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The Book Club Pt. 03 – Susan

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Hello, it’s Robin.

First, a little about me. As i write this I am a sixty+ year old, still sexually active, bi woman. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old straight married woman. I was about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall. Some things have moved around a bit, what were 36 Cs are now 38 Ds. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m still perfect but different sizes. At the beginning I had black hair everywhere, now gray, almost white. I am gifted with green eyes.

This story is about a little fun Susan and I had with a married man.

When this happened I was 61 and Susan was 30. We were not kids but we of course think we are hot. Of course we are. This was NOT my idea. 20/20 hindsight tells us it was a really dumb and potentially dangerous idea. Do not try this at home!

This all started when Susan told me a story about what happened once when she got a little drunk at a business dinner. She admitted to having the hots for a married business associate Jim. She knew however that it was never going to happen so she came up with a plan. She was at a business conference with him and a bunch of folks had been drinking and were at dinner. Susan had some experience in local theater groups so she was doing her best to appear more drunk than she really was. As dinner wound down she confided in Jim that she had far too much to drink and asked him to help her get to her room. Of course he said yes. All the way to the room she was telling him how attracted she was to him and how she wished they were both single. Very drunk woman çekmeköy escort talk.

When they arrived at her room she fumbled with the key card and he had to help her into the room. She took her last shot and asked him if he wanted a “roll in the hay.” Then as planned she pretend passed out on the bed and waited. She told us she was sure it was going to happen when he started taking her clothes off and she helped and encouraged him. He touched her a lot, everywhere even fingered her a little but did nothing more. She tried to pull him into bed but he resisted. She felt him kiss her on the forehead and left her naked tucked in bed.

The following morning at breakfast he complemented her on her recovery and asked if she was ok. He then asked her if she remembered any of what happened when he brought her to her room. Sara simply answered that she did and wished she had been sober. He looked at her and said: “Well you are sober now.” They never returned to the conference that day.

So Susan suggested that we could use that as the basis for a game and maybe get lucky, have some fun. Her idea was that we were a mother and her daughter staying at a hotel to attend an art festival. We find a married man and see what he does when faced with a passed out mom and a daughter very drunk and willing.

We find a nice hotel and go to the bar late in the evening dressed rather invitingly. The plan is simple and Susan finds a great looking married guy alone in the bar who is in town on business. In conversation I explain that I have had way much too much cevizli escort to drink and need to go to our room. I leave the guy with Susan. After a while Susan admits to having had too much to drink as well and asks the guy to help her to the room.

When they arrive at the room she does her fumble with the key thing and he helps her open the door. When they enter if the guy was at all worried he was about to be robbed this fears disappear as he sees me on one bed on my stomach in only my bra and big girl mom panties. Susan does a great job of being drunk and sits on the other queen bed. She falls back with her legs hanging over the edge. Just very drunk.

At first the guy does nothing. The video showed him looking at me then Susan.

Then as a kind of test, I think, the guy touches my leg then moves it to try and wake me. When I do not respond he unsnaps my bra turns me over onto my back and pushes my hair away so he can see my face. He then takes my bra and throws it on the chair. When he touches my breast I respond by mumbling “I love you Bill” as though I was seeing him as my husband.

The video over the TV is recording everything.

The video appears to show him leaving but we hear him locking the door. He takes out his phone and starts to take pictures. He goes to each one of us in turn and removes clothing. We both pretend drunk cooperation and willingness. I am naked and he is taking close up pictures. I wake up enough to ask “Bill” if he wants to “fool around.”

He takes off all of Susans clothing but she moans and mumbles erenköy escort something and that startles him. Good girl, she does not wake up but rather spreads her legs opening herself to his pictures.

This time he does more and touches her pussy. I hear her mumble, “Lick it baby, lick my pussy.” She moans a little, and does not really wake but rather spreads her other leg further opening herself to him. The video shows him fingering her.

He seems to stand back and consider his good fortune. The guy then spends the time to take lots of pictures.

When he is done he moves our bodies so we are both sideways on the two beds with our legs hanging over the edge. We both of course drunkly cooperate. He stands kind of between my feet at the edge of the bed and picks up my knees spreading my legs. I suspect what is coming and he does go down on me. I mumble: “Oh yes baby, lick my pussy honey.” His tongue is deep in me and I have a small orgasm that he does not sense. He goes down on both of us but spends the most time on Susan even at one point flipping her over and burying his face in her butt. She is drunkenly encouraging him to push his tongue in her pussy. She does have and orgasm and does not try to hide it but goes back to sleep when it is over.

The guy eventually takes off his pants and in turn, one after another fucks each of us. We of course fake our encouragement. In the end he can’t resist. He turns Sara over on her stomach, pulls her off the bed so her butt is right on the edge and fingers her ass.

He takes pictures, pulls his pants up and leaves.

When he gets back to his room the message light is flashing. He calls for the message and hears: “Thanks for the good time. we had fun too. Enjoy the memory and keep in mind that should the pictures get out we have video and your home address.”

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