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Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 03

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© 2012 ChicosTodos. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the Author.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

If you are a minor, or if it is illegal for you to read material containing sexual activity between male adults, please refrain from reading any further.


Things were extremely busy at the auto shop on this snowing Monday evening. There were the drop-in customers new to the neighbourhood, having just moved into the crop of freshly-built townhouses all over the suburb. There were the regulars who delayed switching to winter tires until the first snow storm, which came yesterday. And then there were all the cars with dented bumpers and doors, due to that very same force of nature.

All of this was great for business, of course, which was the way Fred the office manager saw it, but bad for fatigue and sanity, the way Roberto the head technician saw it. He was so tired from the seemingly endless lists of clients and tasks, and from overseeing the four other mechanics, that he contemplated skipping the gym tomorrow morning to sleep in an extra hour.

The mechanic had just finished spending three painstaking hours hammering out a series of dents on the bumper of a Mercedes sedan, and was stretching out his tight shoulders, when Fred walked into the garage.

“Buddy, Ms. Yeung is here.”

Roberto dropped his arms and spun around to face his business partner. “Shit, it’s six-thirty already??”

“Yeah, and we’re running behind…”

“Yeah, Fred, I know…” Roberto turned back to the Mercedes and got ready to drive it back out to Mrs. Milhouse.

“Uh, Rob?”

“What?” He pulled open the driver’s door.

“She wants to talk to you,” Fred said. Roberto paused. He’d sort of prepared for this possibility, after all that had happened between him and Danny over a week ago. He knew there were several ways this could play out, depending on how much Danny told his mother.

Walking up to the front desk, the mechanic saw a wary-looking Ms. Yeung standing by herself. Around her, the waiting room was filled with people hoping for a drop-in appointment. Fred and another employee fielded questions in person and on the phone.

“Hi, Ms. Yeung. You wanted to talk?”

“Yes. Can we go outside?”

“Sure.” Ms. Yeung turned and opened the front door. They walked outside and rounded the corner to the side of the building.

“Roberto, you know I trust you with my car. You’re a hardworking, smart guy. You know I’ve referred your shop to all my friends,” Ms. Yeung said calmly.

“Yes, thank you.”

“But, I don’t know if I can trust you around my son.” The mother’s stare was unyielding.

“You have nothing to worry about, Ms. Yeung. We’re just buds.” Roberto shuffled his feet.

“My son is still a boy. He’ll deny it all he wants, but he hasn’t seen very much yet. I can’t have you…” Ms. Yeung hesitated. Finally, she asked, “What do you want with my son?”

“Like I said, Ms. Yeung, we’re just friends. Danny’s a cool guy…” Ms. Yeung took a deep breath before Roberto finished. “…and we just want to get to know each other.”

There was a pause. Then, Danny’s mother let it out.

“I’ve seen how those women look at you, Roberto. They come into the shop and they should be ashamed. Married women, and they come in with no bras, and their helium voices…and what do you do?” Dramatic pause. “You smile and play the game.” Ms. Yeung shook her head. “Danny isn’t one of them, Roberto. You can’t play him.”

“Look, Ms. Yeung, I dunno what you’re talking about, but with all due respect, Danny’s a young man and he can make his own decisions,” he said, starting to walk away. “Is your car out in the front?” he asked, not turning his back. She didn’t answer, just followed him to the parking lot at the front of the shop.

When the mechanic saw the sky blue Civic, he took out the key, Danny’s key. The key the boy left behind after giving him one of the best blowjobs he’d ever gotten.

“Where did you get that key??” Ms. Yeung demanded.

Roberto closed his eyes and cursed under his breath.


“Yes, Roberto, fuck me hard…”

Danny pressed the buzzing vibrator onto his anus. With his other hand, he jacked off his five-incher furiously.

“Make me your bitch, Roberto…” He fantasized that the mechanic had him pinned down on the back seat of his Civic, his face pressed against the cloth fabric. The massive nine-inch cock he saw, and touched, and tasted over a week ago was now drilling into him like a machine, with strokes long and deep. He was getting fucked in his family car. How disrespectful…how maddeningly fikirtepe escort erotic.

Although his face down, ass up position on the bed would say otherwise, Danny was an anal virgin. Rubbing his cherry red vibrator around his hole was the most action he ever got in the back. That was because a year ago, after he’d heard about his gay friends’ hookup stories, he was afraid of the pain of bottoming. But, also, he’d been waiting for the right guy to do it with. And now, now that it seemed like Danny had found the right guy, he started entertaining the idea of going all the way.

