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Forbidden Ch. 15

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“We need to go on a date!” Priya stated suddenly, her pretty toes slowly trailing up and down Matthew’ bare leg. It was Wednesday and they had just finished making love. It was the second straight day that they found time to be together. That was a rarity, with his busy schedule and each of them having their own family life. But it seemed that if they went a day without each other, they go crazy. When they were apart, they each felt a hole. An emptiness in their very being that only seemed to get filled when they were together.

That morning the two in-laws had managed to make love without him ejaculating inside her. This had been a problem lately. He did that all too often. Not just because he couldn’t help himself, but she wanted him to just as badly. Being as fertile as she was, that is just too dangerous for their clandestine affair. But on this particular morning, they had both held strong. He had pulled out of her in time, emptying his essence onto her belly.

They were in her bedroom, naked, side-by-side and he was looking into the Indian woman’s beautiful dark eyes. Just her gaze had his heart thumping. Oh how he loved this woman. He loved the way she looked at him beneath those long lashes. He loved the feel of the toes on her little foot caressing up and down the skin of his leg. He loved running his hand up and down the side of her torso and her hip. It was a constant struggle not to blurt out his feelings. He had to remind himself that he had a wife – and she had a husband. Nothing could come of it, if they were to develop and nurture these deep feelings. They were only a couple of months into their affair (not including those early encounters that happened months apart). He didn’t know where they would be, even a month from now.

Priya moistened her lips, as she was wont to do when she wanted to make a point or dared someone to challenge her. She gave him a smile.

“A date?” He asked. She chuckled, her large breasts jiggling. His heart soared at her beautiful smile and he could not help but kiss her on the mouth.

“Yes!” She said emphatically, her accent coming to the fore. “All we do is squeeze in an hour hare and an hour they-err. Just once I think it would be nice to spend some time togayther — a foll night… or even just an even-ning!”

“Okay. I will take you out to a nice dinner and we will spend an evening together.” He said, grinning. Priya’s smile grew bigger and she kissed him soundly. His hand caressed down her back and squeezed her soft ass. Her smooth skin was cool in his hand. His fingertips slipped just inside her crack and he squeezed the globe again. Her eyebrows raised a little, her gaze unwavering.

“Saturday.” Was all Priya said. She looked him, her tongue appeared between her lips again to moisten them as she made her statement.

“Saturday?” Matthew questioned. “We were, uh… invited to your mother’s for dinner.”

“Exactly.” She replied. “I can tell them that I have a conn-ference in the even-ning on the other side of town from seven until nine or ten. That would free me up from six-thorty until ten or ten-thorty!” Her big smile indicated that she had put a lot of thought into it. It was perfect. She would have the car… and her husband would not.

Matthew looked thoughtful.

“And… I could say I am going to my buddy’s house for a few hours, claiming a prior commitment, and just go later.” He added. Now he would have the car and his wife would not. Both houses are free – zero chance of getting caught. “Wow! Okay. So I will pick you up at your house at ten to seven on Saturday!” He announced. Her smile grew even bigger.

“It’s a date!” She laughed. She whetted her lips with her tongue, her smile fading from her face as she looked at him seriously. Her perfectly-trimmed eyebrows rose up to a point as her dark eyes pierced his very soul. “Now make love to me.” She ordered.

Smiling, Matthew rolled Priya onto her back as she opened her long legs and allowed him in between. The head of his penis found the hot, moist entrance of her vagina on its own accord. It caught his tip, the suction holding it in place as he stared into those eyes. He pushed forward, feeling her heat open up around him, squeezing. He continued pushing, slipping further into her slick essence.

She gasped, arching her head back a little. His hands squeezed her shoulders as he continued pushing firmly. His unbending member penetrated her treasure until he was all the way inside her heat in one stroke.

“Ohhhhh…” they sighed together, as they stared into each other’s eyes. Her heart pounded with excitement, as it always did when he looked at her with those blue eyes. His hard cock felt absolutely incredible inside her. His stiff pole was fiery hot inside her pussy and she never wanted him to pull it out. They were one. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and squeezed him tight, showing him the love that she felt, but was too afraid to express verbally.

