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Mom’s Dance Moves

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“You said you wanted me to see something?” Ken said, entering his mom’s room. Sandy was sitting on her bed, looking at her phone, and looked up and smiled when her son entered the room. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a black tank top. She wore a little bit of make up and Ken was surprised at how pretty she looked.

“Yes, I do have something I want you to see. Please, have a seat,” she waved at the chair across the room. Ken did as she asked, walking over and sitting down.

“What’s going on?” he asked with a curious look.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I have some dance moves I would like to perform, to see if they look good or not. Would you mind watching?” she asked innocently enough.

“Umm, sure I guess, but don’t you think Stacy would be a better person to ask?” he said, feeling a little embarrassed for his mom. She was probably going to look silly doing whatever dance she was planning on doing.

“No no, I want you to see them,” Sandy responded with a wide smile. She had gotten up and had turned on the song “It’s Getting Hot in Here.” “Well, here we go!” she said, standing a few feet in front of him. She put her hands on her hips and pumped them to the beat.Then turning around, she put one hand on each of her ass cheeks and wiggled her ass back and forth, making Ken raise his eyebrows in surprise. Her ass looked good, filling in the curves of the jeans very nicely. By the time that he realized he had just admired his own mother’s ass, she turned back around. This move didn’t help, as she pulled up her shirt a little, revealing her cute tummy, then ran her hands provocatively between her legs a few times. Turning profile she looked at him with a proud expression and ran her hands back onto her beautiful ass, popping it out a little as she leaned over. She clearly knew how to shake it very well also, as she did so several times to the beat. When she grabbed the hem, dropped to the floor then stood back up pulling them tightly against her ass, he was shocked, excited, and uncomfortable.

“Wow, those are great moves mom,” Ken said, trying to show he appreciated them without sounding dirty, and indicate he was done watching.

“I have more, you gotta keep watching,” Sandy breathed with a smile, as she turned facing the bed, leaning over even more so her beautiful round ass faced her son. She rolled it a few times, on beat, shutting her son up and keeping his eyes glued on her ass. She kept it up for several long seconds, running her hands and fingers over each cheek. Then she turned around and pulled her shirt down so a little of her red bra and a lot of her cleavage came into view. Ken’s eyes widened as he watched his mother let go but then cup her breasts, pressing them together and up to the music. Mixing pulling her shirt up to reveal her tummy, running her hands between her legs and dropping to the floor she kept her son entranced for almost a minute.

She had teased pulling up her shirt and showing her tummy, which Ken had been a little uncomfortable with but kept quiet about, but then with no indication he watched as his mother pulled the tank top right off her head, revealing her red bra holding back to large, beautiful tits. She looked excited and proud as her son gawked, and waved the shirt around above her head as she turned to the beat around, her back facing him. She tossed the shirt aside then shook her ass up and down with renewed vigor, looking incredibly sexy as she canlı bahis looked over her shoulder at her son. His wide eyes watched, soaking her beautiful form in, the seconds passing since she took her shirt off giving him less and less a chance to object to her stripping off her shirt. He felt that watching her dance for thirty seconds didn’t give him much ground to stand on, so he just kept watching, mouth and eyes wide open. Sandy took great pleasure that Ken hadn’t objected and that she had his full attention.

She turned around and sauntered towards him, rocking her hips to the beat, then turned around only a foot in front of him, bending over so her sexy ass was nearly right in his face. She ran her hands down and squeezed her cheeks, then dropped down to the floor, her ass looking incredibly hot. She looked over her shoulder with an open grin, further enjoying teasing her son. Standing up, she turned around and cupped her bra covered breasts, squeezing them and pressing them together, then pulling down an inch on the bra to reveal more of her wonderful breasts. Ken felt like he should say something but found that he didn’t want to. He wanted to keep watching his sexy, gorgeous, unbelievable mother dance. Before walking away slowly, Sandy reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, smiling excitedly as she pumped her hips.

