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Mom’s Anger

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Carol sat on her eighth floor balcony drinking a fresh cup of coffee. She tried to enjoy the warm morning sun as she studied the traffic that passed by her high-rise. She would need to dress for work soon but she felt depressed and depleted of energy. She felt hatred and discontented.

She had spent her first night back at the apartment since the repaint. It’d taken six days; three to paint and three to air out. She had spent that time at her son’s small house with him, his wife, Rhonda, and their two small kids. It had not been a pleasant time.

Her present feeling of hate was directed at Rhonda and her discontentment at the feeling that she was trying to be totally replaced by her daughter-in-law. A mom did not stop being a mom just because her son married. Marvin, now 27, had lived with her through high school and college, for which she had managed to pay most of the tuition.

Marvin was handsome and had had no problem getting female companionship. She had tirelessly reminded him to use a condom and not get a girlfriend pregnant and ruin his life. He had graduated from the local university, was a fine teacher, but had done exactly what she had feared. Moreover, she felt that Rhonda had allowed herself to get pregnant to trap her son. They seemed happy enough except Rhonda was domineering and, from the complaints of her son, was not performing her wifely duties to his preference. It had been a problem shortly after the wedding vows, where before it seemed she could not get enough. She had tried to make her son understand that a woman’s sexual desires were different from a man’s and he should have took a little bit longer choosing a wife.

The totality of her motherly concern for her son’s well being had increased considerably with the events of the last six days. Twice during her stay with them in their small house she had been subjected to a nightmare.

Because of the smallness of the house she had to sleep on a sofa forming an L off corner foot of Marvin and Rhonda’s bed. The second night on the sofa they had made love. She had surmised this hearing the low, but rhythmic, creaking of the bedsprings. Thinking she was a sleep are not caring she indicted Rhonda for the indiscretion. She could not believe that her son, even with his strong sexual nature, would stoop to doing something so indiscreet. Again, she blamed Rhonda’s domineering nature. The last night was the same except that Rhonda had made considerably more noise and whispered sexual banter.

She and Rhonda, after Marvin had left for work the next morning, had had words. Rhonda admitted she had instigated the sex. Carol openly condemned Marvin for his one track mind and lack of control, and lashed out at Rhonda for wanting to control her son and denying sex. The word “bitch” had been used freely by both women as the children were playing on the porch and out of earshot.

Carol had quickly packed her things and stormed out of the house secretly vowing to get even. But how?

The how, was what Carol was now pondering as she stood in the shower scrubbing her body. Her mind reeled through the memory of laying on the sofa, knowing there was sexual intercourse transpiring in close proximity. Knowing their positions on the bed, Marvin was no doubt spooning behind Rhonda as they fucked, he, no doubt fingering her pussy. She remembered being aroused, thinking how slow and controlled Marvin must have been stroking her. Aroused, as she was becoming now, and how the last night, she had actually slipped her hand between her legs and teased her pussy. She too, had to stifle her moan as she orgasm along with Rhonda.

She looked towards the clock on the bathroom counter. She would have to make time as she lifted her left leg to put on the edge of the bathtub, stroking between her legs with the washcloth. The orgasm came to her softly as she concentrated on Marvin’s controlled stroke…how hard he must have been.

While Marvin was in college, she had come home early a number of times finding him screwing his girlfriend of the time. Once, he and his partner had been on the sofa and, unheard, she had quietly approached them, watched them fuck, watched his condom covered cock stroke in and out of the pretty girl’s hairless pussy. Carol knew was not pretty, not even attractive, but she had a treasure hole between her legs and she knew how to use it, actually, enjoyed using it, and, most importantly, she knew Marvin’s nature. Did she care consider such a sinister incestuous plot to put her daughter-in-law in her place?

Marvin arrived on Saturday morning as usual to take Carol to breakfast and whatever shopping needed to be done. Normally she was dressed and ready to go when he got there. But this morning she was at the stove cooking bacon, biscuits in the oven, eggs waiting to be cooked. She wore a thigh length thin sleeping gown. She was nude underneath.

“How come you’re not dress mom?” He asked, after using his own key to enter the apartment finding her standing at the stove. Studying her attire, her backside, bedava bahis he saw she was panty-less. When she turned to greet and hug him, pecking his cheek, he saw her outlined nipples. Such scanty dress was not the norm but not surprising.

