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Oasis In The Desert Ch. 03

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A year after my medical problems were diagnosed I went back to New York for a check up. My check up went well and the doctor was surprised that my health had improved so dramatically. I was still warned that I couldn’t over stress myself but I definitely was on the road to recovery.

Julie and I made a vacation of it by taking in some Broadway shows as well and doing quite a bit of shopping. Julie isn’t the tomboy I first met any longer. She is now very refined though the tomboy is still underneath waiting to come out. And it comes out quite often.

After a week in the big apple both Julie and I were ready to leave and return to Phoenix. After a year of living in Phoenix I found I prefer the quieter life more than the hustle and bustle of New York. Julie at first was thrilled with the city but after a week she had had enough of it and wanted to go home to our little oasis in the desert.

The day we arrived home I asked Julie to marry me. I knew that two men couldn’t be married but Julie was using her cousin’s identity and the birth certificate she was using said she was a girl I couldn’t see any reason we couldn’t be married. Julie was apprehensive about the proposal only because she wasn’t a real girl but after I explained that no one would know about her extra part she was all for the idea.

At first Julie and I decided that we would have a small wedding or maybe we would elope to Las Vegas to get married. But once Lacey heard about the up coming wedding she insisted that we get married in Phoenix and she wanted to be the one in charge of the wedding. Lacey came right over to start make all of the arrangements while I went and found an engagement ring for Julie. The wedding ring we would pick out as a couple but the engagement ring I wanted to pick out. I settled on a three-carat diamond that I knew Julie would love but say I spent too much.

When I returned home the house was filled with the seven women from our circle of swingers. Sean was also there. He took me straight out to the backyard and told me I didn’t want to be in the house while they were planing the wedding. Sean and I sat by the pool and talked while the women planned the wedding.

This was where he told me that Sandra had been chosen to replace Professor Williams as the new Mathematics Chair. I wasn’t disappointed, as I was sure she would be chosen. I knew it wasn’t because she was one of the Deans friends as Sandra was a highly educated woman and she had been at the school for a long time. Besides even though I applied for the position I wasn’t sure I really wanted it. It would mean a lot more work and I wasn’t sure I wanted that or needed the extra stress.

Sean and I stayed outside for an hour before the women broke up the meeting. Lacey and Julie came out the back door as the other women went out the front. The first thing Julie said was, “We should have eloped and not told anyone. I didn’t think planing a wedding was this complicated.”

Lacey pulled Julie into her arms and said, “It really isn’t that bad; we have all the decisions made, all we have to do is get everything together. The only thing we don’t know about is who’s walking you down the aisle. Do you think your father would do it?”

“I doubt that very much. He hasn’t spoken to me since he threw me out of the house,” Julie told her and I could see the sadness in Julie’s eyes. Julie turned to Sean and said, “Sean would you walk me down the aisle?”

“I would be honored sweetheart thought I must warn you I don’t feel old enough to be your father,” Sean told her with a smile.

The wedding day was set for the Saturday before Labor Day. Julie had talked to her mother several times before that day and she learned that her mother and her sisters would be coming down for the wedding. Nothing was said about her father. Julie asked Steve and Tessa to move in with us so her mother could use the house while they were there. Since Tessa didn’t pay any rent she felt it was the least she could do.

The Wednesday before the wedding day Julie and I were waiting at the airport for her mother to arrive. I was apprehensive seeing this was the first time I would meet her mother and her two sisters. Seeing there would be five of us I knew there wouldn’t be enough room in my truck for all five of us so I rented an town car to use and I was planning on leaving it with them so they weren’t stranded.

Julie spotted her mother as she came down the aisle and she was about to raise her hand so her mother could see her. But instantly she froze in place and her face went completely pale. Walking next to her mother was a short Spanish gentleman of about fifty years old. Behind them were two women that bore a striking resemblance to Julie. I figured these two had to be Julie’s sisters but who was the man with them?

Julie didn’t have time to tell me who he was as her sister spotted Julie and came running towards us. They both pull Julie into a group hug and smothered her with kisses. All I could hear her say above the squeals of her sisters Pendik Olgun Escort was, “What is he doing here?”

