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On the Loveseat Ch. 14

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Dear Reader, this is not the next chapter of the story. Or to be more specific, it isn’t the storyline that I had originally planned to be for this chapter (or the next few). During the break I took on this story (which wasn’t as long as I had planned, Jeremy and Jenny sucked me back into their lives!), I thought of new things to add to the tale, but as you’ll see in future chapters, I couldn’t add these ideas on later. So, the story takes an unexpected sidetrack; not that it affects future events, it just delays them. As this chapter contains more of what people have come to love and expect from Jeremy and his mom, I hope you’ll enjoy it. There is still much more to come!

Note: There is a synopsis of the story up to that point in Chapter 10 for longtime readers to refresh their memories if needed. New readers I would like if you started reading at the beginning.


I awoke to a multitude of emotions.

That my mom was still lying next to me elated me.

I was ecstatic to have experienced this weekend, but also depressed that it was over and would probably never have a chance like this for it ever to happen again.

I was in love. And it was even better that I knew that she loved me too!

Dad was coming home this afternoon and after this weekend, I now had some trepidation of how things would continue with mom and I, or with mom and dad.

It was only a few moments that I was able to feel all this as mom’s clock started beeping. I glanced over and realized that it was the time that I normally got up for school. Somehow, during the night, mom had set her clock to make sure I would get up. Even in the middle of our moment, she was still being a mom!

I turned it off. Mom opened her beautiful green eyes and looked at me with such love.

“Morning.” She said, seemingly plainly but her emotions poured from that one word.

“I love you mom.” I responded, letting my words speak for me.

“I love you too honey, but you have to get up for school. We both need showers after … last night.” She lowered her head demurely as she reminded us of the evening that we had shared.

“You go first. I just want to lay here and savor being in your bed before I have to go back to the real world.”

“This is the real world too dear.” Mom said sweetly.

“You know what I mean. You’ll have dad coming home today.”

“Yes, I know. I have to pick him up at the airport this afternoon. I’ll need you here when Johnny and Jojo get home.”

“Actually … I’m thinking of taking the day off.” I declared suddenly. I looked to mom who turned to stare at me. “I want to spend my last moments before dad gets back with my girl.”

Mom smiled at this, but I knew her well enough that I detected the little turn in the edge of her lip.

“You’re going to skip school to be with me?”

“Please mom.” It wasn’t a question, but not a statement either. I saw her face waver.

“We still need showers. And I need to get the others up and out the door. I’ll think about it.” Mom said as she pulled the covers off her naked figure. My eyes were drawn down to gaze upon her beauty. She noticed this and tried to hide her grin.

I knew right then that her saying she was thinking about it already meant that she had accepted my decision. Mom wanted to be with me as much as I wanted her.

I watched my naked mom get up off the bed and head for the bathroom, grabbing her full-length robe on the way. I had my eyes glued to her as she crossed the room. That she could now do that so casually in front of me amazed me. She turned her head, not enough to look me in the eye, but enough that she knew that I was staring. I was sure she was smiling at that.

I had intended to go to school that day. Regardless of the fact that not missing any school had been part of my excuse for not going to golf with dad on his trip. But, as I laid there in my mom’s bed remembering this wonderful weekend, seeing her lying beside me, feeling her warmth against my bare skin, missing one day of school seemed inconsequential compared to extending my time with mom. That she hadn’t outright denied me, or had scolded me about skipping let me know she felt the same.

Having made my decision, I lay there with the remnants of mom’s warmth on the sheets, hearing the water running in the shower, and feeling tempted to join her, but then rejecting that. If we started in there, we’d be back here, and my siblings would get up and be late themselves. Mom or I would have to take them to school after missing the bus, and we would miss more time together than if I just let mom shower alone. I wondered if she was thinking the same thing. That thought alone almost made me get up and check.

Mom soon returned, looking just as sexy with her wet hair. She ran a towel through it and tied it up before taking a pair of lacy panties from a drawer and pulled them on. I gave her a disappointed look as she did so, but she ignored me and pulled her nightie over her head, replaced her robe around tuzla eve gelen escort her shoulders, and tied it shut.

“You can’t hide that beauty from me.” I complained. Mom just gave me a frowning smirk and a shake of her head.

