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Man Addict Ch. 02

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Without another word, he opened the passenger door and helped me in. As I climbed up, his hand rested on my bottom for a moment, before sliding beneath the hem of my dress. I was wearing lacy boy shorts that left the lower half of my bottom bare. His fingers moved up to caress the crease between my cheek and thigh before he shut the door and moved around to the driver’s side.

As he started the engine, I glanced down at his crotch and noted with satisfaction, the immense bulge nestled there. Moving up to his handsome face, I could see lines of strain bracketing his mouth as he expertly manoeuvred out of the car park and took off with a squeal of tyres.

The short journey was completed in silence. Sexual tension coated the interior of the car like a fine mist, dampening our intimate clothing with anticipation. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before we were pulling into another underground car park and he switched off the engine, hopping out quickly and walking around to open my door.

Helping me out of the car, his hand slid possessively down my back as he guided me to a bank of lifts.

We didn’t look at each other as we rode up to the top floor. We didn’t touch and still, we didn’t speak. He reached into his pocket and extracted a door key, flicking it back and forth impatiently.

The lift stopped and an older couple got in. The man glanced at me as his partner fussed with her hair and his eyes widened as a hair-roughened hand reached out to caress my breast, strong fingers slipping under the material of my dress to pinch my nipple.

As he rubbed his thumb over the rapidly hardening nub, I sucked in a breath. The sound was barely audible in the quiet of the lift, but the woman heard. As she started to turn her head, the lift stopped and opened its doors. They exited the lift and the older man glanced back at me, licking his lips as I raised the hem of my dress to tantalise him with a glimpse of my panties.

The doors closed and I dropped the material, chuckling quietly to myself. My would-be lover withdrew his hand as if it were on fire and moved over to the side of the lift, turning away from me.

I frowned. Was he angry that I’d exposed myself like that? If he didn’t want to play games, he shouldn’t start them. But before I could ask him, the lift stopped once more and he strode out, pulling me along behind him.

He stopped in front of a door at the far end of the corridor and inserted the key in the lock. I was opening my mouth to question his withdrawal in the lift, when he Uzun porno turned to me with an expression of such unbridled passion on his face that I gulped.

Dragging me through the door, he kicked it shut and slammed me, face first against its surface. Pushing into me from behind, he rocked his hips slowly against me, pushing his rigid cock into my spine.

I felt his hands under my dress as he attempted to pull my panties down. “Rip them off.” I demanded, huskily.

With a groan he grasped the delicate material in his meaty hands and tore them from me, causing my body to jerk violently against the wooden door panels.

I was incredibly aroused. That small spark of dominance as he ripped the material from my skin drew moisture from my body and it soaked my labia, trickling down my inner thighs.

The removal of my panties in such an animalistic way, tipped him over the edge and he lost all finesse as he ripped open the front of his trousers and shoved them forcefully to his knees. I heard the tearing of a condom packet and then movement behind me as he smoothed the latex down his shaft.

He put his hand in the small of my back and pushed me downward. Stepped back, I braced myself against the door, giving him easier access to my pussy.

Grasping his cock, he rubbed the head over my outer lips, lubricating the condom with my juices, before ramming into me.

The violence of his possession and the accompanying bite of pain almost made me cum and I squeezed my inner muscles around his cock as it filled me to capacity. Growling, he pushed my feet further apart to widen my stance and began thrusting, hard and fast.

The sound of his balls, slapping against my body as he fucked me was overly loud in the darkness and he grunted with every thrust, squeezing my hips in a bruising grip.

A hot pressure began to unfurl in my abdomen and I moaned, pushing back against him. He bent his knees, changing the angle so that he could thrust deeper and then let go of my hips to rip the shirt from his chest. Dropping it to the floor, he curved his body over mine, pressing his naked, hairy torso against my bare back. His arm clamped around my waist as he grabbed a handful of my hair, using it to pull my head back and to one side. As he tightened his grip, he sank his teeth into the junction between my neck and shoulder without breaking the skin, pinning me possessively and I screamed as an intense orgasm rolled through my body, igniting nerve endings that twitched and spasmed.

My Öğrenci porno pulsating muscles triggered his own release and he roared, jerking against my body as he emptied copious amounts of sperm into the reservoir of the condom.

