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The Rest of My Post Cate Story

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It was 10am and the beginning of the longest day of my life…

…and the dreamiest! Regina with the amazing fingers that pleasured me with such insistent thrusting and urged my body into a sweeping orgasm, Regina I must have her again. My morning continued with client call-backs, a meeting with our lawyer concerning a retail contract, and a long meeting with my boss. I know I must have accomplished these things competently however I couldn’t remember a single thing from the moment she left me; all quivery, sopping wet and smelling of my cum, until the moment my cell rang at 2:47 in the afternoon.

“Hello?” I said, answering my cell phone on speaker.

“Hello, Miss Vidal this is Regina K++++, do you have a moment or should I call you back later?” that angelic voice trilled with sexiness.

My heart was pounding from the second her first syllable drifted into the air, and the pit of my stomach opened up. I was terrified my assistant would hear and know everything in an instant, her desk being just outside my office door. Fumbling to get my cell off speakerphone, and stammering out that she was on speaker, I accidentally hung up on her. Crushed, I prayed she would figure out that I didn’t mean to hang up on her and she’d call back. I called out to Stephanie to close my door as I was going to be making calls for the next fifteen or so minutes. Oh God please, PLEASE call me back!

Stephanie closed my door saying she’d make sure I was not disturbed until I let her know otherwise. “Thanks!” I shouted thru the door.

Sudden ringing and my skin went cold in girlish fear and nervousness, and then my whole body flushed as I remembered the way she made me feel and how good it was to have an orgasm WITH another woman.

“He-He- Hello?” I stammered.

“Oooh, is Miss Vidal nervous? Do I have some effect on her?” Regina’s sweet voice softly asked.

“Oh god you don’t know how powerful an effect you’ve had on me! Please call me Nicole.” I was still stammering and trying to speak softly and as sexily as she did.

“Mmmm ok, NeeCaul!” she said using the French pronunciation. “I’ve been nervous about calling you back since… I mean since what happened… …God I’ve never done something like that with a total stranger before and you know, I mean I couldn’t stop myself. Suddenly I found you so incredibly sexy and when I reached out and touched you I knew either you’d throw me out of your office or something would have to happen. You know, Miss Vidal sorry, Nicole in NO way at all did I intend that or expect it and I can’t take the job because I don’t want you to think I did it for the job!” Regina rambled on so sexily.

“Regina, God NO, don’t worry about any of it! I’m so happy that you called me, and you got the job from the first moment I saw you. I mean, WOW, you made the plainest and simplest cotton bra and panty in our line look like it was the sexiest lingerie ever made, and I felt so SO attracted to you.” I said softly, and I know she heard the desire in my voice, because seconds later she made my day, night, and morning.

“Nicole, since I left your office I can’t stop thinking about you! I need to see you again. Can I see you again?” She positively purred.

“Oh yes Regina, I want that very much. I haven’t been able to think straight or concentrate since you left me so quivering and wet and slumped on my desk! You are so sooo soooo naughty Regina!” I whispered.

“Please, if you like, call me Reggie. It’s my nickname and actually, I prefer it to Regina.” She said.

“Ok, Reggie! Mmm, I like saying that… Reggie, Reggie, yes it’s perfect. What a butchy name for such a sexy and femmy girl.” I purred into the phone. “Reggie, do you want to come over to my place? I’d love it if you would, I have wanted to kiss you so much since you walked out wiggling your sweet little ass at me, and to return the favor too baby. I give really great head and I love making a sexy little model like you cum!” I said huskily. I wondered if I’d gone too far too quick.

“Oh GOD Nicole, yes I’d love to come over to your place. I’ve been dreaming about what it must be like to feel your gorgeous mouth on my pussy and to feel you inside me. I want you so much and I still can’t figure out what’s happening but I just bebek escort want to be with you.” Reggie said so sexily. “When should I come over? I’m pretty much free from now!”

“How’s now you sexy little lezzie?” I said giggling. “Look Reggie, I’ve got only one meeting scheduled this afternoon and I’ll try and push it back to tomorrow morning. If I can, I will be at my place ten minutes after I leave here, so hold on ok?

“Sure thing and oh, by the way, I loved how you called me a lezzie!” She said. “Check with Steph now Nicole I sooo Sooooooo NEED you.”

I checked with Steph as Reggie called her. The whole time Reggie was whispering in my ear things that were making me blush and get very wet again. Finally, as I was calling down the hall to my boss, her office is the whole floor basically, that I’d be leaving early if she needed me to do anything else I could take it home, Steph tinkled her coffee cup, and gave me a thumbs up and a nod when I looked around.

“Yes, It’s a go then!” I said very business like. And, getting into my office and closing the door again I went on, “Reggie you’re just evil you know that? You know how hard it was, blushing and how wet you made the whole time I was out there at Stephanie’s desk, JEEZ!”

“Oh yeah! I so fucking want you to STAY wet for me!” Reggie said. “So where does my sexy, wet little snatch live anyway?”

