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The Incest Game

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“You are such a little slut,” Jess giggled to me as my eyes rolled over her father’s ass. It was her sister’s wedding, and we were stuck in some rec centre with no air in the middle of Scarborough on a hot summers day. To pass the time we were playing the family edition of our favourite game: Who Would You Fuck?

Jessica and I had met at university and hit it up hot and heavy. She had a sexual appetite that eclipsed even mine, and she was in to any kind of experimentation we could dream up. We’d done group, bi, fetish, public, anything you like. We both shared an affinity for people watching and loved nothing more than sit in the quad and get horny talking about what we’d like to do to whomever walked by. So now we sat at Katy and Joe’s wedding and searched the crowd for whatever kinky fantasies would quell our boredom.

Jess and I had always talked about incest but realized that it was one of those things that would have to remain just a fantasy. Ultimately, there would be too much damage to a family for what we acknowledged was just a cheap thrill. We had made a promise to each other though that we could live out our incest fantasies vicariously through each other if the opportunity ever arose. I’m very boyish and I’m often mistaken for being a few years younger than I am. I’m also about the same height as Jess, with a similar build. We’ve had both friends and lovers joke that we look like we could be brother and sister, so we thought that me sleeping with a family member of hers or her with mine and telling the other about it was as close as we could ever get to satisfying this particular fantasy. So our game was a little more than idle fancy today, I was fully aware that I might get laid at this reception.

Jess’ family was a lot more uptight than mine was, so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. She had been trying to sell me on one of her female cousins, Rachel or Pauline, but warned me to wear a condom because they’re just stupid enough to get pregnant at a wedding reception.

“Maybe I’d like to fuck your mom,” I whispered to so that great-uncle Charlie couldn’t hear from across the table. “Get up in there and see what your old haunts were like. Suck on the tits that nurtured you.”

“Don’t worry about Charlie,” she said noticing my sideways glance, “he’s taken out his hearing aids and gotten out his flask. As for my mom, if you want that loose old pussy, you’re more desperate than I thought.”

Cynthia was her mom’s name, and she certainly was no catch. Four kids and a comfortable marriage had left her less than concerned with her body. Her girth spread out under a dress that was a little too small and revealing for a woman of her size. But now I was staring at her dad’s ass and feeling more than a little horny. He had a beer belly himself and looked like he’d be more comfortable in an old flannel than the crisp new suit he’d bought for his daughter’s wedding. Still he was a large, powerful man and he was much more attractive than his wife.

“Maybe I’d get your old man to take me up the ass,” I told Jess with a crooked smile. “In the dark, he might even think he’s making hot love to his little princess.”

This gave her the pause I’d been hoping for. I knew that fucking her cousin or even her mom wouldn’t be enough to get Jessica off. If I really wanted to rock her world, I’d somehow have to convince one of the old-fashioned men in her life to treat me like a piece of meat. She wanted me to be able to tell her what it was like to get fucked by her father and she knew it.

“I don’t think daddy’s into that kind of thing,” she said as she pouted edirne escort a little. “Maybe if you get a few more drinks into Ronnie…”

Her brother Ronnie was permanently stationed by the bar. Right now he was trying to toast his sister while he held a shot in each hand. He already had lost enough motor control that he spilt one over the groom’s aunt. But he looked like the type who’d knock me out before he’d suck me off. Still, he was going to be sloshed tonight and he had a girl on his arm that was as attractive as she was uncomfortable.

“Angela’s your in,” Jess proclaimed trying to focus on this new angle rather than her father. “Look at her, she’s starved for attention, practically ready to split. If you smooth talk her and Ronnie gets drunk enough you’ve got your threesome. Then lean over and give him one of your famous blow jobs and he’s yours.”

“Does Ronnie turn you on?”

“He’s a creep, but he is my brother. We’re trying to play the incest fantasy here.”

“I don’t think it counts unless you really get off. Ronnie may be the bro but I think it’s papa that you’re dripping for.”

