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Fighting Family

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I was at our family outing at a campground. I hate these functions, but my parents forced my hand. I thought everything was going smoothly until my sister Meg started to act up. My sister was always pulling these stunts. She was always a diva when we were growing up and things only got worse as we became adults. I don’t even know what her problem was that day. All I know was that my mother was getting upset.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I went over to my sister and took her by the arm and started to march her away from all the people there. Meg was really pissed at me as I took her away from everyone and we walked into this wooded area.

“What is your problem Meg?”

“My sister was wearing her usual attire. She had taken to not wearing a bra these days. Maybe she was trying to show off her big tits. I really had no idea why she dressed that way at a family function.

“You’re such an ass, Greg,” she said to me.

My blood was really beginning to boil right about then. I put my hands on her arms and tried to shake her. To my surprise, my sister reached out and slapped me on the face. I think it took both of us by surprise. Meg had this look on her face that said she had gone too far this time. I just lost all control. There was this large tree nearby where we were standing. I turned my sister around and took hold of her arms. I pushed her hands onto the trunk of this tree.

To this day, I don’t know what came over me. I lifted up Meg’s shirt and pulled it up to her shoulders.

“Greg, No!” My sister cried out.

My hands went to her waist and I yanked down my sister’s pants and panties.They fell down to the ground. My sister seemed paralyzed as I reached around with both hands and placed them on each of her breasts. My sister’s nipples were all hard. I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants from all this fighting. I began to squeeze Meg’s tits and to my shock, my fikirtepe escort sister started to moan. She was actually getting into it.

I must have fondled my sister for a few minutes when I reached down and unzipped my pants. I pulled my dick free and started to rub my already hard prick up and down her crack.

“Oh my God!” My sister cried out.

Looking back on it, I didn’t have any self-control left in me. I used my hands to slide my sister’s legs even farther apart. The head of my dick managed to find Meg’s opening and I pushed my mushroom into my sister’s pussy.

“Oh Fuck!” Meg shouted.

I was going to have my payback for all my sister’s nonsense. I was thrusting into my sister’s pussy now. To my surprise, Meg was getting into it. Her pussy muscles had me in a tight grip as I fed her every hard inch of my rod. I only hoped no one came looking for us. I could just imagine a family member seeing us fucking out there in the woods. I drove my cock inside my sister the whole way. Meg was now pushing back on me. We were getting into a fucking rhythm as Meg held onto the tree trunk.

I wish I could have held out longer. We must have gone twenty minutes or so when I felt like I couldn’t hold out any longer. I know I was being stupid, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull out. It probably wasn’t wise to be unloading inside my sister. That is exactly what I did anyway. I thrust a few more times into my sister’s tight hole and I sent a hot stream of my cum into Meg’s pussy.

My sister’s body stiffened as she felt my cream shooting into her tight hole. Meg clamped down hard on my staff and that made me cum even harder. I have to say I had a big load stored up that day. It seemed like I fired one load after another into Meg for some minutes. I got to the point where I finally felt empty. I just held my cock in place and that is when it seemed like Meg started to orgasm gebze escort like crazy.

Her body was shaking as her pussy milked the last drops of my cum. I just stood there holding my cock in my sister’s pussy and Meg did all the work. All good things have to come to an end. I did pull my spent dick out of Meg. My sister managed to kick off her pants and underwear and I watched as my seed dripped out of my sister and onto the ground.

My sister stood there for awhile pushing my spunk onto the ground until it seemed like there was no more left inside her. Then Meg turned around.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Greg.”

Meg got dressed and she stormed back the the campground. I figured I had really screwed things up between my sister and myself. I finally made my way back to the party. Meg was sitting at one of the benches. She looked over at me and gave me a hard look. The party couldn’t end soon enough as far as I was concerned now. When the party finally ended I drove home. I didn’t know quite what to do.

On one hand, I enjoyed every minute spent fucking my sister. On the other hand, I wondered if Meg would ever talk to me again. I let things cool down for a couple of days and then I drove over to my sister’s apartment. I rang the doorbell and my sister opened up. There was this moment of tension.

“You might as well come in,” she said to me.

“I’m not mad anymore,” she said to me. “We might as well do it the right way.”

Just like that Meg and I marched back to her bedroom. Meg stripped down and got onto her back. I guess we were going to go at it again. I undressed and joined my sister on her bed. Meg had her legs pulled wide apart and I got in between them and lowered my face. I used my tongue to lap at my sister’s wet pussy. Meg took both hands and held my head in place as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. When I got her sufficiently wet I pulled back.

My içerenköy escort dick was hard as could be. Meg reached out and took hold of my cock. She guided me to her oozing pussy and I entered her one more time. I got hold of her ankles and I pushed her legs towards her chest. I stretched my body out and began to pound my sister’s pussy.

“Fuck me hard Greg,” she told me.

I pushed all eight inches into my sister and she took all of my cock into her pussy. This time was much more enjoyable on the bed. Meg was squealing as I slid my cock inside her and then withdrew it. I would leave the tip of my cock just inside Meg’s pussy and then I would slam down hard. I can say now that I used my sister that entire morning. I eventually pulled out and Meg mounted me. She got right over top of my pole and slid down until I was completely in her pussy.

I reached up with my hands and took hold of her big tits. I was squeezing them and then pinching her ripe nipples. Meg rode me like I was some wild horse. She was holding onto me as I drove my prick all the way into her belly. We fucked much longer than the first time in the woods. The results were still the same. Meg got me so worked up that I started to feel my nuts pinch. I lifted my ass up and I gave my sister another load of my baby cream.

Meg had perfect muscle control. She gripped my cock like it was in a vise. That made me fire more wads of my cum into her tight pussy. Meg kept bobbing up and down on my prick until it felt like my cock was raw. We did it the same way as in the woods. I stopped thrusting into my sister and she just held me with her pussy muscles and had her orgasms. When we finally finished, Meg dropped down onto my chest and we kissed each other.

I did find out that Meg was on the pill so we didn’t have to worry about any mistakes. You might have guess that we became fast lovers that day. I now know my sister is a cum freak. She loves it when I give her my loads of love sauce. I am now visiting Meg a couple times a week and she takes my cock multiple times in the evenings.

I am not sure what I have gotten myself into, but I can’t bring myself to stop fucking my hot sister.

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