oh, John, I love you so damn much. Now, please, make your sister a woman.”

I wanted to fuck my sister, jam my rigid cock into her and feel a pussy for the first time. I wanted to make her yell, writhe and beg for more. I wanted to feel the torrent that would come with her orgasm. I wanted to taste her.

I knew I would, so first, I made love to her. My friend, my partner-in-crime. Booger, my sister, and now, my lover.

I caressed her neck with my tongue and lips, right under her ear. “Oh, that’s so nice.”

My lips gently sucked her ear lobe, she quaked in my arms, gripped me tighter.


As we danced, I pressed my hard-silk encased cock against her mound. Even through the fabric, I could feel her heat. Molly’s pussy was so wet the panties were totally soaked. The firm flanks of her ass felt great. I pulled back and we kissed, slow, deep, our tongues dancing together. Molly ran her hands through my hair. We swayed, foreheads touching, in silence. Molly sighed, “take my top off.” Look at your sister’s breasts.”

I flipped the gauzy fabric up and over her head, letting it flutter away.

“That’s better,” she sighed as we danced.

I wanted her so bad.

Molly paused. We were eye to eye.

“John, take my panties off. I want you to fuck me.” I knelt and gently tugged her panties off. As she stepped out I leaned in and kissed her furry pussy.


I stuck my tongue out and gave her clit a flick.

“Oh fuck, careful you know what happens.”

I reached under the bed and pulled out a thick terrycloth towel and tossed it on the bed. Molly giggled. I pressed my face against her mat, “Know what I’m going to do?”

She quivered as my breath caressed her clit.

“No, my brother, what?”

I steered her backwards until her legs hit the bed. I pressed and she sat and fell back, spreading her legs.

“I am going to shove my tongue up my sister’s pussy until she comes in my mouth.”

“Yessssssssss,” was her gasped reply.

Molly grabbed two pillows, put one under her head, the other under her butt. She wiggled around a little then smiled.

“Eat your sister. It’s so wrong.”

I gazed into her eyes from between her feet, “But so good.”

I started at her knees, kissing slowly up. Molly’s breathing got deeper. She wiggled, urging me on. Her scent, clean, a little musty, called me.

Now I touched pubic hair. My tongue on the crease between her leg and her soaking pussy. I wanted to jump to her other leg, go back down, really make her crazy, but I just couldn’t wait.

My sister’s vagina was in full flower. Her inner lips open. Wetness trailing out. As Molly panted her lips moved, pressing out more juice. I extended my tongue and just caressed her lips. She gasped.

“Oh fuck that’s good! More, please, John, more.”

I’d like to say I teased her, made her wait. Nope. I pressed my face against her vagina and shoved my tongue inside. Her response was instant. Her hands came down to the back of my head and she held me against her pussy.

“Coming”, she panted and did.

It was like having a gallon jug shoved into your mouth. A flood of warm wetness filled, I mean filled, my mouth. I swallowed, more came in, I swallowed again, it was less. Molly twisted against me, groaning, yelping, twitching.

Then, she gently pushed my head back. I moved back so I could look at her. Her neck and all the way down between her breasts were bright red. She laughed.

“Too sensitive, for now. You should see yourself, you’re a mess.”

I pointed at her chest, “And you look like you got sunburned.”

“Yeah, if I come really hard, that happens. Kiss me.”

“You sure?”

“Very,” she replied…

In lay on top of my sister and we kissed, sharing the remnants of her orgasm.

“You don’t mind?”

“No, not at all. I’ve been tasting myself for a long time. I like it a lot.”

As we lay, my cock, still rigid, brushed her thigh. Molly gently kissed me.

“Brother dear, we’re both still virgins.”

“Yeah, looks that way.”

Molly shifted her butt on the pillow, “Time to fix that. John, booger, come fuck your sister.”

I was on top of her, propped on my arms that extended under her back. I moved my cock until the head nestled in her drenched entrance. çavuşoğlu escort We were eye-to-eye.


“Fuck yes,” she gasped.

I pushed. Her lips yielded and my cock slid into the first pussy ever. Molly’s mouth went into an “O” shape and she groaned.

“Oh fuck that’s good. More, John, more.”

I slid in more. I’m not huge, but big. Molly sighed with contentment.

“Oh, if I knew it was this good I’d have fucked you years ago.”

