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Little Mr Goody Twoshoes

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I saw Goody-goody sitting there with his head buried in a book, as we walked into my boyfriend’s apartment. I called him Goody-goody, but he was really just my boyfriend’s roommate. He was smart, he was shy, and he never took advantage of any of my advances. After that, he became Goody-goody and what I wanted most of all, was to corrupt him, make him bad. Like me.

“Outta the way, I gotta pee!” I said and made a break for the bathroom, but Tony beat me to it. We had been drinking and I needed to pee so bad felt like my eyeballs were about to pop out of my head. Standing at the door listening to him pee, didn’t help matters any. I would have used the sink, but the bastard locked the door.

“She’s all yours,” he said.

I pushed him out of the way and pulled down my jeans and panties in one quick motion. The water was flowing even as I squatted. The cold narrow rim greeted my ass, but it was too late to do a goddamn thing about it.

“Fucker!” I cried.

“What?” Tony asked innocently, looking at me from the corner of the door. His grin told me everything.

“Don’t you know how to put down a goddamn lid?”

“It’s bachelor pad rules here babe,” he said laughing and walking away.

“Bastard!” I threw the roll of toilet paper after him, realizing to late that I needed it.




I looked around the bathroom. Nope, no more paper. I might not have been bent over the barrel, but I was certainly perched on the cold wet rim of it. I swallowed my anger. At least momentarily. “I’m sorry Tony. Please bring me the toilet paper.”

I heard the refrigerator open and the sound of bottles clinking together. He laughed and walked past me and into his room, closing the door behind him.

“Goddamnit!” I kicked a shoe at the wall. I felt like wiping my pussy on one of the towels, but knowing Tony and how long it took him to wash anything, there was no telling what kind of yeast infection I would get from it.

Shit. Well, there was another option and it might even give me a chance to get back at Tony.

“Oh Goody-goody. . .” I sang, but didn’t get an answer.

“Jim,” I said, calling him by his real name. “Please? You wouldn’t leave a girl in distress would you?”

Good old Goody-goody. He came bearing the toilet paper, being a dear and trying to keep his eyes averted.

“I can’t reach it,” I lied. I spread my legs, giving him a clear shot. He refused to look down. I gave him my best come hither stare and looked down. Letting him know it was there for him if he wanted it.

I wanted him to go for it, just once. Take me right there in the bathroom and maybe help me get back at Tony.

Of course he didn’t bite. He was the perfect gentleman about the whole thing. The asshole.

Fuck ’em both. And speaking of fucking, Tony was going to have a surprise. I didn’t wipe at all, not one fucking bit.

I followed Tony into the bedroom. He was propped up on the bed in his boxers, smoking a cigarette, a bottle of Budweiser between his legs. He was well built and had an Italian look about him, but his accent was pure Idaho farmboy.

“You’re a pig,” I said, taking off my shirt and pants, and kicking his clothes out of the way, so mine would have a clear spot on the floor.

“We’ll see who the pig is later,” he said, giving me the look. “I’m gonna make you squeal.”

I climbed into bed on all fours, stalking him. I arched my back and swayed my hips, as I moved over his crotch. I grabbed the base of the beer bottle and mouthed the neck, simulating a blowjob. I knew how to work it. “Save any for me?” I asked.

“I saved you more than that.”

While I turned the bottle up and finished the beer, Tony cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples. deneme bonusu veren siteler As much as I hated to admit it, the bastard was getting me aroused.

I belched and tossed the empty bottle on the floor. He had too many clothes laying around for anything to break.

“Mmmm-” I moaned. “I’m so horny.” I slipped my panties off and straddled his chest. I ran my finger through the light brown hair of my pussy and into my folds. Letting him see how wet I was.

And God was I wet. The thought of him eating me and tasting my pissy pussy had aroused me more than I imagined. I spread myself for him. “Eat me baby. Make me cum.”

“Ha,” he laughed, picking me up and tossing me aside. “You probably didn’t even wipe yourself. But don’t you worry, I still got something for you right here.”

Tony moved behind me, sliding his cock up and down my slit a few times before ramming it home. It took my breath away. I liked fucking him while he was drunk. His strokes were a little longer, a little slower, but most importantly, he was a little rougher with me.

But something was missing tonight. I wanted him to lick me, to taste me when I was dirty, and I had gotten worked up about it. I wanted to do something naughty, and having my hair pulled, while he pounded me, wasn’t getting the job done.

I thought of Goody-goody in the next room over. He could be doing this to me. I thought of him listening and I felt the flames of desire begin to burn.