“Yes, fuck me hard, Roberto! Make me beg for your cum!” Danny whined. With a firm touch, he guided the vibrator all over his hairless perineum and balls, while he brought his other hand to his mouth and spat in it. Reaching down to his turgid dick, he closed his lubricated fist around the shaft and stroked hard. In the filthy scene he was constructing in his head, the mechanic’s sweaty, pungent, heavy body was crushing him from above, while his dripping monster cock pistoned deep inside his rectum. The boy was getting close.

“ROBERTO!!” he screamed as he stabbed the vibrator into his asshole. Hot ropes of cum shot out of his piss slit and splashed on the white towel he’d laid over the bed. He flashed back to his cum tasting session in the Civic, how he just kept sucking and licking even when Roberto went soft. Suddenly, the scene flipped: he imagined the mechanic doing it to him instead, sucking him dry even when he begged for mercy…

That made Danny cum a second time, the orgasm so hard his knees buckled, bringing his lifted pelvis down onto the towel-covered bed. His dick and stomach were smushed with cooling cum. With two fingers, the boy reached down and dipped into the pool of semen soaking into the white towel. He brought his fingertips to his lips. Slowly, he inserted his digits into his mouth.

Roberto tasted saltier than him.

“Danny!” It was his mother.

“What??” Danny yelled back, annoyed. He quickly got up and tried to clean himself.

“Come downstairs. I need to talk to you.”

The boy wondered what all the fuss was about. As he pulled his pajama pants up around his perky, hairless butt, it hit him:

“She talked with Roberto!”

He totally forgot today was when the Civic’s tires were scheduled for rotation. Flustered, he felt like he was going to be judged for the sinful actions he did in the car that night.

“Can you explain to me how the mechanic got your key?” his mother asked once he entered the kitchen. She stood with one hand on her hip, the car key on the kitchen table. Danny prepared to recite the story he’d rehearsed.

“Remember I told you I got really drunk partying with Richie a week ago? Well, we ran into Roberto downtown, and he offered to drive me home because he didn’t think it was safe for me to drive. Then when we pulled up to the house, I started getting sick so I just rushed out the car and came in and threw up in the toilet. And then, and then I just felt so sick that I just went upstairs and passed out.” Finishing the story, Danny forced himself to look at his mother straight in the eye.

She didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that her son’s story matched Roberto’s almost exactly, down to Danny feeling sick and running into the house, forgetting his key in the process. “So why did you lie to me? You told me you lost your key that night!”

“Because I didn’t want to go through this, mom! I knew you’d think Roberto did something bad to me…” He sat down at a kitchen chair and hung his head. Whew! His mother seemed to have bought it.

“Danny, he’s not good for you. I don’t mind you dating another boy…”

“I’m not a boy!”

“I don’t mind you dating, Danny, but not Roberto. He’s a player, a seducer…”

“How do you know??” her son asked, exasperated.

“I know! I just know, Danny. I know men like him, and I don’t want you near men like him. Do you hear me?” His mother stood right in front of him. Danny looked away. “Do you hear me?”

“Fine, mom, whatever, ruin my life,” Danny muttered, getting up.

“Stay away from him, Danny. I will find another mechanic if I must. I will speak ill of him to all my friends,” his mother threatened. Her son knew there was no point in arguing on. He started up the stairs when he mom continued, “I hope you’re going to your room to change into shovelling clothes.”

Danny stopped and turned around. His mother pointed towards the window, where he could see snow falling steadily outside. The boy groaned and stomped to his room.

No, Danny wasn’t ready to give up just yet. But he realized he had to act quickly if he wanted to see Roberto again. He picked up the phone and dialed Richie’s number.


A week or so later, almost midnight on a Friday, Roberto was closing up the auto shop by himself. It’d been another long day, and tomorrow’s schedule looks about the same. One of his full-timers offered to open the shop with Fred tomorrow, so at least gebze escort he could sleep in a bit and go to the gym before work.

His cell phone rang. He looked at the caller display and sighed. After another two rings, the mechanic sighed again and picked up.

“Hey Chad.”

“Wow, the mechanic stud picks up!”

‘What’s up, Chad?” the mechanic asked wearily.

“Wanna come over?”

