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Mother, Son, and Best Friend

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Julia is a quiet, unassuming, puritanical wife, which is in direct conflict with her beauty and hot body. To avoid a family scandal, Julia, when she was 18 married 20 year old Robert Williams, her high school sweetheart. Six months after the wedding she gave birth to their only son Tommy. Julia’s life began to change when Tommy was 18. At the time it was the summer recess, having left high school, he was waiting to attend college. Julia loved Robert, her husband, who was a very successful businessman and credited his success to his beautiful and curvaceous wife. However she was furious with him for sending Tommy, her only child, who she loved so very much, far away to college, so that he was stranded on campus and couldn’t travel home weekends.

When Tommy was 18 he began to desire his mother and lust after her. Unbeknown to Julia, Tommy would watch her 36DD breasts wobble beneath her sweater as she constantly moved around the house. Tommy became annoyed, when his friends, during their visits to his house, made no secret that they also desired his mother, by rubbing their hard cocks through their pants, when his mother’s wasn’t looking. Away from the house they teased Tommy by saying, they intended to grab his mother, force upstairs, lay her on the bed, where they would undress her and each take turns in fucking her.

Danny, Tommy’s best friend, was obsessed with Julia’s body and could do nothing but talk about her all the time, telling Tommy what a hot MILF she is. During his visits to the house Danny would shower her with compliments, flattery which made Julia giggle and receptive to his touches. Danny would place his hand on her arm, back or shoulder, sometimes he would even stroke her face, or get her so distracted she wouldn’t feel his hand slip across her ass. Sometimes he would make some excuse which would allow him to press his body against her. All supposedly in fun of course. Obviously Julia had no idea what he was doing, or that he was setting her up for when she was alone, with Tommy away at college. Tommy knew what he was doing and would get mad and find a reason to get his friends out of the house.

The weekend before Tommy was due to leave for college the family sat down to make all the necessary arrangements. Robert, Tommy’s father was apologizing saying. “Sorry Tommy I can’t take you to the airport Sunday morning, because I’ve got to go away on the Friday for a business trip, and won’t be back until the Tuesday, but your mother can take you, can’t you babe?”

“Well it looks as if I have to, but I thought we could have all gone together.”

“Don’t worry mom we will be just fine, how about if on the Saturday night I took you out to a restaurant for dinner, my treat?”

“Darling that would be lovely, I’d like that. I’ll have to buy some new clothes just especially for our evening together.”

For that last week Tommy took lessons out of Danny’s book and began to flatter Julia, he would put his arm around her waist sometimes kissing her neck, forehead and even on her cheeks, getting as close to her lips as possible.

Saturday night Tommy’s waiting at the bottom of the stairs for his mother, who is in her bedroom getting ready. Tommy always thought his mother was a conservative dresser but when she appeared at the top of the stairs, he was speechless and could do nothing but stare. When he regained his composure he gave her a wolf whistle. Julia was wearing a mid-thigh length mini skirt, and with her standing at the top of the stairs could see up her skirt almost to her panties. He had never seen his mother wearing such a short skirt before, most of her skirts came down just below her knees. For a top she was wearing a tight sweater which seemed to magnify the size of her 36DD breasts. The bra she was wearing must have been of a thin material because it molded around her nipples, but failed to immobilize her breasts. Because he became so aroused, he was concerned about his mother seeing the bulge in his pants.

As she began to make her way down the stairs Tommy commented “Mom you look beautiful.”

“Thank you darling, I must look good for my special date.” At 6 foot one inch, narrow waist, broad shoulders, a born athlete, with the hansom looks of his father at the same age, Julia knew it would take very little to fall in love with him.

Tommy’s plan was to first take her to a movie, then a late dinner at a restaurant that advertised Live music and dancing. His intention was to get his mother on the dance floor so he could he could hold her tight, determined to rub his body against hers. In the movie theatre Julia rested her head on his shoulder and never complained when he put his arm around her. Several times Tommy turned his face towards her pressing his lips against her forehead, to inhale the soft fragrance of her hair.

