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Love Making like a Raging Storm

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The thought had been going around in your head for so long, wondering if you could really do it! You continue with your work for several minutes before you stop again and stare into nothing, when suddenly you have the plan plainly in your mind’s eye. The corners of your mouth begin to raise ever so slightly, anyone looking at you that very moment would have seen brilliant sparks in your bright eyes. The mind had made itself up and you were going to do it, you were suddenly a woman on a mission! Throughout the rest of the day everyone in your office found you to be in a wonderfully happy mood, unbeknownst to them the plan you had worked out in your head.

Several hours later sees you stepping off a train in a town very unfamiliar to you. The rain is pounding down on you, instantly soaking you through to the skin. This was not the look you were going for on this particular occasion. You set off through the station and stop just before going out into the rain again. You pull out your phone and send a quick message, your heart pounding as you eagerly await a response.

Minutes later you are doubting the sanity of all this but are suddenly rewarded by a tone from your phone. You read the message to yourself and produce a very wide smile. The message reading “Yes, i’m still working away from home this week and staying at the nice little hotel I described to you the other day. Great facilities, massive bed and all that good stuff. Just a shame to be here on my own x lol” You rapidly finger a message back to say how nice it must be and that you needed to sort something out for a while and would get back to me. As soon as you hit send you are back into the rain and jumping into the first available cab…

The cab pulls up outside the large overwhelming hotel entrance and you check the name on the sign to be 100% certain. You throw the driver a twenty, tipping well over the going rate, hastily leaving the car with your small case, packed in a hurry after work. You notice the rain has stopped, cursing your luck for such a soaking just at the wrong time. You enter the lobby, knowing you must look half drowned, yet far from caring now. You walk, head held high to the reception desk and confront the young man manning the desk, thinking to yourself this should be easy.

You ring the bell on the desk to announce your presence, despite knowing you had been watched the whole time you crossed the floor.

“Excuse me, i’m trying to locate the room of my business associate, can you help?” You ask in as confident a voice as you can muster.

He replies, “I’m sorry madame but we cannot divulged and personal information of our guests.”

“I had his details but I left my work bag on the train so I don’t have the full information with me details with me, only the name. If I miss this meeting I could lose my job” You plead.

The guy is still reluctant due to their policies but you have some assets to bring into play. You use your deep sparkling eyes, striking lips brought to a pout and soft sexy accent to great effect as you continue to explain the situation in desperation. He didn’t stand a chance and slips you a note with my door number, hurriedly scribbled on it.

Moments later you are on the 13th floor stood outside my door, still dripping and trying to suppress a shaking feeling deep within you. You wonder if it’s just the cold or the nervousness of doing what you are about to do. You take a long deep breath then knock gently on the door…

Just as you are stepping from the cab, I am sitting in the hotel room wondering what to do with myself whilst I wait for you to get a message back to me. I decide it may be a good time to run a bath and hope you’ll be ready to get back to me when I get out, perhaps stealing some time to keep one another amused for a while. I turn the taps on and the steam instantly fills the air in the bathroom.

I undress quickly and wrap a soft white towel around my waist as I wait for the tub to fill. A minute or two later I hear a noise from the main room and listen out more intently. I hear something again and I turn the taps off. A few seconds elapse and I finally hear a knock so I slowly move towards the door. I look through the peep hole to discover the back of someone’s head, definitely female, kind of recognisable, although merter escort very damp looking. I realise I am stood here in a towel but curiosity gets the better of me and I open the door…

As soon as you hear the door open you turn slowly, lifting your head as you do, until our eyes become firmly locked. It takes me a second or two to register that it’s you beneath the damp hair across your face and we both stand speechless. I finally find my voice.

“How can you be here? “What are you doing here?” I ask in my deep Southern accent.

Your only response is to fling your arms around my neck, squeezing tightly. My arms pull you into me and I feel you shiver slightly from the coldness of being soaked through. I pull you through the doorway, kicking the door closed behind us. I can’t quite believe you are here!

“I just couldn’t let the chance go begging, I needed to be close to you, no matter what the consequences.” You whisper, breathlessly.

I suddenly remember my manners and begin to dry you with a soft towel. I scrub your head until it is left only slightly damp, leaving the towel over your shoulders. Our mouths are now silent as we look into each others eyes, realising that we are both here, together and alone in a very nice comfortable, private hotel room, finally free from the restrictions of our workplace. The corners of our mouths begin to lift until we are both sporting wide grins.

