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End of Term

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Mary looked out of her bedroom window and watched Mark as he walked up the driveway. He had only returned from his second term at university that afternoon and the first thing he had done was to ‘phone her. She felt like a giddy teenager again, as he asked if she had missed him and then if she would like to see him later. Even though she could not understand why Mark would want someone old enough to be his mother, Mary was glad that he did.

She had arranged that she would leave the side door unlocked and wait for him in her bedroom. Mary had bathed and carefully shaved her pussy and ass so as to surprise him with her bald mound. Then she had chosen a bra and panties, with matching suspender belt and sheer stockings. The bra pushed her heavy breasts together and up, making a deep valley between them and the stockings accentuated her long shapely legs. The flimsy panties barely covered the lips of her pussy and clung tightly to her smooth skin.

Mary heard the side door close and Marks quick, light, step as he climbed the stairs. Quickly she arranged herself on top of the bed, lying on her side, one leg bent, so that he would not immediately see her pussy. She looked up and saw him standing in the doorway, his t-shirt stretched over the smooth skin of his chest and his tight jeans bulging at his crotch. Without speaking he crossed to the side of her bed and looked down as she sat up. Almost dazed, Mary reached out and began to unfasten the straining buttons of his fly. The bulge in his pants seemed to swell and harden, even as she watched.

Mary pushed Mark’s jeans down to his ankles and then eased his boxers down over his cock. She gasped as it sprang free, seemingly even thicker and harder than she remembered. Opening her mouth she gently kissed and licked the tip, before leaning forward and sucking the head of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She could taste the saltiness of his sweat and smell his musk as she sucked slowly, lapping at his hard meat with the tip of her tongue. Her breasts seemed to swell in her bra and the hard points of her nipples pressed against the rough lace.

Mark pulled his t-shirt over his head and with his cock in her mouth wriggled out of the rest of his clothes, so that he was naked in front of her. Mary grasped his hips and pulled him closer to her, his thick cock slipping further into her mouth and, as she swallowed, into the back of her throat. Mark closed his eyes and bit his lip as he fought down the urge to thrust his cock to the back of her mouth and spurt his cum into her throat. Mary felt his shaft swelling and stretching her mouth as she ran her tongue all over his length. Mark reached down and unfastened the clasp of her bra, letting her breasts swing free.

Taking her hard nipples in his fingers, Mark pulled and twisted them, until Mary groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She could feel her pussy leaking into her panties, making them cling to her shaved skin. The smell of her pussy seemed to fill the room, sharper and muskier than a young girl’s. She slurped greedily on Mark’s cock, stuffing the length of him into her mouth until she almost gagged on the head as she took it into the back of her throat.

Mark stepped back and pushed Mary down onto the bed, pulling her bra off to fully reveal her breasts. Straddling her belly, he leaned over her and took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck hard. As he Antep Bayan Escort moved his mouth over her swollen globes, Mark would suckle and bit, leaving a tiny series of angry bruises on her creamy flesh.

“God yes, bite me, bite my tits.” Mary moaned

Mark leaned further over and began to suckle Mary’s other nipple. She writhed beneath him as he sucked and bit at her tender breast, leaving another trail of tiny, angry marks. Mary could feel the sparks of dark, perverse, pleasure ripping through her nerves and settling to kindle the heat in her pussy. Her juices oozed into her panties, soaking the thin material and gluing it to her bald pussy.

Mark reached down between her thighs and pressed his fingers against the material, feeling the wetness soaking through. Hooking his fingers in the waistband, he jerked his hand downwards, so sharply that they tore off her body. Mary knew that he was going to take her roughly and use her for his own pleasure. The image of his cock being rammed viciously into her filled her with lust and she groaned, deep within her throat. She reached down, groping for his cock and Mark grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. He thrust his knee between her thighs and forced them apart, the tip of his cock leaving a damp, slimy trail over her belly. Mary knew that she was dripping wet, but also that her pussy was still tight from the months without Mark. She shook her head desperately

“Mark, no. Go slowly, or you’ll hurt me.” Mary pleaded.

