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The Hermit

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Chapter One

Ted was really excited about his plans to go hiking on his own up north in the wilderness. He was out of work and needed to get out of the city in order to take time to think about what he wanted to do. At 30 years of age he was in one of those in between spaces somewhat lost and not knowing what he wanted out of life. Ted stood about 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighed around 150, his body sinewy and naturally muscular. He usually sported a brush cut, his body covered in black hair. Most people thought of him as a quiet loner type somewhat standoffish who minded his own business.

This wasn’t the first time hiking and camping on my own. I loved hunting and foraging for the food I ate and I loved living off the land as much as possible. My plan was to rough it in the forest all summer long. This for me was the life. I went about getting things ready and arranged for a friend of mine to drive me up to a major park reserve where I planned to begin my trek in the forest.

It wasn’t long before my buddy Jim picked me up at the apartment and off we went on our way up north to the drop off point, a place called Uncle Bob’s General Store. Once we got there we enjoyed a good country style lunch at the restaurant located at the back of the store and after we ate Jim left without further ado and headed back home. We arranged for him to come and get me in two months’ time. I was to call him a week ahead of time to let him know I was ready to come home. Uncle Bob’s was a great meeting place for hikers, definitely a starting point for major forest excursions. People shared stories here, bought supplies and even showered. I was more than ready to get a move on; it was already 9 in the morning so I wasted no time making my way into the somewhat foreboding forest.

What an incredible feeling it was to be in the forest on my own at last. I walked along a little path for about two hours before taking a break. Time to grab something from my backpack to snack on. I liked the fact that there were many great pure spring watering holes in the area that I could get great drinking water from. After my little break I continued walking for quite a way when to my surprise I came upon a mountain stream. I realized it was the perfect place to set up camp for the night. It was picture postcard faultless. Off I went to find old dead wood to get a fire going in order to cook myself a decent meal, I was hungry and thirsty. The menu called for opening a can of Irish stew and taking out two pieces of pita bread from my backpack to sop up the gravy. The meal was delicious. After supper I set up the little pup tent and by the time the sun set I was in my sleeping bag in the tent asleep.

The following morning, I was up at sunrise feeling bushy eyed and bushy tailed sporting a huge piss hard on. After I let out a torrent of piss I got a little fire going to make coffee and decided to make pancakes for breakfast. I wanted to get going early so as to cover as much ground as possible. After breakfast I cleaned up, put the fire out carefully and set out once again on my solo adventure.

Sometime after lunch as I walking along a rough patch of land I tripped over a fallen tree branch, fell and sprained my right ankle. In no time at all my foot swelled and the pain was excruciating. I tried walking on my foot and that was pretty intolerable. I decided to rest for awhile and then got busy looking for a piece of wood to make a walking stick. I found a great old branch that was just right to use as a cane. I stood there for a moment wondering what to do next. Something prompted me to follow the stream that snaked eastward. I realized that I had become somewhat disoriented and yet it felt right continue along the stream and to remain calm and cool and that I did.

I hobbled along for quite some ways conscious that it was about to get dark soon. I was in pain and hungry and feeling not too great. Again I felt compelled to keep going when suddenly I came to a sharp bend in the stream only to find the most incredible sight. There stood a quaint rustic little shack next to the stream. There was smoke coming out of the chimney and a golden light shining through the side window. On the small porch sat two old used chairs. I was amazed to find a shack in the middle of nowhere.

Although apprehensive I hobbled up to the rickety wooden porch and knocked on the door.

I heard shuffling inside the cabin and then the door opened wide with a loud creak and there stood before me a huge man, a giant of sorts smiling at me with clear piercing brown eyes. I felt as if he was seeing right through me. What an apparition, he stood there totally at ease wearing a red one-piece long underwear and over that he had on a loose fitting plaid red flannel shirt. He was wearing a pair of work sox and huge construction boots. I notice that the buttons on his long john underwear were open down to just below his navel and I could not help but see and stare at his huge bulge, it was absolutely awesome to behold. He looked to be 6 foot 5 inches, urfa escort robust and covered in dark brown hair and sporting a big bushy beard that went down quite a way over his chest.

