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The New Whore Order

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*Warning: This is a twisted and dark fantasy about a dystopian future. It contains extreme ideals and is generally insensitive. Please do not read if you are easily offended.*

First they came for our Girlfriends, and we did not speak out.

Then they came for our Wives, and we did not speak out.

Then they came for our Mothers and Daughters, and we still did not speak out.

Then they came for us.. Well, at least some of us.

The year is 2073-the future is not as bright or as exciting as we’d hoped. There still are no flying cars; there is no cure for cancer. The United States is no longer made up of free states and you can forget about the rest of the world.

It started nearly 20 years ago as the US slowly started to crumble beneath an underground society known as The New Whore Order. Much to the surprise of myself and millions of conspiracy theorists, this organization was not being ran by the rich white elites; no, this organization was being ran entirely by wealthy black men. They took charge of everything: the media, the police force, the military. There wasn’t a thing that one civilian could do about it.

First, they started by segregating and separating themselves from every other race in the country; essentially reversing the roles of the Civil Rights Movement. Blacks were treated to and allowed the finest things that money could buy and the rest of us were forced to pick up the scraps.

Then they started to control the entire female population through social medias such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and OnlyFans. They brainwashed the target audience and users of the apps and convinced them that there were only two things in the world that could satisfy their sexual desires: Money & Black Cock.

It only took them two years before every woman from the ages of 18 – 30 left their boyfriends for black men. Women in the age range of 30 – 50 years old weren’t as affected by the viral campaign but many of them slipped through the cracks as well.

Year three is when they started to make it mandatory for any woman without child, that was currently in a relationship with a white man or any other race they had to date black men exclusively; if they failed to abide by this new executive order then they would face the consequences, which was just about the same as being forced to date black men only.

The fourth year is when they made it completely illegal for any man that wasn’t black to procreate and reproduce with a woman. Straight pornography was also banned for anyone other than the black man; any other race was forced to watch Gay/Transgender porn. This was also the year that they forced any and all women who had yet to be converted to a black cock worshiper to be taken and brainwashed.

That’s right.. They’d taken all of our women. Our girlfriends, wives, mothers, and daughters; they’d even taken our pornography. A white man, such as myself hadn’t made love to a woman in nearly five years.

As the years had gone by, most men had switched over to homosexuality; it wasn’t personal, it was just the way of life-a natural primal instinct that needed to be fulfilled. Man was made to reproduce.. And when you take that away from him he will go to the most extreme measures to satisfy his needs and dump a thick load into a wet hole. Many men couldn’t bring themselves to have sex with another man, which resulted in a lot of suic-well, you can put that together.

Luckily, transgender women were not seen as women in the eyes of our new masters. So if you were lucky, you could find a very attractive transwoman and live as you would have with a cis-woman.

Unfortunately this didn’t last long for us and as for the trans-community, the masters saw them as less of a human being and they were treated as personal sex toys, dolls, and slaves when and where ever a black man needed to release his tension. Trans-rights were essentially stripped from the entire population and their one and only job was to please black men; it was a punishable by death if they were caught even speaking to a man of another race (because they served no other purpose than to please black men and could not birth a child).

After years of being deprived of the one thing we craved the most: the soft touch of a woman and a warm pussy nearly the majority of men had grown accustomed to gay porn and gay sex. It was openly accepted amongst the remaining races that we were no longer considered homosexuals if we engaged in sex with another man.

Besides, you could find someone to match your any and all of your needs:

Just looking for a quick pump and dump? Easy. Just walk outside. Go next door. Ask your roommate. Looking to have your cock sucked and worshiped for hours but don’t like to look a man in the eyes while he goes wild? Simple: turn out the lights and put a hoodie over his head. Don’t want anyone to know who you are and the fact that you like to fuck smooth bubble butt men in the ass? Put on a mask! Your favorite position is doggy style, because you like a porno large ass but want to remain distant and impersonal? No problem, that’s how they feel too.

