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Arinna’s Deconstruction

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Arinna couldn’t believe the situation she now found herself in. “Stupid, stupid girl,” she muttered to herself under her breath. “You just had to walk back to the hotel and not take a carriage. You’re going to get everything you deserve for this foolishness, and you know it.”

“But of course you are, my dear. That’s what you’re here for,” came a deep, chuckling voice from the shadows, causing Arinna to startle. “And I am so looking forward to giving you all that you deserve – and more!”

And it was quite a predicament Arinna found herself in. After being snatched from the dark street by the two men who were following her, she had passed out from the cholorform-soaked cloth they pressed to her mouth. Now that she was awake, she found that she had been stripped of her outer garments, leaving only her corset and bloomers to cover her body. There were leather straps, circling her wrists and ankles, tying her to the four corners of a surprisingly large and comfortable bed. Her hair had come undone, red curls spilling around her shoulders, no longer confined to the pins that had held her fashionable hairstyle in place. She assumed it had come undone while they were transporting her to this place. Wherever that was.

“Are you afraid to show yourself to me,” Arinna spat, “or do you always have to face women who are helpless and in the dark?”

“Oh, no,” he said, as he struck a match and lit several candles on a table a short distance away from the bed, keeping his back to her while shielding her eyes from the sudden light. “I don’t have to hide from you at all. After all, darling, we know each other very well. Very well indeed.”

He turned around, and Arinna couldn’t believe her eyes. He was still as tall and dark as she remembered. His eyes a piercing blue that could see through her and into her soul. He was the only one she had ever truly loved. And she had left him. Her husband.

“James,” she sighed, silently rejoicing inside that it was he that held her captive. She had been afraid all these years that he had forgotten her, or hated her so much that he never wanted to see her again. She wondered again why she had had to leave. But then she remembered. Because she had loved him too much. And despite the thrill that ran through her at seeing him again, she knew from the cold look in his eyes that this was not a joyous reunion for him. He was different, and she didn’t know what was in store for her.

“Hello, Ari,” he responded, his voice smooth yet menacing as he moved towards the bed – their marriage bed! – pushing aside the curtains surrounding it and leaning against one of its tall posts, the one securing her left ankle. “And how has my wayward wife been all this time?”

“Am I still your wife,” she asked? “I should have thought your family could have gotten you a divorce secretly enough so as not to shame their name. After all, what were you thinking, marrying someone like me?”

“Who I choose to marry and who I chose to divorce is not my family’s concern,” he snapped, anger radiating from him in waves. “I told you that then, but you felt you knew better. You just had to make a martyr of yourself. Didn’t you understand me when I said that I didn’t care about my father’s ambitions? Didn’t you realize I didn’t need my ‘family?’ All I needed was you. And you believed them, and not me. You left.

“I loved you more than anything, and you turned your back on me. You obviously couldn’t learn what it meant to be a wife then, but now that I have you here again, you will learn, and you will finally obey me.”

All she could do was stare at him, waves of regret crashing over her, and tears threatening to seep from her eyes. She knew he was going to extract his revenge on her, and she knew that she deserved it. But what had she driven him to do? A curl of warmth began to blossom down in her belly as her mind began racing, thinking of what he might do to her. She yearned to be touched by him in any way. It had been so long!

He moved to untie her ankle, and the around the other side of the bed to do the same to the other. Then her right hand was released. But when he moved to the left wrist, he brought her right wrist to it, tying them together before releasing it from the bedpost.

“I don’t want you running away from me just yet, pet,” he said, as he jerked her to her feet from the bed. “I have so much to teach you about being a wife.”

As he dragged her by her tied hands to the center of their marriage suite, her eyes, only now grown accustomed to the dim light, saw the changes he had made. No longer were there lush padded chairs for the two of them to sit in, side by side, as they rested before the fireplace after a long day. Now, to one side, there was a padded bench, approximately waist high, with chains and locks attached to the corners. On the other side of the room was what appeared to be a wooden X, again with chains and locks on all corners. A table, set with a delicate lace cloth, held bursa escort what appeared to be various whips and paddles, as well as pointed instruments and other things she had never seen before. Arinna’s eyes grew wider as she realized that these were for her. Her husband intended to punish her thoroughly, and her heart sank a little at the realization. James no longer loved her, but hated her, and this was her reward for abandoning him.

