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Mom and the Boys in the Band Ch. 01

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Billy Thomas had to beg and plead with his mother to give him and his friends permission to use their garage for his band to practice. She finally gave in and for two hours a day she had to listen to Billy and his three friends jam out hard rock hair band songs. The other guys were really happy Billy was able to convince his mother to let them practice there, one she was always really cool about it and the other she was hot.

Christine Thomas, mother of two, 37 years old, she was in very good shape doing aerobics every morning. She should length blonde hair, framed her tan face, her blue eyes always seemed to dance and twinkle. Her body was beautiful as well, her breasts sat firmly on her chest, nicely round 36 d’s, her ass was small, tight and round, her legs long and tanned from sunbathing all summer long.

“Hey Mom good news we got our first gig.” Shouted Billy over the playing.

“Really that is a great son, where is it.” She shouted back.

“At the Woodrow Wilson highschool.” He shouted to her.

“Billy, which is twenty miles away, turn the music down boys.” She shouted.

“What’s wrong mom?” Billy asked.

“Well by the time you guys get packed up after your concert you will be out on the road really late, I think maybe I should get part of the other mother’s and chaperone you guys.” She explained. “Who knows maybe we might just get some motel rooms and spend the night.”

“Aw, out of town with our mom’s, this is going to be embarrassing.” Sighed Chuck Simmons the bass player.

“It won’t be that bad, I’ll be back out, why don’t you boys start putting you equipment away.” She said to leave the garage.

The boys did as she said and around fifteen minutes later she returned to the garage, she was smiling from ear to ear.

“The entire mother’s agree and we will all be going, Chuck’s you mom and Kenny’s mom with drive you two and your equipment. While Matt’s mom and I will drive the rest of the equipment, we even agreed to get motel rooms for the night as well. So we will all meet here at five o clock Friday afternoon and drive you boys to your gig, the rooms will be reserved so then all we have to do is go back to the motel afterwards.”

The guys all left for home and Billy had to listen most of the evening to his mother explain to his father how much fun this was going to be. His dad looked at him amused at his son’s predicament, but offered no help in getting him out of it, actually agreeing with his mother on what a great idea this was.

A few days later Friday afternoon rolled around Billy and Matt loaded the equipment into the mini van. Mothers were out there neither to help them nor to tell them how to load every thing, then when they finally had it all loaded out came their mothers. They were each carrying a small overnight bag and they both made the boys stop and stare. Their usually conservative mothers stood in the garage looking like something that stepped off of MTV.

Christine, wore a tight denim skirt, a tight white halter top, she wore red heels and a pair of cute little white socks. Matt’s mom Colleen wore a tight one piece black spandex dress with matching heels, and her lipstick was Escort thick and red. Colleen also has a large chest and the boys could tell she did not have a bra on under the dress. Matt had told them one time that his mother had a 44 double d chest or at least according to her bras.

“Wow, Mom, Mrs. Murphy, you two look hot.” He said

“Oh Billy would your stop with that Mrs. Murphy crap, but you can call me Colleen.” She said.

“Tonight try not to think of us as your mothers, think of us for being with the boys in the band.” Laughed Christine.

Finally the station wagon Chuck’s mom drove pulled into the driveway, Billy could not believe it when the other two moms got out of the car. Donna Mahoney, Chuck’s mom got out from behind the steering wheel, Donna like his mother Christine in blonde with long tan legs, only her hair is a lot shorter and she is tall. Donna looked incredible, and she had on a pair of daisy duke shorts and a sleeveless western shirt, along with a pair of cowboy boots. Sharon Martin, Kenny’s mom got out of the passenger seat, she some skins tight pair of jeans, black leather boots and a black lace shirt that was nearly see through, she wore a vest over it with a couple of buttons buttoned up.

“Wow you, and guys look great.” The mom’s all told each other.

Then they were off for the drive, the mom’s helped them set up for the show, took them out for dinner drawing a lot of stares from men as they ate pizza before the show. They got the boys back to the school so they could change and do a final sound check.

The mom’s had fun and danced during the entire show, while the boys played different songs from all the different hair bands. Three hours later the show was over and the boys packed up, loaded the van and station wagon back up.

“Hey Mom, we were talking, well more actually thinking about what you said earlier before we left tonight.” Billy said to close the back of the van.

“What’s that Billy?” She asked.

“Well you said tonight you are not our mothers, but you are with the boys in the band. So we were thinking when we get back to the motel, we are all eighteen, we are out of town and no one would know, maybe we could get some beer and party for a little while?” He asked expecting a no.

“What do you think girls, do we want to party with this really cool rock band?” Asked Christine.

“I could use a beer.” Laughed Colleen.

“Sure what the hell, let’s show our boys how cool we used to be, I saw an all night grocery store on the way into town.” Said Sharon.

So on the way back to the motel room they stopped at the all night store, they got beer, wine coolers and snacks. Then they got to the motel and got the keys to the two rooms they reserved, each of them with a double bed. The mom’s put their bags away and then they came into the boy’s room where they had filled the shower with ice, they placed all of the beer and wine coolers in the tub.

Kenny turned on Mtv in time for headbangers ball, he turned it up a little bit and then they began to party. The mom’s laughed and joked with their boys as they got drunk, before they knew it though the mom’s were drunk as well. Escort bayan A video for a slow song came on the television and Chuck went over and asked Christine to dance. She accepted and the two of them danced in the center of the room, Billy asked Colleen to dance, Kenny asked Donna and Matt and Sharon danced together.