“…sorry, Chad. I’m still at the shop. I’ve been here since eight this morning and I really need some sleep.”

“Not willing to help a friend out now, Robbie? How many times did I stumble into work late because you wanted a late-night fuck?”

“I dunno…how many times?” The mechanic stepped into the washroom and unzipped.

Chad was caught off guard. “Twice….but the point is, we’re friends, and friends help each other out. So help me out, Robbie. You like helping me out, don’t ya?”

A thick stream of piss shot from Roberto’s flaccid dick and splattered into the toilet bowl.

“I”m sorry, man. It’s been crazy here today and I’m really tired. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” The mechanic scratched his itchy, growing pubes. He shaved it and his chest for Chad’s birthday a few weeks ago; the executive liked his fuck buddy shaved.

“Are you going to fuck that boy?” Chad asked flatly. Roberto’s hand jumped and pushed his cock, spraying piss outside the toilet bowl.


“I saw you with a boy, Robbie, at my birthday. Short, skinny.” Chad took a breath. “Younger.”

The piss stream slowed to a dribble. “Listen, Chad, we talked about this. No strings, we keep it fun, we don’t ask about the other guys. And we end it when one of us wants to.”

“And are we ending it?” Chad asked immediately. Roberto sighed, shook his dick a few times, then stuffed it back into his briefs.

“No, Chad, we are not ending it. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”

“Fine. Call me.” Chad hung up abruptly.

Roberto shook his head and washed his hands. He stared at the mirror for a while, wondering what he was doing. The tap water kept running.

Then the front door buzzer sounded and he jumped. Wondering who the heck it could be, he grabbed a screwdriver on his way out of the washroom.

But it wasn’t a robber waiting for Roberto at the front desk. It was Danny in his puffy winter jacket.

“What are you doing here?” the mechanic asked, surprised.

“I was hoping you didn’t go home yet.” Roberto could see the nerves and excitement in Danny’s face.

“You just caught me. I was about to head out.”

“You told me sometimes you leave this late. So I took a chance.” Roberto didn’t know what was going on, but he did know that he wanted to walk up to the boy, the boy who’s been appearing more and more often in his mind, and kiss him.

This time, Danny kissed back, thrusting his tongue into Roberto’s open mouth and sucking his lips. The mechanic thought about unzipping the young man’s jacket, but decided to knead his buttocks instead. Danny moaned his approval, dueling with Roberto’s tongue.

“You still haven’t answered my question,” Roberto said after ending the long kiss.

Danny felt like he was on a big adventure. “I wanted to give you my phone number.”

“That’s it?” Roberto asked, grinning. Danny bit his lower lip.

“I had to do it before my mom stopped me from seeing you. She already did, but…I had to do it before she switched mechanics and talked shit about you.”

Roberto was surprised Ms. Yeung was ready to do all that to prevent him from seeing her son. “Did you get in trouble?”

“No, not yet.”

“Did she see you come out?”

“I snuck out. She’s an early sleeper.” Roberto was finding out this boy wasn’t so innocent after all. He smirked.

“What are you gonna tell her about tonight?”

“Well, first I’m sending Richie a text. We’re at his house playing video games and I’m sleeping overnight,” Danny said, winking. Roberto laughed. He took out his cell phone and Danny did the same. They silently exchanged numbers in the dimly lit waiting room.

“So, you weren’t planning on going home tonight,” Roberto said, raising his eyebrows. Danny blushed; the mechanic realized he missed seeing that.

“So, you talked with my mom last week,” Danny retorted.

“Yeah…I always knew she was a tough lady, but man…she laid it down.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And she can’t control who I like.” At this, Danny glanced up at the tall, strapping mechanic. Roberto chuckled; it’d been a long time since someone interested him beyond the physical. And if he was honest, he was more than interested in Danny. He was fascinated by him.

“Are you hungry, Danny?” the mechanic asked, resting his hand on his favourite spot: Danny’s hips.

“Sure.” He wasn’t really, but any excuse to spend more time with Roberto worked for him.

“I know this great diner. Follow me.”


The 50s-style diner, open 24 hours, served food that would never be found in Roberto’s strict meal plan. He’d içerenköy escort been really good during the holidays, though, and decided to start his cheat day with Danny at 1am on Saturday.

Danny thought he wasn’t hungry, but when his all-day breakfast arrived he gorged it down in several minutes. Roberto teased that he could remember another time when Danny devoured something so hungrily. The boy choked in response and shifted on the turquoise vinyl bench seat.