Neither girl could tell Julie anything as the older couple walked into hearing distance. As soon as they were close Julie extricated herself from her sisters and went to her mother. They hugged deeply and kissed each other’s cheeks, but Julie’s eyes never left the man’s face.

After Julie and her mother were done kissing hello Julie’s mother asked, “Well Sweetie shouldn’t you introduce us to your future husband?”

“Yes of course. Ted these are my sisters Anna and Maria, my mother Teresa Vargas and my father Jose Vargas. Everyone this my fiancé Ted Fenton.”

I was so shocked that Julie’s father had come that I didn’t realize both sisters as well as Julie’s mother kissed me on the cheek. When her father offered his hand I took it and shook it. His grip was firm as if he was trying to prove something. My grip was equally as firm and maybe a little more so. After the handshake was over Julie and I took everyone to the baggage claim area.

I could see the question in Julie’s eyes and so could her mother. All her mother would say was, “We’ll discuss it when we are alone in your house.”

The drive to Julie’s old house was very quiet with the exception of one of her sisters asking about different landmarks. Her father did little more then look out the window. When we arrived at the house I carried in three of the suitcases while Julie’s sisters carried in two each that belonged to themselves. The girls were told to unpack while Teresa followed me into the bedroom she would be using.

I laid the bags on the bed and was about to leave the room when Teresa said, “Stay here with me while father and daughter have a talk.”

I worried about Julie I didn’t want her getting hurt and I knew there was bad blood between the two so I said, “Maybe I should go and see if Julie needs me?”

Teresa put up her hand to stop me and said, “No leave them be. Jose understands that he hurt her before and he is truly sorry for that. I know he would never do it again. He misses her deeply and he wants her back in his life regardless of how she is living that life. He doesn’t understand why she is the way she is but he’s willing to accept her and that is all we can ask. Now tell me about yourself.”

Teresa and I talked for about ten minutes before both sisters came into the room. We continued to talk for another five minutes before Teresa said we should go and see how Jose and Julie were getting on.

When we entered the living room we found both Julie and Jose in a tight hug and both had tears streaming down their faces. As soon as Jose saw that we were in the room he released Julie and quickly wiped the tears from his eyes and said, “There, I apologized I hope you’re happy now.”

Teresa went to him and kissed his cheek before saying, “I’m very happy Pepe and I’ll be even happier when you walk her down the aisle on Saturday.”

That came as a shock to both Julie and me but I could see that it didn’t surprise her father. Julie asked, “Do you want to walk down the aisle with me Poppy?”

“That’s what I’m suppose to do isn’t it?” He asked in a gruff tone.

“Yes Poppy that’s what you’re suppose to do,” Julie told him and tears started to run out of her eyes once more.

Julie and I stayed with her family for another hour before we left for home. We had planed on all of us meeting at Mama’s for dinner. Julie’s mother was from Phoenix so she knew where Mama’s was and since I was leaving the rental car with them they could easily get there.

Once we were on the road I asked Julie, “I gather you didn’t expect that?”

“Not at all. My mother never said anything about my father coming down. She told me he was sorry about what he did to me but I really didn’t believe her. I just assumed that she was trying to make me feel better about it. I never thought he was truly sorry for it. Now I have to explain to Sean that he can’t walk me down the aisle. I hope he understands?”

“I’m sure he will and since I still haven’t pick out a best man maybe he can fill it at that position,” I told her.

Well Sean did understand and was happy to fill in as my best man. Lacey was ecstatic that Julie and her father had made up. She saw this as a good omen for our wedding.

The entire wedding party as well as Julie’s family met at Mama’s for dinner that night. The wedding party consisted of all our swinging friends so we were all completely at ease. There was so much flirting going on that you could feel the sexual energy in the room. Even Julie’s sisters were getting in on the flirting.

It wasn’t until late that evening when both sisters started to flirt with me. Both sisters came up to me and slid their arms around my waist before Maria said, “We thought you were gay but your friends tell us you’re bisexual. Is that true?”

I laughed and said, “That’s true but why would anyone tell you that?”