“When I saw you at the theater on that stage after all this time, I couldn’t believe it was you,” he said, pulling her hands above her head to attach her connected wrists to a doubled-up chain coming from the ceiling that she hadn’t even noticed. He fastened her so high, she nearly had to stand on her tip-toes so as not to strain her arms too much in their sockets.

“After all this time, you had finally come back within my reach,” he continued calmly, as he grabbed something from the table. “You can’t imagine how much I have waited for this moment, to finally teach you your place. You see, I’ve been doing some research, my dear, and it seems I used all the wrong things to keep you by my side.” He reached up and attached a collar with a ring on it around her neck. “You thought my father was in control of our lives. Instead, you should have thought we were in control, and more specifically, me, as your husband.”

“But James, your father said he would disown you if you didn’t get rid of me,” Arinna said, tears now beginning to slowly roll down her cheeks, as James turned back toward the table for another object. “I knew you would never send me away and you would lose the life you had worked so hard for. I had to leave. You didn’t deserve to have me as a millstone around your neck.”

“But it was MY choice, my dear,” he said as he turned back to her. “It wasn’t yours or my father’s to make for me.”

“But . . .” Arinna tried to speak, but James was too quick for her. He thrust into her open mouth a smooth wooden ball with an attached post and quickly buckled the straps behind her head. As she tossed her head and thrust her tongue against the object that now silenced her, she realized that while the ball keeping her mouth open was humiliating enough, he had made it even worse – the post was a short, thick phallus, with a very realistic head. The only thing she could do was accept the invader filling her mouth. She whimpered against the gag, as he smiled coldly.

“Can’t have you making too much noise now, my dearest,” he tisked as he ran his hand down the side of her face and tapping his finger against the ball gag. “This is all part of you learning your place. You may as well get used to it, sweetheart.”

He trailed his hands down the sides of her corset, resting his hands on the curve of her waist, and pressing them together, nearly encircling her waist with the span of his fingers.

“You’ve lost weight my dear,” he said. “Pining after me?” He reached around a smacked her buttock with his open hand. She jumped against him at the sensation, and he grabbed her ass with his hands, pressing her fully up against him. He ground her hips into his, and she could feel his arousal against her through his breeches. He bent his head, trailing gnawing kisses across her neck as she moaned into the gag and her head drooped backwards.

The warmth in her belly burst into flame as he began kissing her breasts that were pushed up by the corset. It had been more than four years since James had touched her, and she hadn’t been able to bring herself to find another lover to fill the void that had been left inside her. She arched against him, straining on her toes to make him touch as much of her as possible. She wished her arms were free so that she could wrap them around him fully – but that was one wish she wasn’t going to be granted tonight.

He reached into her bloomers with his right hand, and began probing in between her thighs, forcing her to open her legs. Finding the wetness already gathering there, he used it to slide up and down her pussy, finally coming to rest on her clitoris. Arinna’s scream was muffled by the gag, as the sensations of finally being touched there overpowered her.

He continued to roughly caress her, causing her buck against him in the throes of passion. Quickly, he brought her to a climax, as she shuddered and slumped against him, sweat breaking out across her brow and trickling down between her breasts.

“Missed me, did you,” James asked, as he stepped away from her. She strained towards him, but he was already out of reach and had turned back to the table. Arinna couldn’t believe how quickly he had made her respond to him.

Once again, he picked up something from the table that she couldn’t quite see. He stepped behind her, out of her view, and she next felt his hand in the waistband of her bloomers. He roughly jerked them down her legs and forced her to step out of them. Then he reached around bursa escort bayan in front of her, and drew a belt around her waist. It had a strap hanging down in front that had two holes bored into the middle of it. She wasn’t quite certain what was now in store for her.

