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Dance Partner

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Maria couldn’t believe it actually worked.

Two nights earlier she’d asked her best friend Keri, to ask a guy to dance at the country western bar they frequented on Thursday nights. Maria’s plan was for Keri to see if she’d like him, not just like the way he looked.

Surprisingly, after the dance, Maria met Tim and chatted with him for a while. He danced well, seemed very intelligent, was a few inches taller than her 5’10” frame, so she could at least look up at him and his big brown eyes. It was obvious to her that Tim kept himself in good shape as she paid attention to where she slid her hands during the course of the few dances which they shared before the night was over.

On the way out, Maria gladly gave Tim her phone number to set up a time to meet on Saturday. She went home that night and was so excited she realized her panties were wet.

Tim wasn’t expecting the advance either. He was smart, but not the most outgoing or brash guy either. He went to the western bar like most 23 year-old guys – to find women his age. He enjoyed the dance with Keri, a petite brunette of about 5’3″ with a large rack on top for her size. Her friend Maria was tall, thin, with short, dark hair. After that first dance in which Tim met the two beautiful brunettes, Keri left the tall pair to get better acquainted. Before too long, they were chatting and Tim was glad he’d gotten Maria’s number to meet up on Saturday.

Two nights later, Maria prepped herself for her night out. They had dinner plans, then off to a movie. She wore a pink tank top that made her B-cups seem a bit bigger.

At dinner, while the conversation was going on, each couldn’t help but admiring the other.

The sexual tension broke when Tim planted a kiss on Maria’s lips during the movie. Despite the crowded movie theater, neither seemed to care that the tall duo spent about half an hour with their lips locked and tongue twirling around each other’s mouths.

They calmed down enough to drive back to her apartment, where it didn’t take long to pick up where they left off.

While they were both really into each other, neither one seemed to realize how much the other was holding back. For almost an hour, no clothes were removed, just a lot of groping, kissing, necking and moaning.

In Maria’s mind, thoughts kept racing through her head, as she straddled Tim, grinding into his pelvis as he sent jolts of electricity through her body with every touch of his lips to hers or to her neck or shoulders.

In Maria’s mind it was only one thing.

“Mmmmmm, wow that feels really hard. “

Her kissing had gotten Tim hard a long time ago. her grinding was only making it more of a strain.

As if reading her mind, Tim stood up with Maria still straddling him, and carried her to the bedroom. She let out an affectionate laugh as she somehow flipped the light switches she needed to along the way.

Once in her bedroom, Tim started kissing right at her navel and working his way up, underneath her pink tank top. Maria, lay there as she felt shockwaves of pleasure travel up and down her spine.

Her top now removed, Tim licked carefully, flicking his tongue on one already hardened nipple while flicking at the other one with his thumb Escort bayan and index finger. Meanwhile, Maria writhed in pleasured and her moaning only encouraged his foreplay.

His expert mouth was already soaking her panties as she muttered only incoherent words.

“Ohhhhh, Gg. . .yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh”

The first orgasm came just like that, without him having touched her now soaked pussy. She thought he was sexy 2 nights earlier, but the way he was getting her off was more than she imagined.

As she pulled his head up from sucking on her now swollen nipples, she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it to reveal a toned, muscular chest. She ran her hands over his tight abs, as their lips locked and tongues swirled after her first orgasm.

To somewhat of a surprise to her, Tim wasn’t done with Maria yet. As he laid her back down on to the bed, he slid his left hand down her stomach ever so smoothly, underneath her waistline until he reached her soaking wet pussy.

She’d trimmed her triangle of hair above her clit the night before, and his soft hands on her now swollen clit was exactly what she needed. She tensed and occasionally relaxed as Tim took his lips off hers, and realized underneath her pants she was wearing a g-string.

“You take it off – I wanna see it,” he said.

As horny as she was, she wasn’t about to say no. After she peeled down her pants, Tim was treated to one of the nicest, tightest asses he’d ever seen. In the front was a sweet pussy, wet and with a swollen clit and only a small patch of hair on her abdomen above her clit.

He stood up behind her – him with his pants on, her naked. She stood there shivering yet so hot couldn’t quite figure it out. She could feel his hardon grinding in to her from behind.

Meanwhile Tim is busy kissing her neck, playing with one nipple of hers in one hand, and massaging her clit with his other. All she can do is moan as her legs start to give way and grab onto his hair and pull his head into her even closer.

Without saying anything, Tim comes around to her front, kissing down the center of her chest until he reaches her pussy.

He slowly leans her back onto the bed. As she says “you don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t have to,” he says. “I want to”

With that, his lips lit the fuse of the firecracker that was her pussy. He circled it slowly with his tongue, sucked on it with his lips, and darted his tongue in and out. The next several minutes was a combination of her gasping for air, moaning, and tensing up every time he hit a sensitive spot.

Something was building up before she even knew what it was.

His pace quickened once he realized she was close. He sucked her now very swollen clit into his mouth and eagerly lapped up the sweet juices with his tongue as he licked her pussy.

Suddenly, she grabbed his head, gasped, and locked her long, silky legs around his head.

She thought she urinated on him for a split second because she was absolutely drenched.

She screamed as she gushed a squirting orgasm from her pussy into his waiting mouth, and writhed and moaned for the next half a minute until she came down from the immense sexual high.

Super-sensitive now, Maria, Bayan escort never one who wanted to taste her own pussy, didn’t hesitate to say “Oh my God, you’re good at that!!!” before she locked lips with him, the taste of her juicy pussy still fresh on his lips and tongue.

