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Hardesty Co.

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“Please, God, please let me this job,” prayed Allison Kane as she steered her car into the parking lot of Hardesty Co.

Hardesty Co. was a prestigious business firm in the area, and Allison had recently heard about and executive’s assistant position that had opened through a former classmate. Allison had appeared at the firm with her resume not having much hope of getting the job. However, less than a week later she received a call from the firm requesting that she come in and be interviewed.

Allison quickly consented to the interview. She was not in dire need of a job — she had a pretty well paying job as a server at a local sports bar — with her tanned skin, dark hair and green eyes, the tips rolled in. However she wanted a job more suitable to her skills. She had graduated from college after double majoring in mathematics and finance. She had started job hunting optimistically, but soon realized that finding a job to match her skills was fairly difficult. This opportunity seemed to be a dream come true.

Allison stepped out of her car, smoothing her black, knee length pencil skirt. She liked to dress feminine and so wore the snug fitting garment to display her ass. She paired it with a matching fitted jacket underneath which she wore a button down, emerald silk shirt. The shirt clung to her large breast without managing to make them look purposefully displayed.

Entering the firm, she stalked up to the front desk.

“Hello. My name is Allison Kane. I have an 11:00 appointment with Mr. Hardesty.”

“Of course,” replied the clerk. “Mr. Hardesty’s office is on the twelfth floor. Just take the elevators to your left.”

Allison thanked the clerk before turning to the elevator bank. As the doors dinged open and she stepped inside, Allison felt the nerves creeping in.

She tried to pep herself up. “Just relax. You’ll do fine,” she thought to herself.

She ran a quick hand over her hair just as the doors opened on the twelfth floor. Allison straightened her spine and reminding herself to be confident, strode out of the elevator and to the secretary’s desk where she once again introduced herself.

“Hello, Ms. Kane. I’m Mrs. Stubbenbaker, Mr. Hardesty’s secretary,” the older women introduced herself. Allison gauged her to be roughly in her sixties and on the verge of retirement. She had beautiful silver hair that was still full despite her years and a trim figure. “If you’ll just have a seat, I’ll let Mr. Hardesty know you’re here.”

Allison stepped over to a small waiting area and sunk into a plush leather chair. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. As she once again tried to calm her nerves, she listed with a half ear at the one-sided conversation Mrs. Stubbenbaker was having with her employer. “Mr. Hardesty, a Ms. Kane is here for your 11:00 appointment.” There was a brief pause. “Yes Sir, I think you will approve of this one.” Another pause. “Yes, right away, Sir.”

Mrs. Stubbenbaker hung up the phone before sending a smile at Allison. “Okay, dear. Mr. Hardesty is ready for you. His office is just through those doors.”

Allison rose from her chair. Squaring her shoulders, she took a deep breath. “This is it,” she thought as she placed her hand on the door knob.

She opened the door and was confronted with a spacious office. The floor was carpeted in a discrete gray, the walls were also neutral. The only thing that stood out was the large mahogany desk, and the man behind it.

Allison felt the breath she had just took swish out of her lungs. “Good Lord is the man attractive,” was her first thought.

Mr. Hardest was in his mid-thirties and mesmerizing in a rugged, unrefined sort of way. His features were much too harsh to be considered handsome or even attractive by conventional standards. His face consisted of hard planes and angles that could have been chiseled out of stone. He had a gorgeously square jaw — Allison had always been a sucker for a square jaw. His head was crowned with a wealth of nearly black brown hair. His gray eyes were hard, nearly unemotional in his study of her.

“Please, Ms. Kane, have a seat.” He gestured to a chair in front of his desk. Allison sat and smoothed her skirt. “Would you mind if I called you Allison?” After indicating she did not mind, Mr. Hardesty proceeded.

“I see here that you graduated from college with degrees in mathematics and finance and also minors in economics and accounting. You certainly seem to be well rounded in the business arena. Do you currently have a job in your field?”

“No, Sir. I am serving at a sports bar downtown.”

“I see.” He rubbed a hand over his chin thoughtfully. “How do you feel about serving people?”

Not expecting the question, Allison thought for a moment before answering. “I feel that serving people is important. I enjoy being able to help others. However, I would prefer having a job in the business world.”

“Yes, I certainly can’t blame you for that. Tell me…”

And so on the interview went. Mr. Hardesty asked some görükle escort basic questions and typical “how would you feel in this situation” scenarios. After the interview portion was over, Mr. Hardesty stood. Allison rose also.