Anna brushed the hair Pendik Sarışın Escort from her eyes and said, “The two of us have been invited to the orgy the night before your wedding. Well no one said it was an orgy but they hinted that there would be. I was wondering how you fit in with the women so they told me that you and Julie are both bisexual and you two are swingers. Tell me will that continue after you two are married?”

“Maybe that’s something you should ask your sister,” I told them.

“She told us to ask you after all you are the man in your marriage,” Maria told me.

“I for one would like to continue that but it has to be a mutual thing between Julie and me, were you two thinking about come to it.” I asked not believing I was having this conversation with my future sisters in law.

“If we can get away from our parents we will. Anna and I love sex though we’ve only been to a few orgies in collage we’ve enjoyed them very much,” Maria told me.

Anna quickly said, “There is nothing like getting stuffed from both ends unless it’s getting fucked while you’re eating a sweet tasting pussy. I know that’s my favorite.”

I don’t know what these two had up their sleeves but I was getting excited just thinking about either of them getting fucked while eating someone’s pussy. I wouldn’t have minded being the one to fill either of these two delectable creatures.

Julie saved me from these lovelies by sliding both her hands around my waist and telling them, “Now you two leave my man alone.”

The sisters released their grip on my arm and Maria said, “Well if you brought us to someplace where there were single men available we might not pick on all the married ones. Beside no one else seemed to mind.”

“They wouldn’t but this guy’s going to be your brother in law that’s like incest,” Julie told her.

Maria waved her hand in a dismissive manner and said, “Like we never done that before. Anna and I have been doing each other for years. We were going to include you but Poppy threw you out before we had a chance.”

Both girls laughed at Julie’s shocked expression before Anna said, “Seriously Sis what can we do tomorrow. Mom and Poppy are going to visit some of mom’s old friends. We either have to tag along with them or sit around the house all day.”

Julie looked up at me and said, “Would it be okay if they come over to swim.”

“Sure if they promise to behave themselves,” I told her.

“Great I have a new bikini I’ve been dying to wear,” Maria told us. I had a feeling that Maria was the leader.

“Oh you can wear it if you want to, we normally don’t wear bathing suits when we’re out by the pool,” Julie told her.

I could see that Julie said this to shock her sister but it didn’t phase her one bit. “Oh goodie now I’ll get to see what my brother in law has to offer.” With that said both girls left us alone.

Once we were alone I hugged Julie tighter and said, “Are you sure about them coming over.”

“I can’t see how I could stop them now. Besides you, now Lacey, Sandra, Pam and their husbands will be coming over to work on their tans and you know what will happen once we’re all nude. If my sisters want to join in let them, they’re old enough to make up their own mind about having sex and with whom,” Julie told me.

“And what if they want it with one of us?” I asked trying to get the ground rules settled.

Julie thought for a moment and said, “I guess that would be okay. I mean I never thought of having sex with either of them but they are quite pretty. I could see where you would enjoy it. They are prettier then I am aren’t they?”

I pulled Julie even closer and said, “No my love they are not. You are by far prettier than they are. In fact you are the prettiest woman to walk the face of the earth,” I told her and in my heart I meant it.”

Julie smiled and said, “Oh you lie so sweetly, but I love hearing you say it. Now about my parents, if it’s okay with you I think we should give my father the truck to use tomorrow and my sisters could come over with the rental car. This way my parents will have to call to get direction and we’ll know there coming over. This way they won’t walk in on an orgy. I don’t think my father could handle that.”

I pulled the keys out of my pocket and said, “Good idea we can ride home with Tessa and Steve.”

Julie took the keys over to her mother and told her what was going on. Her mother thought it was a good idea not having the two sisters tagging along. After giving the keys to the rental to Maria Julie’s parents left for home. It wasn’t long after that that we moved the party to the dance club that Julie and I normally go to.

I saw that Julie’s sisters shared the same passion for salsa dancing that Julie did. In this club their options for dance partners were limited as there was little doubt about their sexuality. That didn’t stop them, as once they wore out on partner they moved on to another and even danced together quite often. Once Pendik Şişman Escort you saw them dancing together you could see they shared intimate moments by their moves on the dance floor.

