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The Spanking Agency Ch. 04

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The Spanking Agency 4 – A Proper Charlie.

Blimey. There are just some weeks when a hot and horny little sexpot just doesn’t know whether they’re coming or going. And that was most certainly the case for twenty-eight-year-old Melanie Sykes, one of the Spanking Agency’s favorite girls who was making her way towards her next appointment.

It was her third that week and even though she was worn out physically, inside she was flying as high as a kite on a sexual wave of pure naughtiness. Her poor well thrashed little bum and well-poked orifices had certainly been put through their paces these past few days.

Monday had been another session with the very enthusiastically swishy, Mr. Hall. He certainly was a whizz with his Colepepper cane. Good grief, he had her shrieking so loud she had lost her voice for a day or so as he wrapped his nasty little stick of wood around her fleshy backside. It was just as well she had a ridiculously high pain tolerance for he had left her arse in right state.

Then on Wednesday, the phone had rung. It was Dolly, the Agency’s secretary. Was she available for an appointment later that day? Had her bum recovered? It was an emergency last minute booking. A little get together with some spanking enthusiasts who were looking for a lady to have some belt slapping fun with. Silly question. Of course, she was available. Was there a bonus for double time? Yup. Very nice. Seven p.m sharp. Taxi all sorted.

By the time ten o’clock ticked around and she was safely on her way home in the back of that taxi, it felt as if her well walloped and blazingly sore rear was the size of a beach ball. It had certainly been a novelty to be spanked by three men all at once with each holding their own leather belt just itching to have a go at her poor rump.

Bent over a chair, first one had stepped up CRACK, then the next THERWHUPP and, finally, the third gentleman with a loud THERWICK that had her yelping and drumming her black-stockinged feet as they went around again for another round. And then again. And AGAIN.

Crikey, what a right carry on! As requested, to round off a thoroughly enjoyable evening, she had to service all three of her clients at the same time. By the time a taxi was called, her pussy and arsehole were as red raw as her poor bum!!

Melanie Sykes was having one helluva week which was about to get even more interesting.


It was a breezy Friday approaching the end of February that found the startlingly voluptuous and curvy Miss Sykes standing outside an late Victorian triple floored townhouse on the outskirts of London. Reaching into her pocket, she took out a folded piece of paper and re-checked the details.

Client: Charlie Winters.

Session: Spanking. Tawse.

Looking for: Submissive 25-30ish Naughty Girl.

Requirements: Feminine and busty.

Extras: Sex (and stuff)

Melanie raised her eyebrows. “AND stuff?” she thought to herself. What stuff? Stuff could mean anything, “Oh well. There but for the grace of my big fat arse go I.” she chuckled to herself and put the note away.

This was definitely the right address. Number 32. She reached forward and pressed the doorbell listening as the bell rang and echoed inside the building. It was still chilly so she rubbed her hands together and blew into them as people went about their daily business in the suburban street around her. She often wondered what those same people would think if they knew what her day job was. Looking through the glass in the door, she saw someone coming so she stepped back and put on her best smile as she made sure her impressive bust was obvious under her thick coat.

“Crikey,” she thought to herself as a shiver went up and down her spine, “What’s this Mr. Charlie Winters going to be like?” She might get lucky. He might be a gazillionaire who’ll sweep her and her bottom off her feet to a new life of luxury, firm spankings and bendy canes that made those delicious swishy sounds as they were laid on hard across naughty girls bottoms.

The door suddenly opened and Melanie blinked with surprise. Slightly startled, she glanced over the shoulder of the person who had answered the door.

“Er, hi hello,” she began hesitantly, “I was er looking for a Charlie Winters. A Mr. Charlie Winters. Is he around?”

The person smiled. “Oh yes, he’s definitely around. Sort of.”

Melanie bit her lip. Sort of? Was he or wasn’t he? Bugger. This could get awkward if she wasn’t careful. “Can you go get him as he has, er I have, an appointment with him.”

The person’s smile got wider.

“Oh, there’s no need,” she said with amusement, “You see I’m Charlie Winters.”

What? Really? Melanie couldn’t think of anything to say so she reached into her handbag, took out her purse and opened it.

“Hi,” she squeaked as she held up her business card, “I’m Melanie and I’m your girl from the Spanking Agency.”


As befitting the age of the house, the main sitting room was dominated by a grand fireplace Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort with an oak surround where a bundle of logs crackled and snapped merrily.