“Keep my bed warm while I go deal with your brother and sister. Don’t come out of here until they are gone.” She admonished me.

“I’m not going anywhere my lovely mother.” I said in a lilting voice.

She rolled her eyes at me, but I saw the touch of a smile on her lips as she left the room, making sure to close the door behind her.

I lay there and then suddenly wondered if my own alarm had gone off. That would have sparked at least Jojo’s curiosity. But no, I hadn’t set it last night with never having been to my room. I listened to my siblings getting ready and then being sent off to school, the soothing everyday sounds lulling me gently back to sleep.

I hadn’t intended to fall asleep; I wanted to spend every minute I could with mom. I could sleep when I was dead. Nevertheless, I was awoken sometime later when mom brought in a tray and set it on the bed before me. I looked at her with surprise, delight, and as always love.

“Breakfast in bed? How’d I get to deserve this?” I asked as I surveyed the full tray.

“For taking such good care of your mother last night, or actually, all this weekend. It was all so wonderful!” She said so cheerfully.

The tray was filled with a plate heaped with scrambled eggs and hash browns, three smaller plates, one with a stack of sausage links and bacon strips, another with six slices of toast with strawberry jam, and the third had a couple blueberry muffins with orange slices stacked around them. For beverages, there was a large glass of orange juice, a smaller one of milk, and to my confusion, a cup of coffee. I looked at mom as she beamed at me.

“This is way too much, even for me!” I declared. “And I don’t drink coffee!”

“It’s not all for you! I thought we could both have breakfast in bed, that is unless you don’t want to eat with me?” She asked diffidently.

“I’d rather eat you!” I said boldly. “But I can do that later; I’ll eat with you now.”

Mom climbed back into bed, sitting beside me while I had the tray over my legs. She grabbed one of the muffins and took a bite. I had been staring at her (go figure, huh?) and she returned my look with a questioning stare.

“What?” She asked demandingly.

“You are incredible, you know that right?”

“So I’ve been told, once or twice.” She smiled back at me.

“I want to shout it from the rooftop. My mom is the best mom in the world!” The table shook with my exuberance.

“Best mom? Is that it?” She asked as she took another bite of the muffin.

“I can’t really go shouting the best lover from the roof, can I?”

“No, I guess not. Not without me right there with you, shouting just as loud.” Mom answered.

“We shouldn’t go getting too mushy or we won’t get to finish breakfast! I almost feel like I might be able to eat all this!”

“Save some for me, I need my strength too to keep up with you!”

I took a forkful of eggs and fed it carefully to her. She was surprised to see the fork coming towards her and leaned in to take it in her mouth.

“Keeps me satisfied and feeds me too!” Mom said after she swallowed.

She took a piece of bacon and fed it to me. I bit hungrily at it. She laughed at my display.

We spent the next little while eating mom’s prepared feast, feeding ourselves but also each other. I assumed mom had picked the muffins and orange slices for herself, but in the end we each had partook of all the choices, mom had even sipped my juice. I hadn’t touched her coffee though.

The time we spent there, together, just eating and enjoying each other’s presence, not thinking of the rest of the world or any of the worries that it might have for us, was the most sublime feeling I had ever felt. Not even the great sex or the lovemaking we had shared matched it. The glow on mom’s face, the twinkle in her eyes, the smile on her lips that wouldn’t fade, the way she looked at me that matched the feelings I had inside me for her.

We barely finished the wonderful breakfast as our wont for the other grew. I set the tray with the nearly empty dishes on the floor and turned to take mom in my arms. She pressed against me with as much need as I grabbed her. Our lips were joined and the world disappeared completely for the next long while. When we were finished, panting as we lay next to each other, our heads on her pillows, I looked at mom.

“I guess you’re letting me stay home.”

“I guess I am.” She stared at my face for a long moment. “I should make it official and call the school and tell them you’re not feeling well.”

“I’m not feeling well.” I stated. Mom continued to stare at me, but her look became quizzical. “I’m not well. I’m way beyond well, deep into fantastic, possibly even euphoric!” I teased.

“Jeremy!” She tuzla otele gelen escort turned her head away with an almost snort.

“You should call the school and talk to the principal, Mr. Dawkins while you are riding me, mom!” I told her.

“I’m not going to talk to the principal while I’m riding your dick.” Mom answered rudely.