“You are a little slut!” Jess scolded me, but I knew I was right. She eyed me sheepishly and didn’t say any more. We sort of drifted out of our incest conversation and talked about what the bride and groom would do tonight. Joe had a moustache and a shaggy haircut, and Katy looked pretty hot with all the weight she’d dropped for the wedding. But Jess had told me that they’d had a sisterly talk after Jess’ first semester at the university, and Jess’ love of the carnal didn’t run in the family. ‘Freaked out’ was how Jess described her sister’s reaction to a description of a pretty typical weekend of ours. I’d wanted to get the couple a night with an Asian shemale for a wedding present but Jess thought that we’d enjoy it more ourselves. I’ve always loved the gifts you give yourself.

After about twenty minutes of small talk, the wine had worked its way through my system and I had to hit the can. With my departure, a couple of the new in-laws swooped in on Jess. A young man who I think was Joe’s cousin seemed especially interested in not going home alone, even if it meant stealing my date away from me. He was kind of cute, but looked like he’d taken one too many tackle on the football field. He probably didn’t realize that he could get much farther with Jess than he had a taste for.

As I emptied my bladder, a mature man came in and took the urinal right next to mine even though there were several free ones. Impulsively, I glanced down and caught a glimpse of his pissing cock. He smiled a toothy grin at me, and paid me the service of a glance downward.

“Hello, there,” he beamed in a charming tone, “I saw that you’re here tonight with Jessica.”

“Yes, I am. I’m her boyfriend from school.”

“My name is Walter,” he offered me a firm handshake, “Jessica is my niece.”

“Oh, are you Cynthia’s brother or Jacob’s?”

“Cynthia’s. Do you know I’ve heard a thing or two about you through the grapevine?”

I zipped up my fly and smiled at him. This was really happening and I could hardly believe it. Jess’ uncle was coming on to me in the rec centre washroom and I could barely contain myself. He had finished pissing but still stood by the urinal with his dick hanging out of his trousers. He was already starting to show the first hints of an erection and I wanted him bad.

I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He sprang to full attention in surprise, and I could tell that he was turned escort edirne on by my forwardness. I could taste a hint of urine on his head and I was glad I’d gotten to him before he had a chance to shake.

“Jesus kid, you’re a fucking animal.”

“I’ve been told that I’m a double for your fuckable little vixen of a niece. Wanna try the next best thing to her sweet butthole?” I cooed to the older man.

He pulled me to my feet and roughly shoved his tongue between my lips. I melted into his arms and frenched him like a schoolgirl. Without a word, he pushed me into the stall and shut us in. I tossed my tie over my shoulder and took a seat on the toilet. As he gazed over my young, nubile body, I undid my belt and slipped my pants down to my ankles. My cock stuck up from underneath my shirt reaching out for Walter’s which hung from his still-open fly.

“Lose the shoes,” he ordered gruffly, “because I’m going to bend your legs so far apart that you’ll split in two.”

I smile and slipped off my shoes so I could take my pants off entirely. I kicked the shoes off to the side and stood up so I could hang my pants on the door. I could see a look of pure delight in Walter’s eyes as I reached around him, naked from the waist down. In one motion, I hung the pants and grabbed the big ol’ grizzly bear for another deep kiss. His hand found my asshole and he began to tease me ruthlessly. I nibbled on his neck as he shoved in his finger up to a knuckle. I gasped a little in the clutches of his powerful hands and moaned into his ear for him to fuck me shamelessly.

He shoved me back onto the tank of the toilet and I had to support myself in a slightly uncomfortable position. But that was the last thing on my mind as he grabbed my small, shapely legs and lifted them over his head. He came down to his knees as he lifted me up and stopped when my legs were resting on his shoulders. With expert showmanship, he paused just long enough for me to get terribly excited before plunging his long, manly tongue into my ass. I was breathing hard while he rimmed me for all I was worth, when the washroom door opened. Walter stopped, and we both tried hard to control our breathing. He was evidently as into this as I was. We heard two voices, a second conversation was occurring at those same urinals where Walter and I hit it up.

“The bride’s sister is fucking hot, man.”

“Dude, you better believe it,” I recognized the voice as Joe’s cousin, the one who’d been hitting on Jess the second I left. “Just got to get her to ditch the dork and Joe won’t be the only one getting a wedding night tonight.”

