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Two, Then Four, And Then Her Husband Joined In

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My wife Tracy and I had been partying for most of that summer afternoon at the townhouse we were sharing with a guy named Casey, getting stoned and enjoying music with Casey and a few of his friends. Toward evening the rest of the gang left, and Tracy and I relaxed alone as we discussed what to do with our Saturday night. We decided to call a couple who we had swapped with before, and see if they were interested in stopping over to share some fun, but they were already out for the evening.

As we shared a joint, Tracy shyly suggested calling Len, another old friend and sometime roommate with whom we had enjoyed a couple of threesomes in the past. Being the voyeuristic husband I am, I suggested that to make it more interesting Tracy should call Len and invite him over, implying that I wasn’t at home, and making sure he knew what she had in mind. That way I could watch the two of them secretly, and maybe get them on tape. Tracy smiled and agreed, and when she called Len he eagerly accepted, saying he’d be right over.

I moved our car out of sight, then came back in and headed up to our bedroom. I positioned our camcorder and myself in our large walk-in closet as Tracy stripped out of her clothes. She slipped on a sheer pale-blue baby-doll nightie, her firm tits, erect nipples and smoothly shaven mound clearly visible underneath. Tracy is a cute brunette, about five feet eight, with soft skin, massive 38DDD tits and a small tight ass.

We shared a beer as we waited for Len to arrive. I kissed her and fondled her nipples as she squeezed my bulging cock. We heard Len pull up, having got here in record time, and I watched over the bedroom balcony as Tracy went down to greet him.

Len is an attractive, solidly built guy, around six feet, with a thick seven-inch dick. His eyes widened and he grinned when Tracy answered the door, standing there virtually naked in front of him. He quickly came in and closed the door, embracing my wife as he kissed her, his hands slowly sliding down her near- naked body to her firm ass, grasping it as he pulled her against him, their crotches pressed together. Tracy grinned as she pulled away, leading him up to our bedroom. Len’s eyes were glued to her moving ass as she climbed the stairs in front of him.

By the time they reached our room I was safely in the closet with the camcorder running. I watched as Tracy turned to him, and they again embraced and kissed. Len’s hands were roaming all over Tracy’s soft, barely covered body, fondling her firm tits and erect nipples, sliding down her flat belly to her smooth mound, grasping her fine round ass. As they kissed, he eased her back onto our bed, lifting her nightie off, leaving her completely naked as she sat on the bed facing him, her tits flushed, her nipples hard, her shaven pussy visibly wet. Len leaned over and kissed her, his hands cupping her tits, lightly squeezing her large nipples, while Tracy reached out and unfastened his pants, tugging them down and freeing his rock-hard dick.

Len straightened up, grinning as he gently guided my wife’s eager mouth toward his throbbing dick. Tracy leaned forward, looking up at him as she slowly eased his rod between her lips, gradually swallowing his entire seven-inch prick. Then she began to slide her mouth slowly up and down that steel-hard cock, deep throating the head of it as she tongued up and down the shaft, while Len groaned with pleasure. I almost came myself at this point just knowing the pleasure of my wife’s blowjobs.

I had a great view as Len’s hands clutched at her hair, gently guiding her mouth up and down his glistening dick. Tracy continued her masterful cocksucking, slowly swallowing all seven inches over and over, tonguing the hard shaft each time she deep-throated his cock. His hands moved to her tits, fondling her nipples as she sucked him. Sensing that he was close, Tracy slowed her movement, sucking on the purplish head of his dick as she lightly pumped his shaft with one hand, squeezing his balls with the other. Len groaned loudly as his hips bucked, and his dick erupted, shooting several long jets of jism into Tracy’s mouth and down her eagerly swallowing throat.

As Tracy finished licking and sucking his cock clean, Len eased her back onto bonus veren siteler our bed, spreading her legs wide as he knelt between them, lowering his face to her clean-shaven mound. He slowly licked and kissed around and across her smooth wet pussy as Tracy splayed herself still more widely, giving him total access to her open cunt. She moaned as Len slowly drew his tongue across her soaking slit, lightly grazing her swollen clit as that tongue burrowed deep into her wet pussy. He continued his slow, deliberate teasing, licking her engorged clit and moving in and out of her drenched vagina, until Tracy groaned loudly, raising her hips and pushing her cunt into his face as she neared orgasm. As Len sucked on her clit, she exploded, moaning and shuddering as she pulled his face even harder against her spasming pussy.

Just then I heard the sound of our front door opening, and I could just make out the voices of Casey and his girlfriend Sandy, who had evidently returned home earlier than they had expected. I heard them go into the family room directly underneath our open-balconied bedroom. Then I heard Casey calling upstairs to see if anyone was there.

Len and Tracy were either ignoring them or were oblivious to anything but what they were doing. Len knelt over her now, his knees between her widespread legs as he kissed her, letting her taste her own pussy juices on his face and mouth. As they kissed Len slid one, then two fingers slowly into Tracy’s drenched pussy, and she moaned softly. Then he began finger-fucking my wife as he knelt over her, alternately kissing her and sucking on her large nipples, his fingers sliding steadily in and out of her bare wet pussy.