“You’re not going to talk to Mr. Dawkins or you’re not going to ride my dick?” It was a reasonable question, questioning minds wanted to know!

“Stop it. You get a little nookie and you start to get full of yourself.” Mom chided me.

“A little nookie? That was a whole lot of nookie, miss. And it seemed to me that it was you that was full of myself!”

A bit far, granted, but mom still laughed.

“Are you going to get out of bed at all today?” She asked.

“I don’t want to. Do you?”

“I’ve been up. Remember? Got the kids off to school, did some housework while you slept, made breakfast.”

“Oh yeah. I suppose I could get up. If someone gave me incentive that is.” I said suggestively.

“Get up. Go finally take your shower.” Mom ordered. “I’ll call the school and tell them you’re at home and not terrorizing the streets like a hoodlum.”

I chuckled at that.

Mom got out of bed and put her panties back on. She then went to her closet and picked out some clothes while I rose and went to the bathroom. It was partly out of necessity that I had obeyed mom, I had really needed to go by then!

I took a shower, a cold one, and dressed myself in a t-shirt and shorts. I didn’t figure that I would stay in them for very long, it was barely eleven a.m.! Mom and I had at least three more hours before she had to go to the airport and our weekend would at last be officially over. I grew sullen at the thought. Something like this would never happen again. But then, sleeping with mom was something that should never have happened at all, and see how that was going!

Mom had gone downstairs while I had been occupied. I hurried down the stairs, nearly tripping as I went. I realized that killing myself in a hurry to be with mom would result in no more nookie!

“Be careful honey! I don’t want to have to tell your father I had to take you to the hospital because you were skipping school to stay home with me!” Mom teased me when I reached the bottom of the stairs. She was sitting on the couch and she looked up at me with that loving twinkle in her eyes that seemed to be reserved only for me lately. She had put on a loose cotton print dress and a pair of sandals. Clearly not the clothes she intended to pick dad up wearing. Meaning she too didn’t intend to stay dressed for long either!

“I was in a hurry because I missed you!” I said, sounding corny. But I meant it.

“That’s sweet honey, but you have to be careful. I don’t want to have to clean up any blood.” Mom jested.

“I have other bodily fluids that you could clean up.” I replied. I sat in the chair opposite her. Not dad’s chair.

“I’m surprised you have anything left in you.”

“You did feed me a big breakfast. Now I need to work it off!”

“And how did you figure on working it off?” She queried with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure something will come up!”

“Are you trying to get a rise out of me?” Mom quipped back easily.

“Hey! I’m the one that makes the cracks.” I said petulantly. “But that was a good one.”

“Thank you. No ideas? We only have a couple hours left.”

“I know.” I stared at my mom in her loose dress, one leg tucked up under the other giving me a brief view of her inner thigh.

“See something you like?” She asked coyly. She looked at me as if she had caught me doing something wrong.

“You know I do!” I said matter-of-factly. “Open your legs mom. Let me see it all.”

“That’s an awfully bold thing to say to your mother, young man!” Mom had a frown on her lips, but I knew her too well; she was fighting back a sexy smile.

“But not to my hot and sexy lover!” I corrected her.

“Oh, really now. Lover?”

Mom may have been able to hold back the grin, but she did slowly slide her foot out from beneath her. She lifted her other foot and set it on the edge of the couch, letting her cotton dress fall to her waist. My beautiful mother was now sitting there with both feet on the couch with her knees wide and exposed to me. A tiny pair of blue panties was spread over the visible shape of her pussy lips.

“See anything you like now?” Mom asked with a sexy growl.

“Oh, God yes! I could eat it all up!” I said enthusiastically.

Mom couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“You’re not full yet?”

“There’s always room for Jello. Or pussy!”

“Jeremy!” Mom gasped with no surprise in her voice. I did notice that one of her hands had drifted down to rest on her thigh, just inches above her panties.

“Pull you panties aside. Let me see how wet my slutty mom is!” I told her. Mom’s eyes bore back at me intently, tuzla sınırsız escort but I saw her hand move to her panties, momentarily covering them with her palm. Her eyes never left mine as she slowly drew the blue fabric to one side. Moisture clung to her splayed petals. I licked my lips unconsciously.