According to Julia the dinner, as with the wine they shared, was superb. After, they talk a little, mainly about Tommy going away to college, until Tommy noticed the dance floor was crowded, then Escort bayan he stood up held out his hand and asked his mother if she would like to dance. Julia took his hand, and, hand in hand they strolled to the dance floor to join the others. For several dances they danced close together, Tommy with his hand in the small of her back, pulling her close ensuring their bodies rubbed against each other. After several dances they returned to their table for a break to recuperate and finish off the wine. Julia was impressed with her son when occasionally a man would come over and interrupt their conversation to ask Julia for a dance. But went away disappointed when Tommy sharply decline their offer on his mother’s behalf.

Before the night was through they return to the dance floor for the final dances of the evening. As each dance neared the last, Tommy’s hand drifted down from the small of Julia’s back, towards her ass. During the last dance Tommy was kissing Julia’s neck, well at least he had his lips against it and his hand gripping her ass. Julia, not wishing to make a scene whispered in his ear “Stop it.”

It was after midnight when they arrived home, Tommy helped his mother out of the car and followed her into the house. Julia said goodnight and began to climb the stairs closely followed by Tommy. On the landing before Julia entered her bedroom Tommy said. “Aren’t you going to kiss me goodnight?”

“Of course darling” Julia moved towards Tommy, intending to kiss him on the cheek, but as she lifted her face to kiss him, Tommy turned his face towards her, grabbing her pulled her close and kissed her on the mouth. Julia struggled free and chastised him, reminding him of the fact that he became too familiar with her on the dance floor, and needed to tell him to. “Stop it.” She turned and stormed off into her bedroom. Tommy followed her, pulled her close and forcibly kissed her while grabbing and squeezing her tits. Julia fought hard and finally broke free slapping him hard across the face.

“What would your father say if I told him how you tried to molest me?”

“He wouldn’t say shit. He’s lost all affection for you, he spends more time on his business trips than he does here. I think he’s having an affair with a younger woman who is more sexually pleasing. Don’t worry, I love you, and I’ll look after you.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous, now go to your room.”

Tommy pushed his mother onto the bed and held her down, sitting straddled across her stomach. She fought to push him off, until he grabbed her wrists clamping them down on the bed above her head. Julia screamed at him to get off, but the advantage about living in a large house in its own grounds is that you are not disturbed by your neighbors. The down side is that the neighbors can’t hear you shout for help if needed, so it didn’t matter how much Julia screamed she wouldn’t be heard.

With Tommy leaning over her, Julia flicked her head from side to side attempting to discourage him from kissing her. He repositioned his arms bringing them in close to her head to prevent her from turning away. For Tommy that first forced long passionate kiss, tasting her sweet breath and lipstick, would be remembered for ever. The struggling began to subside as Julia tired, her lips began to respond, as Tommy tongue slipped in and out of her mouth during one long continual kiss.

Misreading his mother’s intentions as she responded to his kiss, Tommy assumed that she had surrendered to his will, and began to ease her sweater up, intent on exposing and fondling her breasts. Julia resumed her struggle attempting to tip Tommy off her. “Tommy stop it don’t you dare put your hand up my sweater, I’m going to tell your father.”

“You can tell him what you like, I’ll tell him you invited me into your bedroom and started undressing in front of me, because you found out that he is having an affair and you wanted to get back at him. Who do you think he’ll believe?”

Julia knew that the love between her and her husband was fading, and had no reason to doubt Tommy about him having an affair. If it was true, Tommy was virtually all she had left. She no longer complained when Tommy slipped his hand up her sweater and began feel for the edge of her bra cup using it to locate her soft breast flesh. As Tommy fondled her breasts she knew sooner or later he would push her sweater up to admire them. When Tommy released Julia’s wrists she wrapped her arms around him as she began to return his kisses with passion. Pulling him tight to her, knowingly crushing her breasts against his chest, he continued to rain kisses upon her lips, as she waited expectantly for him to expose her breasts.

With her sweater pushed right up, Tommy was kissing the soft flesh of one breast, while his hand fumbled to extricate the soft flesh of her other breast from inside the cup of her black satin bra. With three fingers beneath her breast and one hooked around her nipple he lifted the soft flesh out of her bra, while his teeth, Bayan escort locked on to the rim of the bra cup, dragged it down. He was amazed at just how large and puffy her nipple was, and quickly latched on to it, to suckle.

