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Mistress Red Fox Becoming a Devotee Pt. 02

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After the first session with Mistress Red I was totally enthralled. We’d been in communication a little, but mostly I’d been busy writing. I’d finished chapter 1 of this story and was wondering what chapter 2 might include. I’d submitted the chapter to Mistress Red for her approval and was waiting for her feedback, before sending the final script to Literotica.

On Mistress Red’s orders I was spending more time each day with three little rubber O rings fitted over the head of my cock to use as glans rings. A normal glans ring fits under the head of the cock, to ensure that it stays erect to simulate the woman during penetration. These rings were doing the exact opposite.

The black rubber O rings were only 18 mm, just less than 3/4 of an inch in diameter. I’d found out that if I used three or four of them, carefully pulling and sliding them over the sensitive glans to fit under the corona, my foreskin would be forced to remain fully retracted.

My cock looked like a mini version of the stretched neck of an African women with metal rings elongating their necks. The rings keep the sensitive glans of my cock out from its usual protection of my foreskin, meaning constant stimulation with every footstep. They make it necessary to sit down to piss and each time I do, the little head of my cock gets engorged before I can release anything.

The crucial point though, is that my small cock simply can’t get hard once the rings are in place. My manhood is kept as my little clit, according to Mistress Red. An erection is completely impossible with the rings in place.

Mistress Red loves the look of them on her slut, and that when they are in place she effectively has complete control of my cock. She can keep it small as a clit and prevent me from wanking or cumming. Even though I could take them off at any time, I don’t. I want to please her and I never know when she might tell me to pop into a men’s room to take a photo of them to send to her.

As the days passed from the first session, she demanded that I wore them more frequently and for longer. My cock was getting smaller and it seemed to be getting used to that, just as she had planned. I wondered if I’d be allowed any erections in the future.

As a guy who for years has wanked at least once a day while reading some kinky story on Literotica, I’d not cum for two weeks. I was building up a serious backlog of cum in my balls, and it made me hornier and more submissive.

Late one night I was wandering through the kinkier aspects of the net, and I ended up perusing some delightful pics. I saw a stunning image of a beautiful Mistress with fabulous heels and a gloriously huge strap-on with the perfect tagline “I peg therefore I am.” I sent a link to Mistress Red saying “Philosophy ummmm”.

I sat on the sofa with my glass of wine and laptop, waiting. A few minutes passed and the words I’d desperately longed for flashed up, “Let’s do it piglet!”.

Could she really mean that, or was this just more roleplay? Although Mistress had plugged me at the end of the last session, now she was talking about actually fucking my sissy ass pussy. That was a whole ball game.

I responded as she knew I would, “Please make me your bitch Mistress Red.” There was nothing in the world I wanted more.

I could almost hear her chuckling over the computer lines, “You are such a slut, such a complete slut.”

“Indeed I am Mistress Red, your little fat piglet of a slut, you bring out the inner slut in me.”

“Have you got my rings in place on that dirty pathetic little clit of yours?”

“No Mistress sorry I haven’t.” She hadn’t told me I needed them in place, but I realised that I should have anticipated her command.

“Don’t say sorry, you stupid little slut, go and get them in place right away and send me the photo.” Shit I’d got this one wrong.

I ran to the bathroom and put the three O rings in place. It was difficult as I was partially erect, but I pulled and squashed my cockhead until they were in place, doing their job keeping me flaccid. Then I took the photo and sent it to her. “How long would you like them in place Mistress Red?”

“For the entire night bitch, they should have been on earlier in the day and you know that.”

“Yes Mistress, it won’t happen again.”

Tagging her into another photo, this time it was a Mistress with a big white strap on cock starting to take a shaved sissy. Her response this time was to say, “Your tears and snivelling will be so HOT to me.”

Then she was gone.

I was so turned on at the interactions with Mistress Red that I had a few drinks too many one night on a weekend. My family were away and I got a little drunk. I thought it was a good idea to extend my shaving regime, hoping that it would please her, or at the very least amuse her.

Previously I’d only shaved my balls and ass pussy crack, but this time I went much further. Once I’d finished shaving, I had a moment or two and thought what the fuck, how am I going to hide this, istanbul escort but then horniness took over. I began posting pics of a freshly shaved me online, with my freshly shaved armpits, chest, everywhere around cock and balls, even the landing strip and ass crack. Way more than I’d ever done before and something I have to hide for a while.

