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Transcontinental Swap Ch. 03

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My thanks to GermanDragon for his outstanding editing skills on this story and several others after they were posted. Any errors that remain are mine.

Chapter 03

A convenient extension of one couple’s marriage

Personals: Transcontinental Couple Seeking Similar

Couple for Unusual Relationship

Synopsis: Julie and Russ have superb jobs that have pulled them to opposite coasts. Being oversexed, they sought another couple with the ‘reverse’ problem where the woman was on the west coast where Russ was, and the man in the Cambridge area where Julie taught college. Through an ad they meet Jo and Dirk and subsequently start a serious and sexual relationship with them. When Russ is back on the east coast for a home visit, Dirk, Russ, and Julie go dancing and meet Bree. They bring Bree back to their house and make love as a foursome.

Bree stayed the night. She and Russ went off to make love again, while Dirk and I had another time together too. I wondered how I’d feel, because here we were in the same house, but now in different rooms where we weren’t sure what was happening or what was being said. Russ had mentioned that this was a different situation than being far apart or being in the same room together.

An hour after we’d finished; I got up and went into the guest bedroom. Russ and Bree were asleep and wrapped in each other’s arms. The room smelled like beautiful raw sex. I snuggled into Russ, and he wrapped his arm around me and kissed me.

Near dawn, I became aware of Bree slipping out of our bed and going into the other room. When she didn’t come back, I accurately assumed that she’d gone in to sleep with Dirk.

Russ and I went in and woke up Bree and Dirk the next morning about ten o’clock. We made foursome love in the same bed, swapping partners several times. I felt so turned on by the men I thought I’d combust, even after a dozen orgasms. Bree admitted to the same passionate feelings.

What made the morning complete in every way was after the men had cum in us, Bree maneuvered between my legs. Her tongue came out, and soon she was lapping up the cum and juices coming from my pussy. She had a natural talent as it turned out, because she’d never done anything like this. She also knew how to use her fingers on another woman’s pussy and clit in a highly enjoyable way.

When I was clean and had enjoyed two more climaxes, I reversed the favors and went down on Bree, sucking my husband’s cum from her cunt and fingering her to a couple of orgasms.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

Late morning, I listened with half an ear as Bree called one of her friends and raved about the guy she’d met at the club last night (Russ), and how she’d gone home with him and had an unforgettable night. I could tell she resisted the urge to reveal all the details about our foursome, but from her enthusiasm I knew we had a new best friend.

The four of us took a nude swim when we were through, and then enjoyed a nude lunch, followed by another round of nude lovemaking of the foursome persuasion. In the late afternoon, Bree and I spent over an hour making sapphic love to each other as the men watched. Until Bree, I had never been with a woman and apparently she was as inexperienced.

Dirk helped us by hooking his laptop up to our large screen television and playing some sapphic porn videos for us from the Internet. Bree and I would watch, and then try out whatever happened on the screen, sometimes with laughter, but just as often with a new feeling of bliss that would wash over the two of us as we made love.

As we made love, we all talked about our sexual preferences, desires, and fantasies. We also talked about our intense sexual appetites.

Bree admitted to a bedside drawer full of sex toys she used daily to keep herself satisfied. She also revealed that most days she would jill off at work in the privacy of a stall in the ladies room. She said, “I even have a little vibrator about the size of a roll of life savers that I carry all the time. It’s very quiet but really takes the edge off a tough day.”

Russ got his digital camera and took several time-delayed photographs of the four of us nude and obviously very intimate with one another. We were lined up across the headboard of our bed: Bree, Russ, Me, and Dirk. We were laughing and obviously happy. We decided Russ should be the one to carry the news about the addition of Bree to our midst to Jo the next day, that way he could answer any questions about her that Jo might have.

Both Dirk and Bree stayed overnight again with attendant lovemaking sessions among the four of us all evening. Since they both had to work on Monday, they turned in early together, leaving Russ and me to make love into the night.

I asked Russ, “So, do you like Bree? Do you want her around?”

He answered, “Yes, definitely. She’s cute, smart, and loving. There’s so much about her chemistry that we’ve only just started to learn too, so ümraniye escort things might change, but for now she’s a keeper. Like Jo and Dirk, these relationships seem right at this stage of things. Plus, I am a firm believer that people like Bree come into our lives for a reason. So, yes, I want her around, although you and Dirk will see much more of her than I will. It’ll mean you have to share Dirk with her too, are you ready to do that?”