Mark grinned and ignored her plea. Mary realised then that she would be powerless to stop him. Suddenly, her fantasy of being raped was starting to come true. Mary willed herself to resist, but the thought of his cock being driven hard into her pussy kept filling her mind and robbing her of the will to fight him off. She felt the head of his cock nestling between the dripping lips of her pussy as he guided it towards her tight passage. Mary tried to get her feet onto the bed, but only managed to open her pussy wider. Mark leaned over her, his mouth close to her ear.

“I’ve dreamed of pushing my cock into your cunt every night for a whole term and you aren’t going to make me wait a moment longer.” Mark almost growled into her ear.

Hiss words brought another gush from her already bubbling pussy and, as the slippery liquid anointed the head of his cock, Mark rammed the whole length as deep into her pussy as he could go. Mary felt herself pinned to the bed as Mark’s cock pierced her. She thought, at first, that he was about to split her open but as the first flash of pain subsided and she felt his thick cock filling her pussy, she began gushing over his cock again. Mark could feel her pussy bubbling and boiling over his cock and he rested for a moment, closing his eyes as he felt her gripping him tightly.

Mark rested his weight on his arms and began to rock his hips, easing his cock back until it almost slipped out of her pussy and then driving it hard and deep. Mary groaned deep in her throat as she felt his thick cock filling her. Mark slowly slid his cock in and out of her pussy, working his hard shaft deeper and deeper into her. Mary’s limbs were trembling as the sensation of her young lover fucking her hard ripped along her nerves. Mark took a deep breath and rammed his cock as far into her as he could, pinning her to the bed with his thrust. Mary could not hold back and screamed as she gushed over his cock.

Mark pulled out of her pussy and roughly turned Mary onto her belly. She bent her legs, so that she could lift her dripping pussy for him to fuck it from behind. Mark knelt behind her and ran the tip of his cock along the swollen lips of her bald pussy. Mary moaned and lifted her ass higher. Mark took the base of his cock in his hand and guided the head between Mary’s buttocks. Looking back, over her shoulder, Mary shook her head weakly. Mark leaned closer so that she could hear his whisper clearly.

“I’m going to fuck your ass with my hard cock. You’re going to take me right in your back door.” Mark hissed into her ear.

Mary knew that even though her ass was flabby, her anus was tight. Until mark had fucked her ass before he went to university, Mary had been an anal virgin. Mark pushed the head of his cock against the tight ring of her anus. Mary gasped and bore down as though she wanted to empty her bowels. Mark’s cock slipped inside, stretching her tightly. Mary whimpered as he pushed firmly, forcing the swollen knob deep into her. She could feel him filling her with his cock as he plunged it deeper into her. Her fingers curled into fists as she gripped the sheets, whimpering with tears in her eyes. Mark looked down at his cock sinking into the puckered rosebud between her ass cheeks and pushed more deeply. The soft fuzz on his sac pressed against her bare, dripping pussy as he pushed deeper.

Mark watched her ass gripping his hard cock tightly as he eased it in and out, streaks of brown from her ass smeared along the length. Mary could feel her nipples scraping against the bedclothes as Mark rammed his hard length into her ass. She could feel the heat of his cock burning as he plunged it to the depth of her bowels.

“You like that?” Andrew demanded, “You like my cock in your filthy ass?”

“Yes,” Mary moaned, “fuck my ass, ram your cock in my shitter.”

Mark could feel her back passage clenching tight around his cock, as he pulled right back, before slamming his cock into her as hard as he could. Mary grunted like an animal in heat, thrusting back at him as Mark fucked her. He could feel her body tremble as he worked the length of his cock between the cheeks of her ass, pounding into her with long, vicious thrusts. Mary could feel the heat in her pussy as her juices oozed over the tops of her thighs. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of his cock filling her ass as Mark rammed it into her. She lifted herself on her arms and looked down her body. As her heavy breasts swung, she could glimpse her dripping pussy and Marks tight balls as he rammed his cock into her.