“What can I do for you he asked in a very matter of fact manner.” I told him that I sprained my ankle badly and needed a place to rest for awhile. Without hesitating he said “well just don’t stand their son get right in here” and with that he grabbed my huge backpack like it was nothing and helped me into his modest dwelling. “Make yourself at home. my name is Jack.” He told me to sit down and offered to make me tea. “That would be so nice, thank you?” He got busy filling an old kettle with water and set it on the time worn wood stove that was already lit up. The place was sure quaint, small yet very cozy and clean. He kept looking at me here and there and sizing me up and I kept gawking at this giant of man. His hands were huge and I could not help but stare at his huge protruding bulge. What a sight. He seemed at ease as he scratched his big package now and then giving it a good tug so as to rearrange his manly equipment. He spotted me licking my lips a few times and he did not seem to mind.

He served tea and suggested he have a look at my ankle. I gladly agreed coz the pain was getting worse by the minute. He had me sit on an old battered sofa in order to get a good look at my foot. I was surprised how gentle he was as he touched my foot here and there and asked if it hurt. After what seemed endless poking about he lifted his head and looked at me and told me he felt it was definitely a sprained ankle and that it was important to stay off of it for a few days. He suggested applying cold compresses and immediately set about doing just that.

After the cold compresses he went and got a first aid kit and got wrapping my foot. Jack felt it was best to keep my foot up to get the swelling to go down. “Your best to stay with me for a few days until you are healed and ready to walk.” I thanked him profusely for his kind offer as I wondered where I was going to sleep and have a piss because I saw only one huge bed and no bathroom. He saw me looking around and picked up on my thoughts. “You can sleep with me and there is an outhouse at the back. You can piss in my piss pot if you need to go, that way you won’t have to get up.” He went on to tell me he usually pisses in the piss pot several times before he goes out to empty it.

With that he brought the pot out opened a few more buttons and reached into his long john

underwear and pulled out a huge fat cock. I was totally awestruck, I could see some of his forest like pubes, holy cow it was so thick and dense and his balls were hanging so low. What a cock. It was about 7 inches soft, uncut with a big mushroom head. This friendly giant towered beside me and proceeded to let out a steaming hot stream of piss into the pot. It was a sight to see.

Jack’s manly virile demeanor sure turned me on. When he was finished he shook his big cock and then slipped it back into his underwear yet I notice he did not bother to button up and that was ok with me as it let me see his hot manhood. He then offered me a hand to help me get up off the sofa and held the pot for me to piss in. I was somewhat shy to piss in the front of the man. He looked at me and said, “no need to be shy with me, I am usually hanging out in my long underwear. Its just you and me here, just two men doing their thing, so don’t by shy.” With that he got me up and I unzipped, pulled my cock out and pissed. Jack observed my cock and balls carefully appraising them. “You have nothing to be ashamed of Ted. That is a fair sized cock son, how big is it if you don’t mind me asking.” I told him I was approx.7 inches long, I was cut. I then dared ask how big his cock was and he said it was 8 ½ inches long.

Jack asked if I was hungry and I let him know I was starved. It was close to noon so he suggested we have lunch in an hour, then he got busy preparing lunch. I had so many questions to ask and Jack kindly obliged. I found out he stayed up at the shack from early spring too late autumn and that he loved his privacy, enjoyed nature. His cousin Rick came out to bring groceries and general supplies every 10 days. He usually stayed for a night or two. I figured Jack to be around 58 years of age.

Finally, lunch was ready and Jack was helping me hobble over to the well worn kitchen table. Once seated he brought over a big bowl of steaming soup with two big pieces of crusty bread. He stood next to me for a minute, I could not help but glance at his crotch my eyes ogling his heavy bull of a bulge. I could smell his man scent, it was musty and cocky. He smelled like he jerked off and did not bother wiping his cock, he just put it back in his underwear. His cock smell was making me heady and excited. I loved how he casually put his hand in his underwear and played with his cock a lot. I also noticed after fondling his cock he then handled the bread we were about to eat. escort urfa That did not bother him or me. I even think I got a whiff or two of his cock when I was eating the bread.

Jack let me know he was glad to have company after being on his own for most of the summer. He told me he gets a little restless after being on his own for a period of time. Then he matter of factly asked if I had a girlfriend. I candidly let him know that I dated here and there yet did not have a full time girlfriend, with that being said he gave a knowing nod.