My quivering limbs gave way and I sank to the carpet, dislodging his shaft as he leaned over and braced his hands against the doorframe, his body shaking from the aftermath of his climax. Catching my breath, I turned. There was enough light showing through the curtains to dimly outline his body and I reached out, smoothing my hand up his inner thigh and over his balls to the base of his impressive cock.

Gripping the condom, I slipped it from his body and replace the latex with my mouth. I wanted to taste his essence and stretching my lips around his girth, I swallowed him slowly from root to coated tip.

Unfortunately, I am not like the minority of women who have no gag reflex and it has taken a lot of practice and perseverance to overcome the choking feeling of having a large cock touching the walls of my throat. What I have discovered however, is if you elongate your neck you can swallow more and I was in the perfect position to do just that.

Slipping my tongue out, I licked his shaft as I reversed direction, gliding back down his length until just the head rested in my warm, wet mouth. Lathing my tongue over his glans, I cleaned him off gently, mindful that a man’s penis can be very sensitive after he has come.

He smelled musky but there was hardly any taste, which I enjoyed. I don’t particularly like swallowing strong tasting cum, but I will do it, rather than ruin the moment.

As I knelt on the carpet with my new lovers cock in my mouth, somebody switched on the light. I jumped, blinking owlishly and waited for my eyes to adjust to the harsh brightness. A naked man came into view, strolling across the living room to stand beside us. Cupping his hand around my cheek, he flexed his thumb, rubbing it along my lips until he touched the shaft of the other man.

I pulled back slowly, until the softening cock fell from my lips. The head glistened in the light, a combination of the remnants of his cum and my saliva. Glancing up, I realised his hair was actually a dirty blonde and he had pale blue eyes, the colour of faded denim.

Pulling me to my feet, he held my face reverently and leaned over to kiss me. As his lips touched mine, he moaned into my mouth and the kiss turned into a mating of tongues. He stroked the inside of my mouth, my cheeks and even my teeth, devouring me slowly, languorously. His mouth was hot, his lips soft and pliable and his fingers tantalised me as he caressed them delicately up and down my spine.

I relaxed into his body, running my hands over his warm skin and enjoying his strength as the muscles in his arms, chest and abdomen flexed beneath my touch.

Eventually, he pulled away, breathing heavily. He gazed down at me with a strange expression on his face, as if he’d just found something wondrous and didn’t want to let it go. I smiled up at him, basking in the warmth of his gaze. This was what I wanted, what I craved. That look was worth everything to me. It let me know that the sex we’d just shared had been really special, possibly momentous.

“What’s your name, beautiful?”

I hesitated. I don’t often give my name, preferring the anonymity. Somehow, not knowing your partner’s name can make the sex more exciting. But as I looked into his eyes, I realised this was important to him, so I answered him, truthfully.


I felt movement beside me and turned my head to observe the other man as he bent to retrieve my ruined panties. Bringing them to his face, he inhaled slowly, savouring my scent. Opening his eyes, he pierced me with his gaze.

The man I’d just fucked, turned my face gently towards him and said, “My name is Jared and this is my lover, Kyle.”

“You smell good Ehlena.”

Kyle whispered. Leaning over me, he buried his face in my neck and stroked his tongue over the faint impression of Jared’s teeth. I shivered and felt his lips curve in a smile against my skin.

As he retreated, I placed my hand at the nape of his neck, pulling him back down. It was my turn to scent him and I took my time, rolling my nose slowly up his neck. His base scent was fresher than Jared’s. He smelled of sunshine and warmth. A strange explanation, I know, but that’s the only way I can describe it. I looked him over, noting the differences between the two men.

Kyle also had blue eyes, but they were a deeper, darker blue than Jared’s and his hair was light brown. His muscular frame wasn’t as defined as Jared’s either, but he had a latent strength that I found appealing as well as a completely hairless torso, so the defined muscles of his chest and abdomen were more visible than the other mans.

I grinned in delight as I noticed Kyle had removed all of his pubic hair. His shaft and balls were completely smooth and the rest of his body hair was fine and pale. His cock was in proportion to the rest of his body, smaller than Jared’s, but no less impressive.

I sighed in appreciation. Both men were equally beautiful to me and I wanted them both…

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