I almost laughed. Her pussy, my sister’s pussy, felt amazing, better than Mom’s mouth. I pressed deeper, now I was all in. Our pubic hair nestled together. I felt her clasping her pussy around my cock.

“Oh, John, so fucking good. Do it, brother, fuck me, I need to come.”

I started moving in and out, slowly, loving the feeling. I wasn’t going to last.

“Molly, I’m close, sorry.”

Her eyes were wide, she was gasping, “Faster, I’m right there.”

I lost it and started plunging my cock into her. Her legs clamped mine.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Oh Moll, I’m coming!”

As I jammed home and held, I felt her come too. My cock twitched and jetted, as Molly quaked and I felt the flood of juice gush out past my cock, still shooting.

I had lost my balance and now lay with my full weight on my sister. We were both gasping. I propped myself up and gently slid my softer cock out of my sister’s drenched pussy. A flood followed, soaking the towel. I rolled next to her as she leaned up and looked at her pussy.

“Towel was a good idea,” I said.

“Yeah, I saw it in a video.” She laughed and slugged me, love ya Booger.”

“Booger back at cha.”

We fell asleep. Not real romantic, just real.

I stirred and looked at the clock. I jabbed Molly.

“Mom’s gonna be home soon. We need to clean up.”

Molly gave me a wicked look, “Why not let her catch us?”

I got out of bed, “You are so bad. No, not now. Help me.”

We opened the windows, put the towel in the back of my closet and made my bed.

We were both in the shower, my cock was hard again.

“We could do it in here,” Molly said.

“I created a monster.”

She laughed, “Yup.”

We heard the front door. Molly’s eyes went wide. We jumped out of the shower and Molly grabbed a towel and slipped quietly into her room, gently clicking her door closed.

“John, you in the shower?” Mom said.

She was in my room. I was in the bathroom with the door shut, my cock hard and no clothing, at all. Well, Mom and I both knew what we wanted.

Second round-new player

“Yeah, mom, but um, I didn’t bring anything in with me.”

“Oh, really? You, uh, still want to have that talk?”

Having this conversation through a closed door was just plain weird.

“Oh yeah.”

The bathroom door opened and mom stepped in, leaving it open. She was still in her tennis outfit, her hair streaked with sweat. Molly was in her room, probably at that hole in our closet, or with her ear to the door.

“You’re all done? Nice and clean?” Mom said as she moved closer. She took my cock in her hand. I looked into her eyes as she gently fondled me.

“John, you don’t have to…”

“I want to mom. Teach me.”

I was sure I heard a muffled snort from booger’s room.

Mom let go.

“Let me clean up first, I’m a mess.”

I cocked an eye, ‘Want help?”

Mom leaned in a kissed my lips briefly, “next time. I’m too sweaty for romantic showering. Go, wait for me. And no touching this!” She ran her fingers over my cock for emphasis.

“Whatever you want, mother.”

She grinned, “I like that. Keep saying that.”

Mom came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She paused and looked my room over.

“So, what’s all this?”

I’d made a semblance of order out of the bed and the towel was tossed in my closet, but the candles were still lit and the music playing and I was wearing my silk boxers. Molly’s panties and gauzy top were kicked under the bed. I had noticed mom’s phone, propped up on my bookcase. I smiled. It’s only fair.

“I’ve been waiting.” Yeah, I can be clever.

Mom’s suspicious face faded, followed by a slow-growing grin.

“All this for me?”

“Well, and me. My first time, I wanted it to be real.”

I thought I heard a giggle from the closet, but that was probably my imagination.

“I never knew I raised such a romantic. You are going to be a killer with the ladies.”

I moved closer to mom. My silk-encased cock touched her first, she smiled. We embraced.

“May I kiss you, mom?”

Our lips touched as she answered, “yes, my son, please.”

Briefly tentative, our kiss rapidly escalated. Mom shoved her tongue against my lips and I opened my mouth, welcoming her in. I slipped my hands down her back and under the towel, touching my mother sexually for the first time. Her ass was a little softer than Molly’s but nice, real nice. Mom moaned as I massaged her cheeks.

As we kissed, her towel came loose. She pulled back and let it fall.

“You like? The old lady good enough?”

She was a perfect older version of my sister. Mom’s breasts were a little bigger and sagged, just a bit. Her middle was a bit thicker. Her bush was furry, just like Molly.

“Amazing mom. Just like I imagined.”

Mom moved in and gently put her fingers inside the waistband of my boxers.

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