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Summer Lovers

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“Hi Alan!” There was no mistaking Carmen Fuller’s low, sultry voice as he took off his helmet. Looking back over his shoulder, he let the motorcycle rest on its kickstand. His gaze sweeping over her, instantly taking notice of the way her fling skirt was swaying, exposing most of her tanned thighs as she walked toward him. His eyes lingered at the hem of her dress.

“Hey. You look good. Going out?” he asked, stretching his legs out as he sat, leaning back against the bike.

“Going out? She laughed. “No, I just stopped in for a few things on my way home but thank you for the compliment. What about you?” she added, stepping up to the rear of the bike, running her hand along the chrome seat frame. The metal was cool, unyielding, and smooth as she curled her long fingers around the tube. Slowly moving her hands up and down, caressing the metal.

Alan was drawn to her physical attributes, medium sized breasts, narrow waist, curving hips and shapely legs. Her crooked smile, large brown eyes and the splattering of freckles across the bridge of her slim nose captivated his gaze. Running her hand through her hair, it cascaded over her shoulders, creating a sensual tussled frame about her face. Carmen Fuller was not stunningly beautiful; yet, the slight imperfections of her features when taken as a whole, created an arousing attractiveness. The last thing he wanted was to appear rude realizing that he was staring at her and quickly looked away.

“Naw, I ain’t got any plans. I stopped to get mom some cake mix. I’m just cruising around killing time.” Shrugging his shoulders, trying to come up with an idea of something to do or somewhere to go later.

“Well, come on, let’s get this shopping over with.” Mrs. Fuller chuckled, as she turned to take a shopping cart form the rack.

“I’ll push it for ya.” He jokingly remarked as he gently sidestepped in between her and the shopping cart, pushing it as they walked into the store.

Guessing her age to be somewhere in her mid 30’s, she’s the mother of Kyle, one of his best friends from the model airplane club. While he pushed the cart for her along the isles in the store, he couldn’t help but notice the opaque sheen of her hosiery covering the smooth skin of her thighs and the way her dress drew his attention to the curve of her waist. Alan had always considered her to be rather attractive but he also wasn’t sure it was appropriate to think of your friends’ mom as attractive. Never giving it much thought until now, he was unable to come with a reason why. Perhaps he thought that it was the way she carried herself, her confidence, and her down to Earth beauty that made him realize that he was sexually attracted to her.

On several occasions when she knelt to pick up an item from a lower shelf, he managed to steal a view down the front of her dress. His eyes fixed on her freckled cleavage rising to the swell of her breasts and the fine lace trim along the top of her bra. He felt the pressure of his growing manhood in the confines of his jeans as he tried to imagine what her breasts looked like without her bra hiding them. When her back was turned, he quickly adjusted his erection, wondering what it would be like to have sex with her. He wanted to lean over and just slide his hand underneath her bra. “Jeez, if she knew I was thinking about feeling off her tits, she’d slap the shit outta me.” He thought to himself as they walked toward the checkout counters.

Alan commented while they stood in the checkout line, “I don’t know, with Kyle staying at his Dads, it just seems weird that you’re not going out on a Friday night.” as their conversation shifted back to neither of them having any plans this evening.

Her smile captivated him as she replied, “Well, I don’t do the ‘bar scene’ and no one has asked me out lately.” Adding, after a moments thought, “By the way, I can say the same about you. I thought you would be going out with your girlfriend.” Noticing that the subtle expression change on his face indicated that he and his girlfriend were not together any longer.

“Naw, I’m between girlfriends.” Alan admitted. Slightly embarrassed, he looked down towards the floor, then out the storefront windows. His eyes looked over the cashier while she scanned Carmen’s purchases. She was about his age and very cute.

“I’m sorry to hear that, but, with your handsome features, I know you’ll have plenty of opportunities with the other girls.”Carmen replied as she turned her attention back to the cashier.

He felt the flushed heat in his cheeks when the cashier looked at him and openly smiled after hearing her comment. And he quickly looked away. “Oh jeez, Mrs. Fuller, just tell the whole world I ain’t got a girl.” He thought, not wanting to look up and meet the gaze of the cashier again. The cashier provided Alan with a welcome distraction from his embarrassment as she had totaled up Carmen’s purchases. Carmen was writing a check, leaning with her elbows on the counter and he studied the lines of her body, completely ignoring bağdatcaddesi escort the young cashier who was smiling at him, hoping to draw his attention.