“Well Allison, I must tell you I am impressed. You seem to be a very motivated individual. I believe I will enjoy having you under me.”

Allison paused a moment thinking the phrasing was weird. Then it dawned on her. “You mean I got the job?”

“Yes, Allison.” He smiled at her and the hardness of his gray eyes eased a little bit. “However first you will need to go through some medical screening and fill out the required paperwork. Mrs. Stubbenbaker will be able to provide you with the necessary forms. After filling those out, she will provide you with directions to the medical clinic on the seventh floor.”

“Yes, thank you, Sir!” She once again shook his hand before exiting the room.

Upon entering the reception area, Mrs. Stubbenbaker exclaimed, “Congratulations dear! I just know that you will provide excellent service here.”

Once again Allison thought this comment slightly odd, but quickly shrugged it off as she became immersed in forms. The first three forms were the typical employee information forms. It was the fourth form which gave her pause. It read:

I understand that as an employee of Hardesty Co., I (fill in name here), am required to periodically be submitted to company medical examinations. These examinations must be conducted in the medical clinic located on the seventh floor the building. I give my permission for company heads to look at my charts and observe my examinations at any time.

Allison thought this a bit peculiar. She asked Mrs. Stubbenbaker, “What does this mean by observe my exams?”

“Why dear, don’t let that bother you. Mr. Hardesty would be the only one who would observe, and he rarely sits through them. I have been here nearly forty years and not once has anyone sat in on my exam.”

Allison accepted her answer and quickly scrawled her signature on the form. She returned the forms to Mrs. Stubbenbaker and was given directions to the medical center.

“I hope this exam doesn’t take very long,” Allison thought while riding down in the elevator. “I really want to do some shopping to celebrate my new job.”

The elevator chimed and the doors opened to the seventh floor. The décor on this floor was very different from that of Mr. Hardesty’s office. White was the predominant theme. White tiles covered the floor; white paint enveloped the walls, both of which gave the viewer a sense of sterilization. The faint aroma of sanitizer only added to the scene.

Hospitals gave Allison the creeps. They smelled gross and gave her butterflies in her stomach. The scent of sanitizer reminded her of her yearly gynecological appointments.

After a brief discussion with the receptionist at the front desk, she was directed to an exam room. In short order, a nurse — her gold plated name tag read “Betty” — appeared with the requisite paper gown making Allison groan. “One would think someone somewhere could make a more comfortable and attractive hospital gown,” she thought.

“Ms. Kane if you would kindly remove your clothes and have a seat on the exam table, Dr. Olcott will be with you shortly,” Betty informed her before rushing out the door.

Allison stripped off her clothes with a sigh, and then shimmied into the paper gown. Grumbling at the gaping back, she strode up to the exam table and hopped on. While waiting for the doctor, she idly kicked her feet. She cringed when one of her feet tapped a metal bar under the table. Curious she hopped off and peered underneath. Why it was a stirrup! After a short moment of panic at the thought of an unexpected gynecological exam, Allison calmed down. “It’s probably just standard equipment on these things,” she thought.

She had very little to ponder though, because just as she hopped on the table Dr. Olcott came in the door. He was in his mid to late fifties. He was mostly bald, but Allison gave him points because he cut his hair short instead of attempting to comb the few gray strands he had over. He was about 5’10” and had an average build with the exception of a slight paunch hanging over his belt.

“Hello, Allison! I am Dr. Olcott. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he introduced himself and shook her hand.

“Hello, Dr. Olcott.”

“Now Allison, I hope you don’t mind, but Mr. Hardesty will be joining us in a few moments for the exam. Now, now. Don’t get nervous dear. The exam will be quick, little more than a basic physical. Why don’t we start with some basic medical history? Can you tell me your date of birth?”

Dr. Olcott droned on, asking Allison the usual questions — what diseases run in your family? Have you ever had surgery? And so on and so forth. Just as he was finishing up there was a knock at the door. Dr. Olcott got up from the desk chair and opened the door.

“Ah! Mr. Hardesty! You’re just in time, sir! I am görükle escort bayan just about to begin the examination.”

“Hello, Allison. I hope you don’t mind my intrusion at this exam. However, I thought it prudent to take an interest in my new employee. After all, you will be working directly under me. I want to make sure that your body is in the best shape to keep up with my demands.”