Mistress Red messaged me the following morning, “Bravo piglet, as bald as a bandicoot, just the way I like you.”

Mistress Red then came back about my story, I was desperate to get it published – so, so keen. “Hi Piglet, I have just been through your masterpiece again, fixed a bit of grammar here and there, and attached it to this email. I reckon it’s good to go!” I was utterly elated, although maybe I should have paid a little more heed to her comment, “Fixed a bit of grammar here and there”.

“It’s so exciting and we should celebrate appropriately soon, don’t you think?” When I read this I was beside myself. Just the idea of seeing Mistress again was wonderful.

“Hi Mistress Red I’m so, so pleased you liked it. I think it will be a great read for a lot of horny Mistresses and subs alike. With a bit of luck it should also educate a few people.” I just hoped that it would get good readership numbers and preferably score over 4.5 and remain a HOT story. I knew from experience that drove higher readership numbers as did multiple chapters. So I was keen to get the second chapter completed.

“Well I say it’s time to celebrate. Come to the dungeon at 3pm on Thursday this week.” This from Mistress Red on the Monday evening. I was utterly transfixed at the prospect, especially as Mistress Red said she wanted to take me with her big new strap-on. I’d been longing for this since we first started communicating. She was strong, powerful and beautiful. I longed for her to take me until I begged for more, and for her to make me her sissy bitch.

I awoke the following morning incredibly horny. I knew I shouldn’t, but I simply couldn’t resist, I had to text Mistress Red.

“Should I practice with my dildo and plug so that I’m not too tight for your big one Mistress?” I did have real concern that Mistress Red’s biggest cock might be too much for me to take, if I wasn’t at least a little loose. Then again, as a a size queen I was desperate for her to plug my depths and wanted to be open enough to take a good hard fucking. Being on all fours for Mistress Red as she pushed the plug home in session one was an amazing feeling. But the thought of her lining up behind me wearing her strap on, was a different kettle of fish.

“Yes you better practice, so no tears ruin your makeup slut.” I could imagine Mistress Red’s smile as she texted.

“But I thought you liked the idea of me crying and making my makeup run?” I’d never been much of a pain slut, but the desire to please and satisfy Mistress Red’s latent sadism was intoxicating. I hoped my brain wasn’t writing cheques that my body couldn’t cash.

Mistress Red replied, “The running mascara would make a striking photo, but it would be wasted, as you could never share it or risk it being seen dammit!!” I could sense her frustration.

I didn’t want to let Mistress down, there had to be a way to show the photo if she made me cry for real. I hoped it would please her. She seemed so disappointed that her handiwork couldn’t go on the web. I had to make this happen.

“We must be able to take a pic with the tears and mascara and saliva or a dildo in place that makes me not recognisable so it can go online?” As ever, I was so keen to please and wanted the images for my profile. Just the idea had me breathless, but the reality of being made to cry was outside my comprehension. Then again, sluttiness always overcomes logic for a slut.

“True, I’m sure we can.” Now, it just meant me taking enough punishment to actually cry for Mistress.

“I’ll make sure I’m ready for you Mistress Red, I’ll go straight home and open my asspussy up with my dildo then I’ll push the plug in. It’s just that in the past going into session when I was tight has always been pretty tricky, especially bearing in mind the size of your new cock. I have the O rings on my clit head already Mistress Red.”

“Good slut, now take a photo of those O rings next time you’re in the men’s room and send it to me. I love seeing you all squished up and controlled for me, knowing that I’m controlling you when you’re not even with me, pleases me”

“Yes Mistress I’ll take the photo right now. Would you like it if I came back to work fully plugged, in my panties and with the rings still in place?” I know what you’re thinking – such an absolutely desperate slut. But what choice have you got when that’s the way you feel in your soul.

“Oh yes. If only your colleagues knew!” I knew that the thought of me in panties, clit head exposed and butt plugged with my biggest plug as I sat working in an open plan office, would give Mistress some chuckles for the afternoon and possibly make her moist. After escort bayan all, pleasing your Mistress is the greatest joy possible.

I raced to the men’s room and took the photo and attached it to the text message and sent it. Then back to my desk to wait for Mistress’s text.