“I want to watch you play with yourself again mom! You’re so beautiful and sexy when you do that!” My eyes darted from hers to her womanhood.

“You seem to like that, don’t you?” She asked, pulling her panties further aside. “But I have a request too. I want to watch you stroke your dick.”

“What? Jerk off with you? I don’t know.” That was very private!

Okay, I know it was a double standard, as I had requested this of mom and Aunt Jessica already, and now again with mom. I didn’t need to play with myself much anymore now that I had mom and Aunt Jess willing to do that if I wanted. Or, anything else really! But, to sit there and stroke my cock while my mother watched? That seemed the very definition of dick softening!

Well, with most moms I suppose it would be!

“You expect me to do it for you.” Mom said with some disdain. Her knees were still upright and everything still very visible.

“I know, and I know that it’s not fair to not do the same for you. I just never have … you know, done that in front of anyone.”

“Either had I until that day. But I wanted to do it for you, because I love you and that you wanted to see me do that. I hope that you would feel the same.”

“If there is anyone that I would do that for, it is you mom.” I looked at her. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen her beauty before that fateful night, it was nearly overpowering now as I stared at her. I’m sure a lot of it was colored by everything that we had done recently. Moreover, that she was my mother.

“Are you saying you won’t?” She had a look of disappointment in her eyes that cut to my soul.

“No, I’m not saying that. I will. I …”

Actions speak louder than words.

I stood and undid my shorts and let them drop to the floor. I tugged my boxers down with them. My dick had sensed more action and the sight of mom’s exposed crotch had it growing as I undressed.

“Ooo!” Mom cooed at sight of my loins.

I sat down again, leaving my shirt on for warmth, though I expected the room would soon be an inferno.

Mom had whisked her panties off; they were now carelessly lying in the middle of the living room floor.

I looked mom in the eyes. Hers darted back up to mine. She had been staring at my cock. It twitched at that.

“What do I do?” I asked. As if I hadn’t done this a thousand times. A hundred thousand, at least.

“Do what you usually do.” Mom said flatly. She lifted her dress over her head, leaving it bunched behind her.

“Before you and Aunt Jess, I’d be laying in my bed in the dark trying to not make any noise.” I said.

“No porn?” Mom had never let on that she knew or suspected that I watched any porn. I guess in this age of internet, that it would seem obvious that any guy with a smartphone had seen some illicit videos. “Or just imagining your aunt naked?”

“Either, I guess.” I admitted. My dick was nearly at full size. Mom ran a finger over her pink lips. No, the other ones.

“Let me see you grab it. Wave it at me.” Mom said with a curl to her lips.

I grabbed the base of my hardened dick and shook it towards her.

“Is that what you want mom?”

Her eyes flicked up to mine, then back down to my prominent member. She nodded slightly. Her delicate tongue slid along her bottom lip. She now had two fingers running over her very wet pussy. Her own show helped to encourage me. I let my encircling thumb and forefinger rise up along my shaft to under my domed head. Then I slowly slid my hand back down towards my pubic hair, giving the base a squeeze causing the shaft and head to bulge out.

“Oh!” Mom gasped at this.

I then stroked up and down a couple times as I stared at mom’s fingers roving over her dampness. We were both clearly getting very worked up.

“Mom. Let’s see who can last longer!” I said suddenly, breathily.

“What? You want to make this a contest?” She shook her head to clear her wits as I had caught her off guard with my comment.

“Not a real contest. The loser won’t have to do anything or such. Just to make it more interesting. Just to tease each other.”

“Oh. That could be … nice.” She sighed. I saw that she had sunk down further into the couch, her head rested comfortably against the back of it.

As we resumed our mutual individual pleasures, my hand slowly caressing up and down, mom’s fingers teasing over her opening, I saw her almost as if for the first time, not as the mother that I had barely acknowledged while I was growing up, nor as the woman that I had been having sex with, but as the woman that I had fallen in love with. The perfection that was Jenny, my mother and my lover, and yet so much more also.

Her deep brown hair with just enough curl in it not to be boringly straight, that made me want to run my fingers through it as it hung down over her shoulders.

Her emerald green eyes that sparkled and twinkled with intelligence and a renewed joy as they looked back at me; two pools that I would dive into and swim there forever.

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