Actually Allison did mind, but she had signed that dratted form! Damn Mrs. Stubbenbaker! Swallowing her resentment, she lied, “No, Mr. Hardesty, I don’t mind at all.”

Dr. Olcott grabbed her chart. “Okay, Allison first we’ll start on the scale. 122 pounds — very good. And your height? — 5’6″. Excellent.” He quickly jotted down the results. “Okay, you can hop back up on the table. We’ll take your blood pressure and temperature now.”

Allison complied excruciatingly aware of Mr. Hardesty’s silver gaze burning into her. Next, Dr. Olcott warned her that he would be loosening her gown to check her breathing and heart. As he stuck the cool stethoscope down the front of gown and over her left breast, Allison glanced at Mr. Hardesty. His eyes bored into hers. She felt a blush start up her cheeks but returned the stare until Dr. Olcott moved to check her back.

“Now, I’m going to give you a breast exam. If you would please lower your gown to your waist, and lean back — yes, dear lie back.”

Seeing no way out of this, she reclined back staring at the ceiling. Even so, she could feel Mr. Hardesty’s eyes on her breasts.

“Allison, can you tell me what size bra you wear? It’s for the chart.”

“My normal doctor never asked me that.”

Mr. Hardesty answered, “It’s for clothing, Allison. While you will be traveling with me, the airline may misplace your luggage. We always take all measurements so as to assure replacement clothing the company provides will fit. We can’t have our executive’s assistant traveling in sweats.”

Mulling it over, she reached the conclusion that it made sense. “I’m a 34DD,” she said with a blush. She had always been self-conscious of her large breasts.

“Ah, I thought so,” the doctor replied. He began the exam, fondling her breasts, before circling her large nipples. As he pulled on her nipples, Allison became mortified. She stole a glance at Mr. Hardesty only to find him smirking at her! Why that pervert was enjoying this! Allison glared back up at the ceiling until the exam was finished.

“Well everything appears to be fine with your breasts. If you wouldn’t mind removing the gown now, I will need to do a brief pelvic exam.”

“A p-pelvic exam?” she stuttered. She glanced quickly at Mr. Hardesty before returning her pleading eyes back to Mr. Olcott.

“Now, Allison, Mr. Hardesty is a professional. Anyways, it is his company and you did sign the consent form.”

He was right! Hindsight is a bitch! She never should have signed the form. Red with embarrassment she removed the gown and exposed her naked body to them.

“Okay, now put your feet in the stirrups. That’s a girl. Spread you legs a little farther apart. Good.” While instructing her, the doctor rolled over a stool, a lamp, and a tray of tools from the supply closet. He snapped on a pair of latex gloves before turning to Mr. Hardesty. “Ian, there’s an extra pair of gloves on the desk for you. I may need some assistance, since Betty left.”

What?! Allison was in turmoil. Not only was she lying spread eagle and naked on a table in front of two strange men — one of them was her new boss! And he was about to become very intimately acquainted with her most private parts!

“Relax, Allison. I’ll be gentle,” Mr. Hardesty teased. He grinned when she squirmed.

“Good, you have no pubic hair. I’m going to begin the external exam now.” With that she felt the doctor’s latex covered fingers at her pussy lips. He tugged on them briefly, before pulling them apart exposing her clit. Much to Allison’s dismay it was out of its hood and standing at attention.

“Mr. Hardesty, this is where I will require your assistance. As I hold her lips apart, I need you to test her clit’s sensitivity to stimulus.”

“Anyway I can help doctor.” With that the doctor once again pulled her pussy lips apart. Mr. Hardesty ran a finger down her clit, then slowly up before giving it a quick rub. It felt like electricity was coursing its way straight from her clit to her nipples. They stood out rock hard and Allison struggled to contain her moan.

“She definitely has a sensitive clit, Doc. Her nipples are sticking out about an inch.”

Horrified that her boss had noticed, Allison tried to close her legs. Mr. Hardesty would allow none of that though, and he pinched her clit hard. Tears sprung to Allison eyes. He maintained his viselike grip on her clit until her eyes met his. They were alight with a sadistic gleam.

“We’ll have none of that now, will we, Allison?”

Afraid of the gleam in his eyes, she uttered a meek, “No, Sir.”

“That’s a very good decision,” bursa escort he said as he eased the pressure on her clit, before removing his fingers.

“Thank you for you aid, Mr. Hardesty. Would you be so kind as to hand me the speculum?”

“Will the large one do?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe the medium one will be more comfortable.”