Sex became easier to come by than it ever had before when women were still available. Sure, we were mostly sneaking around in the dark and in dark rooms savagely destroying some little twinks tight and magical hole but at least we were getting to cum.

By the tenth year, with the majority of the world’s population forced to engage in homosexual activities the smartest doctors around the world had banded together and found a vaccine for every single sexually transmitted disease and a cure for HIV-the entire disease was eradicated from existence. Not only was sex easier to get than ever before but there was absolutely no risk in having sex with literally any one at any time. Black men may have had access to every woman on the planet but the rest of the male population was thriving!

Needless to say, but the masters were not pleased with the newfound success of their fellow man. In fact, it sickened them to think that the men of the world outside of the black community were all having sex with other men!

A new executive order was made.

Since homosexuality had become the new heterosexuality for men, the masters decided to make sex with another man illegal.

However, our masters were not completely cruel and did not lack total empathy.

Perhaps it was not for the best for all of us BUT, they allowed us to still have sex with another man under one circumstance.. The man had to go through an intensive feminization conversion therapy. This conversion therapy was optional for any man in the world UNLESS you were 5’6 or shorter or weighed under 130 lbs.

If you were 5’6 or shorter, you were deemed a sissy.

If your cock was 5 inches or less, you were deemed a sissy.

If you weighed 130 lbs or less, you were deemed a sissy.

If for example, you were 6’0 and 130 lbs.. You were deemed a sissy.

And let us not forget, those unlucky bastards that were six feet tall with a cock smaller than five inches.. Those poor souls were deemed sissies and had their cocks locked into cages that were “xx-tra” small. But we’ll get to that.

These men lost their rights to their manhood and were immediately picked up and swept off the streets and put into the new Feminization program.

What did the Feminization program consist of, you ask?

Well for starters, these men were not going to be transgender; they would not be allowed any unnatural hormones that would effectively allow them to “transition”. They were not allowed to be “women” by any sense of the word. These men are referred to as: sissies, femboys, and cross dressers. They were not considered to be a part of any gender; their place in the world was forfeited and they were seen as the weakest among a world where survival of the fittest had taken priority.

Under no circumstances are sissies allowed to get a breast augmentation or implants. Their bodies must remain natural; any enhancement must be done at the gym. They are by no means, allowed to gain any weight or muscle to look more manly; in fact, if they wanted to workout they were monitored by a government appointed physician and nutritionist and were only allowed to work muscle groups essential for their feminization (Glutes, Quads & Calves, Hamstrings, Abs).

They were required by law to maintain a strict gym regimen and diet and they had to have a flat stomach at all times. They were also forced to receive laser hair removal for every single part of their bodies.

A wardrobe was assigned to each sissy, which included up to ten outfits ranging from: thongs, fishnets, skirts, dresses, garter belts, stockings, thigh high socks, leggings, high heels, and bras. Every skirt and dress must hang just below their cock and balls; it is not allowed to be any longer or any shorter. Their ass must be visible at all times when wearing these items. Shorts must be worn above the waist and hiked up in the back, exposing their ass as well.

Sissies by law, no longer have cocks-their “cocks” must be referred to as “clits” and their clit must be locked up and caged in chasity at all times. Each chasity device has a lock on it that is universal and every straight man is to receive a key in the mail. A sissy may only be let out of chasity for up to two hours ONLY during sexual activity and must have the approval from a straight man. As for any sissy standing taller than 5’6 with a cock smaller than five inches, his cock was immediately thrown into a cage and systematically locked into smaller and smaller cages until his little clit barely existed.

A sissy is NEVER allowed to touch their clit and they are never allowed to “top.” They are for all intents and purposes a toy for every man on the planet-even the black masters, if they so choose.

Sissies are legally obligated to take an anti-viagra pill once in the morning and once at night before bed to ensure that their clits japon porno will never be erect.

It is legal for a straight man to do as he pleases with his sissy fuck toy, so if he chooses to play with or suck on a sissy clit, he is legally allowed to do so considering that the sissy cannot get hard.

