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Expectations Ch. 03

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This very short story is the offshoot of a story in the Interracial Category, Expectations. This story is not interracial in nature, however to get a sense of who these characters are, you may want to read the other story first.


The sounds of Ewan and Aisha making love woke Erica and she glanced at the clock.

She picked up her cell phone and dialed a familiar number.


“Your lovely bride asleep yet?”


“Room 314.”

“Erica, I can’t just leave it’s my-” the phone line went dead and Brian slid out of bed, anticipation making him hard and heavy.

Grabbing a change of clothes, he went into the living room, leaving a note for Marnie, “Taking a quick run out to mom’s house, the alarm company called, be back soon.”

Brian took the elevator down to the third floor, grabbed the passkey from under the floor mat and entered the room. Sitting in darkness, he contemplated what he was doing, what he was risking by meeting her here.

15 minutes later Erica entered the hotel room. She walked in to find him attired simply: Wearing nothing but the c-ring that she’d sent him as a personal Alanya Anal Escort wedding gift. She dropped her bag at the side of the bed and started shedding her clothes, the only attire she kept on was her harness and the long thin dildo that she attached to it.

Wordlessly, she walked over to Brian and leaned down to kiss his mouth. She held the shaft of her “cock” in her hand and guided Brian’s mouth to it. Without a second thought, he began tonguing the head, sliding the shaft into his mouth and then back out.

She smiled to herself, thinking how far he’d come since their first time together. She recognized that she allowed him to express his deeper, darker desires, while still presenting a picture perfect relationship to the rest of the world and she was content in her role as his occasional mistress.

Brian began taking the dildo into his throat and cast his eyes up to look at Erica. She was pleased with him; he could see it in her eyes. It was a feeling he didn’t get when fucking Marnie. She wanted plain, vanilla, boring sex and Brian couldn’t even get her to go down on him, much less play with toys.

Moving Alanya Çıtır Escort away from his mouth, Erica again held the shaft and this time tapped it against his jaw, dragging the head across his lips. She looked down to see that he was fully erect, his balls held securely by the leather cockring he was wearing. It was her wedding present to him.

Taking his hand, she led him to the bed, gently kissing his lips before ordering him to turn around and position himself on his hands and knees.

Brian did as told, making sure that he was positioned just at the edge of the bed. Erica ran her hands down his back, making sure that she dipped her fingers into the crevice of his cheeks before reaching into her bag and pulling out lubricant. She used her fingers to liberally apply lubricant to his bottom before doing the same to the cock. Moving between his legs, she placed the cock between his cheeks, pleased to see him move back to cradle it there. Stroking the tip up and down, she began to insert it into him. As always she let him set the pace. Slowly moving just the tip in and out initially, until he indicated Alanya Elit Escort he was ready for more. Holding onto his hips, she began increasing her depth, until she was more than halfway in. Standing still she watched as he rocked himself back and forth, taking more and more. The curtains were wide open, giving anyone in the suite of rooms across the way, a perfect view of their activities.

Brian’s ck was leaking fluid and he reached down and wrapped his hands around it and started stroking.

Erica changed her angle of entry and began hitting his sweet spot, the one that made him clench his cheeks and groan uncontrollably. He pulled on his cock until he was sure that he would explode and gave Erica the signal. She pulled out of him and took his place on the bed.

Spreading her legs with his knee, he reached down and transferred some of her juices to his shaft ,before nudging into her ass. There was no preliminary gentleness given her, he immediately sunk all the way in, holding still for a moment as he took in the view of her upturned ass. Pulling out he rammed back in, over and over, grasping her hips to pull her to meet his thrusts.

She mewled like a kitten and urged him on. They came in a wild explosion, grinding together furiously.

Brian pulled out of her and sat on the bed, “Why do we keep doing this to each other?” he asked.

She turned around to face him, “Because no one else will do it for us.”

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