I chuckled, “I think of it the other way around. Dirk has to share me with Bree. She and I are rapidly learning to be great lesbian lovers. She’ll give Dirk a run for his money, and she eats pussy almost as well as you do — and better than he does.”

Russ looked surprised; “You’re not going over to the other side on me, are you?”

I laughed, “Oh, no. I want you and Dirk around. He’s part of our ‘grand experiment,’ and so far that’s working. I do like cock, yours especially, and his is a good replacement part when the original equipment is far away.”

Russ chuckled and said, “Whew! You had me worried for an instant.” Right after that, he sank over eight inches of man meat deep inside my pussy, and looked pleased when I moaned in delight. We made love a couple of times before we turned off the light and slept.

The next morning I woke to someone lapping pussy, still sodden with the residues of our prior night’s love juices. At first, I thought it was Russ, but as I became conscious I realized he was sleeping soundly next to me. Then I felt the long hair on my thighs as Bree’s tongue wormed its way into my folds. Not too much after that she added fingers to her ministrations, and I had an orgasm.

After my orgasm, Bree shifted over to Russ, inhaling his flaccid penis, bringing it to full hardness, and then fellating him until he blasted a rejuvenated load of cum into her mouth. Russ had woken while Bree ate me, so he got to relish his entire wake-up call. The light covers that had been over the top of us had long been tossed aside to the floor.

Bree came up between the two of us when she was through at our midsections. She said, “I just want to thank you both … for everything. You’ve made my life something really nice, and I like the two of you so much. Russ, I hate to see you disappear, and I hope you’ll see me when you get back. I may even have to go out to Stanford soon, so maybe I can see you out there and meet Dirk’s other half. Julie, I adore you and Dirk, and I hope we can become friends and remain lovers after today.” She kissed the two of us goodbye.

I assured Bree that she had new friends with full drop-in privileges any time. She lit up at the idea that she could come whenever she wanted. I told her that ‘tonight’ would be a good time to start, and she promised to return after work. Bree scampered off to shower, and by the time we got out of bed she was gone. She left a note that had three hearts on it; inside each heart were the words Bree and Russ, Bree and Julie, and Bree and Dirk. I knew she’d be back, and that she’d be a permanent fixture in our lives for a long while.

Dirk was also gone by the time we got up. He left a short note saying he’d be at the house after work, probably around six-thirty or seven o’clock. He suggested he take me out to dinner at Casablanca, a new Mexican restaurant that had opened in the midst of the small downtown area near the house. I’d text Bree later to see if she could join us.

Russ and I puttered around the house, and he did a few chores. The weather had turned chilly with a cold front, and the forecast for the next ten days showed little relief. Autumn had arrived. Thus, Russ did all the necessary things to shut down and cover the pool for the New England winter.

We had lunch and then made love the rest of the afternoon until Russ had to leave for the airport and his return flight to the west coast.

* * * * *

Dirk and Bree came to the house about seven that evening, and the three of us went out to dinner. Afterwards, we went back to the house and made love for three hours. The two of them stayed over. Dirk already had clothing he’d brought, and Bree had brought a small suitcase with her essentials and a different dress. I slept between the two of them, feeling well fucked and well loved.

Dirk took two photos with his iPhone, and we emailed them to Russ. Bree and I were in a classic sixty-nine, eating each other’s pussy. One photo was from one end, with me smiling at the camera and below my chin sat Bree’s wet pussy; and one from the other end with Bree looking up at the camera past my pussy. I had great hopes of Russ getting a hard-on from the photos, and then screwing Jo.

I had one return email from Russ the next morning. The only content was a photograph that I shared with to Bree and Dirk. It was a close-up of Russ’ cock buried in Jo’s pussy, apparently taken the previous night after he arrived at his west coast home — Jo’s house. The subject line of üsküdar escort the email said ‘Back At You.’

