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Deep Massage

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S: Would my Sir like a massage on his ass after a long afternoon sitting? I’ll use my hands later.

D: Ahhhhhh… a breast massage, now you’re using your talents.

S: Yes… boobies… oiled up boobies actually… and soft lips along your spine as they rub against your taut cheeks.

D: You missed your calling… should have been a massage therapist. You would give everyone a happy ending.

S: Perhaps not everyone… though I do enjoy giving a massage… my breasts move down to your thighs as my fingers come into play… kneading and massaging those cheeks… firm pressure… then small circles all over, pressing along your cleft.

D: The sensation of your oiled boobs on my thighs and your fingers between my cheeks makes me press my hips into the bed and my cock begins to stir.

S: You feel my fingers slip inside your ass crack… massaging around your puckered opening while one hand moves down to caress your tightening balls as you shift your weight… need to turn over, Sir?

D: I am feeling as though I’m lying on a log, but I want you to keep your hands right where Escort bayan they are, or where they are going. What do you think of my may pole? You may do anything you like with it.

S: Well, it would be good for you to ease up slightly… that’ll give you more room… and give my fingers more room too! I can cup and massage your balls as one finger rubs and works its way into your tight hole… just as my hand slips forward to wrap around the base of that beautiful pole… it’s very twitchy.

D: Easing up onto my knees, with my head still on the bed. That should give you ample room to perform your skillful maneuvers. Mmmmmmm… a prostate massage while fisting my cock… yes, my sexy princess… you make me very twitchy.

S: I can hear you gasp and groan into the pillow as I ease my finger in further… massaging your inner walls ’til I feel you press back against me. My oily hand begins to stroke up and down that twitching length… slowly… lightly squeezing and trailing my soft finger pads over the sensitive tip each time I reach that swollen crown… I bite my lip and moan as Bayan escort you begin to pant beneath me.

D: Your finger searches for my prostate and finds the smooth surface. I feel a tingle at the base of my cock, just above my swollen balls. I instinctively move my hips back and forth to fuck your hand as it encircles my throbbing shaft. Milk my cock baby. I’m moaning as I sense my release is getting near.

S: Mmmm… I can feel you swell and tighten further under my grip… my hand begins to pump your cock faster… loving your moans of ecstasy as my finger presses against your prostrate and your hips buck and body jerks… are we going to waste all this precious cum or are you going to give it a safer haven than the bed sheets?… I’ll gladly slip beneath you and offer my welcoming mouth… or press my oiled tits together and feel your warm cream caress them… oh the options are many… what would you prefer; my Sir?

D: When you make me cum, I want you to suck it through my thick straw. Massage my prostate, fist my shaft, and suck my cock until I explode deep into the back of Escort your throat.

S: Then I shall do just that… slipping underneath your thighs to lay prone beneath you… my lips against the head of your cock as my hand continues to stroke you… matching your rhythm as you rock against my probing finger.

D: The image of my sexy submissive baby beneath me, sucking and coaxing the cum from my balls is just what I need. My pace picks up as the rhythm of my hips matches your movements. I fuck your mouth furiously, making you gag and forcing the saliva from your pursed lips, but you continue to focus on your prize. You feel me swell, and I pull back for one last shove… then with a loud sigh I explode deep into your mouth, shooting ropes of cum over your tongue as you swallow it all like the good girl you are.

S: Mmmmm… I continue to lick and suck and milk your cock with my hand… making sure I get every drop from your shuddering body… then with a smile on my lips I slide up into your arms… letting you collapse onto me as you catch your breath… offering my cum coated lips for your kiss.

D: You always give me such great pleasure… it’s what you do best. I adoringly lay beside your beautiful body and kiss your cum soaked lips. I do taste good on you.

S: Why thank you kind Sir! Your pleasure is mine.

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