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Three in the morning, driving on a two lane road that snakes through the mountains is not my idea of a good time. My experience at the airport has done nothing to improve my mood and this is making the beginning of my vacation a bit trying.

I know as I pull into town that you will be waiting for me. I called an hour ago to let you know I was on my way. You have not seen me in quite some time and the things that I have ordered you to do were going to be difficult. My instructions on the phone had been clear. Check me into my cabin, wait until it is dark and then turn on all the lights. You will then remove all of your clothing and put on the special collar and the white flowing skirt. Next, according to my instructions, you are to make sure all of the window shades are up, so that anyone walking by could look in and see you.

Colorado is more beautiful than I expected, and I instantly see why you enjoy living here. I was quite startled as I drove through the down town area and found myself having to stop as several large elk, lazily stepped off the curb in front of the shops and slowly made their way to greener pastures. Hmmm small town… I instantly understand why you find it hard to find people to play with.

I am almost to the cabin, if you have followed the remainder of my directions I should find you kneeling in front of the fireplace, bare breasted, blindfolded and the large two tone cock nestled between your legs keeping you stimulated.

I doubt that you can hear my car door, but even if you can you cannot be sure that it is me. What if it is someone else? Surely leaving the door unlocked so your Master can get in wouldn’t Kartal Fetiş Escort result in some stranger helping him or herself to that which is on display?

I look in the window and see that you have complied exactly as I ordered. My mountain dew is waiting next to the riding crop, and you are exactly as I ordered. You will be both rewarded and punished.

I open the door as quietly as I can, and I see you stiffen. I say nothing. Just my presence in the room. You have no way of knowing that it is me. I step lightly around the room and retrieve the crop. I move directly behind you and feel your tits in my hand, weighing them, making small circles around the nipples with my thumb. My hands are cold and unfamiliar. You shutter and your nipples get very hard.

I pull from my pocket a set of clamps and attach them one by one to your nipples. I then give the chain a little tug and move you forward a bit. This makes you sexy ass available to me, and moves the skirt enough that I can see the dildo still wedged in your dripping sex.

My hand runs down your back and across your ass and flicks the base of the shaft. You moan and I can see the lubrication. I take the crop and I slap lightly and playfully at you butt, and then with a bit more intensity. You take each stroke with perfect submissiveness.

I am getting excited from playing with you and I feel I should not deny myself further. I move around to the front of you and push you back onto your heels. I unzip my black Dockers and pull my ever stiffing cock out and push it to your lips. You respond well and soon I am working not to fall down and not to Kartal Gecelik Escort orgasm. I don’t wish for this to be over so soon.

After a couple of close calls, I remove myself from you and you whimper a little. For your begging you receive a couple of slaps to the inside of your thighs and you are silent again.

I pull the chain attached between your breasts and move you into a new position. This has to effects, one of which is to make you completely exposed to me and the second is the fake cock you had been riding to fall out. I pick it up and push it to your lips. You hesitantly lick the head and I force it into your mouth, you suck tentatively and after a few moments I remove it and set it to the side.

I rummage in a nearby bag and remove a vibrator. I set it on low and I start working it down your body, first setting the clamps a buzz and then lower until I watch you dance as my fingers and the vibrator make you thrust your hips up to increase the pressure. I resist chuckling and move it away. Teasing you is such fun.

I move the vibrator back and it only takes a few moments until I see you start to tense your body. I watch as the first wave of orgasm crashes over you, and I see you shutter and hear you moan.

Then I do something I normally do not do. I slip a condom over my cock and slide into you. Instantly you tense up. It is not the normal and you reach to move your blindfold, but I pin your hands. Still no words are spoken.

I push deep inside you and hold myself there savoring your tightness. Then without warning I start thrusting like a mad man. I use my teeth and yank on Kartal Genç Escort your clamps.

You yelp and try to move with me, but this rhythm is completely abnormal… I see you breathing is getting shallower and I can tell you are concerned. Where you may have once been sure it was me, you no longer are. It has been to long since we were last together; you can no longer be sure.

You open your mouth and start to say something and I pull out completely. You stop, unsure of what to do. I yank of the rubber and reinsert myself into you. Still you can’t be sure, your mind is spinning as I bring myself ever closer to climax. The stimulation is putting you over the edge and the fear that it might not be me is the last thing you need to bring you off loudly.

Your orgasm sends me into mine and I spurt shot after shot up into you. It has been a while for me as well and I cum quite a lot. I see you relax, and I feel the need to do at least one more thing to put you off your senses. I move slowly down and lick your lips. I slide my tongue over you hidden button and you gasp. This is something I have never done and you cannot imagine me doing. I slide my tongue deep inside you and the salty taste makes me gag a little. I take a couple more laps and then stand up quickly and bolt for the door. You hear it open rapidly left wide and you hear my voice say “Hey who the hell are you” Loudly. You rip off you blindfold to see me standing in the doorway.

I look down at you, clamped and cum soaked. “Who was that butterfly?” I question as seriously as I can muster.

She looks up at me, relieved, smiles and says, “Its not my place to say Master, but You might wish to zip up your fly.”

I laugh as I move in and hug her and lead her off to bed.

I couldn’t resist trying my hand a second time. My butterfly gives me so many ideas and things to write about…

I may just have to continue. All comments are welcome.

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