Mrs. Fuller waited as Alan paid for the box of cake mix and together they walked to where her car was parked. She stood behind him while he placed her grocery bags in the trunk, stealing several long glances at his buttocks. The denim material molded the contours of his firm muscular butt and thighs and she was tempted to just reach out and run her hand over his buns. The moisture was delightfully pleasant between her thighs and her nipples became sensitive and erect as her carnal desire mounted. Hastily her mind raced as to the best way, or any way, for her to feel his hard body.

Then she noticed the motorcycle. “Yes! There’s my answer!” she realized. Her conscious thoughts were battling between “Yes, you should ask,” and “No, you shouldn’t ask. What would an 18-year-old guy think of her asking for a ride on his motorcycle?” The thud of the trunk lid closing ended her train of thought.

“I have an idea. If it’s not to much of a bother, would you mind taking me for a ride on your bike this evening,” she blurted out as shocked embarrassment reddened her cheeks and ears from the bluntness of the statement.

Alan was surprised by her request. “Where do ya wanna go?” His mind raced with thoughts of where to take her and why she would want to go.

“Nowhere, really. I’m sorry, it was selfish of me to ask,” she stammered.

“Heck no, ain’t that way at all, lets go. I’ll drop off mom’s stuff and pick you up.” Smiling, he noticed the sudden flush of color in her cheeks.

“I don’t mind a beautiful woman on my bike at all.” He felt the warmness in his cheeks of his own embarrassment from that statement.

“An old woman you mean.” Carmen giggled, realizing that he had noticed her embarrassment. Delighted with his compliment about her being beautiful, her cheeks reddened all the more.

Alan laughed. “Old, your ass. I’ll pick you up in a bit.” He said as he turned, pushing the cart back to the rack next to the motorcycle. “I’ll see you in a few.” As he watched her car in the mirror, he smiled, knowing that she was going to be pressing her body tightly against his within the hour. Quite surprised with himself at his boldness of saying ‘ass’ to her, he took several deep breaths, trying to calm down. The adrenaline rush passed, the muscles in his arms and legs began to quiver and he fought to control the nervous butterflies in his stomach as he imagined her breasts pressed into his back.

“Damn, what am I doing, going out with an 18 year old?” Carmen spoke out loud as she drove out of the parking lot. Her thoughts centering on what he had said, analyzing his comments. Finally, she came to the realization that he had given her an actual impromptu compliment. She smiled with delight, an honest compliment. “Well, just go with the flow, it might be fun,” a silent voice spoke in her mind.

Alan pulled up in the driveway as she was taking out the last bag of groceries and parked behind her car. “Let me set this in the kitchen and change, I’ll be right out.”

Parking on the street, Alan waited. Carmen came bounding out the door dressed in a T-shirt tucked into the waist of a pair of baggy-legged shorts. As she hiked her leg over the seat behind Alan, he looked and caught a glimpse of her inner leg, up the leg of her shorts. His heart skipped a beat and his breath caught in his throat. The image of her entire inner thigh, with the swell of her butt cheek exposed beside the crotch of her white panties instantly burned into his minds eye. His imagination was fueled by the sight, he thought in his minds eye, he actually seen the shadow formed be the cleft of her sex under her panties.

Knowing that he was not supposed to look up the leg of her shorts but glad that he had, he handed her the second helmet. While she was fastening the chinstrap, he brazenly placed his hand back on her leg, well above her knee, lightly patting her cool skin as he asked. “Ready?”

Carmen wrapped her arms around his waist, squeezed her thighs against him and said “Lets rock!” His body was indeed muscular as her fingers wormed over the muscles in his washboard stomach and his hand on her leg was firm, yet gentle. A strange vision flashed into her mind, a vision of them facing each other and she squeezed her thighs tighter. She smiled, feeling the kindling ember of her sexual passions forming deep in the lower part of her stomach.

Alan was also smiling, because she had not taken any action to remove his hand, which was on her thigh, and he could feel her breasts pressing against his back. Reluctantly he moved his hand away, and said, “Ok, Mrs. Fuller. Hang on!” as he popped the bike in gear and accelerated rapidly.