At midnight Steve told me that we needed to leave as he and Tessa had work in the morning. I really didn’t want to break this up as I was enjoying myself immensely. But we also needed a ride home so we left Julie’s sisters and everyone else and drove home with Steve.

Julie and I made love that night like we hadn’t had sex in months. She seemed to need it bad and I was only too happy to fill her need. We wound up passing out around four in the morning after I had filled her several times with my seed.

I awoke to the sound of giggling coming from the kitchen. Julie was no longer at my side and I could tell she was one of the girls in the kitchen. I emptied my bladder and cleansed myself before taking a shower. I knew today I going to be on the receiving end and I wanted to be clean for whoever decided to use me for their pleasure.

After getting dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt I went into the kitchen to see whom Julie was giggling with. I wasn’t surprised to find Julie and her two sisters there as well as Lacy and Sean. All four girls were wearing tight tank tops that seemed to hide little of their feminine attributes.

Each girl’s nipples were hard and they tried to poke holes thought their shirts. I knew why Lacey’s nipples were hard. Hers were always hard as she had her nipples pierced. Why the other girl’s nipples were hard I didn’t know but I would soon find out.

As soon as Julie realized I was up she started to make me breakfast. I walked over to the stove where Julie was cooking and kissed her before taking the cup of coffee she was offering me. She told me to sit and breakfast would be ready in a few minutes. When I sat next to one of my future sister in laws I asked what was up.

Maria turned to me and said, “Oh Julie was just telling us what you two do when you make love together. She seems to love it when she takes your cock up her ass. Do you enjoy it that way too or do you only do it because you know she likes to fuck you too.”

I knew right off that Maria was trying to embarrass me and I could almost feel the heat rise to my face. But before it did I said, “I love it too if you haven’t had one that way I’d be more than willing to give you a ride just so you know what it feels like.”

I couldn’t see if I was right but I could see Maria liked the idea of getting it up the ass. I could tell by the way her eyes glazed over and the way her nipples became harder. Maria cleared her throat and said, “Well how does my little sister feel about her future husband fucking her sister.”

I heard Julie laugh and say, “Don’t use me to get you out of a good fucking.”

Maria giggled and said, “Eat your breakfast first, you’re going to need all your energy to tame me cowboy.” Every one laughed but I could see that before the day was out I was going to have her.

When Julie brought over my breakfast Lacey stood and removed her top and let her shorts fall to the floor and said, “I’m going out for a quick swim before I started soaking up the sun, does anyone feel like joining me.” Sean quickly disrobed and followed his wife out to the pool.

As soon as they were gone Anna said, “You weren’t kidding about the nude sunbathing were you?”

Julie slid into the chair next to me and said, “Not at all. Why haven’t you ever sunbathed in the nude?”

Anna giggled and said, “No never. I mean where would we do that?”

Julie laughed and said, “I don’t know but you can do it here. We do it all the time. Go out and enjoy yourself.”

Anna gave a quick look to Maria before standing. In less then a second she was naked and with a blush to her face she walked out the back door to join Lacey and Sean. But before she left I took in how beautiful she was. She had a full growth of pubic hair on her genitals but everywhere else she was smooth. Her deep rich tan was broken by the pale stripes that were hidden when she wore a string bikini. Her breasts were darker then a normal white woman, which attested to her Spanish heritage, but they were still pale compared to the area that was never covered by a swimsuit. I could tell her ass was firm due to the fact it didn’t jiggle as she walked to the door. Her tits sagged slightly attesting to the fact that they, unlike Lacey’s and Julie’s, were natural. It wasn’t until she had closed the door I could finally look back at my plate.

When her sister had left the room Julie said, “What about you Maria are you going to join them?”

I could see that Maria was looking to say something that would either be considered brash or smart-ass, but instead she became serious and asked, “Before when you said not to look to you to get me out of a good fucking were you just kidding or were you serious about not caring if Ted made love to me.”

Julie sighed and said, “I care very much if Ted made love to you but if you wanted to have sex with him then it would be okay with me. You see the two of us have sex with other people but we only make love to each other.”

“You mean if I wanted Ted to do me the way he does you. I mean in my bottom then you would be okay with that?” Maria asked.

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