“I have a pain right here.” She replied, taking the thumb of the left hand and stroking it up and down low on her left hip and buttock. “It hurts when I walk, so I thought I would make breakfast this morning and you could just visit for a while.”

“You should have called and just stayed in bed today.”

“And be all by myself on the only day I get to see my handsome son. Staying in bed sounds nice but I’m not tired at all and would just lay there awake with nothing to do.”

Carol faked a limp as she moved to the small dining table, placing a plate of bacon, scrambled eggs and two biscuits in front of him. She turned to retrieved the coffee and wondered if her son might be watching her ass. Surely, he had noted she was nude underneath the gown. When she returned with the coffee, after setting it down, she stood close to him putting her left arm across his shoulder. “Is it good? It’s been a while since I’ve cooked for my man.”

“Very good Maybe you bruised your hip? Do you want me to take a look?” He offered, his tone inferring that he knew her answer would be negative.

“If you don’t mind seeing your mother’s flabby ass, yes. I can’t see there and it would make me feel better.”

Carol turned slightly and gathered up her gown to expose her left butt cheek and purposely pointing with her middle finger to a fictitious spot.

Marvin poked, pushed and stroked the area indicated.

“Uoooo! Right there! Do you see anything?”

“Just a silky smooth ass.” Marvin chuckled. “What gives you the impression your ass is flabby. You’re only 48. Women don’t get flabby asses until they are well into their 50s.”

“And you know this how?” She quizzed. “You really think my ass is nice?”

“I said it was silky smooth, but, yes, I think you have a nice ass… always have. I see men in this apartment building… hell, everywhere we go… checking your ass out.” Marvin assured her. “I’ve never had the pleasure but I like looking at mature, 50ish asses online.”

“So, you’ve checked out your mother’s ass?” Carol mischievously questioned. “And I know how you are so don’t lie to me.”

“Yes, actually, I have. Many times.” He admitted. “I like that little swishing movement you have when you’re wearing your shorts. Strutting that thing.”

“That feels good,” Carol said. “you rubbing my bare ass like that.”

Marvin suddenly realized he was indeed stroking his mother’s ass and not on the side either. He started to withdraw his hand.

“No need to stop if you don’t want to.” Carol offered. “It feels nice.”

Marvin stopped his retreat

“I suppose it’s been a while since you have revealed your ass to a man so it could be stroked like this?” Marvin queried, expanding his stroking to both ass cheeks, squeezing a hand full a few times, even running crooked fingers the length of her ass crack, feeling her body tense, her ass tighten.

“Yes, it’s been a while.” Carol admitted with inhaled breath and added with exhaled breath. “It hasn’t been kissed in a while either.”

With little a do, Marvin tugged lightly on his mother’s far buttock to turn her, her back to him. He lifted the gown and proceeded to kiss and peck at her ample, bubbled backside.

“Aren’t you a brave something! Taking liberties with your mother’s ass!”

“You don’t mind do you? I heard the desire in your tone.”

“What would Rhonda do it she knew what you are doing?”

“I’m sure there would be hell to pay, but I’m not going to tell her. Are you?” Marvin queried.

“I’m not telling the bitch anything!” Carol responded with animosity in her tone.

“What do you think dad would say?”

“He would be happy I was keeping the kissing of my ass in the family.” Carol chuckled.

“Mom, I’ll kiss your ass all day long if you want. But, where are we going with this?” Marvin questioned intermittently, placing kisses on her ass between words.

“We can go anywhere you want to go. As far you want to go.” Carol answered with the beginning of a lustful tone. “That bitch fucked you in my presence to show her dominance over me. I’m surprised she didn’t turn the light on! She’s not giving you all you want. We will go to any fuckin’ place you want to go.”

“I can see I’m getting you aroused.” Marvin countered. “You have gotten me hard. You know I have had a vasectomy, so make no mistake, I WILL fuck you. If she’s clean, I will fuck any woman. I have no quorum when it comes to pussy.”

“I believe that! I was counting on it! Can I see it?” Carol said, then asked inquisitively, turning to face him.

Marvin pushed his chair back, reached to unzip his fly, tussled with his briefs, and brought forth his erection. Carol squatted and took hold of his cock, squeezing it tightly… began pumping casino siteleri it slowly.

“You’re much thicker and longer than your dad.” Carol said. “I don’t have any pain in my hip, but you know that now?”