Matthew loved the feeling of every inch of his manhood being squeezed by the extreme heat of Priya’s wonderful pussy. When her pendik escort arms and legs held him tight like this…he was in heaven. The heels of her bare feet dug into his lower back. Holding himself inside her, he savored the moment. He looked into her gorgeous eyes. Round, glittering and filled with love, they never failed to captivate him. She smiled at him and his heart warmed. He kissed those tantalizing, full lips of hers. He kissed her a second time. By the third kiss, she was thrusting her lithe tongue into his mouth. He loved the feeling of Priya’s tongue running along his and he kissed her passionately, slowly easing his rigid member out of her body. Her tightness pulled on him each time he withdrew. He could feel the heels of her bare feet brushing against his ass.

“Mmmm…” Priya purred softly into his mouth. She could feel him grow even harder inside her and when he started to withdraw she was conscious of every inch of him sliding out of her until just his head was stretching her entrance. He slid inside her in one fluid motion, instantly filling her up again.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, breaking the kiss and smiling, her white teeth gleaming. He kissed them playfully and Priya giggled.

“I can’t wait until Saturday now.” Matthew said softly. Her smile grew wider.

“Me either.”

He brushed strands of black hair from her cheek and held his hand at the side of her head. Slowly moving his penis in and out of her, he gently kissed her full lips. He then kissed the tip of her nose and then down her cheek, easing in and out of her the entire time. Her hands caressed his hair as he kissed down her neck, sucking on the skin. He was still conscious of the bottoms of her feet slowly sliding up and down the outsides of his legs as he made love to her. Matthew kissed up his sister-in-law’s chin and she turned, lips searching. They kissed, tongues immediately snaking into each other’s mouth. He broke the kiss, smiling down at her.

“Gawd, I love that tongue of yours.”

Priya giggled and then stuck her long tongue out at him, playfully. He seemed to grow even more erect inside her as he stuck out his tongue and touched the tip of it against hers. It felt really neat to both of them. Matthew suddenly wrapped his lips around her tongue and sucked on it lightly. It wiggled in his mouth before she withdrew it.

“That fales cool!” She exclaimed in her Indian accent. Meanwhile, the entire length of his penis was nestled inside her body.

“I loved that.” He replied. “Do it again!” Smiling, she stuck her tongue out again. He sucked it into his mouth, this time sucking a little harder and he sucked it deeper. Priya held his head in place with her hands and pushed her tongue as far into his mouth as possible, wiggling it as he sucked. He eased out of her a little and her snugness pulled back at him. Then he pushed his cock all the way inside her hot pussy – grinding his groin against her as she pushed her tongue against his throat. Intense heat wrapped around every inch of his swollen manhood.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, her tongue still trapped by his lips. He was in her deep…it was incredible. Feeling that rock-hard bone of his pushing into her needy cunt was a feeling like no other. He sucked Priya’s long tongue and rubbed his tongue against hers. Then he pushed his lips against hers, turning the tongue-suck into a passionate kiss as he began to thrust in and out of her body a little faster.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Priya moaned into his mouth each time he entered her. She raised her bare feet up into the air, increasing the wonderful sensation in her sensitive pussy as her sister’s husband pistoned into her. The tingling was starting to rise rapidly inside her. She could feel him moving in and out of her a little faster, penetrating her a little more forcefully each time. His groin was slapping against her buzzing slit again and again. She arched her pussy upwards to give him a better angle, breaking the kiss.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Give it to me baby!” She whined, eyebrows raised to a point. Matthew began fucking her even harder, loving how her moans grew higher in pitch and volume. He held the soft skin of her shoulders and began drilling his throbbing manhood in and out of her welcoming pussy. Her eyes widened as she moaned and it drove him to fuck her harder, unleashing his lust. He lengthened his strokes, thrusting as hard as he could, poking his unbending arousal off the back of her cunt again and again. His groin slapped against her defenseless labia.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Priya’s cries grew higher in pitch. They were loud enough to be heard anywhere in her house. She wrapped her long legs around him and squeezed him tight in and effort to slow him and calm things down. Her pussy felt amazing and she shuddered, embracing him. He continued darting in and out of her quickly, but she had forced him to shorten his strokes.

Matthew could barely move, his penis deep inside Priya’s wonderful, hot vagina as her legs held him tight, squeezing him. He began raining kisses all over pendik escort her pretty face. He kissed her cheek, nose, forehead and her closed eyelids. He kissed her open, gasping mouth and her rounded chin. He kissed her neck, sucking her soft skin. He kissed back up her chin to her mouth and she caught his lips, snaking her tongue far into his mouth.