While stroking his hair, Julia moaned as she instinctively knew that in Tommy’s mouth her nipple was swelling and hardening. She felt Tommy’s hand fumbling behind her attempting to release the catch of her bra, then felt the band around her body slacken. Tommy pushed the bra up beneath her chin, exposing her breasts completely.

“Darling you shouldn’t be doing this to me, I’m your mother this is wrong.”

Tommy was squeezing both breasts while sucking alternate nipples.

“Mom you’ve got beautiful tits and those nipples, god I’d like to fuck them.”

“Don’t be so crude you’ll do nothing of the sort.”

“If you’re like this with dad no wonder he’s gone off with someone else; you must have bored him silly in bed.”

“It’s only you that has said he’s having an affair, and what your father and I did in bed is no business of yours.”

“Did in bed, past tense, so how long is it since he’s made love to you, even touched you?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“As long as that. Don’t worry sweetheart I’ll always be with you, taking care of you.”

Tommy moved up the bed and took her in his arms and kissed her, a gentle kiss, soft and lingering, while slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth. Julia responded by returning his kiss and using her own tongue to welcomed his. As the kisses became more passionate the pressure applied to the lips increased. The pressure of Tommy massaging her breast increased as did the twisting and squeezing of her nipples.

It had been a long while since a man had paid so much attention to her body, and she was enjoying being treated this way. The fact it was her son giving her so much pleasure made it even more pleasurable. Tommy knew that his mother was now so absorbed in their romantic interlude there was nothing he couldn’t do to her. He moved his hand down from her breasts, pulled the hem of her skirt up. Julia suddenly realized the situation she was in and wasn’t going to allow Tommy to go any further. “No Tommy we can’t do this, this is wrong. Stop it now and go to your own room.”

Reluctantly Tommy rolled off the bed and left his mother’s room.

The following morning Julia was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when Tommy slunk in to face her.

“Mom I’m sorry about last night, I must have had too much to drink, I don’t know what came over me.”

“Your actions last night were inappropriate, but it was my fault as much as yours, such things do not happen between a mother and son. I accept your apology but promise me you will never try to molest me again, now let’s forget it. You had better eat your breakfast we haven’t much time before I have to drive you to the airport.”

Julia was behind Tommy as he reach the front door. He turned. “Mom can I give you one last proper kiss before we go, like we did last night?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, it not how a mother behaves with her son.”

“What’s the harm in it, we kiss other times probably not quite as romantic as last night, but it’s only a kiss.”

Eventually Julia agreed and accepted Tommy’s embrace, allowing him to kiss her passionately, a kiss which lasted longer than she intended. Tommy leaned into her, trapping her against the wall which encouraged Julia to put her arms around Tommy’s neck and respond with her own passionate kiss. As they broke the kiss Tommy placed his hand on Julia’s breast and squeezed saying. “I want to remember these.” Julia gave him a playful slap on the arm.

Just as Tommy was putting his bags in the car, and Julia securing the front door, Danny arrived announcing that he was coming to the airport to see Tommy off. Tommy wasn’t very pleased. First he wanted some alone time with his mother in the car. Secondly Tommy knew Danny was glad that he was going away to college leaving him a clear run at Julia, and suddenly realized that Danny would be spending an hour alone with Julia as she drove home from the airport. At the airport Danny helped Tommy carry his bags to the check-in desk where he confirmed his reservation and checked his bags in. The three of them waited by the departure lounge until Tommy’s flight was called. As he left, his mother gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek and he and Danny shook hands.

On their journey home Danny cheered Julia up, by telling her stories of the funny happenings in his life, making her laugh. Julia didn’t seem too concerned when Danny touched her arm, or placed his hand on her shoulder allowing him to rub his finger up and down her cheek. When they arrived home she dropped Danny off at his house, and she was still laughing at his stories. As he exited the car he lightly tapped the top of her thigh supposedly to make point, but his intention was to feel the silky material of her skirt and anything Escort that lie beneath.