“How long have you been planning this?” Marvin asked.

“Just a day or two. If that bitch of yours had not fucked you, not once, but twice with me present this would probably not be happening.” Carol responded.

“So that means, we are going to fuck to spite Rhonda! I can’t even thank her!” Martin chirped sarcastically.

Releasing him, “why don’t you go on to the bedroom. I’ll set the dishes in the sink and be right behind you.”

“I’d prefer to be behind you!”

“We’ll see.” She responded flatly, reminding him of his wife’s tone of “probably not”.

Walking through the short hall from the living room towards the bedroom, Carol found her son at the bathroom sink, just off the hall, wearing only a T-shirt and washing his cock in the sink. She moved in close beside him and watched him through the mirror.

“I remember watching dad do this before you two fuck. I remember watching you squat in the tub to wash your pussy afterward.”

“I’m fresh out of the shower but will gladly get back in the tub for you.” Carol said, slipping her gown over her head and stepping into the bathtub without being asked. She bent to adjusted the water, showing her furred vagina to a looking, smiling son.

“Did dad ever eat your pussy, mom?” Marvin quizzed, studying his mother as she lathered her pussy.

“No, unfortunately, but I’ve seen your head between one of your girlfriend’s legs. Do you eat Rhonda’s pussy?”

“Certainly! And I know your next question! You bet!”

Marvin finished rinsing and drying his cock, all the while watching his mom wash her pussy. He watched his mother finish up, exit the tub, and dry herself. He followed his mother into her bedroom

Carol entered the rather high bed on the left side. She rolled to her back as she flung her legs wide, smiling that her son. She rolled back to her right side and lifted her left leg high.

“Do you like Mama’s pussy?”

“Let me show you. After you orgasm, I want you to put in me, to let me know you really want to fuck with me.”

“So, after you eat my pussy and make me come, I can still back out?” She questioned in a teasing tone.

“I’m trying to be chivalrous here, but there is no way in hell you’re going to get out of this bed without giving it up. That ship has sailed”

Marvin kneed himself onto the bed from the foot, lowering himself between his mother’s spread thighs, her feet flat on the bed, her knees wide. He put his face to her pussy, kissing it a few times before putting his tongue to it.

Carol’s moan was instantaneous as her ass jerked from the pleasant shock to her body. Marvin was in his element and proceeded to give his mother a delectable tongue lapping, probing every delicious nook and cranny. He pushed his hands under her ass.

She did not last long, coming short of three minutes with a strong orgasm. Breathless, she lay still moaning lightly. Inwardly, Marvin smiled. He had expected as much and continued tonguing her pussy, bringing her arousal slowly back to the surface.

“My god, I’ve never felt anything so good.” She was finally able to mutter. “Please. Don’t stop.”

Marvin continued to lavish pleasure onto his mother’s pussy. He had never enjoyed eating a pussy more. The incest added the topping to the pudding. In a moment of lustful intoxication, he lifted his mother’s ass and shoved his tongue deep inside her, causing her to moan loudly, her ass began humping his face. He had never stuck his tongue into a pussy.

Carol lifted her head to study the action between her legs. She grimaced, seeing a substantial amount of belly fat with a deep crease beneath it. She dismissed the thought and consciously shoved her ass into his face in an effort to send his tongue deeper into her, thinking to herself, ‘you sweet mother-fucker’. She knew he would forgive her anything… just below her punchy belly, she had a treasure hole he could, stick his cock in… and it was, she knew, tight.

Marvin had seen his mother’s labia was thick lipped. He now repeatedly placed the tip of his tongue at the bottom of the crack, licking it up deep inside the labia crack. Each time he did this, it elicited a long loud moan from his mother. She soon propped her feet on his shoulders, giving him total access and prompting another tongue fucking.

Long, long minutes passed. Marvin purged his mother’s juices from his mouth. His chin sopping wet as were her thighs and adjacent ass cheeks. What words Carol uttered were not intelligible, but her groans and moans told her son all he needed to know. After long, long minutes, there came a moment of complete silence and stillness of her body, then, Carol cried out loud as the strong orgasm seized her. Her electrified body arched upward, Marvin struggling to keep his tongue centered bahis siteleri on her clit, wrapping his arm around her upper thighs to contain her. The orgasm seemed to grip her forever, but eventually she ceased her lustful seizure and Marvin clambered up to mount his mother.