* * * * *

Dirk flew home to the west coast on Friday morning, and judging by the pictures and a short and very pornographic video I had in my email, he and Russ turned Jo about every which way but loose the entire weekend. The two-minute video was particularly revealing, because it showed the two men making love to Jo, and switching roles. The camera angle allowed me to see every detail of the penetration as well as the look of ecstasy on Jo’s face. I could tell she loved what was happening in her life.

Bree spent the weekend with me. We did girl things, going to a spa and getting massages, pedicures, and manicures, and then going to the boutiques in one of the malls and spending some of our hard earned money on beautiful clothing and lingerie. We also spent an hour in a store called the Triple-X Mall buying an array of new sex toys and a few DVDs.

Bree and I went back home, modeled the clothing and lingerie for each other, and then made love the rest of the weekend, leaving the bed only to go out for meals. We also made good use of all the sex toys we’d bought. We made love to each other with a two-headed dildo, a strap-on, and a jackrabbit vibrator with rotating metal beads. Of course, we used our own mouths and fingers too. By bedtime on Sunday night, we were sexually sated, at least for a few hours.

Bree and I took turns sleeping in each other’s arms. She was so cuddly and her skin felt so soft. We just fit together so well and hit each other’s buttons in just the right way. Monday morning, neither of us really wanted to go to work, but we staggered around the house getting dressed and putting a breakfast together. My solace in going to work was that Dirk would be ‘home’ at day’s end, and Bree planned to come back. The fly in the ointment was that I had a faculty dinner I was supposed to attend until around eight o’clock.

I taught my classes, finished a grant application, reviewed some research data one of my graduate students had collected the prior week, did my mandatory circulating, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at Oliver Wendell Holmes Hall, endured my department meeting, and then headed home on the late side of rush hour.

I chuckled to myself as I walked into my house from the garage. The lights were dim, some romantic music was playing on the stereo, and in the middle of the living room sofa lay two naked people fucking like there was no tomorrow. Bree lay on her back, her legs splayed aside and wrapped around Dirk’s thighs as he pistoned into her body at a frantic pace.

Without waiting for an invitation, I stripped my clothes off in the hallway. I then sashayed into the living room in my birthday suit until I was next to the fucking couple. Bree saw me first.

“Oh … God … Julie … Dirk and I … oh, fuck, this feels soooooo good.”

Dirk turned his head slightly and gasped through his efforts to please Bree, “Hi, Julie. Want to join us?”

To join, I knelt beside Bree and proceeded to lavish kisses all over her breasts and face. When I sucked really hard on one of her breasts, she crested into an orgasm that had apparently been waiting for just that extra bit of outside stimulation.

As she crested, Bree pulled Dirk to her so tightly that he had to stop pumping his cock into her body. The pair kissed, and then I engaged Dirk in kisses. “Welcome home, Tiger. Did you and Russ do a number on your wife?”

He grinned, “Yes, about what we did to you the weekend before, except we didn’t have the help of someone like Bree. I think she was glad to see me go so she only had one man’s sexual urges to contend with.”

“Everything all right out there?”

Dirk snorted in glee, “Yes, and Jo is in love with Russ. She loves me too, but she’s head over heels in love with your husband, just the way I am with you … and with Bree.” He leaned in and kissed each of us in turn. We kissed back.

The three of us played together until Dirk finished and needed a rest to recovery his mojo. We each put on a robe or man’s shirt and sat around the living room. Bree curled up against me for a change.

Dirk said, “Before I forget it, I’m supposed to ask you what you’d think of Russ and Jo going to a swinger’s party out there in the Bay Area. Jo has a friend that had been whispering in her ear about all the fun she has, and that she wants Jo to join her. Jo said she wanted to go, with Russ, but only if you approve.”

I asked, “Did you approve?”

“Yes, providing Russ is along to be sure things stay on the up and up, so to speak. I don’t want her walking into a biker bar or something like that, plus I want all the interactions to be safe sex.” Dirk talked more about what Jo had told him of the group and her friends, and I felt aroused by the idea as he went on.

I shrugged, “Heck, at this stage of things, I have no reservations kadıköy escort at all. I would have a few months ago, but after opening our relationship to you and Jo, and then having Bree join our rag-tag team, I think that’d be fun. Heck, I might want to go too. Maybe it’ll be on one of the weekends I fly out there.”