Casey and Sandy had obviously heard the moans and cries by now, and Casey had either recognized Len’s voice or seen his car outside, for he now laughingly called up the stairs, asking Len if he wanted to share with him.

Len still ignored him as he went on finger-fucking Tracy, sucking on her erect nipples as he buried his fingers in her slippery slit. In just a minute or two Tracy came again, crying out with pleasure as she did so. I could hear both Casey and Sandy laughing now, and they gave a mock cheer at the sound of Tracy’s orgasm. Casey again asked kindly if Len wanted to share with him, but Len was busy mounting my wife and thrusting his revived cock deep into her still-quivering cunt as she spread her legs wide for him.

Again I had a great view as Len began fucking Tracy’s shaved pussy, firmly stroking deep into her soaking snatch as she thrust her hips up to meet each plunge of his hard cock. As he fucked her with a deep, steady rhythm, I heard footsteps on the stairs, and then Casey was standing in the open doorway, grinning widely as he looked at my naked wife obviously enjoying the fucking Len was giving her.

They seemed not to care about his presence, if they even noticed it, but kept right on with their energetic screwing, Tracy’s legs lifting and wrapping around Len, pulling him deeper into her as he plowed her eager snatch with his rock-hard tool.

After another minute or so of steady, intense fucking, Tracy came again, moaning loudly and shuddering as her spasming pussy clenched at Len’s thrusting dick. Len kept on fucking her right through her orgasm, her legs waving in the air, her firm tits jiggling with each thrust. Casey chuckled as he watched, obviously loving the sight of Tracy, totally naked, being thoroughly fucked right in front of him. But after another few moments he turned to go, first laughingly repeating his offer to Len to share with him. Then he went downstairs to rejoin Sandy.

Len never stopped fucking my wife, who, once she had ridden out her orgasm, again began to match him stroke for stroke, bucking her hips as his throbbing dick plunged in and out of her wet pussy. Len now lifted her ass as he fucked her, his cock sliding against her swollen clit with each thrust, and soon Tracy was coming yet again. This time Len came with her, driving his dick as deep as it would go, pumping his large load into her clenching, jouncing cunt. After recovering her breath, Tracy went to the bathroom to freshen up, and Len scurried downstairs to see Casey and Sandy. I could hear bahis them talking and doing some drinks. When Tracy came back I asked her if she would like Len to share her with Casey, or maybe trade with him and Sandy. She smiled and nodded, then asked if it was okay with me. I said sure, and added that I would like to share Sandy with Len if they were going to trade.

At that point we heard Len coming back upstairs, and I quickly slipped back into the closet. As he and Tracy shared a beer, Tracy teasingly asked him how come he didn’t want to share her with Casey. Len grinned and said he didn’t really mind especially if it meant he could fuck Sandy. Tracy then said that if I showed up, I would want to share Sandy with him. Casey shrugged, and went back downstairs to talk to Casey and Sandy.

When he came back he said Casey was coming right up. He kissed her quickly, and then guided her mouth to his stiffening dick. Tracy began sucking his cock as Casey entered the room, grinning as he saw what Tracy was doing, and quickly stripping off his clothes. As he came to stand beside Len, Tracy stopped sucking and smiled up at him.

“Guess I’m getting a two-for-one deal,” she said, reaching for Casey’s dick and pulling it to her mouth.

Casey is a big, friendly guy, about six feet two, with a long thin dick. Tracy sucked him for a few minutes, and then began to alternate between him and Len. This went on until Sandy walked in, stark naked, and asked Len if he wanted to join her. Sandy’s a little smaller than Tracy, a brunette about five-four, with small but shapely tits, berry-like nipples and, as I soon found out, a tight little pussy.

Tracy was sucking on Len’s dick just then, but she slid it from her mouth and replaced it with Casey’s as Len followed Sandy across the hall. Tracy slowly did her deep-throat thing for Casey, tonguing his tool as she held it deep in her mouth, squeezing his big balls. Then she slid her lips up and down the shaft, fucking her mouth with it as Casey played with her tits and nipples. After a couple of minutes he groaned, and his knees almost buckled as he came down her throat, with Tracy eagerly swallowing every drop of his jism.

Casey quickly recovered, kneeling and lowering his face to her pussy. He kissed her smooth bare mound as he slowly slid two thick fingers into her soaking slit. He proceeded to finger-fuck her and lick her engorged clit at the same time, as she lay back, moaning with pleasure.

I was tired of hiding in the closet, and I was also horny as hell, so I opened the door and stepped out. Casey gave a startled exclamation as he saw me, but Tracy quickly pulled his face back to her pussy, explaining that I was going to share Sandy with Len while she and Casey enjoyed each other. She precluded any other comment he might have by wrapping her legs around his head and pulling his face deeper into her crotch.