Once back a few feet away, she turned her ass towards Ken and slipped her hands underneath the jeans, pushing them down an inch, revealing the top of her black underwear. Ken became aware that he was very hard as his dick twitched. Pulling her hands out of her pants, Sandy rocked her hips and ass back and forth for a few seconds, then rolled her ass a few times. This pattern repeated, slowly pushing her jeans down over her succulent ass, making Ken’s dick pulse with every move. She was wearing a thong, a sexy, wonderful thong that showed her amazing ass off wonderfully. She finally pushed her pants to the floor, swaying her ass side to side and up and down for her watching son. Flicking the jeans away, she stood up straight and spread her legs apart and made her ass jiggle up and down. Ken watched, finding himself smiling, incredibly happy to be staring at his mother’s ass. Every move, rock, sway and slide made her beautiful ass look even sexier, and the line “I’m going to take my clothes off” made Ken smile.

Turning back around, Ken watched his mom pump her hips and thong forward to the beat while running her hands all over herself. She jumped around and shook her ass, giving herself playful little slaps on the beats. A few times she looked over her shoulder and mouthed “I am getting so hot” or “I’m going to take my clothes off” with the sexiest smile he’d ever seen on a woman. His mother was dancing in front of him in just her underwear, looking so incredibly hot, clearly enjoying it as much as Ken was. Ken let go of any thoughts about inappropriateness as soon as they came up and let himself enjoy the sight of his mom’s gorgeous, nearly nude body.She kept dancing for another minute, keeping Ken’s full attention, but he hardly noticed her slip one arm up her back to her bra for a few seconds. He let out an audible gasp though when, as Sandy kept dancing, her hands popped out from behind her back with red in her hands, the backing of her bra. Then she reached up to her shoulders, and while still stepping from side to side, rocking her hips to the beat, she slowly pulled the bra kaçak iddaa straps off her shoulders. Then she tucked her hands through the straps and let the red bra fall to the floor, her large breasts bare in front of her son.

Everything up to that point had certainly been provocative, erotic, and sexy, clearly not a dance to do for her son, but Ken had let himself enjoy it. Now, staring at his mother playing with her bare breasts while pumping her thong covered pussy towards him, a horny smile on her face, Ken realized a line had been crossed. She had already gotten down to just her thong, and he could never un-see her breasts. Was she going to go further? She had no look of backing down, and as if she sensed a little bit of wavering in her son, Sandy sauntered towards him again. He sat motionless as she walked right up to him and sat down on her lap, her incredible breasts only a few inches from his face. She smiled as she kept pumping her pussy, rubbing herself against his legs. Her body had pushed his shorts up and Ken realized, as he felt an intense heat and a little moisture, that only the thin thong separated his mother’s pussy from touching his legs. Without thinking about it, he put his hands on his mother’s thighs, surprised by the spark of desire that erupted in him as he felt her smooth skin.

Sandy leaned forward with a smile and kissed her son, gently but long. She pulled back only a fraction of an inch, as if to ask if he wanted more. During the kiss Ken felt his mother’s bare tits against his chest, his t-shirt doing little to separate them. He could also feel his hard dick be touched ever so slightly by his mother’s pussy as she kept rubbing herself on his legs. Ken took a deep breath and kissed his mother back, this time both passionate and long, Sandy putting her arms around her son’s neck while he ran his hands over to her bare lower back. They kissed and kissed, their tongues slipping into each other’s mouths even as they pressed their bodies closer together. Ken pumped himself up and down so his long hard shaft rubbed against his mother’s thong covered pussy, and he could feel her rubbing back. In unison, Sandy arched her back and Ken leaned down, cupping one of his mother’s breasts with his hand and kissing, licking and sucking the other, She leaned back further and Ken held onto her with both hands while he buried his face in his mother’s breasts, lost in the wonderful warmth and softness. She even pushed her breasts together and rubbed her tits against his face while her son licked and sucked everything he could reach. The song had long ended as Ken kept loving on his mother’s breasts.

