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My New Sister Ch. 02

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Sammie slept on the ride home. She was laying across the front seat with her head in my lap. I was starting to get another hard on remembering how she had bent over and let me fuck her from behind in the shower. She rolled her head over and I could feel her face pressing into my pants where the head of my cock was pressed to the opposite side. “Jesus, you’re insatiable…” she mumbled, and I nearly laughed. “Just let me take a nap, and when we get home, and I’ll try to help you with that.” I was already speeding, and her saying that made my foot even heavier.

Nobody was home. A note on the fridge told us that our parents had taken Gracie to the mall. “They’ll be there for hours.” I said more to myself. Sammie was already upstairs in her room, asleep. I went up the stairs, and gently swung her door open. She was facing away from me, wearing nothing but her black panties and matching bra. I made my way across the room, taking off my shirt and pants as I went.

I crawled into bed behind her, kissing the back of her neck as I settled behind her, forming myself against her back. “Jason… my nap’s not over.” she sighed. I figured she was joking so I kissed her again, and moved my hand down the front of her panties. She elbowed me sharply in the ribs. “I said my nap’s not over.” she growled. “If you ever want to have me again, you won’t move your hand any further.” I started to pull my hand back, after sucking in some the air Sammie had knocked out of me. “Jason, I didn’t say to take it back, either.” she told me.

I laid Beylikdüzü Escort there, behind her, one hand under my head, the other halfway to my stepsister’s pussy. She did sleep, for about thirty minutes, when she woke up she was smiling. “Is you nap over?” I joked. She just smiled wider and rolled over, taking her bra off. Then she stood up on her bed and lost her black cotton panties. Without a word she walked up over my shoulders and got on her knees, straddling my face. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Sammie flashed her vampire teeth at me once more and pushed her cunt against my face. I opened my mouth and took one of her lips into it to suck on. Her flesh was intoxicating, and I immediately opened my mouth wider, nearly covering Sammie’s entire pussy and shoving my tongue as deep into her as I could. “Ohhh… Jason…” She moaned and nearly fell back, catching herself and pushing her crotch against my face even harder. I sucked on her pussy, fucking her with my tongue, drawing out her tangy juice while she humped herself against my head. “Christ, if I had known… you’da been doing this a long time ago…” she moaned.

I reached up and grabbed her tiny tits, then taking the small rings through each, I pulled just hard enough to hurt her. That set her off screaming, and gushing thick pussy cream in my mouth. Sammie sighed and let her weight down on my chest. “You’re a god, you know that?” she cooed at me. She twisted her neck around to look back at my now throbbing cock. “I guess it’s you’re Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan turn, then.” Sammie got up and turned around, walking with her feet on either side of me, and squatted down with her gorgeously tattooed back to me.

I felt her grab my cock and aim it up at her face. Warmth flooded over it as she dropped a long stream of saliva from her lips before starting to gently jerk me off. I moaned as I watched her shoulders rock back and forth. “Impatient?” She laughed. “Well, I guess I’ll cut you some slack.” she lifted her ass enough to slid forward and slowly. Agonizingly slowly pushed my dick inside her. She held her breath the entire time, and I think I did too.

We both breathed out sharply as she finally rested her full weight on my thighs. She leaned all the way over and was on all fours with me still inside her. Her ass and pussy from this angle was a glimpse of heaven as she pumped her hips up and down on my cock. As she neared her first orgasm, she leaned up and started riding me, grinding against my cock as she rubbed her clit. I was entranced not only by the pleasure, but by the way her tattoo seemed to writhe perfectly with her body, as if it were dancing with her instead of being part of her skin. She came, screaming, throwing her head back and freezing in place.

As Sammie’s scream died, she shuddered and started to fall forward. I caught her and pulled her back until she was laying on my chest. “You’re not done are you?” she moaned and tried to look at me Escort Beylikdüzü over her shoulder thought sweat drenched hair. “Not even close.” I bragged. I held her by her tits and started pushing up into her. She ran her fingers down over her clit and onto my cock as it moved in and out of her. Every breath was a moan as we fucked. Moans started into screams when I grabbed her nipple rings, and they changed full on when I opened my mouth and bit into her shoulder. “Oohh-MY-GOOOOOD!” Sammie howled as I came with her, breaking the skin on her shoulder and tasting her blood as her pussy milked my balls.

“Ow..” Sammie said and giggled lightly as she lifted herself from my mouth and penis. “That’s a first.” she commented as she gingerly rubbed the bleeding teeth marks on her left shoulder. “Usually I leave the scars.”

“I’m so sorry” I said, hoping that hurting her didn’t mean I was screwed out of screwing her. I was about to try to apologize more, but I heard a car door slam. “Mom’s home with Gracie and your Samuel.”

“Shit, shit, shit!” Sammie said, and grabbed me and pushed me out of the door with my clothes. “If Dad even thinks I’m not a virgin I’m out on the street. Go take a shower in your bathroom, and think up a good story.” She ordered and slammed the door in my face. I heard her shower start, and Gracie bouncing up the stairs. I leapt for my room and slammed the door and ran to the adjoining bathroom and started running the hot water. After washing my body, I considered not brushing Sammie’s blood from my teeth considering how much I liked tasting it, but my teeth were tinted red, and I didn’t need to be asked any unnecessary questions with my mind already swirling out of control.

I wondered what the next weeks would bring with Sammie now in my life as more than a fantasy, and involuntarily, my cock got hard again.

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