Again at the table, James picked up two dark objects. Returning behind her, he drew the strap up between her legs and fumbled with it for a bit. Then her feet were abruptly kicked to the side, spreading her as wide as possible. She felt something cold and smooth press into her vagina, and realized that he was inserting another wooden phallus deep into her pussy. He pumped it back and forth a few times, and then withdrew it. Soon, however, he replaced it again. It was attached to the strap connected to her waist. She assumed he would buckle it behind her to keep it imprisoned within her body so she couldn’t expel it herself. She was correct, but not about the fullness of his intent.

Arinna felt something solid and wet begin probing at her tightest hole. As she began to tense, James grabbed one of her buttocks and pulled up on it, opening her up whether she wanted to or not. “Shhhhhh, darling! Relax. You can take it in,” he soothed her, biting at her neck and sending shivers up and down her spine as she tried to relax to allow the invasion.

Slowly, inexorably, he slid the plug past her anal ring. She made small whimpers through the gag, as it painfully stretched her wider and wider. Finally, with a sharp pain, he thrust its largest point into her, eliciting a muffled shriek from her as her ass clenched around the indentation in the plug, securing it within her bowels. As he jerked the end of the strap up to the waistband, securing everything in place, she realized that the strap stimulated her clitoris as she adjusted her weight on either foot. She was skewered by the two phalluses, filled fuller than she ever had been before.

James stepped in front of her, surveying the picture she made – bound, gagged, collared, corseted, filled and plugged. He smiled again. “Good. Very good. Perhaps you’re now learning how to be a proper wife, my dearest,” he said.

He reached for one of the small whips Arinna had noticed earlier. Her eyes grew wide as she realized his intentions. “Don’t worry, pet,” he said. “It won’t be all that bad. After all, this is the first session we’re having. Must go easy on you the first time.” He moved behind her, and began.

First to receive his ministrations was her back, where the blows were somewhat cushioned by her corset. However, the first time the whip made contact with her bare ass, she yelped and jumped forward. Over and over, he plied the whip, making her ass cheeks turn red, and begin to slightly puff up. She realized, however, that he was not using the full force of his body on her. This was merely a teasing, not a true whipping. She was thankful for small favors.

James seemed to whip her for hours, but in reality it was only for several minutes. He would deliver a few quick strokes, and then slowly draw it across her skin, only to come back again with quick strokes. She couldn’t anticipate where or when he would ply the lash to her, and it made her dizzy. All the while, the phalluses made their presence known, shifting inside her each time her body jerked, stimulating her, rubbing against each other with only the small membrane separating them, driving her mad. The strap against her clitoris was driving her wild as well, but not stimulating her enough to push her over the edge again. Tears streamed down her face, and she didn’t know if they were from the pain of the lash or from the frustration of the objects inside of her. And she didn’t care.

She was sobbing into her gag when she realized that he had stopped and was again in front of her. He reached behind her head and loosened the gag, taking it out of her mouth and letting it dangle from her neck. Before she could even form words to speak, his mouth was on hers, kissing her for the first time in four years. Again, she strained against him, nearly delirious with passion at feeling his lips on hers again. He cruelly grabbed her hair with one hand, jerking her head back as he pushed the strap to the side and rubbed her clitoris with the other, all the while ravaging her with his mouth and tongue. Arinna could only moan with delight, pushing against him for all she was worth, tears streaming down her face.

All too soon, he drew away from her, quickly grabbing the gag, stuffing it back into place and tightening it behind her head. Arinna couldn’t be certain, but it looked as if he had been as shaken as she at the electricity that passed between them when they kissed. Her heart leapt at the thought that he wasn’t as untouched emotionally by her as he was making her believe. Could there be hope for them after all? She knew she couldn’t get her hopes too high, but the thought was there, and she clung to escort bursa it. She knew she could go through any ordeal he put her through; so long as there was the possibility that he still loved her.