“Excellent, it looks so good. Enjoy your day slave. That’s an order.” I couldn’t leave the office fast enough, desperate to carry out the remainder of Mistress’s orders.

“Will do, thankyou Mistress. I’ll be plugged in fifteen minutes. Then for only the second time ever, I’ll be wearing the plug out in the open. I’ll be plugged all afternoon. Have a great day.” This was beyond my wildest dreams. Only once on a work trip had I plugged myself and then left the hotel for a meal plugged. It had been uncomfortable, but an intense turn on.

“Sorry one last question Are you OK for me to post these pics online please, as it was under your instructions?”

“We have to share the kink!” Simple and to the point, an order to be carried out.

I raced home, stripped naked, and took the shower head off the shower hose. I cleaned my asspussy out as quickly as I could and sniffed on some old poppers, applied my nipple clamps and lubed up my dildo. I knelt on the bathroom floor and positioned the head of my eight inch dildo at my pussy entrance. I waited for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of the dildo starting to up open my ass pussy as the poppers began to take effect, and the dull throb grew in each nipple.

Then I sniffed long and hard once more and lowered myself an inch. Now the head of the cock was in and I knew Mistress Red would want me to do this quickly. I took another long sniff and lowered myself down on all eight inches in one swift motion, moaning out with a mixture of pleasure and pain as I took the whole cock. I then rode it up and down, the plug stayed suctioned on the floor, so I worked until I thought I was loose enough.

Time was running out. I needed to get back to the office quickly, so I suctioned the plug onto the toilet seat and stood astride it. Gingerly removing the dildo and dropping it into the sink, I lined up the big red plug with my now gaping hole. Taking this plug was never easy, it had no give in it at all and was a full two and a half inches in diameter. I lowered myself a little then rose up again. Plugging one nostril, I sniffed long and hard on the little bottle of poppers and lowered myself a little more.

Another ten minutes of sniffing and squatting, rising and lowering, taking it bit by bit, stretching me more and more, until that glorious moment of the maximum opening. That moment where as a slut you know it’s close, but it’s so big you can’t be sure if you can actually take the pain or the plug. Then one more little movement and your ass muscles clench on the snap back of the plug, and eagerly pull and slam it deep into your asspussy. It’s a precious moment and I was fully plugged. I tidied up, pressed the plug in as far as the base would allow, pulled on an undersized pair of bikini bottoms, and pulled them tight between my big butt cheeks to hold the plug in deep. Then I dressed and returned to the office for an afternoon of discomfort and pleasure, trying to walk normally and act as though nothing was unusual.

It was a highly stimulating afternoon. Work was hard but still weirdly productive.

Wednesday morning, I woke up happy. One sleep to go. I had the timer set on my phone counting down to 3pm on Thursday.

Once I’d showered, I texted Mistress Red. “I’m off for a meeting with the Mayor shortly. How would Mistress Red like me to be accessorised?”

There was a short delay with no reply and I needed to get off to the meeting, so I plugged in anticipation of Mistress’s reply, and arrived at the meeting somewhat uncomfortable and stretched to the limit.

As I sat squirming in my chair, moving from side to side to try and accomodate the plug and concentrate on the meeting, my text pinged silently. “I definitely like the idea of the O rings on your slutty horny clit.” Ohhh no, I’d done the wrong thing. I just had to admit it and hope that Mistress wouldn’t be cross with me.

“Mistress I came out with the plug in and panties on, wow what a buzz. Will go home for the O rings shortly, they keep it so small and sensitive.” I hoped that would be OK, sitting through the meeting was truly surreal, moving from side to side with my asspussy held wide, wide open, trying not to give anything away at all.

“Haha that’s OK, I was busy, but at least you took some initiative.” Thank goodness for that. What an absolute relief to not have displeased Mistress Red.

“How long would you like me to remain plugged today Mistress Red?”

“Until three.” Shit that would be a full six hours. I’d certainly have worked my asspussy over really well by then, and it would be the longest time I’d ever been plugged especially with a plug of this diameter.

“Oooooooo I like it. Have a great distracted afternoon my pork Pendik escort chop.”

“Your piglet will think of nothing but you, clit head being rubbed by tight panties which are pulled tight between pig’s big butt cheeks holding plug in deep. I’m your obedient piggie sissy slut. Bye have a fab day.”