I grabbed the head board, banging it against the wall with every stroke. ‘This is what you are missing out on Goody!’ I thought to myself. ‘You coulda had this.’

“Spank my ass,” I ordered.

“What?” Tony asked, stopping mid stroke.

“Spank me goddamn it!”

“Shhh, Jim is in the next room.”

He tried to continue fucking me, but I tilted my hips back down to make it difficult. He tried to pull them back up and enter me, but I moved away at the last minute, teasing him.


Ouch! My ass burned. I spread my legs and offered him my pussy. He thrust into my and pounded it home. Our bodies slapped together and he continued to spank me with every thrust.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“That’s it. Spank me. Fuck my cunt, motherfucker!” I moaned. I almost came just from the thought of Goody listening to us in the next room.

“Shit-shit-shit-ohhh-shit. . .” Tony gasped.

“No. . .” I moaned, turning into the aggressor and pushing back against him. “Not yet.”

But it was too late, I felt his cock twitch inside me as he came. Tony collapsed on my back, softening quickly. Then he rolled over and passed out. The snores and my horniness kept me awake.

I couldn’t get the thought of Jim out of my mind. My Goody-goody must surely be as horny as I was. He had to be.

I slipped out of bed, cut out the lights and silently closed the door behind me. I was naked when I entered Goody’s room. It was perfectly silent except for the sound of my heart and the faint snores from the next room.

I felt my way to his bed, and gently slid beneath the covers. I felt Goody’s body against my own. To my surprise, he was naked. For some reason I never pictured Jim as sleeping in the buff. I pictured him as a pajamas bottoms and a T-shirt kind of guy.

I shivered. My nipples were hard and tight. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl. I felt hot.

‘Now or never girl.’ I rolled on top of him, pressing myself tight, and kissed him on the mouth.

He kissed me back and then pulled away with a sharp intake of breath. “What the-” He fumbled for the light. His groggy eyes widened with alarm. “Tanya?” he hissed. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

He was so sweet. “Baby, Tony was so mean to me.” I rocked my pelvis against his crotch. onwin I was so wet I was dripping. There was no way on earth he was could turn me down now.

“What did he do? Do you want me to call someone?”

“No baby.” I took his hand and guided in down below. He jerked away as soon as he realized he was touching the wetness of my sex. “Tony left me hanging. I’m so horny I ache inside.”

I ground against his cock and inhaled so he could get the full effect of my firm ripe breasts. “You’re not gonna leave a girl in distress are you?”

He held my shoulders, not sure what to do next. “Look Tanya,” he said. “You’re drunk and you’re probably not thinking straight. Here, let me help you back to Tony’s room.”

“Oh I’m thinking straight alright.” I slipped my hand below the sheets and grabbed his cock. It wasn’t erect. My confidence began to wane. What had I been thinking? And what was up with Goody? Was he a fag or something? Hell, there was no way he wasn’t attracted to me.

I was just about to run out of the room with my tail between my legs, and then I smelled it. Lotion?

My confidence returned full force, and it came with a extra helping of pissed off. I was horny and needed cock. Needed it bad. One was passed out in the next room and this one had wasted it on him self. What about my needs?

“You fucker,” I hissed. “You jacked yourself off already, didn’t you?” I looked around and spotted the bottle of lotion on his nightstand. His blush confirmed it.

My anger faded a bit when I realized that I had been the one to cause him to do it. Anyway, maybe he could get it up again.

“How many times?” I asked.

He blushed a bright red. “Twice,” he admitted.

The fucker. He probably wouldn’t be able to get it back up again. My own libido was beginning to cool. But all of a sudden the dirtiest little thought snuck into my head and I felt the flush of pleasure return to my cheeks.

I climbed up his body, scaling him like a mountain, until I was astride his head. “Don’t worry,” I said. “There’s other ways to please a woman.”

I knew he could smell me. God, I could smell me. I was ripe with sex. Overfilled with it and brimming with it and Tony’s cum.

It was his turn to tremble. His eyes darted away from my display. He turned his head and winced. “No,” he muttered.

I reached below his cheek and tilted his head back up, forcing him to look at my pussy. “Goody-goody, you’re a smart boy,” I said, smiling, the tone of my voice still slightly playful. “What do you think would happen if I called Tony right now?”

Absolutely nothing. Tony was passed out cold, but Jim didn’t need to know that detail.

“What do you want me to do?” Jim asked, his darling little chin trembled in fear.

“I want you to use your mouth on me.”