As we chatted away I saw his hand disappear under

the table and realized he was feeling his man bulge and tugging at it. Once we were finished he suggested we have another fresh tea. That was certainly appreciated. He served tea and put a hand on my shoulder and asked if I was feeling a little better. I assured him I felt much better and thanked him for the food and his kind hospitality. He stood there right up close to me as he rubbed my shoulder. Once again I was smelling his intense cock smell and that was making my mouth water with desire.

Then as he continued rubbing my shoulder he grabbed a hold of his underwear in such a way as to cause it to open up and let me see what was in there. Then he said in a low raspy voice, “is there anything I can offer you to make you feel welcomed Ted?” I did not dare look up for some reason, probably coz I was embarrassed and felt red faced and yet I could not help but look closer into the open underwear. I could see his man cock getting bigger. “Go ahead Ted put your head inside my underwear I know you want to and its ok son. Go ahead, don’t be shy put your head in my long john underwear, its my special magic place and I only let special guys explore this hot treasure.”

I was excited and anxious. Jack held his nderwear open inviting me to put my head in there and so haltingly I lowered my head into his underwear as he got up close and tight thereby helping me explore his man cave. “Go ahead Ted satisfy your curiosity and let yourself enjoy what you discover in there.” I let my head slip into his underwear and took a few deep breaths sniffing around and smelling his incredible cock smell. It was pungent and strong yet so good, virile and stimulating. “That is it son, go ahead and breathe in my manly cock smells, its quite ok, you have my permission to explore my manhood all you like. Take your time, we have all the time in the world for you to do that.” I felt him spread his strong muscular legs open a little more as I sniffed his cock and huge hairy balls. I loved having my nose in his thick pubic hairs. What a treat.

His cock kept on growing and leaking profusely. Jack was quite the dripper, I carefully started to lick his cock head lapping up all the good sap coming out of his huge cock. Carefully I opened my mouth wide and let his beautiful piece slide into my mouth effortlessly as I wrapped my trembling lips around his big piece of meat and began to nurse on it like some poor starving animal. “That’s it Ted, you found the big treasure son. I like how your showing your gratitude and respect to me. You can suck my cock Ted all you want; daddy gives you permission to suck it like a good boy.” With that I just melted and realized I was his boy from then on. He patted me on the head letting me know what a good job I was doing. He then closed both flaps of his underwear so my head was totally in his long johns, my head had disappeared into his special place. I had found the big treasure and felt so good and protected and secure.

I love how Jack let me worship his cock and suck and milk it slowly and for a long time. I sucked and he fed me his delicious precum continuously. “Go ahead son, spoil yourself, suck my cock all you like. While you’re staying with me I grant you leave to put your head in my underwear as much as you need to. I will gladly feed your hungry mouth. You deserve the best son and that is what daddy gives you. Keep sucking nice and slow son, not too fast.” I was shaking with excitement.

Jack sure had a way with words and I loved his encouragement. He made me feel special and wanted. I was amazed how he could stand for so long without shifting around. After a good hour of sucking and milking his big wholesome cock I felt it swell and get bigger. “Daddy is going to give you a big treat son, something special and much coveted. Get ready son and make sure you swallow every drop of my precious man juice, don’t waste any son. I am going to flood your mouth Ted. Here it is.” And the friendly giant started oozing a lava like flow of cum into my mouth as I reverentially tasted his incredible hot man juice. I loved how it poured into my mouth. It tasted so good, I was totally beside myself with joy. Jack was giving me his hot precious man juice letting me swallow it. He unloaded a humungous load of cum, it was spectacular. I kept my mouth on his cock for a good 10 minutes after he came so as to make sure I had every drop of his hot treat. I urfa escort bayan wanted to show him how much I appreciated his kind hospitality.

I loved how his big strong hands held my head in place while he came. I loved that feeling of being held like that. Then he patted me on the head and told me to come out. I got my head out of his underwear and had to re-orient myself. What a trip. I looked up at Jack and he smiled at me affectionately. Then he tugged on his big bulge and let me know I was going to have my head in there a few times a day and during the night. I knew it was my job now to milk his big fat cock as often as he needed to have it milked. I was his cocksucker now.

