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Dwight’s Surprise at Work

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Author’s note: This story is dedicated to a fan who told me what he liked. Hope you enjoy it. Kisses.


Dwight was your typical middle management worker, toiling away in a large office building. He rarely went outside of his floor, but was feeling adventurous one day and decided to check out the next floor up. Instead of taking the elevator he decided to take the stairs. What he found was a little room off the stairs that wasn’t part of the main hallway. As he walked by he thought he could hear some moaning. As he stopped to listen, he knew for a fact that he was hearing someone moan and it sounded like a woman.

He stood and listened to what sounded like sounds of sex and he subconsciously dropped his hand to his groin and began rubbing his growing hard on. He was so caught up in what he was doing, he almost got caught, but luckily heard the movement in the room and quickly slipped into the hallway. He walked to a nearby restroom and ducked in so the mystery lady wouldn’t think he heard her.

He gave it several minutes and left the restroom and saw that Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort the hallway was empty so he headed back to the stair door and slipping through went into the little room. It turns out it was a janitors closet, but as soon as he entered he could smell the scent of sex and found a chair and looked like it had a wet spot on it. As he bent down to sniff it he could smell the woman’s sexual juices quite distinctly.

The idea that someone was having sex in this room was tantalizing, but wondering which of the women on this floor was doing was even more exciting. Over the next several weeks Dwight would visit the stairwell around the same time and learned that the mystery woman was alone and that she went in there every Monday Wednesday and Friday. In fact he had gotten to getting to the room shortly after she got there and was able to listen enough to achieve his own climax.

He usually was quiet so as not to alert his mystery woman of his presence but one day he must of bumped the door or made a sound because the next Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort thing he knew as he was shooting his load was the door was opening and there stood before him the office manager of the floor, Meredith. He immediately got embarrassed but there really wasn’t he could do to stop the act of ejaculating. As he finished she stared at him and asked if he was just going to stand there or was he going to come in and join her?

He couldn’t believe his ears, so when she reached out and grabbed his softening cock and pulled him into the room he mutely followed. Once inside she closed the door and asked him how long he had been listening to her. He mumbled something unintelligent, probably due to the fact that she had her skirt rucked up around her waist, her pantyhose pulled down to her thighs and a vibrator in one hand.

Meredith then proceed to sit back down on the chair and command Dwight to kneel before her and put his tongue to some good use. When she gave his cock a slight tug, he snapped out of his shock and knelt Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort on the floor before Meredith and leaned in and began licking her swollen pussy lips. As he licked more and more he worked his tongue closer to her slit and finally broke the plain and was rewarded with the taste of her juices.

He then found her nubbin and began to lick it and nibble on it causing her to moan even louder. As he sucked on her clit and licked at her slit she suddenly grabbed his head, pulled him in close and shuddered as her orgasm washed over her. She humped his face trying to draw more of him inside of her and proceeded to coat his entire visage with her cum.

She finally released his head and panting heavily told him that if he was that good every time she would no longer need to use the vibrator. She then had him stand up and proceeded to lick and suck his cock all the way into her mouth. With her nose in his pubic hair she reached behind him with both hands and pulled him in even closer working more of his cock down her throat.

He then received one of the best blow jobs he has ever had in his life and as he got ready to cum told her, but she only took him down her throat and as he shot his second load of the day down her gullet she constricted her throat muscles trying to get all of his cum out. As she finished she licked her lips and smiled up at him and told him see you on Friday.


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