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*Thanks again to Jenna for the inspiration*

Some people called Kelly a slut. Had she been a man, they would have called her a stud, but in a double standard world, women were thought bad of by some if they enjoyed sex.

Kelly was in her early 30’s and had a body just made for sex. She had great tits, wide hips and lots of curves in all the right places. She was outgoing and loved to have fun. She had big blue eyes; curly blond hair and a dazzling “come fuck me” smile.

She had always loved sex. From her first experience, giving her neighbor a hand job, she had always found it exciting and always wanted more. She loved to fuck, and she loved giving head, loved to feel a cock harden and pulse in her mouth and hear the moans of pleasure as hot cum shot down her throat.

She had been with many men, and a few women, over the years but was always looking for new ways to release her abundant sexual energy. Kelly had participated in several threesomes and the excitement of more than one partner had made her start thinking about maybe multiple partners. She had often fantasized about a “gang bang” scenario while masturbating and now an opportunity to do just that had come up unexpectedly.

Kelly had several “fuck buddies” and one of them, Glen, had called her and made a proposition for her to have an encounter with him and several of golf buddies on their next golf getaway.

She quickly agreed and the thought of being with four guys excited her. That night she masturbated and imagined what it was going to be like enjoying four men at the same time.

The day finally came and Kelly awoke excited. The four guys were staying at a time-share condo near the golf course and Kelly had flown in late the night before and had checked into the nearby hotel that Glen had arranged for her. She had slept in, knowing that Glen and his friends would be on the golf course until mid afternoon.

She dressed in a simple summer dress that clung to her curves. Underneath she wore a shear bra and matching thong. She didn’t figure that the clothes would be on for long, but wanted something to give the guys a little titillation.

Kelly had a salad for lunch in the hotel restaurant, and smiled as she noticed the men at other tables checking her out. She loved teasing and moved in her chair so that her dress hiked up giving them a bit of a show. All male eyes were on her as she got up and walked from the restaurant to the lobby.

She took a cab to the time-share and the guard at the gate gave her the key that had been left for her. Entering the time-share, she had a look around. There were three bedrooms, two with two double beds each that the guys appeared to be using and then a huge master suite that obviously had been left for tonight’s action.

She found a bottle of white wine in the fridge and poured herself a glass, moving to the private patio and taking a chair in the sun to await the fellow’s arrival.

She didn’t have long to wait until she heard the door open and the men’s şişli escort voices as they entered the time-share. She turned and saw Glen at the sliding door and gave him a bright smile. He and his three friends made there way onto the patio and Glen introduced them to Kelly.

“They all know why I’m here,” she thought, “but they are being so gentlemanly. That’s good.”

Glen got the guys all a beer and they sat and made some small talk, just getting comfortable with her. She looked them all over and was pleased with what she saw.

Glen, her friend was tall and lean, a runner. Ted, Glen’s business associate from the East Coast was a bit older than the others, short and stocky, but very handsome. Mike, Glen’s college buddy, was about Glen’s age, 35 or so, six feet tall with a muscular build.

John however was a surprise. He was a big black man, with a broad chest and huge hands. Kelly wondered how huge he was elsewhere, but knew she would soon find out.

Kelly loved how the guys’ eyes kept roaming her body as they talked and made sure she moved in ways that showed off her body.

It had been a hot day out on the course, so as they finished their beers, Glen suggested that they grab a quick shower. As the guys made their way inside, Glen came over and gave Kelly a quick kiss and asked, “You sure you’re OK with this?”

“Fuck yes,” she replied, “can’t wait.”

The guys all quickly showered and then headed back to the patio. All were now in shorts and t-shirts and sandals. Once they were all back, Kelly stood up and looked them all in the eye before saying, “Well, I guess we should get this party started!”

She quickly shed her dress and stood before them in just the sheer bra and thong. Sensing some nervousness, she moved toward Mike, slipping her arms around his neck and giving him a kiss. He needed no further encouragement and his strong arms pulled her body close as their lips met in a deep long kiss.

As she and Mike kissed, she felt another set of lips caress the back of her neck and a hand slide along her side.

Mikes hands moved to cup her full breasts and she knew he could feel her hard nipples through the sheer material. She glanced around and saw that it was Ted behind her, his shirt off and as he pressed into her she felt his hardness against her bottom.

Kelly slid her hand down between them and squeezed the bulge in Mike’s shorts. As she did, she felt Ted unclasp her bra as he pressed against her. “Yes” she thought, “This is going to be so hot!”

She kissed Mike again and then turned to kiss Ted, tossing her bra aside as she did. She felt Mike’s strong hands cupping her ass and she sensuously pushed back against them.

Kelly glanced over to Glen and John who had stripped off their clothes and were watching her intently. Her eyes widened as she saw John’s huge cock.

She and Ted kissed. His lips were soft and warm. Her fingertips slid over his broad bare chest, her French tipped nails teasing his nipples.

Four istanbul escort hands slid over her lush body and she ground her pelvis against Teds arousal. Her lips moved to his neck, then his chest, playfully teasing his nipple as she slid downward.