I grab you up in my arms and kiss you so deeply you actually feel quite faint, the long day perhaps taking its toll or maybe just the effect I now hold over you. Our lips are locked for several minutes, our arms just holding each other, taking in the situation, as we know it is something neither thought would actually ever happen between us. We pull apart slightly and you enquire about the towel wrapped around my waist, which is sorely failing to hide my excitement of your closeness.

“I have just run a bath if you’d care to jump in and warm yourself,” I offer.

I indicate the bathroom, where the steam from the hot bath can be seen flooding through the slightly ajar door. You give me a long lingering kiss then go in, as I fetch us a drink. Before long you have stripped naked and just before you step into the tub you notice in the mirror the reflected form of me admiring your gorgeous body from the other room, both my eyes and tongue seemingly popping out at the display. You giggle slightly, knowing I had not seen that you saw me ogling you. As you step into the bath you stop and shout “There is more than enough room for two in here_!!…

You glide into the tub, the bubbles tickling your soft cold skin as you descend. The tub feels scolding hot to your cold body but you soon relax and let out a deep sigh. I enter the room as you turn to me and ask “Are you getting in or not?”

I reach the side of the tub and you take hold of my towel and throw it to the floor beside me. My erection is inches from your face and your eyes open widely at the sight. Before I move to enter the tub you can’t resist a quick play and you gently grip me in your left hand, working slowly up and then down the shaft, mentally counting each inch as you go. As you continue I glide my large right hand through your thick damp hair, pushing it over your ears to admire your long sweet neck. You lean towards me a little more and give the head a little kiss, then another, then another, this time working your tongue slightly around the end.

You begin working your hand up and down as your kisses turn to taking me deep within your mouth. You work to spiral your mouth around me as you nod your head, taking a little longer each time. The feel of your mouth around me sends shivers through my whole body and you too can feel my excitement as you pleasure me. As you continue you look up into my eyes and I into yours and we can see how much we are both enjoying each other. As you pull back I indicate that i’m going to get in the large tub with you, your mouth has worked me into a frenzy and i’m now so hard there is only one place I want it to be.

You slide forward as I step in and sit behind you. You then draw yourself back and I lift your hips up until you are directly above me. As I hold you up, you grab my dick in one hand beneath you and quickly guide it into you. istanbul escort The feel of my thick shaft pressing deep within you has you instantly moaning with pure delight, you whisper lustilly back to me “I’ve wanted to feel you in me for so long now.”

“This has been but a dream to me up to this point, thinking of your beauty and if it is a dream I hope I don’t wake.”

I assist you with your movements up and down my length, the only sounds being the splashing water and your soft moans as I reach deep within you. You hold the sides of the tub to give you a safer position and my hands are now free to caress your body as you work up and down me. My hands are on your breasts, your excitement growing with my touch on you as I work them, tweaking your hard nipples with your moans getting a little louder.

The rhythm of our coupling sends endless ripples around the tub until slowly and surely our increasing pace turns them to gentle splashes up your back…my hands are now exploring your naked flesh all over as you enjoy my length deep inside you, the angle allowing you maximum pleasure from the position we’ve adopted…you know we are both close, the excitement of the moment getting to us all too soon…your movements intensify and you push yourself as deep onto me as you possibly can…over and over, your movements even more rapid now, sending water flying over the side of the tub…I begin to move to your pace to assist us both, water is splashing everywhere now as we speed towards our climax. My body finally submits and cum shoots deep within you…knowing that your body is showing signs of being close to release itself, I work through my own ejection and continue to glide in and out of you at pace until your body finally lets loose itself and you scream with delight as the surge races through your groin and up to your stomach.

You fall back to lay over my body and we both breathe deeply, your breaths in tune with my own as our chests rise and fall as one. My arms cradle you, not wanting to let you go for one second. Your head nestles comfortably into my shoulder and we both lay there spent for a while in silence, only the water splashes into the side of the tub to disturb us.

After a while, the water beginning to cool significantly, we both stand and I again wrap my strong arms around you, pulling you tight into me, your ass cozying into my groin. We step out of the bath, you first and me closely behind, sending water splashing all over the room as we do. I quickly lead you into the bedroom, the both of us dripping heavily on the soft carpet. We stop in the middle of the room, holding one another. We both look around the room and I say to you “The bed?”

You reply “rug?”

I then look across the bed and finally say with a grin “balcony!” and you reply with “mmmmmn… nice!