She sat up and straddled him. Maria unbuttoned his pants to see probably the nicest cock she’d ever lay eyes on.

It was hard alright, because Tim had been keeping that hardon inside his pants for over an hour with no relief.

Tim’s cock wasn’t giant by any means. But Maria knew a big one when she saw it. Her last boyfriend was about 5 1/2 inches. Tim was 2 inches longer, and thicker.

His cock had a round, purple head that she stroked with one hand and two nuts that seemed bigger than golf balls in a heavy sack below his 7 1/2″ cock.

Tim moaned in pleasure as Maria leaned over him and took his hard cock in her waiting mouth. It was so big she couldn’t suck all of it.

She had a very talented mouth, and although she wanted to ride his beautiful cock all night, she felt she owed him a good blowjob because she’d already cum from his mouth twice already.

Tim lie back and enjoyed watching the pretty brunette’s head bob up and down on his cock. She used just enough tongue when she reached the purple head and swirled the tongue around it before seeing how much she could swallow.

She was used to a smaller cock, so she still couldn’t get all of his hard monster down her throat. She stroked his cock wanting to taste his delicious cum, but also realizing she wanted him to stuff her pussy until the sun came up.

She made sure to lick his big gonads and stroke his shaft up and down while she lapped at it with her tongue.

Her pussy was wet from before, and she felt a little tingle again. She kept one hand stroking his hardon while she quickly straddled him and held his veiny hardon at the entrance to her sopping wet pussy.

“Put it in baby,” he said to her in a whispering tone.

“Mmmmm, it’s big. . . “

For her it was. Maria’s pussy was still tight. A gasp was heard as her face initially looked shocked to realize the size of his monster. She wanted inside her so bad, but she wasn’t sure if it was going to fit.

When he started rubbing his thumb on her clit, she gyrated her hips and sunk down a little more on each stroke.

Until. . . he was in.

“AAAAAHHHHH! Oh my that’s big. Fuck me, baby, but take it slow”

Not really one for talking during sex, she couldn’t help herself. Not only was the hot guy into her, but he was huge.

For a while she just tried getting used to his size. She rode his cock gyrating her hips back and forth slowly and rubbing her clit to keep her wet. Her wetness was probably the only thing that let Maria take his cock inside her.

As she built up a pace, Tim started sucking and flicking at her nipples, sticking a finger in her mouth for her to suck on like his cock and playfully grabbing her tight ass. One time he pinched her left nipple at just the right pressure to have her arms give out from under her as she had orgasm

It wasn’t as big as the second one, but that was the biggest orgasm she ever had.

The thing was Escort – he still was hard.

She had an idea.

She’d done this position once or twice before, but it never worked with her old boyfriend. His cock wasn’t big enough.

Tim’s was.

“Do me from behind you big stud,” she whispered naughtily in his ear.

She laid flat on the bed, her tight, sexy ass up in the air just a bit, wiggling to tempt Tim’s big cock to fuck her again.

He slowly slid his dick inside her pussy, and once he got in he knew he hit her spot because she, relaxed, collapsed and moaned loudly.

Her hips sank to the bed and she spread her arms out to the side. Tim’s body was now covering hers. She felt his arms on top of hers, and his pelvis right behind her sweet ass.

“Fuck me hard baby and don’t stop!!”

This position she loved. It takes the right kind of man, she thought, to be able to do this with.

While she wasn’t anally inclined, she loved the feeling of a big hard cock between her lovely ass cheeks. Tim’s cock was big enough to satisfy her cravings and it hit her g-spot every time because he was long enough.

Tim thrusted deep and hard into Maria for what seemed like days. The sound of his pelvis slapping against her sweet ass on every stroke was absolute pleasure for the both of them.

Tim became more aggressive in his words and his actions. He teased her a little bit, because it was obvious she was loving every second of it. But, the teasing was only short-lived because he was loving the way her ass cheeks and pussy clamped so nicely around his cock.

“Oh. God. Yes. Tim, fuck me!. Harder! Ahhhh! Yeahhh!”

Those were the words that came out of Maria’s mouth as Tim pounded her pussy. The small feeling of helplessness she loved. While she loved being the giver at times, she loved being the recipient.

After another magnificent orgasm brought her to four for the evening, she started to wonder if he was ever going to cum.

As his big balls slapped against her pussy lips with every stroke, she knew what she wanted.

She told him “Shoot your load inside me!”

He gyrated his hips differently to get himself in a better position. He quickly increased his pace to the point when both of them were on verge of a big orgasm.

“You want my cum inside you, is that what you want?”

“YES!!! Give it to MEEEEeeeeee. . “

Both lay on the bed spasming for most of the next minute, almost unable to move with any self-control. Tim exploded inside Maria’s pussy with thick jets of cum just as her 5th orgasm of the evening hit, almost as good as the 2nd.

As she came out of it, she looked at the clock and realized they’d gotten home 2 1/2 hours earlier. She felt the warm sensation of a lot of Tim’s cum filling up her pussy. She was lucky she was on the pill because she never felt so full before.

As he rolled off of her, and she rolled over, she kissed him on the mouth one more time before sucking the last bit of cum out of his now softening, yet still sensitive, cock.

“Mmmmm, I’m going to be sore for a while,” she said

“Sorry about that – I kind of got into it there,” he responded.

“Well, you can just make it up to me in the morning when we shower together,” she said, with a mischievous smile.

“I guess you won’t be asking Keri to get you a dance partner next week,” he inquired.

“Nope, but she and her DD tits might want some of what I got tonight. . . “

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