I thanked him profusely, kissed his big bulge

passionately and felt incredible. “You like my big hefty cock?” I assured him I did. He told me it was ok to sniff his cock and balls as much as I wanted. With that he suggested we sit on the little porch and get some of that wonderful country air. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and carried me outdoors, then he set me down in front of his chair. He sat down my head facing his crotch then he opened his long john underwear wide open and gently guided my head into it, then he closed up his underwear and fastened all his buttons up thereby trapping my head in his underwear. His muscular 8-inch cock was hard as a rock and throbbing again. I opened my mouth and gently and slowly started to suckle it. “You sure know your place son. I am proud of you. Keep that up and I am going to make you my official personal cocksucker.” With that I felt myself swell with pride.

I was in awe of this man. Everything about him was big and I wanted to please him so much. “Show daddy respect and worship his big man cock. Show me how much you like and want that big meat of mine.” I was able to utter “yes sir, thank you sir” and then get his cock back into my mouth. He sat in his favourite chair filling his pipe a few times while I milked his big man cock. He patted my head once in awhile letting me know what a good son I was. Then he grabbed my head with his huge paws and held it in place as he let ooze out another massive load of man juice. It tasted so good and I was impressed with the size of his load. I gladly ate it all up, licked every drop of it and cleaned his big cock and balls washing them clean with my tongue all the while taking in his cum soaked long john underwear.

He had me stay inside his underwear for another hour or so. He liked me holding his big soft cock in my mouth. Finally, it was time to get supper on the way. So I pulled my head out of my special place and Jack lifted me up and carried me into shack, sat me at the table. We continued to chat while he made supper. We had sausage and potatoes and canned green beans. More bread.

It was started to get dark earlier so after supper Jack let me know he liked to sit on the sofa and read. Then he sat me next to him in such a way that my head was in his lap and once he sat down and made himself comfortable he pulled his underwear open and place my head inside and closed the flaps.

All I had to do was open my mouth and let his cock in and suck. “Are you ok son” he asked at one point during the evening. I nodded yes without letting go of his big cock. It was so hard and leaking wildly. What a treat. He also let me know he was training me to be his cocksucker explaining that my focus was his cock and balls. Mine was to heal and get better and tend to his manhood. That’s it. I was so happy to hear that. While I nursed on his big meat I noticed he let out a few jets of hot piss, quick light jets of piss into my mouth and I swallowed making sure not to spill any. Then ever so quietly without warning I felt his special creamy man juice coming into my mouth making its way to my throat. What a sensation and what a taste. I loved his juice. I cooed and whimpered as I sucked and swallowed my new found daddy’s manhood and juice. He told me how much of a good boy I was and I sure was a sucker for that kind of talk.

Before long, it was time to go to bed. My first night with Jack. Again, he carried me to the big bed in order to avoid any pressure on my sprained ankle and helped me undress. I was only in my underwear. Then he took off his boots and big heavy work sock and got into bed wearing his long johns. I observed he had a real fetish for these. Once he was comfortable he pulled me into position with me lying between his wide spread open legs and inserted my head into his underwear. He made sure I was comfortable. Then I opened my mouth and he slipped his big cock inside and told me to suckle and milk. He let me know to swallow whatever was coming out of his big cock and not to spill or waste any. I nodded yes and he let out a few jets of hot piss, I swallowed quickly and he gave me more to drink. “That’s it, drink all the good stuff down son, don’t waste any now. Daddy has a huge piss load to give you.” He gave me more and more until I was gulping down his hot piss without spilling any. He was letting it all out finally unleashing a huge torrent of piss and to my surprise I loved it. It drove me crazy. I felt him patting my head in approval. “Keep your mouth on daddy’s big cock until morning son. “Yes daddy I uttered. Thank you daddy. I want some more please.” He let me know he was going to spoil me during the night.

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All Night Gangbang

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Edited by Todger65

It was Friday afternoon. I got a call from an old work colleague Ben, who I had known for a few years. He knew a lot about me and some of my sexual likes as he knew some of my male friends. He mentioned he was having a few work colleagues over for the weekend and wanted to know if I would like to join them. Straight away I was very keen and excited. He asked me if II would mind wearing a skimpy bikini. I laughed and told him for sure, that would be fine. I got off the phone and went through my bikinis and found the perfect one. It was a Black bikini with g-string bottoms; a sure turn on.