They rode for quite a while, with him taking corners a little fast, leaning into the curves, zigzagging in and out of traffic as Carmen kept her thighs clamped tightly against beykoz escort his hips. She was fascinated with the whole experience, the wind, the speed and the excitement. “Oh god! This is so much fun!” she exclaimed as they stopped at a traffic light. She enjoyed feeling the muscles ripple under Alan’s t-shirt as she held on tightly. She fought with the thought of ‘accidentally’ allowing her hand to slip and taking a quick grope between his legs. Along with the added thrill of having her arms and legs clamped around a muscular young man, she noticed the wind whipping the legs of her shorts. Her entire outside thigh and the lower portion of her butt cheek was teasingly exposed to anyone who looked in their direction. Catching the glance of a middle-aged man as he admired her leg fueled her wanton desires for the young man she now held in her grasp.

“You hungry? Want a hot dog?” Alan asked.


They rode through the drive-through of a fast food restaurant and Carmen held their drinks while Alan placed their order between his thighs. He rode the bike slow as they went to a nearby park to eat. Parking at the far end of the parking lot, away from the few cars that were there, setting down the kickstand, Carmen got off as Alan took the keys from the ignition, trying to steal another glance up the leg of her shorts. Hoping that he would be able to catch another glimpse of her panties, but it was not to be.

As they sat at a picnic table, eating their meal, Alan was mesmerized by this woman sitting across from him. She talked about her excitement of riding on the motorcycle, but Alan was hypnotized, not really listening to what she was saying. His gaze focused on her large brown eyes, the freckles across her slim nose and the full lips of her slightly crooked smile. Carmen tossed her head quickly to the side, flinging her hair away from her face, then wiping her mouth with a napkin. Her motions struck him as sultry and sensuous. His mind was in turmoil, the physical desire toward her was evident by his growing erection, yet, she was Kyle’s mom and she was so much older than him.

“I can’t believe this is really happening.” Alan commented, still in awe of her attractiveness. The more her studied her face, the more he noticed her beauty.

“What’s not to believe?” Carmen asked, suspiciously knowing what he was about to say as her thoughts were also centered on the unique strangeness of this outing.

“That I’m cruising around with my friend’s mom.” He replied, bewildered with the pleasant thoughts of actually having fun with someone considerably older than himself.

His intent gaze had given Carmen the feeling that he was peering directly into the very depths of her soul. “I hope this isn’t a problem and I’m sorry if I’m being a burden to you. You want to take me home?” perceiving him to be somewhat saddened that he was not enjoying himself as much as she was. Her thoughts began to run wild, “What does he see in me? I’m so much older than he is. I can’t compete with the young girls his age.”

“No, ain’t that at all, Mrs. Fuller. I mean you’re fun to be with. You laugh, you yell, and, I saw you flip the bird at that car that cut in front of us over on Hill Street. That was so cool!” He continued on, explaining that none of the other girls his age would ever dream about riding on the bike just for the fun of riding. It seemed that they always had to go somewhere or friends to impress. “You were having a blast and I enjoyed it just as much.” He added.

“You weren’t supposed to see me flip off that driver! I still can’t believe I did that.” Carmen commented as she tried to suppress her laughter. Alan giggled at her and instantly they both broke out into a fit of laughter. He enjoyed hearing her laugh and he also realized that it was becoming much easier to overlook the age difference.

Tears of laughter were dampening their cheeks as they both roared. She commented, “God, I haven’t laughed this much in ages.” as Alan waved his hand over his head, extending the middle finger.

“I like hearing you laugh Mrs. Fuller.” He complimented her as the bizarre idea of Carmen becoming his steady girlfriend centered in his thoughts.

“Please, call me Carmen. Mrs. Fuller sounds so formal.”

“Ok. Carmen.” Surprised at her request, he thought, “Jeez, she wants me call her by her first name. This is wild.”

They soon became at ease with each other as the barriers of their age difference melted away and they began to converse as friends. Carmen no longer thought of Alan as a kid. She saw a very handsome young man with a genuinely sincere personality. He didn’t threaten her, as sex was not on his agenda. While all of her dates during the past year or so contained the undercurrent of sex, Alan was being himself. Every now and then she would pick up on the insecurity of his youth and the shyness of his personality, especially when he said that he felt awkward approaching a girl to talk to her.

