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My Name is Jake Ch. 02

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The next morning I awoke in a state of pure bliss. In my arms was my beautiful mother, her head on my shoulder, her skin against mine. I lay there for a few minutes reliving the wonderful sexual experience of the previous evening. I was still stunned that she had made love to me. I mean, who does that? Mother and son sex was incest and very taboo. If anyone ever found out it would cost her her job and the embarrassment would be devastating. But she had taken the step and opened herself to me, allowing me to lose my virginity and discover the awesomeness of sex. And not just sex… but sex with an amazingly gorgeous, full figured huge titty goddess. I reached down and began to caress one of those big melons. Gently I lifted it and laid it on my chest, then toyed with her thick nipple. Mom moaned softly and raised her leg on top of mine, her thick thigh nudging my cock. I could feel her curly bush against my hip and began to get an erection. I desperately wanted her again. I wanted to throw her over and mount her and pound her pussy so hard… but what if…

Last night had started with her a kinda drunk, and I wondered if in the cold harsh light of sober day if she might have regrets or shame or if she would still want me…

Her hand began to move and caressed my chest before sliding down to my groin where she cupped my balls and oh so gently toyed with them. Her lips began kissing my chest and she whispered, “Good morning Jake.” She released my balls and wrapped her fingers around my growing cock, tugging and squeezing Beylikdüzü Zenci Escort it.

“Morning Mom”, I replied and kissed her forehead. I wrapped both arms around her and hugged her tight. “God you feel so good!” My cock was fully erect now and I longed to come again. “Hey beautiful, you wanna fuck?”

She giggled and smiled, “Not yet. I need breakfast… a good healthy mouthful of cum sounds delicious…” and she pushed the covers away. She took my cock and began kissing, licking and teasing it. When she realized I would probably come quickly she took it into her mouth and began sucking as she stroked. Sure enough, I didn’t last and came in no time at all. I emptied myself into her and she swallowed several mouthfuls then sat back and smiled.

“Are… are you doing that just for me or do you really like cum?” I asked.

“Well some women dislike all cum and some do it just for their lover, and some of us truly do like cum…” she replied. “But your cum doesn’t always taste exactly the same. The flavor varies a bit, some say it is influenced by what you eat and drink varying from sweet to acidic. But I gotta say that you taste very, very sweet.”

As she was saying this she moved on her hands and knees over on top of me. Her big titties dragging across my body and she paused for a moment with her lips an inch from mine as she stared into my eyes. I ran my hands slowly over as much of her body as I could reach, her back, hips, ass cheeks, and thighs. Her Beylikdüzü Manken Escort tits were pressed against my chest and her weight on me felt awesome and so incredibly intimate. Slowly our lips met, brushed together delicately for a moment and then we kissed, soft and gentle. Last night I had been a virgin and kissed hungrily. Now I took my time and discovered how sensitive my lips were, how awesome hers felt, how wonderful they tasted, and how much it thrilled me to be kissing her. Kissing my mom, not as my mom but as my lover. After a few minutes of this I reached both hands around her ample ass and my fingertips found her pussy. She was moist and my cock head teased her slit before sliding slowly inward.

“Slowly baby, slowly. Short strokes to spread my fluid, that’s it… get your cock all nice and wet. Okay a little deeper each thrust… Uhhummm, yeah that’s nice…” she purred. I pumped her pussy nice and slow, savoring every second of it. Everything about the experience: the feeling of her wetness, the warmth and snugness of her pussy, the sensation of her body on mine, our flesh pressed together, skin against skin, her hair, her lips, tongue and breath, and oh my god those eyes. We each stared deeply into the others’ eyes and then she smiled. Her smile was like the sun breaking through the clouds and I was then and there hopelessly in love. In love with my mom. Not as my mom but as my lover. My hands continued to caress her back and hips as I fucked her. I fucked her slowly Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort at first but after a while picked up the pace and began driving my cock into her hard and fast. She moaned and purred and urged me on. Too soon I felt my orgasm building and then spurting into her. Mom groaned with pleasure but instead of leaving, she began to grind her pussy onto me. I could feel the wetness of our fluids seeping out and it thrilled me. In fact I didn’t even lose my hard-on. Mom rose up a bit and used one hand to bring a breast to my mouth. I took it and began to suck on that thick nipple.

“Yes baby, suck on it, not too hard, just be gentle and suck… God I wish I had milk again! I would love to nurse you… You don’t remember but I breastfed you…”

Her revelation surprised me, and thrilled me too! My mom wanted to feed me her breastmilk? “Wow Mom! I would love that! Your tits are so big and beautiful! To be full of milk? That would be incredible!” She giggled and the surprised me even further… she started twerking. Her ass was pumping up and down my shaft and she pressed her check on mine and whispered in my ear.

“Oh baby your cock feels so good, so hard and so big! I need to come baby, I need to come so badly! I need you to help me, I need you to help me come… I am so close now, just whisper in my ear, say something to make me come”

Grasping her ass with one hand I ran the fingers of the other through her hair hand brought my lips close to her ear… “I want you to come Deni… I want you to come and I want to feel your pussy squeezing my cock when you do. I want you to cry out when you do, I want you to come and scream my name when you do! You gotta do it Deni, you gotta come and scream and squeeze! Do it, do it Deni! Do it. Come, come for me, come for your baby, come for your boy, do it!”


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