I woke up on Saturday and couldn’t wait for the party. I spent the day lazing around. About 2pm I got changed into my bikini and put a see through white summer dress over the top and headed off to join Ben and his friends.

I got to the house and parked the car. From the outside, his house was big and on a large acreage. I walked to the door and press the doorbell. Ben answered the door and greeted me, inviting me into his beautiful home. Ben walked me through to where his friends were and introduced me. Ben’s friends were older which did not bother me. The youngest would have been in his late 40s and the oldest mid-60s.

Ben showed me around the house before leading me into the kitchen where he passed me a beer.

“I see you wore your bikini,” Ben said after looking me up and down.

“Yes, I did. How about I take the dress off. Would you and your friends like that?”

“Definitely, please do,” he replied.

I removed my dress revealing my bikini. Ben led me back to where his friends were. I could feel their eyes all over my body. It was a turn on being the center of their attention. One of the guys asked if I would like to join them in a game of pool.

“Sure, I like playing pool.” I replied.

The guys set up the balls and passed me the cue, letting me break. When it was my turn again I moved in position. I bent over the table and lined the cue up. As I was preparing my shot I caught their reflection in the mirror. I could see the reflection of the guys standing behind me. I took the shot and moved away from the table. When it was my turn again I leaned over the table and took my time taking my shot. I looked around and notice the guys eyeing off my arse. I stood up and took another look at the table delaying my shot giving the guys more time to perv. I moved to the other side of the table positioning the guys behind me. I raised my left leg and stretched right over the table. I could feel my g-string was barely covering my pussy as I felt a cool breeze against my pussy lips. I took my time taking my shot. I then headed over to the table and finished my drink. Before I knew it, it was my shot again. I could tell the guys were rushing their shots so their eyes could watch my body spread over the table. I took my shot and moved away. The next shot the game was over.

I went to the kitchen to grab a drink then headed back. I sat on the couch watching the guys continue to play pool. One of the guys came over and sat down beside me. We chatted for a few minutes before another guy came over and joined us. As I looked around I could see that all of them continued staring at my body. I moved forward on the couch and moved my legs apart. As I looked down I could see my pussy lips escaping from the sides of my bikini. I grabbed my drink off the table, had a few big gulps and finished the bottle.

“I think you would be more comfortable without the bikini top.” commented the older of the two guys as he smiled.

“It sure would be but wouldn’t you guys be more comfortable removing your shorts.” I replied.

I slowly removed my bikini top revealing my breasts. Without a word all the guys removed their shorts revealing their cocks. I could feel my pussy getting wet. One of the guys next to me ran his hand up my thigh touching my pussy lips. It made me feel so aroused. The two guys on the couch with me had their cocks hard and ready. I took hold and started stroking them both. Another came over and knelt between my legs and ran his tongue over my revealing lips. It felt so good and I could feel my bikini bottoms getting so wet.

I stood up and removed my wet bikini bottoms. I was so turned on and ready to be used. I straddled one of the guys on the couch and slid his hard cock inside my wet pussy. I reached over and started stroking two cocks. I pulled them close taking them in my mouth one at a time and their hands grabbing my breast and pinching my nipples felt so good. I felt a hand on my back pushing me forward.

“How about we stretch your pussy with a second cock, would you like that?” said the guy standing behind me.

“Yes please, fill me.” I replied.

I kept hold of the two cocks, stroking as I felt the second cock enter my pussy. It felt so good I could feel I was going to cum. I moved my hips faster as my body exploded cumming all over their hard cocks. My body started to relax as I felt the guy from behind remove his hard cock. Another guy moved in and slid his cock inside. I could feel fikirtepe escort the two cocks stretching my tight pussy as they pumped their cocks inside me. The feeling was amazing. My thoughts were running wild. I’ve always loved being gangbanged as it made me feel like a dirty slut. I love the feeling of being used and being the center of attention.