Sissies do not have the option to say “yes” or “no” whenever they are approached by a man. It is mandatory for them to do as the man pleases and they must keep their ass and body empty and clean on a 24 hour basis. Any sissy in violation of this law faces a lifetime in prison and complete solitude or the death penalty.

Sissies may NOT refer to any man that isn’t black as “Master.” That term is reserved for only the black man. However, it is mandatory to refer to any straight man as daddy.

Sissies must look presentable and passable, fully made up at all times. Men are no longer allowed to have sex with other men, due to the extreme measures taken by the New “WHORE” Order.

Essentially hetero-sex between men that are not black and women of any race has been eradicated, along with any kind of homosexual activity-in the eyes of the masters. Any man that willingly engages in sex with another man (aka a man that is NOT a sissy) will be punished by death.

Which brings us to 2073.

The sissy craze has reached an all-time high. There is a mass amount of group and public sex in the streets and behind closed doors (except most of the time the door is left open, so that anyone passing by may join). The entire world’s economy is fueled by sex and sex work-sissy porn has especially taken off and of course it is not legally allowed to be produced by anyone other than the upper elite black masters.

I wish that I could say I wasn’t happy; I wish that I could say I missed the smell and taste and warmth of a woman’s natural vagina. But I don’t. I’ve never been happier and I’ve never had so much sex in my entire life; I can go literal days, with having my cock sucked by the cutest, daintiest, smoothest little sissy boy you could imagine. Ass is my number one obsession and let me tell you, the sissies that I have in my collection have every single woman I’ve ever dated in the past beat when it comes to ass.

People have gotten so sex crazed over sissy pussy that the masters had to invoke an executive order stating that once a sissy was rightfully claimed (through branding and of course, a cash transaction) that the sissy was completely off-limits to any man other than the owner and the black race. Unfortunately, even after all they’d put us through they were still into stealing our best women-although they never kept the sissy for themselves, their holes weren’t quite the same after being stretched out by a giant black cock.

I, myself owned three beautiful sissy fuck toys. Their names were Amber, Crystal, and Jamie. I knew that once I’d had them I could never not have them again nor could I ever share them with anyone, unless I chose to do so. They had only one job: to please me and to stay fit and thanks to them, I only had one job which was to fuck them stupid on the internet for money. I no longer had to work a 9 – 5 thanks to my sissies, the greatest investment I’ve ever made.

Amber was my star attraction, my first real sissy love. Don’t get me wrong, I loved each one of my sissies as if they were pets but Amber was special. She has big blue eyes, long and curly brown hair, a nose that was slightly larger than average but in a sort of sexy way; her skin was a nice tan silky smooth maple syrup brown. She has the largest plump set of dick sucking lips you’d ever see, completely natural might I add. I’ve never had a set of nicer lips wrapped tightly around my cock, especially once you add on the matte red lipstick. She has a small frame, standing only about 5’4 making her about six inches shorter than me, so even when she wears heels she’s only about 5’6 – 5’7; however, big things come in small packages in her case. She has the smallest little waist and her ass is the real money maker. It’s large, round, plump, tight, with just the right amount of muscle making it look even fatter than it actually is; my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Of course no lower body or ass is complete without the thighs and hips to match; I’d swear she was a natural woman with the width of her hips.

Amber was shy at first-the first few times I hooked up with her she refused to speak because she was afraid her voice would turn me off and that it wouldn’t be girly enough for me. She took it upon herself after our first fuck to go through vocal therapy training where a vocal coach would strenuously train sissies for 8 hours a day on how to sound more womanly.

In fact, the first time I hooked up with Amber it was late one cold December night in the back of my car. I’d seen her strolling down the street and decided to drag her back to my car; like I said she was shy at first. I walked up behind her and grabbed that fat ass of hers and asked if she’d lezbiyen porno like to join me; she smiled, bit her lip, and nodded yes. Once we were inside the car she sat on the opposite side far away from me in the back seat; I whipped my cock out and it was already rock solid and oozing pre-cum. Amber’s eyes grew wide and I could see the reflection of the moonlight glistening in those bright baby blue eyes of hers.