“You’re the man!” There was a brief pause.

“Are you fucking queer? I’m not going to high five you at the urinals. Get your head out of your ass.”

The other boy mumbled something, and we heard the sound of two urinals flushing. They left without even taking the time to wash their hands. When the door shut I let out a little squeal that I’d been barely able to hold in. Walter had paused only momentarily and then took the opportunity to tease me relentlessly. He had dipped his finger into the toilet and was lubricating my asshole in preparation for his fucking while the hicks pissed just a few feet away from us.

“If you wait a second longer,” I hissed at the teasing uncle, “I am going to die! Absolutely die!!”

He grinned as he lifted me off his shoulders and stood up. I had to struggle a little to keep myself from slipping but Walter shifted around and caught a hold of me. His cock pressed against my damp asshole and edirne escort bayan with a mighty effort, he entered me. I felt total bliss as he started to get a rhythm going.

As he fucked me, I moaned to him about his niece, “Oh, God. This is even better than when Jess takes me with her dildo. Her plastic cock is so big, but you’re so much bigger. You’re fucking my asshole just like your little niece does, and I’ve eaten her ass out just like you ate mine out. Your niece is such a little slut, she’d fuck you for all you’re worth, and that’s not half as good as fucking me. I’m a better lay than your niece is and you’re fucking my tight asshole.”

He loved my dirty talk and fucked me harder while her masturbated my cock. I loved his long hard prick up my tight young asshole so much, but I had to keep quiet because there was a wedding just outside the door. I felt my balls tighten up and new I was about to cum, but I couldn’t shoot all over my suit. I tried to tell Walter but could only moan. He was close too, and when our eyes met he know what I was thinking. He started to beat me as fast as he could manage while fucking me raw and just as I came, he squeezed my foreskin tight, catching all my sperm. I barely had time to think as the orgasm tore through my and my ass filled with Walter’s rich seed.

Walter relaxed and started to remove himself from me when the door opened again. We held still but couldn’t help ourselves from breathing in the afterglow.

“Cynthia, that’s the men’s room, you drunk old tit!”

The door closed again as the revelries moved outside. Walter pulled his soft dick all the way from my ass and sat me down on the toilet seat. His hand had stayed clenched on my cum-filled foreskin, which was beginning to hurt a little, but he let go as soon as his lips were in place to drink down every drop. Watching this man suck me off in the bathroom stall was enough to give me some very naughty thoughts and I was hard again.

Walter stared with some surprise, “You are a little stud, aren’t you?”

I shrugged coquettishly and he just smiled and started to blow me. He was going slow and sensual but I wanted another hard fuck just now. I stood up and pushed him back against the stall door. For the first time in our encounter, I took control from the old man and fucked his face while a ran my hands over his balding head.

“Finger my asshole while I fuck you in the mouth, Uncle Walter,” I ordered and he obeyed. “And I know an old fag like you won’t even think about spitting a drop of my precious cum when I shoot in down your throat.”

With him ravaging my asshole with the ferocity that I ravaged his mouth, I came quickly and hard. Walter savoured the cum in his mouth while I reached over him to retrieve my pants. I slipped them back on and bent down to give Walter one last kiss before I left him on the bathroom floor. The taste of myself on his tongue was almost enough to make me want to blow him, but I had to get back to Jessica before she got desperate and took on those two guys who came in to piss. To my chagrin, she was chatting up a large-breasted waitress while the two young men sat a table over and contained their cat-calls.

“Where have you been that you’ve been gone so long?” she asked coyly as I returned to my seat amidst her father’s toast.

“Well beautiful, I have a story to tell you tonight.”

“Who?” She may have suspected something, but probably thought I was just staying away to tease her. I let her think for a moment, loving that she had no idea.

“Uncle Walter, in the bathroom, with a long dick.”

She looked terribly startled when I said this. “Who?” she said, “Whose uncle was it?”

“Yours. Your uncle Walter.” And then I realized from the unknowing expression in her eyes that I’d been had.

“Fucking strangers in the rec centre bathroom, eh? You really are a slut something awful, aren’t you?”

(c) July 2006

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