After a few minutes I slid the two cocks out and stood up. I moved over to the older guy also sitting on the couch. I bent over and sucked his cock before turning around and mounting him backwards. I slid his cock slowly in my arse taking it all the way in before lying back on his chest.

“You like it in the arse.” One of the guys asked.

“I love it, especially when I have another cock in my pussy.” I replied.

Another guy moved between my legs holding them up as he filled my pussy with his cock.

“That feels so good.” I moaned.

Ben stood up on the couch beside me stroking his cock.

“Are you having fun?” Ben asked.

“Oh yes, I want you and your friends to do what ever you want to me.” I replied.

I took Ben’s hard cock in my mouth and started sucking while the two cocks stretched my pussy and arse. I could feel my body getting ready to cum again. I lay back as my body shook and my pussy came. I continued lying back while they fucked me and I continued sucking Ben. I could feel their cocks getting harder and harder before the guy standing between my legs pulled his cock out and started stroking.

“I’m ready to come baby.”

I sat up and took his cock in my mouth sucking and stroking him until all of a sudden he exploded in my mouth.

“Fuck yeah, suck it baby. That feels good.”

The guys helped me up and laid me on the floor. They gathered around me stroking their cocks.

Ben looked at me. “Time to cover you in all our cum babe.”

“Hmmmm, give it to me.” I replied.

As they stroked their cocks my hands ravished my body fingering my pussy and squeezing my breasts. All of a sudden they started shooting their cum. I opened my mouth tasting the cum landing on my lips and tongue. I could feel the warm cum all over my body.

After a few minutes the guys started to get up. Ben helped me up and passed me my bikini and showed me where the bathroom was. I entered the bathroom and closed the door. I looked in the mirror to see my body covered in cum. I got into the shower and washed myself clean then hopped out of the shower and dried my naked body.

After about 20 minutes I came out of the bathroom dressed in my bikini. My pussy was very swollen and I could feel my bikini riding between my pussy lips. I noticed the guys had headed outside to the bar by the pool where they were drinking. Ben came over and passed me a drink.

“What time do you have to go?” Ben asked.

“I don’t.” I replied.

I put my drink down and headed over to the pool and walked in down the stairs in the shallow end. I swam over to the side where a few guys were sitting on the side.

“So did we look after you in there?” one of the guys asked.

“Sure did.” I replied.

“I can’t believe a young thing like you would enjoy fucking old guys like us.”

“Oh I sure do and the best thing is I have seven of you guys to fuck me how ever you please.”

One of the guys got up from the side of the pool and took off his shorts revealing his hard erect cock. He got in to the pool and swam up behind me. He pulled my g-string to the side as he slid his cock inside my pussy. He grabbed my hips as he started fucking me. Another guy got up and sat directly in front of me. His cock was hard and erect and waiting for my mouth to take him deep. I took hold of his cock and sucked as I ran my lips and tongue up and down his shaft. I felt his cock starting to get harder. I could tell he was ready to cum. He grabbed my hair and gently pulled my head up as he took hold of his cock and starting stroking.

“God yeah taste it babe.” He said as his cock exploded over my face.

I stuck his cock in my mouth and cleaned off his cum. After a few minutes I could feel the cock inside my pussy getting hard. The water in the pool started splashing as he pounded my pussy harder and faster. The guys watched getting ready to take their turns fucking me.

“Give it to her hard. Fill that pussy.” said one of the guys while he watched.

He pulled me close and held me with his cock exploding deep inside my pussy.

“Fuck yeah. You’re nice and full now baby.”

I made my way to the stairs and washed the cum off my face before getting out of the pool. As I climbed the stairs one of the guys passed me a towel. I removed my wet bikini and dried myself off. I walked to the bar for a drink as the guys stared at my naked body.

“I think we should take her inside guys.” Said Ben.

I gulped down my drink before we headed inside. Ben took my hand and led me down the hallway as the guys followed us. There were 4 bedrooms we passed before we entered a large bedroom. There was a king size bed in the room. The room had gebze escort a large TV mounted on the wall viewable from the bed. There was also a large ensuite bathroom with a large spa.

Ben went over to a cupboard hidden behind the door and grabbed a remote.

“How about we watch some porn.” Suggested Ben.

“Sure. I like watching porn. What have you got?” I asked.