“Mmmm…” she sighed. Priya kissed him over and over again, breathing heavily.

“Oh my gawd…” she said between kisses. Their lips were smacking loudly. I love you! she thought, but wouldn’t dare say. She wrapped her legs tighter around him and gave him another squeeze.

Matthew smiled and kissed her full lips two more times and then began kissing down her neck. As he kissed down her chest he slowly eased his swollen penis out of the warmth of her snug vagina. She watched as he trailed his lips down the swell of her breast. His tongue darted out of his mouth as he licked around her dark areola, tasting the sweet salt of her skin. He slowly closed the circle, licking her areola all around her thick nipple. He teased over her nub and she sighed as tingles ran down her body to her crotch. He squeezed her soft breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth, sucking it gently. He ran his tongue back and forth across Priya’s hard nub before letting it slip out from between his lips. He kissed down the flawless skin of her cleavage, slowly trailing his lips up her other breast. He gently squeezed it as he eagerly engulfed her entire areola into his mouth, sucking on the nipple.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, still running her fingers through his short hair. Her pussy was still tingling and she longed to have him fill her up again. A wave of desire shot through her body when Matthew released her nipple and began kissing down her belly, because she knew where he was heading.

Matthew breathed in her wonderful scent. The scent of her arousal. The scent of her sex. Her beautiful stretch-marked belly was slick with sweat and he kissed down it slowly, tasting her. His dick could not be any stiffer, but he wanted to pleasure her badly. Making this woman feel good had become his life’s mission. He reached her navel and his tongue snaked out, slowly licking around it. He poked it briefly inside her belly button and she chuckled, squirming a little. He kissed lower on her stomach, kissing over the marks on her belly, sucking the loose flesh. Tasting her salty skin. He kissed the fur of her bush, breathing in her pussy. He was happy to see that she was practically hyperventilating, her chest heaving as she panted. He kissed the dark swollen lips of her treasure and she sucked in her breath. He kissed immediately beside her sensitive petals and then he sucked the skin of her right inner thigh into his mouth. He began kissing down the inside of her thigh slowly.

“Oh no no no no!” Priya breathed. “Don’t tease me! Not now!”

Smiling, he kissed the inside part of her knee, his hands grabbing onto her foot and raising it into the air. He kissed down her calf, noting how smooth the skin was — she shaved for him this morning no doubt. When he reached her right ankle he slowed down even further. He kissed the side of her heel and slowly over the top of her pretty foot. Matthew slowly kissed over every inch of the top of her foot until he reached her toes. He kissed each toe individually and then, one by one, he kissed his way back across her red-polished nails.

Priya was watching him, entranced, a big smile on her face. He was worshipping every inch of her body with an equal amount of love. Never before had she got this from anyone. Not even her husband. Not even close. It made her feel incredible and on top of the world. It also made her want Matthew back inside her. She didn’t think she had ever been this wet. The tingling in her pussy was relentless.

And her heart soared in a way that it only did with this man. This…forbidden man.

Matthew kissed the bottom of Priya’s bare foot, starting at the heel and slowly working his way up. He kissed the bottom of each toe before briefly sucking the three smallest ones into his mouth. He then kissed the top of her big one, sucking it into his mouth. He pulled it out and kissed it again, this time sucking her three biggest toes.

Priya raised her left foot up in the air and gently trailed her big toe up and down his unshaven cheek. He pulled her toes out of his mouth and grabbed her other foot, holding both dainty feet in his hands. Pressing the side of her left foot against his lips, he gently kissed her instep. Moving back and forth, he kissed all over the soft skin of her instep before turning to kiss the instep of her other foot. His eyes stared down between her beautiful thighs as he kissed back and forth between her two feet. The dark, puckered lips of her amazing pussy were quivering, framed by the neatly trimmed black curls of her bush. Staring at those petals, he kissed the side of her left heel. Then he ran his mouth along her arch and up the side of her big toe. He briefly sucked her big toe in his mouth, his eyes still locked pendik escort between her thighs.