Mark gave a hard thrust, knocking Mary back onto the bed and his hands gripped her hips tightly, pulling her onto his cock. She could feel his cock swell and begin to jerk inside her, hot wads of cum splashing into her ass, mingling with her own filth. She could feel a burning sting from each spurt, and a little of his cum seeped out of her asshole and down the back of her thighs leaving dirty, slimy, smears on her white skin.

Mark slid his cock, still firm, out of her ass and roughly turned her onto her back. Straddling her, he caught her breasts between his thighs and grabbed her by her hair, forcing her to look at his cock.

“Now darling, I don’t know whether to fuck your tits or your mouth.” Mark growled.

Mary just looked at the cum and shit smeared over his cock and tried to shake her head. Mark’s grip was too tight and tears sprang to her eyes from the pain as her hair tugged at her scalp. She opened her mouth to protest and Mark thrust his hips forward so that the tip of his cock slipped into her mouth. Mary closed her lips around the head and ran the tip of her tongue over the velvety skin. She suddenly felt incredibly dirty as she sucked her own shit from her lover’s stiffening cock and she groaned in lust as she began to clean him off. The bitter taste of her own filth mixed with his sweet cum excited her and she began to suck on him greedily. Mark looked down as she strained to suck his cock to the back of her throat.

Mark quickly climbed off her breasts and turned around, so that his mouth was almost touching her smooth pussy and the tip of his cock was between her lips again. Slowly Mark ran the tip of his tongue along her pussy and pushed his cock into Mary’s mouth. She could feel him filling her as he pressed deeper, the tip of his cock sliding over her tongue. Her eyes watered and she gagged a little as she swallowed the head of his cock. Mark sucked hard on her clit, drawing it from beneath the hood covering it and nipping it with his teeth. Mary spasmed beneath him, thrusting her head forward and almost choking on the hard shaft of Mark’s cock.

Mark licked her sopping pussy, pushing two fingers deep into her and working them back and forth. Mary could barely breathe but still sucked his cock greedily. Mark pulled his fingers out of her pussy and smeared the creamy juices all over his hand. Bunching his fingers together, he slowly forced four fingers into her, stretching her over his fingers and then easing his bunched palm into her. Mary moaned around his cock, gulping him into her throat and gobbling his meat greedily.

“Now I’m going to fist your cunt.” Mark informed Mary.

Bunching his fingers and thumb together, he pushed slowly, forcing his hand into her pussy. Mary groaned, opening her mouth around his cock and letting Mark slide a little deeper into her throat. Mark watched as his hand slid inside Mary’s pussy, right up to his wrist. Mary could feel his hand filling her and stretching her pussy until it was almost tearing. Mark worked his hand in and out, pressing the bones in his wrist against her hard, erect, clit. Her pussy, already dripping, gushed over his hand again and again.

Mark slowly curled his fingers into a fist, feeling his knuckles pushing against the walls of Mary’s pussy. Slowly but forcefully Mark pushed his fist as deeply as he could, turning and twisting it as he did so. Mary could hold back no longer and clamping her lips around his cock held him buried in her throat as she gulped on his meat while she came, shatteringly, soaking the bedclothes.

Mark’s cock jerked in her throat as he sprayed the last of his cum into her belly. She could feel him softening as he eased his clenched fist out of her pussy, leaving her spread and gaping on the bed with pussy juice trickling between her thighs and down the crack of her ass to make a sticky puddle on the bed. Mark rolled off her and lay on the bed next to her. Mary leaned over and grasped his cock, still damp from her mouth and kissed him, so that she could taste their cum.

“Mark, stay with me all night, please, and fuck me again.” Mary asked, in her best little-girl voice.

Mark said nothing, just pulled the blankets over them and rested his hand on her bare, oozing pussy.

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