“Well since you like being gangbanged, I think I have the perfect movie.” Said Ben.

We focused our eyes on the TV. There was a motel room full of guys all fucking one women. The guys were of all ages all taking turns fucking her every way possible. It was just the type of movie I like to watch.

I was lying on the bed with my legs apart and my pussy was dripping wet. Two guys moved up to the head of the bed and held their cocks next to my mouth. I took turns sucking and stroking each cock taking it slow then fast. Another guy lay down between my legs and started licking my pussy. He spread my lips apart teasing every part. All of a sudden I could feel my body tense. I let go of one of the cocks and put my hand on the head of the guy licking my pussy. As I was about to come I pressed his head into my pussy exploding my cum all over his tongue.

“Oh god that feels good.” I said as I let out a loud moan.

“I want you guys to fuck me.” I begged as I continued sucking.

“Come on guys let’s get a few cocks inside her.” Ben suggested.

The guys moved around the bed changing positions. They helped me up and guided me on to a cock ready to ride. I felt a second cock from behind stretch my pussy. I could feel every inch of both cocks sliding inside me. It felt so good. After a few minutes the guy from behind moved away. I turned my head and noticed Ben standing behind me.

“Time to fuck your arse.” Ben said as he slowly inserted his cock in to my arse.

Oh my god. His cock stretching my arse felt so good, as both guys worked together in rhythm.

“Yes yes, fuck me harder I’m going to cum.” I shouted as my body was almost ready to orgasm.

Ben grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he rammed his cock deeper in my arse. I screamed as my body shook over and over as I came while their cocks continued fucking me. After a minute Ben pulled out his cock ready for the next guy to fuck my arse.

After they all took turns they laid me on my back on the bed. One at a time they got on top of me fucking my pussy. My head was over the edge of the bed, and looking up I could see the guys patiently waiting their turn to fuck me. One of the guys moved over and started fucking my mouth. I could feel his cock deep in my throat. I felt my legs being held and spread further apart which allowed the cock in my pussy deeper access. The guys took turns over and over fucking my pussy and mouth. I could taste their pre-cum as I sucked their cocks. The only taste better than their pre-cum was going to be the taste of their cum.

After a while the guys got up off the bed and helped me up. They positioned me on my knees ready to be fucked from behind. I felt a hard cock enter my pussy fucking me hard and deep. Ben lay down in front of me ready for me to take his cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock then took the whole shaft deep in my mouth. I then ran my lips and tongue up and down his cock making him very hard. I took his cock in my hand and started stroking him.

“Oh baby, open that mouth.” Ben demanded as I continued stroking.

I opened my mouth ready to catch every drop of Bens cum. I stroked his cock while the guys kept fucking my pussy. I could tell Ben was ready to cum.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, take it all baby.” Ben said as his cock exploded.

I could feel every drop shoot out of his cock deep in my mouth. With my tongue I licked every last drop off his cock. Ben caught his breath and hopped off the bed. The oldest guy of the group lay down in front of me ready to fuck my mouth. I grabbed his cock and started stroking. I ran my tongue over his cock then started licking his balls. I could tell he enjoyed it by his deep breathing. I felt the cock slide out of my pussy as the next guy moved in ready. This time the cock filled my arse. The feeling was amazing and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came again. As his cock pounded my arse I could feel his balls slapping against my wet pussy. I slid my hand down between my legs and rubbed my wet pussy before sliding my fingers inside. I took the cock out of my mouth and continued stroking his cock. My body was ready to cum.

“Fuck me harder, harder.” I screamed.

My body came hard as my pussy came all over my fingers. I continued rubbing my wet pussy as my body shook over and over before I started to relax. He continued fucking my arse and his cock got so hard as he was getting ready to cum.

“Oh yeah. Take it babe. Going to fill your arse.” He said as his cock was about to explode.

As his cock came hard I could feel his warm cum in my arse. The feeling was so amazing.