She was startled out of her reverie when she felt his hands on the chain attached to her wrist cuffs. She was released, one arm at a time, and pain shot through her upper arms as the blood rushed back to them. James roughly massaged them for a short period. But then he forced her wrists behind her back, locking them together. “Don’t think your lesson is over yet,” he said.

James grabbed a soft rope from the table. Spinning her so she faced away from him, he attached the rope to her wrist cuffs, and slowly began winding the rope around both her arms, pinioning her arms together, all the way up to her elbows. This caused her back to arch even more, and thrust her breasts out alarmingly far. He spun her back around to face him, and caressed her breasts, reaching into the corset and kneading them, pulling on her nipples.

“Wait here,” he said, kissing the tops of her breasts.

He went to the cushioned bench and pushed it so that it was underneath the chain she had previously been pinioned to. He then pushed her so that her hips were against the top of the bench and kicked apart her feet. Bending down, he fastened her ankle cuffs to the sides of the bench, spread-eagling her legs painfully. The phalluses quivered inside of her, tormenting her, but did not move otherwise because of the strap still holding them in place.

Grabbing her by the ring in the collar, he forced her to bend over the bench, thrusting her ass into the air, and exposing everything. The devices inside of her strained against the strap, and she felt twinges of pain where they jutted together sharply. He fastened a chain that was attached to the bottom of the bench to the ring in her collar. He then grabbed a second collar from the table and fastened around her neck. This was attached to one end of the ceiling chain, and the other end was locked to her wrists, painfully bringing her arms up and away from her body.

“Now who is in control here, my dear,” James chuckled as he stepped back to fully view her pinioned body. “Never before have I seen a dove quite so captured.”

Tears ran down her cheeks as she realized that he had her in full submission, and that she would do anything for him, if only he would love her again. She felt abased and alone, almost cold with the fear that he could be doing these things purely out of hate and a desire to see her humiliated. If only he would kiss her again. Perhaps then she could turn this coldness of his into warmth.

Arinna didn’t get her wish. Instead, James bent down and released her mouth from the gag. He then opened up the front of his breeches as he stood in front of her. Grabbing her by the hair, he guided his engorged cock to her mouth. “Take it in, my dear, or it will be worse for you,” he said. She opened her lips and he began to fuck her mouth.

Already exhausted from having the gag in her mouth for so long, Arinna’s jaw muscles screamed in pain from this new assault. Over and over James drove his cock into her mouth, causing her to gag as he hit the back of her throat. To add to her pain, he pushed down on her arms, causing her throat to be choked by the chain attached to it. His cock swelled even bigger in her mouth, it seemed. Oddly, she noticed that the head of his cock was the same size as that of the wooden cock that had been in her mouth.

He continued his assault, and just as she was beginning to see stars from the lack of oxygen, he abruptly withdrew from her mouth and released the pressure on her arms. Again, he forced the ball gag back into her mouth and tightened the strap. Arinna ran her tongue over the phallus part of the gag as she breathed deeply through her nose, regaining lost oxygen. It WAS the same size as his cock, she thought. He had been planning this for a very long time, she realized.

She couldn’t tell, but she knew he had gone over to the table again. He came back and rubbed his hand against her exposed and still reddened buttocks. And then *smack* came the paddle down on her ass as she jumped in response. The collar bit into the back of her neck as she tried to rear back up. Her arms jerked downward as if to protect her punished buttocks, which jerked on the other collar on her neck, slightly choking her, causing her to painfully remember how captive he held her – as if she could forget!

The sting of the paddle was more than that of the lash. She wasn’t quite sure if it was because her ass was already tender from his previous ministrations to it, or if it was because of the paddle’s solidity. Over a dozen times he smacked her with the paddle, moving it until every inch of her buttocks had felt its bite. She was now sobbing uncontrollably.

His hands massaged her ass and he put down the paddle. He began to unfasten the strap around her waist, and with it the strap connected to the phalluses inside her. The first phallus sprang free from her pussy, wet and slippery. However, James had to grab the one in her ass and gradually remove the thick part from her anus. Once that was accomplished, the rest of it slid out quickly with wet popping noise and a muffled shriek from her.

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