“I-I I’ve never done it before,” Jim stuttered, blushing even redder.

“Baby, you just enrolled in a new class,” I said. “Pussy licking 101. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. When I’m finished with you, you’re gonna be a top-notch cunt licker.”

God, this was going to be great. Not only was he going to do it. He was going to do it exactly like I wanted.

“The first thing you need to know,” I continued. “Is that a woman doesn’t like to be rushed. So start off by giving me some very light kisses between my thighs, but not my pussy.”

It felt good, and if I wasn’t still buzzing from the drinks I could have appreciated it a little more, but I was already horny. I didn’t need much foreplay.

“Now lick my thighs,” I said. “See how wet I am for you?” My thighs were not only wet from my secretions, but from Tony’s as well. Goody’s tongue didn’t – couldn’t-discriminate.

“Oh Goody,” I yatırımsız bonus moaned. “You’re a natural. Now my pussy. No not inside, just the outside for now. That’s it. Pretend you’re my little pussy hair stylist. Comb my hair with your tongue and part it. Yeah, baby, that’s it, part it right down the middle.”

I wasn’t sure what it was about Goody, but I was on fire. It couldn’t just be his skill with his tongue. He admitted he had never done it before, besides he hadn’t really even touched my more sensitive areas yet. Was it because I held him within my power? Or that I was making him lick and pleasure my recently used pussy. Whatever it was, my pussy trembled in anticipation of his tongue.

I rose up a bit, just out of his reach and pulled my lips apart. “See how wet you’ve made my pussy Goody? You wanna lick it baby?”

“Shhhh. . .” he whispered, worried that I was going to wake Tony.

“Then tell me.”

Goody licked his lips. His eyes were as big as saucers. “I want to lick it.”

“Beg for it, Goody. Beg to lick my pussy.” I watched as white slime, Tony’s remnants and my own sexual excitement seeped out of my hole. “Hurry. . .”

“Please Tanya, may I lick your pussy? Please?” He just did manage to force it out. He was clearly uncomfortable. I think he must have seen Tony’s cum.

I wanted to make him beg some more, but the cum was going to leak out of my pussy, and I didn’t want to waste it. “Stick out your tongue Goody, I’m gonna cum on it.”

His chin trembled and his eyes winced. He might have been a virgin, but he had to know it was his roommate’s cum. He just had to.

“Please don’t make me do this. You were- you were with Tony,” he begged, his voice whining.

Yes, he did know . . . but it didn’t matter. He was mine.

“Maybe you should explain it to Tony then,” I said. “To-” I pretended to call.

“Shh. . .Okay I’ll do it.” He looked nervously at the door, as if expecting Tony to walk in and catch him like this, but most importantly, he opened his mouth

“Now stick out your tongue,” I ordered. “Further. Oh that’s perfect.”

Then I contracted my pussy and let him have it. Tony’s slimy seed poured from me and onto Goody’s waiting tongue and into his mouth. Goody’s face wrinkled with disgust. He made me so hot. “That’s it baby. I’m cumming in your mouth little Goody-Goody.” I loved saying that. It had been said to me before, so I could easily imagine what was going through poor Goody’s head at the moment.

God, it made me so hot. I sat down on his face, squeezing his head between my thighs. I rode him. I rode him like a horse. I rode his mouth. I rode his tongue. I used him. I rode him until I came again and again.

And despite his problem earlier, Goody did manage to get it back up. And when he did, I went down on him and sucked him to orgasm. I held his seed in my mouth, and then moved back above him. I pushed his cheeks together causing his sweet lips to part. By the look in his big doe eyes, he knew what I expected.

I allowed his cum to escape my pursed lips. It dangled down in a long strand. Stretched slowly down. Goody’s eyes widened in fearful anticipation. It dropped between his parted lips. I fed him his own cum and he took it willingly. I was so please with him I kissed him hard and passionately. We passed his cum back and forth, and then he finally swallowed it.

When it was over, I laid there on top of Goody’s hot sweaty body. I told him how sweet and wonderful he was. I told him this would be our little secret. I told him that he would have to do this again if he wanted to keep it that way.

Goody’s soiled face looked like the inside of a honey bun wrapper. He was so cute and so innocent. Well, he wasn’t quite so innocent anymore. I had turned him into my little cumsucker. He was mine.

I kissed Goody one final time, left him there, and then crawled into bed with Tony. I was still drunk and the room was spinning slightly, and my mind was spinning just as fast. I was making plans for my Goody-Goody, oh so many plans.

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