After a minute the guys got up off the bed içerenköy escort and rolled me over onto my back. Again my head was over the edge of the bed. I looked up at the TV. The women had guy after guy cumming all over her, at least 15 guys. What a lucky women I thought to myself. The guys stroked their cocks around me. Watching them was such a turn on. Before I knew it one of the guys started fucking my mouth feeding his cock deep. All of a sudden he pulled his cock out and started stroking hard before shooting his cum all over my face. His cum landing in my mouth tasted so good. Suddenly they all started moaning as they covered my body in cum. I opened my mouth to catch and taste as much as I could. I felt so good and used, lying there covered in cum.

After a few minutes I got up and headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror at my cum covered body before getting in the shower. After a few minutes Ben came in to the bathroom.

“Here’s your bikini babe.”

“Thank you.” I replied.

“The guys and I are hoping you are having a good time?”

“I most definitely am.”

“We are heading out to the lounge; I’ll go get you a drink ready for when you come out.”

“Thank you; won’t be long.” I replied.

After a few minutes I got out of the shower and dried myself. I slipped on my bikini and headed out to the lounge. Ben had prepared some food and for the next hour or so we sat around eating, drinking, and chatting. One of the guys got up and setup the pool table. Three of us got up and headed over to play. Again I could feel their eyes watching my body, so I made sure every time I took a shot I gave them something to look at.

After about an hour of drinking and playing pool a few of the guys suggested we head out to the spa. We topped up our drinks and headed outside. The guys stripped off and a few stepped down into the spa. I removed my bikini and stepped my naked body down into the spa. The water was so warm. As I sat down the guys moved over and sat close around me touching my breast and running their hands up my thighs rubbing against my pussy. I explored with my hands under the water gently massaging their balls and stroking their cocks until they were hard. I sat up and mounted one of the guys sitting next to me. His cock slid deep inside my pussy as the other guys groped my breasts and squeezing my nipples. From behind I was pushed forward as a second cock slid inside my swollen stretched pussy. A Third guy stood beside me and I took his cock all the way in my mouth. Their cocks working my pussy felt so good I was so close to cumming. Just as my body was almost ready the guy from behind was ready to cum.

“Take it baby deep inside your pussy. Feel me cum” he said as his cock got hard and came deep inside me.

“I’m cumming.” I screamed as my body shook with pleasure.

HI could feel his warm cum still shooting as we came together. He removed his cock and stepped out of the spa. I continued riding the other cock and sucking for a few minutes before I hopped out of the spa. I lay down on a deck chair near the spa and spread my legs fingering my pussy. The guys moved over and one guy lifted my legs pushing them down towards my chest. He slid his cock inside my pussy then pulled it out. He did that a few times lubricating his cock before sticking it in my arse.

“Oh my god, fuck my arse hard. That feels so good,” I screamed.

He fucked my arse hard while the other guys stood around watching and stroking their cocks. I could feel every inch of his cock pounding me hard over and over. All of a sudden I could feel his cock stretching my arse ready to cum.

“I want you to feel it in your arse baby.” He said.

All of a sudden I could feel his warm cum filling my arse. The feeling was amazing. Another guy brought his cock over and started fucking my mouth. I pulled his cock in and out of my mouth then teased the head of his cock with my tongue. After a minute he took his cock and moved between my legs and started fucking my pussy.

“Yeah Yeah Yeah. I’m cumming.” He moaned.

He shot his warm cum deep inside me. The feeling was amazing. My pussy and arse were full of cum. He hopped up and stood back as the rest of the guys stood up close around me stroking getting ready to cum. I started rubbing my pussy waiting for their cocks to explode all over my body.

“Get ready babe; take my cum.” One of the guys said as he was ready.

I opened my mouth and felt his cum hit my face. I licked my lips tasting as much in my mouth as I could. All of a sudden the rest of the guys one at a time shot their cum covering my tits and face. So much cum landing in my mouth and the taste was amazing.

I lay motionless for a few minutes as I felt their cum running out of my pussy. I got up and headed to the bathroom for another shower. I cleaned myself off and dried my body. I put on my white see through dress and headed out to join the guys. I looked out the window to see the sun rising. The guys were starting to slow down relaxing in the lounge. I decided to collect my bikini and head home. I thanked the guys for a wonderful night and headed to the door. Ben gave me a hug and thanked me for coming and hoped to see me real soon at his next party. I told him I couldn’t wait but my only request would be more guys. Ben looked at me and promised a lot more guys.

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