“What time do you have to be in caddebostan escort tonight?” Carmen asked as she was throwing away the empty wrappings into the trashcan.

“No time really. I just told mom I was going out on a date and I would be in later. So I guess midnight-thirty. Why?” Alan replied.

“I just wondered. That’s all. Did you tell your Mom who you were going an a date with?”

“Naw, I didn’t say anything to her.” Alan answered. Thinking to himself how silly it would have sounded to his mom if he told her he was taking Mrs. Fuller out for a ride.

Walking back toward the motorcycle, Carmen felt so at ease with Alan’s non-threatening manners that she reached out and took his hand in hers, entwining her fingers with his. Alan’s heart began to pound in his chest like a hammer upon an anvil as he held hands with the Mom of one of his friends. A woman who is considerably older, more mature and in a pleasantly strange way, far more sensuous than any of the girls his age. Perhaps it was the warmth of her hand in his, or the way she carried herself with a natural and relaxed confidence, or was it nothing more than his sexual fascination? All he knew was that he felt somewhat awkward, nervous, and yet, thrilled at the same time.

Carmen was perplexed at her own straightforwardness. It was not like her at all to take the initiative in a situation but Alan’s age and projected innocence heightened her feelings. Her blood pounded in her ears as she tried to fight off the heat that began building in her loins. He was strong, handsome and sexy, but young and shy.

“I need to be getting home.” Carmen mentioned as they mounted the bike.

“So soon?” his disappointment was quite evident in his voice.

“Yes, I’m expecting a call late this evening,” knowing full well that was not the truth. She needed time to think about these strange emotional and physical feelings that were surfacing. It had been many months since she had sex with anyone and Alan’s physical touch coupled together with the odd sensation of being totally relaxed with him alarmed her. She needed time to contemplate this strong sexual attraction as her inner voice whispered caution, while her body screamed for licentious release.

Whenever they were stopped at a traffic light for any length of time, Alan would confidently place one of his hands back on her leg, resting his palm on her mid-thigh, idly caressing her smooth skin. Carmen relished this attention and she would place her hand atop his, enjoying the intimate contact.

While they were waiting for a traffic light, she shifted her weight slightly, so that the hem of her shorts would ride high up on her waist for the benefit of an elderly gentleman who was staring at them. This movement created the unexpected, yet strangely pleasurable situation of allowing his hand to slide much farther up her thigh. Wild thoughts raced through her mind, as she was tempted to shove his hand completely under the material of her shorts. She had to squeeze her eyes shut when she moved her upper body so that her sensitive nipples ever so lightly grazed across Alan’s back. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep her physical responses in check from the combined sensations of his touch, squeezing his hips between her thighs and the vibrations of the motorcycle. With the longing gaze from the man in the car next to them, she pressed her body against Alan as she tried to ignore the damp wetness between her legs. Her conscience prevailed and she applied a firm pressure on his hand to prevent him from going any higher, yet keeping his fingers where they were.

Parking the motorcycle in the driveway, Alan walked her to the door, holding her hand tenderly as he had while they were at the park, releasing her only when she placed her key in the door to unlock it.

“Alan, I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful evening. I have really enjoyed it.” She said, realizing that she was as nervous as he was at this moment.

Alan was smiling, his eyes darting this way and that. “Ugh, can I, I mean, would you, ugh, ya know, ugh, I’m going to fly my model at Bomber Field tomorrow. You, ugh, you want to come?” He stammered, trying to find the words to ask her out again.

“I would like that a great deal,” she whispered as she stepped closer to him. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she hugged him, as he hugged her in return. He ran his fingers through her hair, affectionately palming the back of her head as she looked up into his eyes. Holding each other’s gaze for a long moment, Carmen was pleasantly roused when he leaned slightly forward, hesitating as he brought his lips close to hers. Alan’s hesitation at such an intimate embrace only fueled her carnal desire for him.

Lips touching, they kissed. Alan felt as though the butterflies in his stomach were performing aerial maneuvers. His knees felt weak as he slowly raised his hands, cradling her head. Feeling the tip of her tongue on his lips, he slightly opened his mouth, and allowed her tongue to swath over his. She tasted sweet. Her breasts crushed against his chest and her warm breath on his cheek instantly caused him to become erect. The fire in Carmen’s lions ignited as she felt his erection pressed against her stomach while his powerful arms gently held her.

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