He released her right foot as he kissed over the top of her left one, moving a little faster now the longer he looked at her inviting womanhood. He ran his tongue back along her instep and up to the top of her big toe before engulfing it in his mouth again. He pulled it out and gave it one more kiss before kissing up the inside of her left leg. As he kissed inside Priya’s soft thigh, he breathed in the wonderful aroma of her arousal. Her scent alone was enough to make his heart flutter. He kissed the very top of her thigh, sucking the skin into his mouth. He kissed the black curls of her pubic hair immediately beside her treasure. He then kissed the swollen petals of her vaginal entrance.

“Ohhhh…” Priya sighed, tingles of pleasure shooting up her body. She closed her eyes, reaching down and sliding her hand behind her lover’s head, encouraging him to continue.

Matthew had the taste of her on his lips and he savored it. He kissed the bottom of her pussy. She was incredibly wet and her flavor was very strong. He gently kissed higher and higher up her petals, reaching the top after several tender kisses. His tongue darted out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, nudging her clitoris and causing her to gasp. When he pulled his tongue away, a tiny strand of Priya’s juices came with it. He tried to pull as much of her nectar into his mouth but ended up with some falling on his chin. Placing his hands on the back of her thighs, he pushed her legs up so that her knees touched her breasts and her pussy was one hundred percent his. Priya grabbed the backs of her knees and held herself open for him.

He kissed each of her ass cheeks and then he kissed the arch of her feet that were on each side of his head, one by one. Beneath her plump petals he could clearly see her puckered asshole. Bending low, Matthew softly kissed Priya right over her asshole, causing her to suck in her breath. He kissed the skin between her anus and her pussy and then slowly kissed his way up her sensitive slit. It seemed as if she grew wetter with each kiss. He snaked out his tongue and jammed it deep into her tasty treasure.

“Ohhhh yesss…” she sighed as his tongue wiggled around inside her. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth, drinking her delicious juices before quickly sliding it back inside her and licking along the roof. He kept his tongue deep for a moment, enjoying her flavor. His nose was nestled in the curls of her pubic hair as he twirled his tongue around. Slowly dragging it out of her, he gave her petals a loving kiss. Then he sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and rapidly ran his tongue up and down them, causing her to cry out. He stretched her petals outward and then released them, watching them slowly withdraw back towards her body. Matthew briefly sucked her clit and released it, teasing her. He pulled back, staring at the dark lips of her wonderful pussy and the tiny asshole underneath it. Bending low, he stuck out his tongue and wiggled it against the entrance to her anal passage. He clearly felt the rim as the tip of his tongue brushed over it again and again. He needed more. He gave the dark hole one more kiss.

“Get on your knees.” He ordered, quietly. Smiling, Priya obediently scrambled onto her hands and knees, her small feet hanging out over the edge of the bed, her legs spread apart and her beautiful but slender ass sticking up at him. He knelt on the floor behind her, placing his hands on her soft cheeks. Spreading the cheeks open, he stared at her the dark asshole for a moment. It was puckered shut, and glistening a little. He was literally trembling with desire. Everything about this woman was sacred.

Matthew buried his face in his beautiful sister-in-law’s ass, giving her asshole a soft kiss. Then he ducked lower and slid his tongue deep inside the hot confines of her wet pussy and tasting her intoxicating flavor. He twirled his tongue around inside her as she writhed her ass against his face, his nose was pressed against her asshole and he breathed her in as he tasted her nectar. He slipped his tongue out of her and slowly licked up the skin between her pussy and her asshole. When the tip of his tongue reached the rim of her anus, he gently circled it.

“Oh yes, I like that…” Priya moaned, closing her eyes. Her ass was tingling and the tingles were spreading to her crotch and shooting up through her entire body. She remained passively bent over naked in front of her sister’s husband.

Spreading her cheeks a little wider, he circled her rim a couple more times before finally pushing the tip of his tongue inside. Then he pulled it out and gave it a kiss. Tongue snaking back out he lapped across her anus hungrily, just licking across it again and again. The seconds rolled by as he licked over her asshole, hungrily. Then he put his mouth over it and sucked loudly. He kissed each of her smooth cheeks. Curling his tongue to a point, he pressed it against her asshole and forced it inside, wiggling it around. He withdrew it, giving her dark hole a suck. Sticking out his tongue, he thrust it into her ass and pulled it out, repeating the procedure. He fucked her ass with his tongue, pushing it into her tight hole before pulling it back out, over and over again.

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