“Reggie I can’t wait to eat you baby! Hurry, k girl? You know the La Perla on G++++ I’m sure you do. I live above and will meet you out front.” I was purring into my phone.

“Oh boy! I’m just around the corner. I’ll be waiting for you babe!” Reggie said. “Hey, Nicole, stay on the line with me and I’ll give you phone sex while you walk back here to me!”

Part 2:

My entire walk home I was in a silky, ever hornier fog of racing heart and passion. Reggie was amazing with her phone sex. She slowly built up the tension telling me how her body ached for me, how her breasts tingled in anticipation of my mouth, feeling my breasts crushing against them and how, when I’d kiss her again she’d tremble with excitement and her pussy would juice from just a look from me. She described, giving me such detail, how I’d push my hands down inside her yoga pants and peel them off slowly, and how, driven by uncontrollable lust I’d push inside her thong and drive my fingers inside her while kissing her so hard that she’d loose her breath. Once on my dreamy stumble home I whispered into the phone that I was getting so wet for her I was about to cum just listening. Then I rounded the corner from Spr+++ St. and saw her standing there! She purred into the phone for me to come to her.

We said “Hi” together and smiled. I took her hand and led her to the door that led into the entryway for the apartments above La Perla. As I pushed my key into the lock she squeezed my hand. I smiled again and turned my face toward her. She’d known this and her sweet little pale cameo of a face was close, so very close. I parted my lips and we kissed. My hand dropped from my keys and I slipped my arm around her and her body formed to mine.

I whispered, “Come with me sexy!” And turned the key and we moved together to the elevator. She kissed me this time and her small hand slipped up my skirt and over my thong.

“Oh my God! Nicole you are sopping wet! I love how fucking wet your pussy gets.” She cooed as the bell dinged and she quickly removed her hand and stood next to me with a big grin. Out stepped Rob my gay neighbor and his boyfriend holding hands.

“Weeelll, lookie here, if girly-girl isn’t home early for some afternoon delight, unnh-unnh-unh git it girlfriend!” Rob said, sissy-ing it up a bit more than usual, and they both giggled as they passed.

“Sorry for that Reggie.” I said smiling at her as we stepped into the elevator.

“No probs babe! I like being your little piece of afternoon ass.” Reggie said with a big fat grin.

The ride up was the longest of my life, 3 floors that seemed so far away. I pushed Reggie up against the wall and quickly pushed my hand into her yoga pants and down between her legs. She spread them a little and I felt warm stickiness all over her lace thong. She hand my cheeks in a tight grip of her small hands istanbul escort and we kissed. The elevator stopped and opened and I kept kissing her and rubbing her sweet pussy.

She pulled back from the kiss, smiled and said, “Don’t you think we should get out of the elevator now Nicole?”

I laughed, “Yeah, I guess so cuz I’m dying to taste this sweet little pussy!” and then I gave it a little pat and slipped my hand out of her yoga pants.

My knees were trembling with the excitement and the powerful sexual tension of not having been with another woman in so many months. I don’t remember opening the door or even closing it, and the next moments were a blur of kissing, grasping, caressing, groping and undressing this sexy little pixie. We twirled in a shower of clothes down my hallway to the big main room that is my kitchen corner, living room and dining corner. My skirt, pleated silk, fluttered down to my ankles and I stepped out of it. Her top was off and her ample breasts stood perfectly with dark and large nipples. I gave them a quick caress and she pulled my snug tank sweater over my head and off. We stumbled as I helped her take off her yoga pants and she kicked off her sandals. By now we’d bumped into the back of my couch and I turned so I leaned against it and pulled her close. I spread my legs and her slender hips nestled between my legs and she pressed herself against me. She had the most intoxicating smile turning her beautiful face into a thing of absolute beauty as we kissed again. Reggie opened her mouth and flicked my tongue with hers before we pressed tight and I felt her tongue push into my mouth. I caressed her hair, neck and shoulders as my hands traced over her back and down to her small but sweetly round bottom. Hooking the band of her thong I snapped it and she “mmmmmurmured” into my mouth. I hooked the band again with my fingers and caressed over her bottom slipping her thong from the crease of her cheeks, then slipping my hand between from behind I pushed my fingers to her lips and they opened. The silky, slippery wetness and the warm delicate flesh of a woman was again yielding to my fingers. It had been so very long.

I then took her by the hand and led her around the couch so she could lie back on it with her legs over the edge and I pulled her thong all the way off. She spread her legs and pulled one foot up on the couch and flopped her leg open wider. By now I was on my knees and looking along her small body, over her perfect breasts and into her eyes. She smiled, I smiled and she playfully pinched her nipples and slipped a hand down to her totally shaved pussy and finger V’d it either side and opened her little tulip so I could admire it’s dark pink and glistening beauty. I moved in closer holding her eyes in my gaze and slipped my hands along her thighs and over the sweet hollow and curve of her hipbones, upward along her sides and to her breasts. She gasped as my hands swept over them and cupped them and my fingertips fluttered over her hard nipples.