When the chorus of the next song had started blaring, Ken felt his mom pull back a few inches, reached down and pulled Ken’s shirt off. Then standing up, she wiggled her ass in front of him, like an invitation. Ken couldn’t resist, and with a furvor that surprised Sandy he pulled her towards him and began licking her ass while touching and squeezing all over her, feeling the thong run between her ass and legs. She let him, moaning and squeezing her breasts happily. After another few minutes she felt he needed a further hint, and took her son’s hands and slipped his fingers under the thong. Ken got the hint, and felt a great sense of climax as he pulled his mother’s tong off, his face only an inch from her naked ass. He ran his hands down Sandy’s sexy long legs, letting her slip off the thong kaçak bahis as he enjoyed staring at his mother’s naked ass. Then she turned around, and her pink, shaved pussy came into view. Ken stared with a wide grin.

“Come get me,” she said, letting her son go and sauntering naked over to her bed. She laid down and rolled around for a second, then, spreading her legs again so her son could see her bare pussy, Sandy smiled as she motioned with one finger for Ken to come. Ken nearly lept out of the chair and climbed onto the bed and onto his beautiful, sexy, naked mother, laying down on her as they began making out. Ken felt his mother tug at his shorts and he pulled away enough for her to push his shorts down a little. Taking the initiative, Ken pulled his shorts and boxers off, his hard dick poping out and ready to go. Sandy purred as she watched, then like lightening, the mother and son were rolling around, their naked bodies pressing together, their arms and hands and legs all getting mixed up. Ken was surprised when after only a few minutes his mother grabbed his dick and was trying to guide it towards her pussy. He pulled up a second and smiled down at her.

“First let me taste,” he said, finally giving her a great shock. She threw herself on him and they kissed passionately, their tongues feeling out every corner of the other’s mouth. Then Ken hungrily moved downward, licking and sucking down his mother’s neck to her large breasts. He was ready to stop and play but Sandy had other ideas and pushed his head down. Ken kept moving down her tummy, slipping his tongue in her belly button and then over her sexy tummy and down between her legs. She was hairless and smooth, so sexy that Ken loved every moment of licking. Right before reaching his mother’s pussy he licked up one leg then licked up the other, wanting to enjoy all of her sexy body. Then at last he licked her smooth pussy lips, at first lightly then deeply, pushing his tongue between her folds. He opened his mouth, breathing in her sexy musk and lovingly began sucking and eating her pussy. He loved how much she moaned and twitched, how her heat entered him and excited him, how succulent she was. His dick was ready for action but he kept at it, eating her out, knowing that the sex would be even better if he kept at it. Sex with his mother, he thought, realizing he’d been thinking of her as a gorgeous woman. He rivaled in the thought of fucking his mother, and she was obviously getting close to coming as her body convulsed. Pushing his tongue in and out of his mother, faster and faster, she finally came, her back arching while her body shook, letting out short, fast moans. After a minute longer of still locking his mouth on his mother’s pussy, she seemed to calm down a little.

“Kiss me, I love the taste of pussy,” Ken heard his mother say, the implications clear. He was on top of her in a flash, and she clearly was telling the truth as she sucked all of the saliva and her own pussy juices out of his mouth. “Now fuck me,” she said in a husky voice. Ken needed nothing else, and with his mother’s hand guiding, he shoved his dick inside of her. It was tight and warm and incredibly smooth, the best feeling pussy he’d ever fucked. The two pushed and pulled, their bodies finding the other’s rhythm as Ken slid deep into his mother’s pussy, over and over. It did not take Ken long, loving every moment of the wonderful sex, and he was shooting off his cock. He kept going for a few minutes longer and Sandy was getting off again too.

A few minutes later they were laying together, their naked bodies holding each other, and they smiled, looking deeply into each others eyes, finding love and satisfaction from the other.

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