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Favorite Memories: Making a Man Cum

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Dedication: To the honest women who gave me their answers to “What’s your favorite memory of getting a man to cum?”

Jana, age 26, Virginia:

This is going to sound really perverse, but when my last boyfriend turned 25, I wanted to give him a sex present. So I invited Emma to join us in a threesome.

My boyfriend Bobby was a breast man – and bigger is better, in his view. I have big ones, nice, firm, soft tiddies that slosh over the cups of a D-cup bra. But Emma’s got so much boobage that you know it’s her before she turns a corner. She’s got more titflesh than any FOUR women, it seems – and they’re torpedo tits, if you can picture that.

So what did I want? I wanted to see him dying to cum, and struggling not to. I loved to see him hold out against his urges, in the name of love for ME! We discussed, ahead of time, what story we would use to fuck with his brain. We had it all planned out.

When she got there, I couldn’t believe the outfit she’d found for the occasion. Her vast mega-boobs were PACKED into a satiny black top. Well, the foot of cleavage that showed wasn’t packed in, but you get the picture.

We took turns sitting on his face. We eventually got him naked, and I told him Emma was going to get on top of him. He was already hard as iron, but his long, long pole began to leak clear pre-cum when I told him that.

“She’s going to ride you. Remember, YOU obey orders. Got it?”

He got it.

She got on top of him, and had a little trouble wedging his cock into herself, because he’d grown SO big and hard! But slowly, she was able to take all of his impressive shaft, and slowly, slowly rode him. I could tell that her enormous breasts filled his vision.

Emma winked at me, and said “Now, Bobby, it’s important that you don’t cum inside me. We want to SEE you spurting, so I’m gonna ride you until I’M cumming, but you DON’T cum – got it?”

He got it. Of course, he’d have agreed to anything, with his cock about two feet into this giant-titted babe, and me holding his arms over his head. But as he got closer and closer to that cum, he looked more and more scared. He didn’t want to piss off the two hotties working him over.

“I’m . . . getting . . . close!” he gasped out. She rode him slower and slower, and when he started to grimace, she stopped. Holding quite still, looking into his eyes from the other side of her vast breasts, she said “Good thing you told me, Bobby. You feel like steel, inside me – and I’M FERTILE!”

His pupils dilated ALL the way and suddenly he was blasting cream into her. He bucked, helplessly firing gobs and gobs of cum as far up her tubes as it would go. He shook and spurt and sprayed and it was like he couldn’t stop! I’ve never seen anything like it – he came his brains out. Even after she pulled off him, laughing, that power pole of his sprayed and sprayed . . .

Heidi, age 36, Missouri: Alanya Ukraynalı Escort

It’s usually not that tough to make a man cum. I, for one, love the power I feel when I do. So – particularly with a boy toy I dated (I was 33, he was 25, and it was a terrific fling) and I got a lot of amusement getting him to cum before he wanted to. He’d try to be mad at me after, but he just couldn’t! Also, he was generally good for a round 2 and round 3, so it was all in good fun.

We rented a cottage for a week away, in a resort village. There was a hot tub you’d share with 3 other cottages. We were getting sexy, petting, in the tub right after our arrival. I remember I’d told him to save up his cum for three days before our vacation (which was really unnecessary – he’d shoot prodigious, copious loads, I remember.) Then again, three days with no release and he was on pins and needles by the time we got there.

I got into my new sling bikini (I’d bought it just for this vacation) and was gratified to see how his swim trunks bulged the moment he saw me in it. He was nutty over my ass, and this really showed it off.

So we’re in the tub, not kissing, but groping under the water, when two women from another cottage came over to ask about the tub. With all the bubbles going, they couldn’t see our hands. I hadn’t grasped his cock, yet, when they came by. But as soon as I saw him trying stop panting, and to hold a normal conversation, I got an idea.

I steered the conversation to cookery, a favorite topic of his, and as soon as he and the women were in the middle of the subject, I started stroking his thighs. He turned colors, but tried to keep talking coherently. So I made my way to his hot, swollen, mostly-hard dick. He twitched so deliciously! I knew I had him – he was a “good boy” and too egotistical to give me the satisfaction of giving up. He’d keep talking, just to show me he could.

And I wanted to see how much he could take.

I got his cock out, under the bubbling waters, and stroked. It was standing SO tall, I had to be careful they didn’t see me masturbating him! One of these little chippies had on short-shorts, and I admired them, so he’d have to check out her ass. I got her to do a turn for us. I think she pretty well knew what we were up to, ’cause she was adjusting her panties, and posing for him. Her taller friend was oblivious, just talking about cast-iron pans or some such, while I reveled in having him trapped, having that veiny sausage of his right where I wanted it.

He was sweating by now, and he was pulsing in my hand. And his ability to converse was starting to falter. I began using both hands on his engorged hard-on. The head felt all puffy. When I pinched it with my fingers, he really DID lose his composure and make a face. The taller girl wasn’t watching, but the one in short-shorts knew, now, what I was Alanya Üniversiteli Escort up to. She gave me a conspiratorial smile, and I asked her, in low tones, how she kept her butt in such good shape. I winked, and nodded in my man’s direction. She totally got what I was doing – and grinned at me. Then she paraded that really quite nice ass of hers around in front of my boy toy. She was just looking over the view, right? No, she was turning on my man even further, and he was starting to gasp. I kept his poor pleading cock in a tight grip, and kept that grip slipping up and down his meat pole. I could tell he didn’t have much more resistance left!