She leaned across the back seat of the car as if she wanted to kiss me and I sat kicked back and relaxed, legs spread wide with my cock in hand waiting for her to make her move. She pulled back just before reaching my face.

“What is it?” I asked.

“May I kiss you?” She softly whispered in the smallest voice imaginable.

“Of course.” I reached over and grabbed her by the back of the neck, just hard to enough to let her know I was going to be her owner from here on out. She released a little whimper as only a sissy could.

Our lips locked and she immediately shoved her tongue in my mouth and I retaliated by trying to stick my tongue as far as I could down her throat. We made out for several minutes violently attacking the other’s tongue without own until the mixture of our mouths was dripping and drooling down her chin and onto my cock.

“Fuck.” I screamed as I shoved her head down by the back of the neck. “Smell it. Just fucking smell it.” I told her as I held her face inches away from my cock.

“That’s the smell of your owner’s cock. You’d better fucking like it.”

I could feel the warmth of her breath along the shaft of my rock hard cock; the windows were dripping with sweat from the condensation of our body heat.

“Open your mouth.” I commanded as I felt her jaw unhinge and open, I forcefully shoved my cock down her throat until she had no choice but to gag.

“Get on your knees and arch your back. I want to see your ass while I fuck your throat.” I told her, and she obeyed like a good sissy girl.

With one hand on the back of her neck, I slowly and gently continued to slide her throat up and down the shaft of my cock; she gagged over and over again but never once put her hands up or attempted to stop. With my free hand I reached over the small of her back and cupped one of her ass cheeks in my hand and squeezed it; I squeezed it and slapped her ass as hard as I could and my cock grew harder with each whimper and gasp that left her mouth as she struggled to keep my cock in her throat. I popped one finger into my mouth and then slid it down the crack of her ass and onto her asshole.. Or should I say her pussy. I twirled my dripping wet finger around the rim of her cunt and I could feel it winking, just waiting and dying for me to penetrate it.

I started to gently tease it with the base of my finger and popped it in just barely and back out; once I started to push further I realized this was the tightest sissy hole I’d ever felt! My cock started to tingle.

“Stop.” I told her, “You’re going to make me cum.”

I needed that pussy; I pushed her up and onto her back against the oppostie door of the car. I grabbed my cock and pressed it up against her warm and wet hole; I rubbed it up and down, gently pressing into like I had done with my finger but it was so tight that I couldn’t get even the head of my cock into it. Amber was looking up at me with her baby blues and reached up with one hand and softly put it around the back of my neck; her hands were so small and so soft it felt like I was being touched by a woman. A feeling I had not felt in years. She slowly pulled my face towards hers never breaking eye contact and softly kissed me; my cock twitched and pulsed as I started to cum. I tried to pull back to stop myself but Amber held me tightly never once breaking her lock with my lips; I exhaled “fuck” through my breath and into her mouth. I stroked my cock and busted my load all over her tiny little clit sack.

I struggled to catch my breath.

“You’re mine now. You belong to me.” I said.

Amber nodded.

“You’re coming home with me now and tomorrow I’m going to fill out the necessary paper work to make sure no man can have you besides me.” I told her.

She nodded again and pulled out her phone to text:

“Yes daddy. That is all I want. I’m sorry for not talking. My voice is not as feminine as I would like it to be for you, but I will go through the vocal training program starting tomorrow.”

And that’s how I met Amber; that was four years ago.. And I will never give her up.

Crystal, I’ve owned for almost two years coming up this January. She stood out from the rest of the sissy sluts I’ve met because she didn’t give it up to just anyone. That’s right, this little sissy cunt was so sexy that she knew she could say no and there was not one thing anyone could do about it. I think most men feared that if they reported her for insubordination that they’d lose the chance to ever have her.. And I can speak from experience when I say that’s heart breaking.

This little cunt had such an attitude that the first time I met her, was when she had invited me back to her apartment after a night out I ended up leaving with nothing to show for it and like every other man she’d shot down, I felt disgusted, insulted, and motivated to have her.

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