When Julia arrived home she suddenly realized she was now alone in their large house, deserted by her family. Her husband was away on business and her son away at college. Even after the previous evening fiasco she was already missing her son, knowing she wouldn’t be seeing him until the Christmas break. Julia wandered around the empty house checking each room until she finally ended up lying on Tommy’s bed in floods of tears. She wrapped her arms around and buried her face in one of Tommy’s pillows, smelling his aftershave.

Julia recalled the way Tommy kissed her and slipped his hand inside her bra to fondle her breasts, but failed to recall the last time Robert treated that way. She called out her son’s name. With the top two buttons of her blouse undone she slipped her hand inside her bra cup and massaged the soft flesh, squeezing her now harden nipple. Sitting on the side of the bed she removed her blouse then her bra. Cupping her breasts in her hands she sat studying herself in the mirror. She lifted one breast to her mouth, drew in the nipple, and began to suck.

Julia became angry when she remembered what Tommy said about her husband having an affair with a younger more sexually pleasing woman. Julia knew that her husband was losing interest in her and she had her suspicions, but would never admit them to herself, but obviously she was not the only one that had these thoughts, wondering who else knew.

Ever since Julia dropped Danny off at his house he had been scheming ways of getting Julia to go out with him. He already knew quite a lot about Julia and her husband’s weekly agenda. He could guarantee that every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings Julia would be at home supervising the ladies that came to clean and tidy the house. Wednesday mornings she would go shopping at the mall and Friday afternoons she would play tennis with her girlfriends at the club. That is where Danny could be found discretely placed trying to get glimpses of Julia’s frilly panties as she pranced around the court. Having finally completed his plans, all he needed to know was when Robert Williams would be out of the country, on a weekend business trip. That particular situation came quicker than expected.

Wednesday morning at the mall Danny waited for Julia to arrive and feigned surprise when they met. “Hello Mrs. Williams what are you doing here?”

“Hello Danny I always come shopping on a Wednesday.” They spoke for some ten minutes before Danny invited her to have a coffee with him.

“Sorry but I really don’t have the time.”

“Have a coffee with me Mrs. Williams, take a few minutes to relax, I wanted to see you to ask how Tommy is getting on.”

“Alright just a cup of coffee.” Danny offered her his hand and together they entered the nearest coffee house.

They sat together in a booth a lot longer than Julia anticipated, she was enjoying her time being entertained by this young man. For the first time in weeks found herself relaxing and enjoying life. She began to open up and told Danny how her life had changed since Tommy left for college and how lonely it was in the big house. She mentioned that her husband would be away over the weekend which only increased her loneliness, at least in the week she had people at the house she could talk to.

“Mrs. Williams if you are on your own could I take you out to dinner Saturday night, at least you wouldn’t be on your own and you might even enjoy it.”

“Oh I don’t know Danny, I don’t know what my husband would say.”

“Surely he can’t expect you to stay in that house alone all the time, that’s just not fair.”


Julia thought about what Tommy had been saying about his father and thought. Why not, if he is having an affair the least I could do is go out to dinner with Danny. “Alright Danny that would be very nice we can go Dutch.”

“Go Dutch I wouldn’t dream of it Mrs. Williams.”

“Danny if we are going out to dinner do you think you could call me Julia?”

“Certainly Julia, would it be convenient if I picked you up at 7:30 p.m.?”

“Thank you that would be perfect.”

Saturday night Julia opened the door when Danny knocked. She was wearing the same outfit she wore when Tommy took her out to dinner. The short miniskirt, the tight sweater and the thin bra, providing Danny with the erotic sight of her protruding nipples. “Wow Julia you look fantastic.” Julia giggled secretly pleased with Danny’s complements. Danny opened the car door and watched as her skirt slipped down to the top of thighs as she dropped into the low seat of his open top sports car. When they arrived at the restaurant, he helped her out of the car and couldn’t prevent himself from looking up her skirt as she swung her legs out of the car.

Danny had been the perfect host, entertaining, generous, the evening had been perfect. The restaurant was great, the food very good, and the couple of bottles of wine, fantastic, Julia enjoyed her time on the dance floor dancing with Danny. Having drunk a little more wine than she ought, half expecting to be groped, Danny spent most of the time supporting her as they danced.

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