I tickled his balls, and went back to wanking him JUST as short-shorts said “Oh!” and bent all the way over to tie her shoelace. I heard him give the tiniest whimper – and he couldn’t hold back all that sperm any longer. He LOST it! His neck corded, his torso went rigid, and his jism spurted SO hard that it leapt OUT of the water! Really. His cockhead was easily one or two inches under the water, but he had SO much cum and it was SO eager to fly, his white stuff cleared the water anyway! What with all that bubbling from the hot tub, you had to be watching. And short-shorts was. I saw how her eyes shone, while my man spurt and spurt and spurt the good stuff, one of the longest orgasms I’d ever seen. I made some excuse about “Did you sit on a jet?” to pass off his spasming and convulsing.

The tall one STILL hadn’t caught on (she wasn’t watching him, she was just chattering away) but saw how dreamy and relaxed he suddenly looked, and said “Oh, we’ll let you guys settle in! Will we see more of you?”

Her friend with the curvy ass said “Happy vacation, and we’ll be GLAD to see more of you.” She and I shared the biggest grin!

Dora, age 24, Ottawa.

Is it teasing if you bring them off in the end? I was at my cousin Freddie’s place, helping him set up for a party. I was maybe 22, and his buddy Jacob was, like, 18 – and he couldn’t take his eyes off me. It WAS the hottest day of the year, and yeah, I was jiggling around in a very skimpy outfit – but I hadn’t expected that I’d be so turned on by some guy gawking. Was it that he was so cute? Maybe it was that I felt I could really be in control of this guy. He’d have done whatever I said, if he thought he’d get his hands on me. He probably figured I was out of his league, so he was just following me around, like a puppy.

And I decided that today was a day for us to have some fun.

My cousin went off to buy ice, and asked us to keep setting up – so I decided to act fast. I asked Jacob about his track record with girls, and sure enough, he was turning red and stammering in no time. I got him to sit next to me, and acted surprised at this hard rod showing up in his shorts. He was stiff from watching my hips sway – and now that he could Alanya Vip Escort look down my little white tank top, his hard-on was aching. I put my fingertips to his tender cock and stroked him through his shorts. He just about fainted, and tried not to hump into my hands.

“Okay, Jacob, I’m the boss. You do everything I say, and I’ll give you a good time. But don’t fight me on anything, or it’s all over. Got it?”

Even with most of his blood crammed into his erection, he had enough sense to give it a moment’s hesitation. Then he said “Okay.”

I made him stand with his elbows on the window pane and his head out the window. Then I lowered his shorts and saw the loveliest, hardest boy-cock . . . just the right amount of curve, and truly massive balls giving it a super-manly air . . . anyhow, I tickled his cock and stroked its tip against my chin. I said “I’m going to something very nice for you. And you are going to NOT look at me – you just keep your head out that window.”

He nodded, and no one would have noticed anything – just some guy looking out his second-story window. But I had a plan.

I took his clean-smelling stiffie in my mouth, and held still. Would this boy just burst in my mouth in the first moments? He clearly wanted to spurt, and also to not spurt, I heard him groan like he was holding down a BIG load. But he held it. I took it really easy on him, so he could enjoy this for more than 10 seconds.

I tongued and mouthed that eager cock, but very gently, no real pressure. I wanted him primed. And I listened. But Jacob told me what I wanted to know. “That’s Freddie’s car!” He said, clearly ready to pull his head in the window.

Pop. “You stay RIGHT THERE, Jake, if you want me to keep doing this.” And then I TURNED IT ON. I can suck like a superhero, I can make you think that your ejaculation is pulling every bit of body out through your cockhead. And I let this poor inexperienced cutie have it – I used my “turbo” setting on him – and he cried out. His legs were quaking, and I heard my cousin calling to Jacob – asking him something or other. Jacob was looking right at him, but couldn’t speak. He was 2 seconds from launching a barrel-load of cream into my smiling face – he probably couldn’t spell his own name, just then.

Jets of white gold FIRED into my mouth, and I felt triumphant – but then his legs gave out! He collapsed to the floor, his still-creaming cock popped out of my mouth, and torrents of sperm flew wild! It blew here and there and there and there – he was trying to hold still but the spasming rod between his legs bounced and jetted and thrashed and spurted . . . I’ve never seen the like.

Freddie came in downstairs, shouting for us, and I couldn’t go and meet him – I had a line of sperm across my cheek and forehead and two soaking into my tank-top. Jacob couldn’t even stand, much less pull a pair of shorts over his pole – which was now only POURING out sperm instead of firing it.

“Uh, I’m helping Jacob with a stain! Be right down!” I shouted, and started frantically looking for a t-shirt I could wear. My cousin wasn’t fooled, when he saw how disheveled we both were, but he kept quiet – he just chuckled through the rest of the day.

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