As was bargained, Carol reached between them to take hold of his cock and placed it to her. Knowingly, with lack of regard, Marvin shoved his hard, thick 7″ into her deep, causing her to loudly groan dissatisfaction as his large cock displaced post orgasmic, tight pussy muscles.

Marvin latched onto his mother’s ass with both hands, chest to chest, locking her in tight, and proceeded to fuck her with a frantic rhythm.

Carol locked her legs around her son’s midsection and used the pivot point to match her son, thrust for thrust. She was tired but determined to be a better piece of ass than his wife, Rhonda.

In a little more than two minutes, Marvin’s boiling desire to stab his mother to death lowered to a simmer, due partially to the claustrophobic feeling of his mother’s legs locked tightly around him. He slowed his rhythm considerably. His mother unlocked her legs, lowering them to press her knees into his sides. He spent the next several minutes accenting more deep stabbing thrusts, withdrawing his cock but slightly. Each thrust elicited a grunt, groan or moan from her… all pleasurable.

“Is my pussy better than Rhonda’s?” Carol whispered.

“Better and tighter and you fuck with more energy.” He answered.

“You cannot expect this all the time.” She assessed. “I want to impress you with our fist time, but I will try to make every fuck a good one.”

“I own this pussy now. Before I let you up I’m going to mark it with my cum.” He stated like a conqueror.

My father like son, she thought, smiling inwardly. His father had thought the same way… like any son of a bitch of a man could own a woman’s pussy. More than a few times I had given her favors to another man during their marriage. His father had never owned my pussy, though I doubt I will give it to any other man in the future. I support myself well and now Marvin’s cock is all I need.

“Are you going to mark your pussy soon?” She whispered with lustful want. “God damn! That’s good! Push it deep!”

“Are you ready for it?”

“Damn right I am! Come on! Give it to me!”

Marvin, still latched onto his mother’s ass, revved his rhythm up once more.

“Promise me you are never going to get your pussy to another man!” He asked in labored breath.

She had heard those words before… knowing hers, or any other woman’s, promise to mean nothing if she was so inclined… still, she whispered back her promise.

Even after two orgasms, her son’s more than ample cock continued to elicit her moans. She was divided between length or thickness as the reason for her continued desire to want to be fucked. Had she not been intent or expected to fuck back, she could very happily be fucked all day long with her son’s most satisfying cock.

She was doing her duty and knew that her son was very close to filling her belly.

‘Ring, ring, ring.’

Carol froze. “Dammit to hell! Sure as hell that is Rose. She’s probably calling to confirm our dinner date tonight. I need to answer that. Seriously, Marvin, let me up! She’ll be knocking on the damn door if I don’t!”

“I’ll get the damn thing!”

Marvin literally jerked his cock out of his mother, causing her to grimace, and scrambled to grab the phone on the fifth ring.

“Rhonda! I told you I would be home when I get there. We have had breakfast and mom forgot her wallet. Really! Why didn’t you say something this morning. I will rush her along and be there as soon as I can. You keep it warm.”

“What the hell did she call for?”

“Believe it or not, she feels like fucking… wants me to rush right home.” Marvin answered, raising his eyebrows with anticipation.

Marvin stopped at the foot of the bed, tugging on his slightly limp cock. It concerned Carol that he might even be considering rushing home. It showed in her face. She lay there on her back, her knees wide, feet flat on the bed, her pussy offered for viewing, seducing him back, an angry pinkish-brown from their lustful intercourse.

“What do you think I should do, mom?” He said with a teasing tone, still continuing to stroke his cock.

“Being the good son that you are, I think you want to get that cock back in me and mark your territory. You never know when another man might come sniffing around.”

Carol was relieved to see a smile come on her son’s face. He kneed himself onto the bed, maneuvering his knees up against her buttocks to do the deed himself this time. His slightly limp, but still lengthy, cock needed a bit of coaxing to slip back into her now drier pussy. With half of it back inside her, he assisted in its firming as he stroked the exposed length. In short order, he released it as it became rigid once more, pushing it deep.

“Yeah, baby!” Carol cooed. “You got enough cum for both of us! Now, give Mama when she wants!”

Marvin latched onto her ass once more. Carol spread her legs as wide as she could manage with her feet lifted high. She felt a new arousal as Marvin fucked her with a determined rhythm.

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