After the dance Billy went over to the light switch and dimmed the lights, Kenny taking the hint found a soft rock station on the radio and shut the television off. They took turns swapping dances with each other mothers and a few times you would hear a laugh of a giggle when one of the guys would try to cop a feel.

Then the strangest thing happened, Chuck while dancing with Sharon kissed her fully on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down kissing him back, the six people stood or sat watching the exchange. Billy watched when Kenny gently pulled Christine down on the bed, and his mother and his friend began to kiss, then he saw Donna and Matt kissing on the other bed. Before he knew it him and Colleens were sitting in a chair, with Colleen sitting on his lap as they began to make out.

Billy tried to concentrate on the woman on his lap, as well as what was going on in the room, he could be her soft moans and groans, the sound of clothes being undone, the occasional dejection followed by a moan of acceptance. Then before he knew it Colleen slid off of his lap, she looked up at him the whole time with her big green eyes. She undid his jeans and unzipped them, she then pulled out his erect seven-inch cock out. She helped him shimmies out of his jeans some more, then she got between his legs, lovingly she licked the entire length of the shaft of his cock. Then he felt the warmth of her mouth as it engulfed his eager young manhood inside, he could hear the sounds of her slurping.

Billy looked around the room, he saw Chuck and Sharon, her vest on the floor, her small perky breasts hanging lewdly out of her shirt. He had her jeans undone and he had his hand inside of them rubbing her pussy. He watched as Chuck stopped kissing her and he leaned down sucking on one of her large pink nipples.

He then looked over to see what Donna and Matt were doing on the other bed, Donna was on her back, her western shirt unbuttoned, her daisy duke shorts were off, her cowboy boots still on. Matt was between her long legs, he was feverishly licking her pussy, which was completely shaved. Donna humped her pussy against his face, moaning, asking him to keep eating her til she came.

Then he saw his mother and Kenny, his mother had Kenny on the floor, he was naked she was straddling him, riding up and down on his cock. The only things she had on were the heels and socks, but his mother had such an incredible body. Just then Colleen stopped sucking him and stood up, she lifted the spandex dress off and stood before him naked. Then she climbed on top of Billy, and she rode up and down on his cock, her big tits bouncing in front of him the whole time.

The eight of them were now all fucking, mothers were in the same room as their son’s fucking one of their friends. A son’s in the same room as their Bayan Escort mothers fucking their friend’s mothers. Soon the boys were pumping the older women full of cum, they all either sat around naked or laid down on beds. The boys were all in the bathroom drinking more beer and talking about what had just happened.

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to go fuck Billy’s mom.” Chuck announced boldly.

“Go ahead” Said Billy. “I will go fuck yours then.”

Billy followed Chuck out of the bathroom and true to his word Chuck got on the bed where Billy’s mom had decided to lie down. He got between her legs and rammed his cock into her wet squishy pussy. Billy went over to where Chuck’s mom lay on the other bed and forcibly rolled her over onto all fours. He proceeded to fuck her from behind, Kenny joined Colleen, the two of them got on the floor where Kenny proceeded to fuck her. Matt pulled Donna off of the bed he pushed the tall woman down to her knees, roughly grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick between her lips.

The depravity went on for about an hour with all the boys once again shooting cum into the wanton pussies of these women. Billy, Christine, Chuck and Colleen left the others and went to the other room. Soon everyone was asleep, around six a.m. Billy could hear the shower running, he saw Chuck was still asleep as was Colleen. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, his mother was lathering herself up under the hot water. Billy pulled the Curtin back and got in with his mother, she tried to cover herself up.

“Mom I don’t think after what happened last night that it really matters anymore if I see you naked.” He said.

“No, I guess not, oh my your cock is getting hard.” She exclaimed.

“I did not get a chance to fuck you last night.” He said reaching down stroking it.

“Oh Billy it’s one thing what I did with the others, but we can’t.” She explained. “It would be wrong.”

“I don’t care.” He said in more of a growl.

He roughly grabbed his mother and kissed her on the mouth forcing his tongue into it, she struggled to free herself. Then he broke the kiss and turned her around, he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy just under her ass. He gave a hard push, his cock entered the pussy that gave birth to him.

“Oh mom, you are such a fucking slut for rock stars.” He said to shove his prick in and out of her.

“Oh Billy, oh god yes, yes, I’m a slut for rock starssssssss.” She hissed. “Fuck me hard.”

Soon Billy was shooting his load into his own mother, the two of them recovered in the shower, she bathed her son and then herself again. When they got out, Chuck was fucking his passed out mothers, he had heard the two of them in the shower. He too wanted to fuck his own mother, so he took advantage of her when she was still passed out. Colleen started to wake up groggily to the site of her son over her fucking her.

“Yes baby, give it all to me, fuck me, fuck your mommy.” She whispered.

Like clockwork the two of them came together, everyone showered and dressed, in the other room the same thing happened. They too sampled some incestuous love between them and after a big breakfast the eight of them were on their way home. The boys all the way home kept asking their mothers if they were going to go to anymore of their shows, only to get the typical motherly response of “We’ll see.”

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