Sat perched on the edge of a dark leather chair, Melanie was, at last, coming to terms with the events of the previous few minutes. Talk about being knocked sideways and having your nipples twiddled with. Now she understood why Dolly had been so amused when she had handed over the details of her appointment that morning. She knew!! “Why that little cheeky bugger,” thought Melanie as her gaze dropped to the A4 sheet of paper she was holding with all the details of the appointment on it.

Oh blimey. THIS could REALLY get interesting. It never occurred to her that she would find herself in such a situation as this. Could she go through with it? She started to chew her lower lip. Maybe she should make her excuses and leave.

Aware that she was being watched by her client, she thought she had better say something. “Ummm, this is, well, not what I expected. Not that I have any problem with it you understand.” Her voice drifted off into an awkward silence.

The woman extended a hand. “Charlotte,” she said with a smile on her slightly angular face. “But everyone calls me Charlie.”

Melanie took the proffered hand and shook it. “Ummm, hello,” she replied hesitantly. “I’m Melanie. The girl from the uh ah,” She suddenly felt herself blushing again, “Spanking Agency.” The name of her employer came out as a rushed whisper. She blushed even more when she realized that particular hand would be getting rather more intimate with other parts of her person real soon if she decided to go through with everything.

She watched as the woman sat down opposite her. At a reasonable guess, she appeared to be in her early forties. A taut six-foot Amazonian figure with a shock of black curls which had been severely drawn back and pulled tight with a blue ribbon. She was dressed in a perfectly ironed no-nonsense white blouse buttoned to the neck over which a round silver pendant dangled on a silver chain over an obviously sizeable bust. Her skirt was a dull black speckled battleship grey which reached to just below her knees, and from where a pair of long black stockinged legs were crossed with absolute perfection.

Melanie suddenly felt like she was back at school. Sat there in front of a stern and starchy Miss Winterbottom, her last Headmistress, trying to explain away some teenage indiscretion and failing. The result of which usually found her bare bottomed over her desk getting a thorough walloping from a well-worn plimsoll. The memory made her shiver despite the fact that such experiences had defined both her character and sexuality in the end.

“I guess I’m not exactly what you expected, Melanie.” the woman said.

Melanie shook her head. “You could say that,” she replied with a wry smile.

The initial shock was beginning to fade and whatever reservations she had felt were starting to become less important. So another woman wanted to spank her – what was so bad about that? Absolutely nothing. Zip. Zilch. She had always gone by the mantra that life was meant to be lived to the max and that each new experience only added to the sum total of the whole.

This appointment would most definitely be an experience to remember. The spanking or the tawse she knew she could handle. It was just the “other” stuff that gave her a moment’s pause. Do stuff with another woman? Melanie felt her heart skip a beat and, to her surprise, she found herself getting a bit hot under the old knicker elastic as she imagined what two horny mature women could get up to.

“Does it shock you that I want to do things to your bottom?” asked Charlie suddenly, “Naughty spanking things.”

“Ummm, it did for a moment,” replied Melanie thoughtfully, “Though it really shouldn’t because of the things I’ve been asked to do, and have done, for the Agency.”

“Sounds a job with delightful prospects,” smiled the older woman. “Working in the service industry above and beyond the call of duty as it were. I think the Agency is a wonderful concept. Certainly for women like myself who have particular interests and needs they want to satisfy. It’s not something you can drop into a casual conversation at a Tupperware party is it.”

Melanie laughed. “No, I guess not. To be honest, Miss Winters,” she explained, “It’s not the idea of being spanked by another woman that bothers me. It’s just, well, you know, the other stuff. I’ve never been with a woman before.”

Charlie nodded. “Don’t worry, my dear, I won’t bite.” she promised, “Well, not at first,” She suddenly got to her feet, walked to the door and opened it through which Melanie could see a staircase, “Shall we?”

Melanie took a deep breath and followed the woman as they made their way upstairs and to whatever sights, sounds and delights fate had in store for her.


Upstairs was a tasteful but sparsely furnished spare bedroom. Against Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort the far wall, under an old-fashioned lattice framed window, was a single bed. To the right was what appeared to be an old wooden school desk and chair that once again reminded Melanie of her naughty adventures in fifth form which always ended up with her nursing a sore bottom.