As I eased my shoulders under her thighs and circled my arms around her and pressed my palms flat on her body, my mouth hovered over her soaking wet pussy. I closed my eyes and all I heard was a quiet little moan and a whispered, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” Then the tip of my firm warm tongue snaked it’s way along her puckered lips and slowly circled the tiny little button of her clit. I managed to open her slightly with my fingers from above and as her hooded clit rolled up and the tip peeked out I closed my lips over her and suckled gently. I hadn’t heard the divine intakes of breath, the small panting moans, or felt the sweet aching writhe of a woman’s body succumbing to the sweet pleasure of my mouth in so long I felt my own pussy tingling the early stages of climax. Her body did the rhythmic slow squirming dance of aching passion and delayed ecstasy as now two of my fingers curled up inside her as my tongue delicately tattooed her rigid clit. Her canal poured its sweet juices over my hand and mouth, it would dilate then squeeze as each wave of her building orgasm worked through her loins. She wrinkled and I pressed and sawed my fingertips over her g-spot and she’d scream out and her hips would lift and grind her clit harder beyoğlu escort into my mouth.

“Oooooooooooohhhhh God! Fuck yessssssssssssss! Her moaning desperate screams would come as I brought her so close and then eased her back from the edge. Keeping her orgasm rolling along just below final flourish as long as I could, she was cumming continuously for many long minutes. “Oh Goooooodddddddd! I c-c-c-caaan’t… I h-h-h-hhhaave to… ” Breathless stammering gasps signaling the final ramp up from intense almost intolerable pleasure to the explosive culmination of one continuous orgasm in the raging release of the BIG one!

Reggie’s hands were desperately trying either to push me off her throbbing clit or pull my mouth hard upon it. Her fingers knotted in my hair and her hips bucked and writhed on my fingers fucking her and then in the blissful ache her pussy opened like a cavern and then the clench. Her sex grasping and squeezing, tongue now gently keeping the same exact tempo and rhythm over her clit and her low, low moan building to a shriek as she reached her ultimate climax.

Her body was trembling uncontrollably as I slipped my fingers slowly from her still rippling pussy and with a final long and lingering lapping I tasted her sweet cum and slipped up over her body and cuddled half over and beside her. There were two thin trails of tears on her angelic cheeks which I swept with the back of my fingers, then cupping her cheek in my hand I turned her face toward mine. Her eyes fluttered open, dilated, distant, still lost in the echoing space of total pleasure, her face flushed crimson, and somehow there was a subtle unbelieving sense expressed in her features. My lips gently pressed hers and she parted her lips to accept my tongue and a soft moan as she tasted her magnificent pungent taste in my mouth. Already the afternoon slipped ever closer to evenings first blush before we continued.

Finally Reggie’s voice seemed to trill from somewhere very far away, “I never, I NEVER ever knew. I never knew it could be so amazing!” “Nicole I never had an orgasm last the whole time or build with such intense pleasure it’s nearly painful, and then OH MY GOD you just kept on going until I felt things even more intensely. You made me cry? Didn’t you?”

“Yes,” giggling, “Yes I guess I did make you cry.” I said. “You have to know Reggie how very happy I am right now. All day I’ve been wondering if I’d ever get to do that for you, or much less if you’d even call me. I glad you did.”

“Take off that bra Nicole.” Reggie whispered.

I got my bra off with some effort, being wedged against her sweet little body and the back of the couch. She smiled and said how lovely my breasts were, how she had ached to see them. Her lips warmly pressed in little kisses over my neck and collarbones, down between my breasts and as her hand softly cupped one, she squeezed it and guided my nipple to meet her mouth. She drew it in with gentle suction then pulled away stretching it, making me to moan loudly before it gave a little wet pop and chilled in the air. Each nipple suckled and stretched and popped. As her nibbling increased and she began to roll one then the other between her teeth, my hand slipped between my legs and I slowly fingered myself in time with her tongue flicking my nipples. Her hand fluttering over mine and patting it, she whispered, “STOP THAT! Not yet baby, not yet.”

Finally she moved to her knees on the floor and I shifted to lean against the back of the couch and scooted my ass right to the edge. She expertly spread my lips and pulled them back from my hugely swollen clit and began long flat tongued licks up and down my puffy little orchid. Over and over as my moans grew in intensity she licked and fluttered over my clit.

“Bang me baby, BANG my fucking clit!” I was gasping now.

Holding her beautiful face to me, my fingers lacing into that gorgeous pale straw blonde hair, I knew my orgasm was coming much faster than hers. I had been longing, aching for this orgasm for months. Moaning continuously, holding her mouth down on my clit, I felt her fingers drive deep inside me. She held my clit with firm suction in her mouth and her tongue sawed back and forth over it and she stroked her fingers in and out of me with steady and deep motions. Moaning for her to fuck me I felt the flush of my breasts then the flush over my body as my orgasm rolled in building waves through my tummy. She hummed ever so slightly, moaning her pleasure as my pussy grabbed her fingers and I came all over her hand.

More to follow soon…

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