I take your hand then open the door and step out onto the balcony. The cool of the night feels bitter on our skin at first but that is forgotten in a moment as we are greeted with an amazing sight of a violent storm in the distance. Lightning bolts light the night sky as they crackle in the distance. You stand in front of me looking out into the night sky and the silhouette of your naked body outlined by the lightnings light is certainly a sight to behold, appreciating your form for all it’s worth. I cuddle you from behind, a weak attempt to veil you from the storm. Moments later the loud thunder clap makes you jump slightly, warning of the approaching storm.

Despite your nervousness of the weather the feel of me behind you overtakes and you reach an arm behind you to feel my strong thigh. I lean forward and brushing aside your hair i kiss your soft neck over and over again. You can feel my hard cock once again pressed up between your buttocks and you want it again, right here and now, looking out on the oncoming storm…you lean forward and hold the balcony rail, bending forward to expose your full glory to me. My hands grab your cheeks and gently part them to give me full view of my target…I thumb your opening, pressing slightly inside to check that you are ready to take me again and i’m pleased to find you certainly are…I stand up straight behind you as you order me inside you once again!

The whole scenario has me so solid for you that I glide bayrampaşa escort into you with ease, pushing myself fully in, again bringing squeels of delight from you…I grab your hips to assist with each thrust I have for you until you become in tune with my movements and match yours to mine, pushing your cute ass back onto me…lightning again floods the balcony with light and I lick my lips at the view of your naked form bent in front of me…I rake my nails from your neck down to the base of your spine as I continue to pump you hard…my hips gyrate to ensure you feel me in all the right places for maximum effect. Thunder hits again, a little louder and closer than before and the wind begins to blow slightly harder also. I know we don’t have long before the storm is upon us and I continue to thrust deeper, only slightly faster than before.

The next bolt of lightning is the brightest yet and we must be clearly visible to anyone happening to glance towards the building but we care little about that, the only thing on our mind is giving each other lots of pleasure in the crazy surroundings we find ourselves…the next clap of thunder is twice as loud and we both jump at the sound. ..everything is getting close now, the storm and the passion inside our loins once again…i’m now slamming hard into you, pulling you sharply towards me as I thrust into you…you moan for me to fill you up once again and I double my efforts to satisfy your desire…the trees down below are swaying violently now and we know the time is almost at hand…you grip the balcony rail tightly, your knuckles going white in the effort…you are feeling every inch of me up to my balls as your pussy lips envelope around me…I can see your legs are starting to shudder slightly from the feeling riding around your body from the waist down…I know you are close as the feeling begins to boil within me also and my movements become violently strong like the approaching storm.

All at once there is an explosion of tremendous forces as I shoot my hot load into you once again, just as your body is overtaken by the fire that has been building…simultaneously there is a sharp snap of lightning that hits the building in front of us, sparks dancing across the roof as I continue to ram home my gift for you…the sheer power of our love making a match for the awesome power of the lightning bolt sent from above…you are in a daze, partly from the visual display right before you and part from the rush of emotions of us being so close.

The thunder hitting overhead is suddenly deafening and the light rain that had been falling gently for a while now has turned sharper, colder, heavier…you ease forward to dismount from my spear and I swiftly lift you into my arms before you can protest. I carry you from the face of the heavy storm, now right above us and back into the safety of the bedroom. I grab the duvet off the bed and wrap it around our bodies as you whisper to me how amazing the whole experience had been on the balcony, I wonder if you mean the storm or our coupling and I know the answer instantly as you wrap your arms around me and nestle your head into my shoulder.

We stand for a while, then both fall onto the bed in a heap, still entwined and not wanting to release one another. My strong hands explore your soft naked flesh and the touch sends shivers coursing through your body, delighting you to have me so close. We lay together for a short time before both drifting into a soft sleep, both our faces showing the delight of being as one.

As you slowly open your eyes to the bright sunshine flooding in from the balcony door you disappointingly realise that you are in bed alone. You turn over to find a single purple rose on the pillow beside you and smile. I then emerge from the bathroom in my uniform. I give you a wide smile and you reply with a lick of your sweet lips then softly say “hello handsome” you softly say. I lean down to give you a kiss.

“I need to get to this course of mine” I tell you reluctantly. The look on your face speaks volumes and I quickly realise you have other plans for us. I quickly submit that I won’t be leaving anytime soon, as you come up to your knees on the edge of the bed and your arms snake around me. I tell you how you’re one of a kind, beautiful and loving without equal. You reply that you melt with my voice as we again shut out the world and get lost in each other.

Three days later i’m back at our work place and awaiting my fate for skipping the course, but my head floats away with the thoughts of you alone.

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