She stood in the doorway feeling that awful but wantonly exciting tingle in the pit of her stomach as she watched Miss Winters go over to the desk and take out a large black bag. Melanie felt her bottom twitch. What had she said again as they climbed the stairs?

“From the moment you enter this room you will call me Miss Winters,” said her client, “Do you understand, Melanie?”

Melanie had nodded. “Ummm yes, Miss Winters.”

“The reason for your punishment shall be one which I shall think upon at my leisure as our little game progresses. I feel the anticipation of the unexpected is much more exciting, don’t you?” she asked.

Still standing in the doorway, Melanie frowned because whatever the reason was for her punishment, it would end as it always did with her having a scorching hot bot that would be sore and bruised for days. Taking a deep breath, she went over to stand in front of Miss Winters who was now sat on the chair in the middle of the room wondering what the next half hour or so would bring.


Shrugging off her blouse, Melanie stood before her punisher in nothing more than her industrial strength functional white bra, matching bum hugging knickers, black stockings and suspenders. This was her first female on female encounter and she felt, well, just how exactly did she feel? To her immediate surprise, she was tingling from head to toe in anticipation and was trembling like a jelly on a plate. She could definitely get used to this.

Miss Winters sat looking her up and down. Melanie wondered what the “excuse” would be for her spanking and the rest. Maybe she would be the naughty schoolgirl caught snogging behind the bike sheds or a temp secretary who happened to send an important package to Timbuktoo by mistake and now had to take a thorough thrashing from her butch supervisor or else get the sack instead.

“So Sykes,” said Miss Winters tartly. “Just how big was his cock?”

Melanie felt her mouth drop open in surprise as she blushed from head to toe. “I beg your pardon?!”

“You heard me, girl,” said the other woman sternly, “Cocks girl. I asked you how big his cock was. Are you going to tell me or not?”

What cock? His cock? WHO’S cock?

“Ummm, I’m not er sure I understand,” Melanie mumbled as she stood there rooted to the spot with her hands clasped in front of her as she twiddled her thumbs nervously. She must look like a ripe beetroot from head to toe. Crikey, talk about expecting the unexpected. What had one of the Agency girls said to her again? Never underestimate the imagination and being able to think on your feet. Boy, she had that right.

Miss Winters sighed. “Get across my lap, Sykes.”

Melanie reached around and cupped both her full bottom cheeks. Here we go, girls. She stepped to Miss Winters right side and let the other woman guide her over her lap. With a soft grunt, Melanie felt herself being bumped and maneuvered into the most helpless position imaginable with her large knickered bum sticking right up in the air. Her bum was so high, her nose was practically touching the carpet at the other end. She felt a firm hand rub all over her bottom as she waited for that first hard spank.

“I know all about you and that lout from the Mailroom Sykes,” said Miss Winters, “Murphy I think his name is. A time waster and slacker from what I hear. You know company policy, girl. NO SUCKING COCKS AT WORK!!”

Melanie bit her lip to stop herself laughing. She was in trouble because she swallowed some blokes dick during office hours? Well, that was as good an excuse as any to spank her fat arse she sighed.

“ did you find out?” she sniffed.

“Grapevine, Sykes. Grapevine. If so much as a paperclip goes missing in this place I’d know about it,” her accuser stated firmly.

Melanie felt her knickers being tugged up so that the thin gusset disappeared between the cheeks of her arse. “I’m sorry,” she pleaded as she felt herself being bounced around so that her backside would be at maximum spankablity, “I didn’t know sucking big dongs was against the rules. I’m new!!” she wheedled as her nose touched the carpet.

Miss Winters was having none of it. “That’s no excuse, you silly little hussy,” she hissed as she cracked her knuckles over the girls quivering bum, “What made you do it?!”

That was a tough one. Why would any sensible, self-respecting girl about town want to suck such a nasty little worm like that?

“Because I can’t help myself, Miss Winters,” blurted out Melanie, “I have a weakness for big juicy wibbly wobbly cocks and dribbly wibbly dicks!!”

CRACK!! Melanie yelped Maltepe Vip Escort at the first spank. “OOoooo, yeowch,” she winced as she wiggled her hips enthusiastically. The initial sting faded to leave that nice buzzy wuzzy feeling she absolutely adored.

“A juicy cock or not,” retorted Miss Winters, “It is against the rules to suck it on Company property. So now you must pay for the consequences of your actions. I’ve asked you once – how big was his disgusting cock?”