Anxious as I was to get to Sandy, I still continued to watch as Casey tongued and fingered my wife to orgasm, after which he quickly mounted her, driving his long hard dick into her creamy cunt as she spread her legs wide, arching her hips to take him deep. Then I left to join Len and Sandy, with Tracy’s moans of delight still sounding in my ears as Casey fucked her determinedly, plunging his prick in and out of her with long firm thrusts.

In the bedroom across the hall I found Sandy naked and on her knees, her back to me and her firm ass high in the air as she sucked on Len’s dick. Len grinned when he saw me, and gestured to me to join in.

I knelt down behind Sandy, spitting on my swollen cock to lubricate it. Then I aimed my thick eight-inch hard-on at her wet, well-trimmed pussy, sliding in with one long thrust. Sandy squealed with surprise and with unmistakable pleasure as my dick filled her tight pussy. Because her mouth was full of Len’s dick, her squeals were muted, but they turned to moans as I grasped her hips and began fucking her with long, deep, rapid strokes. Her head continued to bob up and down over Len’s cock, but now it was moving in rhythm with my thrusts. I reached down between her widespread legs to finger her clit lightly as I continued to slam my hard dick in and out of her wet cunt.

Sandy deneme bonusu raised her head from Len’s prick momentarily as she went into a loud, moaning orgasm. I went on fucking her with long deep thrusts as her pussy clamped around my cock. At the same time, I heard the sounds of Tracy coming again as Casey fucked away at her across the hall.

The feel of Sandy’s twitching twat, combined with the sound of my wife getting off, quickly sent me over the edge. I slammed my prick deep into Sandy’s pussy as I came, shooting several thick jets of jism deep into her dripping snatch.

Sandy looked around and smiled at me as I pulled slowly out of her, and I wondered if she had realized before whom it was fucking her tight pussy. Now Len, who had somehow restrained himself from coming in Sandy’s mouth, quickly rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs over his shoulders and plunged his hard seven inches deep into her come-filled cunt. As he did so I knelt over her head, sliding my now nearly limp cock between her lips. Sandy happily sucked me clean as Len fucked her vigorously. I came to think that Sandy was just as much a trooper when it came to fucking as my wife was.

I could hear Tracy moaning again from across the hall, and I marveled at Casey’s stamina. But Len was no slouch either; he was still fucking Sandy, and her moaning mouth on my prick was making it hard again. I began to fuck that mouth slowly, talking dirty to her as she took us in both her holes. This seemed to turn her on even more, and she came again as Len pistoned his stiff dick in and out of her spasming pussy. After a minute Len groaned and stiffened, shooting his load into her cunt. Sandy shuddered and moaned, gasping for air, but she never took her mouth from my now fully hard cock.

At this point Casey and Tracy, taking a break from fucking each other, decided to come over and join us. I was still slowly fucking Sandy’s mouth, teasingly squeezing her berry-like nipples.

Tracy smiled at me, and drew Casey down on the other bed. She crouched over him and lowered her head to his spent dick, sucking it into her mouth as he groaned. Her ass and her come-filled cunt were high in the air as she knelt with her mouth wrapped around Casey’s pole. Len now stepped up behind her and slowly slid his semi-hard dick into my wife’s dripping vagina, and she moaned, spreading her legs for him. Casey’s jism oozed out around Len’s cock as he filled her pussy.

I reached for Sandy’s pussy and started to finger it, rubbing her clit as I continued to stroke my dick into her mouth. Len was fucking my wife doggie-style as she sucked on Casey’s quickly hardening dick. As I watched I felt my nuts tighten, and as I started to come I pulled my cock from Sandy’s mouth and spurted several long ropes of thick jism into her mouth and across her lips and face, and she came with me as I continued to finger her clitoris.

After a few minutes Tracy came yet again with a loud moan, her body convulsing in what looked like her strongest orgasm yet.

Len pulled out of her without coming, and he and Casey rolled her over onto her back, and then knelt beside her face, one on each side of her. Tracy, still moaning, rolled her head back and forth, alternately sucking the two of them as each of them came within reach of her mouth. This sight made me so hot that almost unbelievably I found myself getting hard again. I moved to her and crouched between her legs, sliding my dick into her wet, well-used and gaping pussy.

“Oh god, yes!” Tracy cried, her hips writhing as she went on sucking Len and Casey, her hand now pumping the cock of whichever man she didn’t have in her mouth at the moment. As I plowed her cunt she came again, and as she spasmed in pleasure.

Len grunted and pulled back, shooting his load across Tracy’s face, neck and tits as she pumped his spewing shaft. Casey was next, groaning as he spurted several long ropes of thick come across her face and tits. She smiled up at me with a come-covered face as I fucked her faster and harder, and then I too pulled out of her and shot whatever sperm I had left in me onto her belly and breasts.

After catching our breath, Tracy and I went to clean up, deciding to call it a night. But when we emerged from our shower, we saw Len and Casey sitting on the bed, with Sandy kneeling between them, her hands and mouth full of cock and a large black vibrator filling her pussy. We looked at each other, then shrugged and went to join them for some more fun and games.

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