At 2.55 pm I texted once more, “Longest ten minutes of my life, waiting to unplug. What a day thanks, only 5 mins to go.”

“Tee hee!”

“Thought that might amuse you. It has been a truly wild day. Without any form of stimulant, I’ve been as high as a kite with my rude bits in sensory overload. All thanks to you Mistress. Do you require any preparations of me tomorrow other than being freshly shaved and immaculately clean inside and out.”

“No, that should be just perfect. It’s just a shame I can’t leave my marks all over you. Poor little bottie gets such a hiding.” I could hear her disappointment at the issue, she just wanted to give the punishment she thought I deserved, but was so worried about leaving marks which might be seen.

“Don’t worry Mistress Red, you can leave more marks than last time: chest, tits, back, thighs. I have to keep my top anyway as no chest hair, so that’s all good. Emma almost always goes to bed before me. I’m just going to do my best to take what you dish out, but just so long as the marks go away in a few days.” Would this reassure Mistress? I hoped so. No reply, so I tried to add more reassuring comments.

“Like you said you wanna see me cry. Lots of fresh poppers will help with the pain thresholds too. All I’d ask is that you take all the photos you like, then we can work on them after the session. Also other places can’t be seen can be marked, but they’re the very sensitive places. Mistress does that reassure you a little bit?”

“Oh that’s excellent news!”

“Brilliant. Use my body as your canvas. I think (fucking hope) that I can take it. Obviously need to steer clear of much harder than a hard slap on the face (although I think those fade quickly), and probably calves as I wear shorts, but the rest is yours Mistress. God I’m really talking myself into a corner, aren’t I?” Often slutty subs talk themselves into way more than they can take. We’d see if I was doing that.

“Ohh and I’ve got a bottle of champagne as I thought that would go with your idea of a celebration.”

“Way hay I love bubbles, that will be perfect.” Thinking of Mistress smiling was a true reward.

One more sleep, pyjamas on to hide the lack of hair, I went to sleep thinking of Mistress and hoping that she’d fill my ass pussy and fuck it really hard.

I woke on the morning of the session Fuck I was excited. I showered, cleaned out my asspussy until it was pristine, shaved my chest, armpits, balls and ass crack again even the strip above my cock. I was cleaner than I’d ever been and looked less masculine than ever, and I loved it.

I waited for the morning to pass, the hands of the clock slowed the closer we got. Then a text came through.

“Now, just to get you in the mindset for this avo – I am your editor. I get you in to celebrate finally getting your work published. You think I’m kinda geeky and bossy but have no idea I have a pathological problem when people don’t adhere to proper grammar etc. I know you’re quite interested in BDSM because naturally, I have read your work. But you’ve only ever had the odd kinky lover and detest pain. You will be scared because it will dawn on you fairly quickly that I am punishing you purely for my own psycho reasons. You address me as your editor Miss Red. Got it?

“Sounds wonderful, I love it especially the grammar aspect. So I just leave my kink bag in the interview area should you need anything from it? I look forward to celebrating with you Miss Red. See you at 3pm.”

“Yes to the kink bag. Excellent. Too exciting!”

I was intensely excited sitting in the office in tight cream panties and I loved that no one had a clue. I’d bought a fresh bottle of poppers which remained unopened as they are always at their most potent straight after opening. I texted, “I think I might need to sniff a lot today if that’s OK with you. Not sure how to occupy my mind for the next four hours, the anticipation is exquisite.”

“Terrible for work concentration! We can pop your head off Piglet.” The wonderful thing was that Mistress Red sounded almost excited as I was. Her excitement added to mine.

“Fuck that sounds amazing, see you soon.”

I went back home an hour before the allotted time and checked that I was as clean as could be. I drank bottle after bottle of water to ensure that I was hydrated, worrying a little what would happen if I needed to piss. I knew that Mistress Red was not into watersports, so hoped I wouldn’t need to go.

I sat down to waste the extra ten minutes I had, sliding my hand under my shirt to stroke my tits (as Mistress Red referred to them). Smooth with sensitive nipples, I was hugely turned on.

I got the champagne out of the fridge, picked up the kink bag, and set off for the twenty five minute journey, my heart rate rising with each minute.

I arrived 15 minutes early as planned and waited in the car park just down the road. I used the public toilet for one more sit down piss.

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