Mr. Hardesty brushed a hand over Allison’s right breast, and then twisted the nipple hard. “I’m sure Allison would prefer the large one.” Her pain filled eyes pleaded with him, but he just shook his head slightly and twisted harder. “I don’t think the good doctor can hear you.”

Writhing in pain, Allison decided to give in — anything was better than this brutal nipple torture. “Yes, Sir, I would like the largest speculum to be used.” Mr. Hardesty winked at her, twisted her nipple further and then released it. He smiled his appreciation at the purple abused sight it presented.

As Dr. Olcott prepared the speculum by rolling it in lube, Allison’s mind was in overdrive. Why was Mr. Hardesty acting like this? He had seemed like such a nice man during the interview. Why was he tormenting me? And, most importantly, why am I getting aroused by his touch?

Her thoughts scattered when she felt cold metal probe at the entrance to her pussy. The doctor inserted the speculum and gently began cranking it open. Allison felt her pussy stretch open wide, revealing her pink depths. She closed her eyes tight, trying to gain control of her rioting emotions. She opened them wide a second later a feather light brush against her cheek.

“Your pussy is absolutely beautiful,” Mr. Hardesty whispered. Her eyes widened in shock. “I can’t wait to explore it further.”

Dr. Olcott seemed oblivious to Mr. Hardesty’s behavior. He closed the speculum’s jaws and removed it from her pussy. By the time he put the tool in the sterilizer, Mr. Hardesty was back at his side.

“It’s time for the manual exam now. I need you to relax.”

Relax? Yeah, right, she thought. She heard the sound of a bottle cap snapping open and looked down to find not only Dr. Olcott, but Mr. Hardesty putting lube onto their fingers!

Seeing her panicked look, Dr. Olcott tried to sooth her, “I hope you don’t mind, dear. My feeling isn’t quite what it used to be. Mr. Hardesty’s got the youthful touch. He will also be examining you manually.”

This is too much! She wanted to shriek it from the tops of her lungs. She wanted to close her legs and get the hell out of here. The only thing holding her back was the amazing job opportunity. Not to mention the huge financial boost she would gain by taking the job.

Mr. Hardesty was having a blast. He had known that Allison would be perfect from the moment she walked those long legs into his office. Her dark brown wavy hair had reached past her shoulders, and in that one second he could imagine grabbing fistfuls of it as he fucked her mouth.

Thank God he had had the foresight to create that form. It was almost as if he had tailor-made it for this situation. He felt his cock harden as he recalled the humiliated look that had been in her eyes when she found out he would be shoving his fingers in that hot cunt. Had he less control, he might have cum then and there.

“Alright, Allison just relax. You’ll feel my fingers,” Dr. Olcott told her gently.

She felt two of his lubed, latex covered fingers slide inside of her pussy. He gently probed around her vaginal walls. She groaned a little when he bumped her cervix. She risked a glance down and saw Mr. Hardesty watching the doctor’s movements. He was very clearly enjoying this. For some reason the knowledge that he was viewing her so intimately was turning her on. The doctor pulled out his fingers.

“I believe everything is just fine, but I’ll let Mr. Hardesty take his turn now. After he’s through you’re free to leave, dear. Everything seems in order.” That said the doctor turned away towards the desk to remove his gloves grab his notes. He was out the door less than ten seconds later.

“Are you ready?” asked Mr. Hardesty. Before she could tell him either way, Mr. Hardesty forcefully shoved two fingers up her cunt. He too poked and prodded at her vaginal walls. When he bumped her cervix, she squirmed. Amused he asked her, “Does that turn you on?” He bumped his fingers harder over her cervix. “Answer me, Allison. Do my fingers up your pussy turn you on? Do you like it when they rub against your cervix?”

“N-no!” she denied. Horrified she realized that she was very excited. Her nipples were standing up like two pebbles from her breasts. Her pussy loved the attention it was receiving.

“I think you’re lying, Allison.” He slowly pulled his fingers out, and then thrust them back in. He repeated this over and over.

Allison began to groan uncontrollably. Yes, she thought in her mind, oh God yes!

“Tell me, Allison. Tell me how you like it.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir, what?”

“Yes, Sir, I like your fingers in my pussy.”

“Good job. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this then too.” Mr. Hardesty worked a third finger into her tight pussy.

Allison felt herself stretch to accommodate his large fingers. As he began thrusting them in and out, she couldn’t stop herself. She began rocking her hips into his fingers.”

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