Kelly’s fingers found the snap of his shorts, and then the zipper as she moved to her knees before him. Quickly she slid down his shorts and briefs and his erect flesh bobbed before her. She engulfed him with her mouth, her tongue swirling around his swollen flesh.

Kelly loved cock; she loved the heat, the texture, and the taste. She explored him with her lips and tongue, finding his sensitive places, tasting the first oozes of his precum. She was in her element and knew that all eyes in the room were on her as she demonstrated her skills as a fellatrix.

There was no pretext now as to what was going to happen. Kelly was there for their pleasure and hers and Mike had joined the other two in stripping off his clothes.

The other three moved closer, circling Kelly as her head bobbed on Ted’s rock hard cock.

“Oh I need some of that!” she heard as her lips found the base of Ted’s shaft.

She slowly slid her lips upward and let him pop from her mouth. She turned and took Glen’s familiar cock in her mouth as her hands found John and Mike.

Kelly was in heaven, a cock in her mouth and one in each hand. As she slid her fingers along John’s thick shaft she knew she wanted his huge cock in her and soon. She was dripping wet thinking of the great fucking she was going to get.

She began moving her lips from cock to cock, totally enjoying herself. Saliva dripped from her lips as she sucked these beautiful cocks.

Then, not wanting to wait any longer, she took her mouth from John’s big cock and looked up at the men and said, “I need to be fucked!”

She moved to all fours on the floor and spread her legs. Ted, who had kicked his shorts aside, moved behind her and grabbing her hips thrust his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

Kelly groaned as she felt him enter, and then looked up and saw Mike’s cock bobbing in front of her face and quickly took him in her mouth.

The two men moved in rhythm, Mike slowly fucking her mouth while Ted’s cock pushed deep in her hot pussy.

She could see the other two standing beside her, watching her being used by two stiff cocks, waiting for their turn to use her themselves. This was as hot and good as she had hoped. Her pussy clenched around Ted’s cock as he fucked her and her head bobbed as she skillfully pleasured Mike with her mouth.

Suddenly she felt a pulse and heard a deep groan as Mike could not hold back and gush of thick hot cum spurted into her mouth. She tightened her lips around the shaft and sucked and swallowed the entire delicious offering.

Ted slowed his pace, his cock gliding in the slick velvet of her. He moans softly feeling her clenched around his engorged flesh, but holding back, savoring each second of this delicious fuck.

Mike’s beşiktaş escort cock softens and Kelly lets it fall from her lips, giving it one last kiss as he moves away. As he does, Ted pulls from her and she momentarily feels empty. Ted quickly takes Mike’s place in front of her and she feels two large hands on her bottom, spreading her as John’s huge cock pushes into her needy pussy.

She gasps as he enters her, his cock long, hard and thick. His strong hands on her hips now, pulling her back as he impales her with his manhood.

“God that feels good” she thinks as she takes Ted into her mouth and begins to suck him.

As John’s big dick fills her pussy, she sucks the head of Ted’s throbbing cock as her fingertips move up and down the shaft. In no time she is rewarded by a second load of hot seed, which she eagerly swallows.

Ted’s cock slips from her mouth and she licks her lips, savoring the taste of cum that lingers on her tongue.

Kelly feels John pull his cock from her and she turns with a pout on her lips, only to see him lie down on the floor and say, “Come and ride me baby!”

Quickly she moves to him, straddling him and guiding his massive cock back into her dripping pussy. She starts riding him. cowgirl style, and his big hands find her tits, squeezing them as his tongue washes over her diamond hard nipples.

As she fucks John, she glances around. She sees Ted and Mike laying back in the living room chairs, recovering and watching her and John.

Kelly wonders where Glen is, but doesn’t have to wonder long as she feels him behind her, straddling her and his hard cock sliding up and down the crease of her bottom.

“Oh fuck yes!” she moans wanting both her holes filled with hot cock.

She slows her rhythm, stopping to adjust the angle of her bottom and allow Glen to press his cock against her asshole. She has always loved getting fucked in the ass, but has never experienced double penetration and her body is tingling with anticipation.

Kelly lets out a quick gasp as Glen’s cock pushes past her sphincter and enters her ass. She moans softly as he begins to fuck her and move in a slow rhythm matching that of John moving in her pussy.

All three move together as one, letting the wave of pleasure wash over their bodies as this erotic dance moves towards its climax.

Kelly’s body is flushed and she passes the point of no return. As her body shakes and she cries out, she feels Glen’s arms around her, holding her and showering kisses on her shoulders.

John soon cries out and his cock spurts a huge load into her already soaked pussy.

Glen grasps her tighter and she hears a deep growl of pleasure escape his throat as he too goes over the edge and begins filling her ass with his hot seed.

Together they ride the wave, enjoying their pleasure until finally spent the three of them collapse in a heap on the floor. They lay there, basking in the afterglow of the incredible sex, their bodies tingling from the experience.

After a bit, Kelly gets up, smiles and starts walking toward the bathroom.

Giving them a wink, she says, “That was great guys, but the night is still young, and I do hope you all have lots more for me!”

Perhaps to be continued…

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