Melanie twiddled her nose. “Well, seeing as I didn’t have anything to measure it with I’ll have to have a guess,” she gasped with her arse higher than her head, “Let me think now. Oooh, I reckon it must have been all of ten inches long and as fat as a can of beans!!”

SMACK!! “OwwwwwCHHH!!” squealed Melanie as she bounced up and down on the older woman’s lap. Oh wow, that one stung. Blimey, she had a hard hand, “Please, Miss Winters. That hurt my poor bum something rotten!”

“It was meant to hurt, you silly little girl,” snorted her spanker, “Ten inches you say? Well, the rules state that for every inch you sucked and swallowed, you shall receive ten good hard firm spanks in return followed by twenty lashes of the office tawse. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Winters,” whispered Melanie as she prepared herself for her punishment and whatever came after.

The spanking that followed was as erotically and painfully thrilling as anything she had ever experienced and then some.


Melanie gave a last orgasmic grunt and sigh of pleasure as she flopped limply over the woman’s lap as her spanking came to an end. Her now bare bottom felt twice it’s normal size as she lay there exhausted and glowingly satisfied at this new adventure. One hundred spanks she was told she was going to get and one hundred spanks was what she got. The throbbing they left behind was absolutely wonderfully delicious. She was also as horny as hell as she felt Miss WInters caressing her red arse and teasing a finger down the crack of her bottom and between her damp and fluttering pussy flaps.

Whatever was coming next she was more than ready for.

“Alright Sykes, get up. Remove your knickers and kneel on the chair with your bottom stuck out,” Miss Winters ordered.

Melanie struggled to her feet and stood for a moment massaging her burnt bumpers with a grimace. Blimey, they even FELT hot. She glanced at her client who had gone over to the desk to get something from the bag. She quickly slipped off her knickers and innocently crossed both her hands over her shaven pussy. The tingle of delicious shame and embarrassment making her face as red as her bottom.

Thrillingly awkward was the best way to put it. To be naked and sexually aroused in front of another woman was a situation she never thought she’d find herself in. But here she was. And here they were. And she was loving it. She glanced up as Miss Winters came to stand in front of her. In her right hand was a fearsome looking leather split tawse and she shivered with dread and anticipation.

“Remove your tits from your bra, Sykes.”

Melanie blinked. “Excuse me?”

Miss Winters poked the tawse handle at the younger woman’s impressive bust. “I said, pull those big tits of yours out of their cups and let them hang over the top of your bra. Like the brazen little cock sucking slut you are.”

Melanie blushed even more. “S…ser…slut?”

“Yes, slut,” sneered the woman, “Isn’t that what you are? A dirty little whore who likes nothing more than giving disgusting blowjobs to every Tom, Dick, and Harry she meets. I wouldn’t be surprised if you enjoyed swallowing their creamy spunk too when they cum in your mouth. Am I right, you snake-hipped harlot?”

Melanie nodded sheepishly. Well, that was true enough. Spunk DID taste ever so tasty when it came fresh and creamy from a big set of hairy balls!

“What about up your bottom?”

“My bottom?” gasped Melanie as she felt her ears burning. She could feel her heart thumping louder and louder in her chest as she erotically lifted each full breast from her brassiere and let them flop invitingly over the rim of each large cup.

Miss Winters reached forward and teased each nipple with the tawse handle. “Arse, my dear,” she sneered, “Do you let him fuck you right up your tight little arse?”

Melanie didn’t have to pretend on that score. She and her various boyfriends had done that deed plenty of times. Maybe the whole loving “taking it up the bum” was a symptom of her spanking thang.

“Sometimes,” she conceded, “If he squeezes some Vaseline up there first.”

Miss Winters nodded triumphantly and stood there looking at her with both hands on her hips. “I thought so, you little cock sucking, arse shagging tramp. Kneel on the chair and stick that naughty bottom of yours right out. You’re going to get a right bloody thrashing from my fucking tawse.”

Doing as she was told, Melanie hesitantly kneeled on the wooden chair and stuck her posterior up as far as it would go. Even though she loved getting a proper spanking, she absolutely LOVED getting whipped with anything leather. The feel of leather on her sore bottom was absolute heaven and she couldn’t wait.

Luckily, she didn’t have to wait long as Miss Winters beat her poor derriere until it was black and blue.

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