Conversation flowed easily during the late-night meal. Roberto was tired, and ordered a coffee along with his food, but he felt energized talking and joking with Danny. In his mind, he started working out what to say to convince Danny to stay the night, should he back out at the last minute.

If he only knew that Danny would’ve said yes to basically anything the mechanic suggested. He felt, for the first time in his life, that he was taking a stand for himself and taking a risk to do what he really wanted.

He had a boyfriend before, Liam. He was two years older than Danny, and Caucasian. Liam pursued him in school and was very nice, very accommodating, and loyal. He wasn’t bad-looking. They dated for six months. Then Danny got bored.

But this…was this love?

That was one of the many questions Danny didn’t dare to ask.

“Ready to go, sexy?” Roberto asked after paying for the bill. Danny would’ve fought to split it, but the mechanic had paid it already while the boy went to the washroom.

“Yeah,” Danny replied, smiling.

“Where to?” the mechanic asked. Danny giggled, then looked up shyly at Roberto.

Soon they went to their cars and headed for the mechanic’s apartment.


Roberto lived in a modest one-bedroom that was sparsely decorated but clean. It was also cluttered in the exact same way as the auto shop: stuff everywhere, but organized. There was workout equipment that Danny had never seen before, and a pretty nice home theater set. The kitchen looked like it got a fair bit of use. Roberto offered the boy a drink and he chose orange juice; he downed that quickly.

The tour around the apartment didn’t take very long, and soon Danny found himself staring at Roberto’s king-sized bed, conveniently the last stop.

“You okay, Danny? Do you need anything?” Roberto asked, standing right behind him. The boy shook his head.

“You okay with this?” the mechanic continued, smoothing his hands over Danny’s chest.

“Um hmm,” the boy nodded. The muscular hunk reached for the button and zipper on Danny’s jeans and unfastened both in seconds. Leaning down to plant a kiss on the boy’s neck, he slipped his hands under the waistband of the tighty whities he found and shed both layers of clothing off in one push.

Danny grimaced as his rapidly-stiffening cock bent down with the pulled briefs. In the next moment, though, Roberto’s solid hands wrapped around his shaft and hairless balls. He felt the mechanic bite down on his neck and he gasped.

“You got me off so good last time…” Roberto breathed as he fondled Danny’s genitals. The boy pressed his hands to his chest and started playing with his hard nips. He felt the hand around his balls let go and circle around his thigh. It squeezed his buttock, and then it slid into his crack. Danny shot up on tiptoe.

“Are you a virgin, Danny?” Roberto asked, a whisper in the boy’s ear. When Danny didn’t answer, Roberto pressed a finger into his anus.

“Ah!” Danny jumped away from Roberto. That answered his question. Danny stood there, a bit embarrassed. To alleviate the tension, the mechanic thought he’d strip off his clothes.

It worked. Danny’s eyes went wide as he was reintroduced to the mechanic’s chiselled physique, now accented with dark hair. Every muscle, every defined contour…the boy looked like he was ready to get down on his knees and worship Roberto. That made the mechanic hard, fast.

“Take off your shirt and get on the bed,” he ordered. Danny did as told and laid down on Roberto’s firm bed.

“Open your legs and lift them up,” he commanded. Danny did as told, exposing his virginal asshole to the top. He was shivering. “Are you cold, Danny?” Roberto asked, slowly walking towards the bed with that light swagger of his. Danny shook his head and squeezed his eyes and sphincter shut tightly.

“Just relax, baby,” the mechanic soothed, his mighty cock pointing up at the ceiling with a slight bend to the right. Precum seeped out and dripped onto the hardwood floor. Roberto crawled into bed and Danny gripped the back of his thighs a little tighter.

With his face inches from his prize, Roberto marvelled at the bud, completely hairless, for a few seconds. Then he licked it.

Danny squealed and let go of his legs. The mechanic grabbed the back of the boy’s thighs and buried his face in Danny’s crack, tasting everything the boy had to offer.

The boy was in ecstasy. Even when he went down there himself with his cherry red vibrator, it was never like this…the sensations coming from Roberto’s tongue bath drove the boy crazy. The licks, the sucks, the bites, the kisses to his anus, his perineum, up his balls and then back down to his anus, they had him squealing again and again, arms alternatively tensed in the air and whipping on the bed, his long bangs flipping wildly.

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