My statement about going to the swinger party was prophetic. I’d planned to fly to the west coast for a long weekend for over two months, and, as it turned out, that was the weekend when Jo and Russ would be going to their first swinger’s party on Saturday night.

I was so excited flying out on that Friday that halfway across the country I had to go into the airplane’s small lavatory and wash my crotch because I was oozing so much sex juice. The thought of being with Russ and Jo, and then the swinger’s party was too much. All that, plus Dirk and Bree had awoken me with the nicest of sexual wake-up calls I’d experienced in ages, so I was probably still leaking some of Dirk’s spunk.

Russ and Jo met me at SFO. This was my first meeting with Jo, and I could see why Russ was so entranced with her. She was beautiful, charming, bubbly, and obviously smart. As Russ drove us back to Jo and Dirk’s home, I wondered how we’d been so lucky to find such a similar couple to ourselves — people that complemented us in many ways, people that were delightfully different, yet had just the right sex drive to keep each other satisfied.

We were no sooner in the door of her nice home, than Jo came and hugged me. She then kissed me very tenderly and looked into my eyes. She said in a hushed tone, “You and Bree are a few weeks ahead of me. I’ve never been with a woman, but Russ and Dirk filled me in with the stories of your interactions and I can hardly wait.”

I really kissed Jo after that, and then we were in her bedroom stripping away each other’s clothes and making out. Jo’s body was a work of art: taut breasts with large areolas and enticing nipples, a flat tummy, shaved pubes, and narrow hips that led to a very shapely pair of legs. Coupled with a girl-next-door face that a model might desire, she was one of the most stunning women I’d ever met.

We lay naked on the bed in each other’s arms, as Russ sat across the room and watched us. He stroked his long cock, and I had a hard time not jumping atop his erection for my own satisfaction.

Jo whispered, “Tell me what to do. I want to please you.”

“Let me show you, then we can trade places. I’ll just do to you what I like having done to me. Bree and I make it up as we went along. There’s not an instruction book.”

I made love to Jo’s breasts for a few minutes, suckling on her mounds and running my hands over her body. I moved further down the bed until I could feast on Jo’s obviously excited pussy. I knew I was wet from my sexual thoughts all the way across country, but Jo was positively dripping with lubricating juices, she was so excited. Those juices tasted like the nectar of the gods, and I couldn’t get enough of them. I marveled at how different they tasted compared to my own that I’d sampled from Russ and Dirk’s cocks after being fucked, or from Bree’s juices when we made love. Jo’s taste was smoother, like an exquisite brandy.

Jo squirmed and writhed around the bed beneath my tongue, and then at the extension of my fingers as I started to saw them into her pussy. The more attention I gave her quim, the more juices that appeared.

To my delight, as I attended to Jo, I felt Russ move behind me, and then I felt his rigid shaft slide up and down my wet slit before he penetrated me. I moaned into Jo’s cunt just as she came. Jo’s climax was epic, in that she squirted clear girl juice all over me as she squealed in delight at the sensations. I was covered. Some even passed by me and got Russ. The bed was soaked, and Jo looked like someone had turned the hose on her lower body. I madly lapped up every drop of the liquid I could find; savoring its subtle taste compared to her other girl juices.

I rolled over onto my back, and Russ reentered me and made love to me. He was vocal in his words of devotion and love, reinforcing the connection we’d had for fifteen years and the spiritual component of our love — mind, body, and spirit. Jo listened and watched us from right next to me, even catching a kiss from Russ occasionally as he pumped into me.

Russ didn’t hold off his orgasm. He filled my pussy with his man juice, and collapsed between Jo and me. We held each other.

After we’d savored the better part of our afterglows, Jo said, “Julie, I need to confess. I’ve fallen in love with your husband, and I think he feels the same way about me.”

Russ quickly added, “And, I still love you, perhaps with even greater intensity than I did before.”

I kissed Russ, and then leaned across him and kissed Jo on the lips. I asked, “And what about Dirk, who I am falling in love with?”

Jo said, “I still love him.”

I ventured, “Love doesn’t have to be a zero sum game — if I get it, you don’t. Some of the happiest people I’ve met love multiple people, and they all say the same thing: ‘the more people they love, the more they get in return.’ So, love away. I’m sure you and I will develop feelings for each other too. I even think it’s predestined in some way.”

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